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FiveThirtyEight Forecasts the National Dog Show
"This resulted in the following infographic. As is clear, each breed is represented by a circle. The size of the dot represents how many dogs there are of each breed, divided by how many contestants there were in the qualifying dog shows for that breed. The color of the dot indicates how big the dog is, times the country of origin of the breed. The Y-axis is the sum of a dog’s size (in cubic inches) and weight (in kilograms). The X-axis represents time, and also space. The Z-axis is invisible, but it’s incredibly important."
a:Matthew-Disler  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.11.20  w:1000  satire  dogs  analysis  from instapaper
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Beauty Brawl
"By comparing the number of shades the two brands offer in each lightness range, we see where Fenty and Make Up For Ever shine. Fenty’s Pro Filt’r foundation evenly supports a greater range of skin tones, excelling on both the darkest and lightest ends of the spectrum. In contrast, 31 of Make Up For Ever’s 40 shades fall in the 60-90 lightness range, primarily catering to light and tanned skin tones. In short, Rihanna was unimpressed by Make Up For Ever’s shade(s) and rightly so. 💅🏽"
a:Jason-Li  p:The-Pudding★  d:2018.06  w:2500  analysis  color  race  makeup  from iphone
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How is this speedrun possible? Super Mario Bros. World Record Explained
"In fact, hitting the vine block has no influence on the wrong warp working or not. It needs to be hit because the vine coming out of the block adds one more object on the screen, which forces the game to choose not to spawn the piranha plant in the pipe you need to take, in order to avoid going over its sprite limit and cause a lot of lag."
a:Bismuth  d:2018.03.02  video  games  analysis  from instapaper
august 2018 by bankbryan
LeBron James Is Carrying the Cavaliers in a Historic Way
"LeBron James’s role as the Cavaliers’ leading man is no surprise. But never before in the playoffs has a player’s supporting cast depended so much on its star to carry them. During this season’s playoffs, James has accounted for nearly a third of his team’s box-score statistics: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots. These five statistics have been kept consistently since 1974, and no player since has contributed a higher share of his team’s playoff output."
a:Adam-Pearce  a:Joe-Ward  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.06.08  w:500  analysis  NBA  Cavs  LeBron-James  from iphone
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Inside the chessmaster play NBA playoff teams love to run
"Wright undid so many Washington possessions in Game 2 with little slides like that. He was somehow everywhere without ever straying too far from the wrong player. He is the real-life embodiment of Toronto's old algorithmically perfect Ghost Defenders. He won't stunt away from a good shooter in the corner to disrupt a worse one stationed above the break, but he will stunt away from a so-so shooter on the wing toward a better one in the corner. Dude is a walking calculator. He knows time, score, personnel and playbook as well any perimeter defender in the league."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.04.19  w:2000  NBA  analysis  strategy  from instapaper
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What Trump’s Speech Says About His Mental Fitness
"Mr. Trump is unmoved by any sense that to speak as a president is a kind of kabuki or performance art, in which one doesn’t so much talk as signal. He has learned that he can just show up and run his mouth, and he’ll be adored regardless. Some suppose Mr. Trump started talking down deliberately in order to portray folksiness. But this imputes to him a sociological sensitivity, a reflective, outwardly focused theory of mind, that he shows no evidence of otherwise. More likely, Mr. Trump has simply taken the path of least resistance."
a:John-McWhorter★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.02.06  w:1500  analysis  Donald-Trump  mental-illness  from instapaper
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A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps
"Now we see what was really happening last Summer: by bleaching and flattening the map, Google was clearing it for all the things it would add later. And last Summer’s redesign was just the first in a series of steps. It makes you wonder what else Google is planning."
a:Justin-O'Beirne★★  p:Justin-O'Beirne★★  d:2017  w:2500  analysis  maps  Google-Maps  Apple-Maps  roads  geography 
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The Juiced Ball Is Back
"There’s no indication that any of the balls Lichtman had tested fall outside of MLB’s allowable ranges, but some of those ranges are laughably large, leaving a lot of leeway for legal variation with major effects on the field. As an earlier ball-testing report by the Baseball Research Center that was publicly released in 2000 acknowledged, 'two baseballs could meet MLB specifications for construction but one ball could be theoretically hit 49.1 feet further.'"
a:Ben-Lindbergh★  a:Mitchel-Lichtman  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.14  w:3500  analysis  baseball  from instapaper
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Emmanuel Macron's official portrait is a symbolic celebration of centrism
"Working with his official photographer, Soazig De La Moissonnière, Macron carefully planned the location, pose, props, and publicity for the portrait, which will decorate the walls some 50,000 French government outposts around the world. In the tradition of power portraiture in art history, the so-called 'Jupiterian president' carefully chose props that hint at his personality and underscore his centrist politics. Every detail matters."
a:Anne-Quito  a:David-Yanofsky  p:Quartz★  d:2017.06.30  w:1000  analysis  photograph  photography  France  symbolism  from twitter
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Fifteen Feet Of Trouble
"Why is this worth mentioning? Those were the only free throws James would take all regular season in the final minute of a one-possession game. Now read that sentence again and consider what it means. Just two do-or-die free throws during an entire regular season is the outlier of all outliers. Last season James took 15 such shots. In 2013-14, he took 21, the second-highest total in the NBA. In 2007-08, he took 32. In fact, he's averaged 18 such shots per season since 2005-06 and never fewer than 11 -- until this season's total of two, which placed him tied for 117th in the NBA with Tim Quarterman, Luc Mbah a Moute and Marcus Georges-Hunt. How does one explain this? The cause seems almost inescapable: James is running away from the do-or-die free throw."
a:Tom-Haberstroh★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.05.19  w:3000  analysis  basketball  LeBron-James  NBA  from instapaper
may 2017 by bankbryan
A Brief Review of Cheryl Jacobus' Defamation Suit Against Donald Trump And Corey Lewandowski
"Frankly, the lawsuit seems primarily a vehicle to drop juicy allegations about Trump and Lewandowki in a court document that's absolutely privileged from defamation suit. Jacobus portrays Lewandowski as angry and unbalanced — though to be fair, not as angry and unbalanced as Lewandowski portrays himself day-to-day. Jacobus also asserts that the Trump campaign was being dishonest about its funding and was too cozy with PACs. As little regard as I have for all things Trump, the lawsuit read to me as strictly politics by other means. 2/10 would not lawsuit again."
a:Ken-White★★★  p:Popehat★★★  d:2016.04.19  w:1000  analysis  law  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
january 2017 by bankbryan
How Much Time Have LeBron James and J.R. Smith Spent Together This Month?
"This is in contrast to transformational leadership, which researcher Bernard Bass described as taking place when 'leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, when they generate awareness and acceptance of the purposes and mission of the group, and when they stir their employees to look beyond their own self-interest.' 'Broaden and elevate' is the crucial idea here. Does J.R. Smith have any interest in national politics or Hillary’s (sadly doomed) campaign if not for LeBron James? You know the answer. After all, we are talking about a dude who once Instagrammed a model of the twin towers with the caption: 'Celebrate the deaths of the people in 9/11.' (No one got mad because everyone understood what he meant. Also: It’s J.R. Smith.)"
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.11.29  w:1500  analysis  LeBron-James  JR-Smith  leadership  NBA  Cavs  from instapaper
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What Is the Best Night Any Celebrity Has Ever Had at Madison Square Garden?
"Overall, this night is a unique case. Between Union’s postgame brilliance, normal Knicks-Heat stuff, the Fanning-Jordan–Hot Dad trinity, and ELGORT: It’s quite possible that this night engages in the highest raw total of fun of any on this list. But at the same time, there’s an issue — and it’s the reason why this night comes in outside the top five. That issue is: The fun is fractured. You have Union, doing her impeccable 'I neg the shit out of Dwyane Wade out of love' thing, solo. You have Elgort, pulling up from half court on our antiquated notions of Y.A. celebrity, solo. And you have Michael B. Jordan and Steven Fanning, playing 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Fanning, on their own little courtside island. And it’s from this perspective that, in many ways, it’s impressive this night made it at all. As the old saying goes: There’s no 'I' in 'fun at MSG.' The rest of our list reflects that."
a:Sam-Donsky★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.10.14  w:5500  analysis  celebrities  sports  NBA  dating  Seinfeld  Jay-Z  Beyoncé  Taylor-Swift  film  from iphone
november 2016 by bankbryan
When it comes to swear words, data reveals the New York Times is surprisingly squeamish about reality
"When I began the Fit to Print project, I could enjoy the cleverness of some of these contortions. But after reading through hundreds of examples over several years, expletive avoidance no longer strikes me as an interesting puzzle for a writer to solve. The policy just seems prissy, arbitrary, and delusional. All this information is on the internet and, increasingly, the Times links out to the words it will not print."
a:Blake-Eskin  p:Quartz★  d:2016.11.01  w:1500  analysis  language  media  from twitter
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Marion Cotillard Has an Instagram Message for Les Haters et Les Trolls
"The statement also acts as a pregnancy announcement. She mentions that Canet (not Brad Pitt, guys) is the 'father … of the baby we are expecting.' Oh wait! Oh congrats, Marion Cotillard! Another baby! Now the headlines will read 'Marion Cotillard Has a Petite Baguette in the Oven!' instead of anything Brad Pitt–related. Again: a swift, subtle, efficient move."
a:Allison-P-Davis★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.09.22  w:500  Instagram  France  analysis  relationships  from iphone
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A Close Reading of Kim Kardashian West’s Latest Film: Kanye and Taylor’s Phone Call
"Bragging about Instagram likes IRL is, on its own, approximately Worst Possible Look status. Knowing the number of likes *offhand*? Even worse. This is extremely dark shit, some truly bad magic, and Kim is a crazy genius for it. Another perfect edit."
a:Sam-Donsky★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.07.18  w:2500  Kanye-West  Taylor-Swift  analysis  music  from instapaper
august 2016 by bankbryan
Finding the Cleveland Misery Tipping Point
"Quick background: The 35-year-old Cockroft converted only 33 of his 55 field goal attempts in 1979 and 1980, then would retire after this game. In a 2006 interview, Cockroft admitted that he was battling two herniated discs and had four epidurals during the 1980 season. Yes, I learned this from Red Right 88’s Wikipedia page. And yes, you know something awful happened when a sporting event has its own Wikipedia page. But four epidurals? Is that even legal? Remember the days when the NFL didn’t care about player safety, unlike now? (Hold on, I’m going to wait until you finish guffawing.) In that Raiders game, Cockroft made two field goals (both from 30 yards), missed two more (from 47 and 30 yards) and shanked an extra point. So he wasn’t exactly lights-out. And it was 2 degrees and windy and freezing. And the field was basically a skating rink. And again: FOUR EPIDURALS. Nope, you can’t blame the Browns for wanting to inch a little bit closer. Especially when they didn’t know that God hated Cleveland yet."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2014.12.19  w:3500  analysis  Cleveland  LeBron-James  weather  Cavs  football  baseball  sports  Browns  Indians  from instapaper
june 2016 by bankbryan
Sports Misery Index: Cleveland passes its crown
"As it turns out, our suspicions were right: No city has suffered longer in American professional sports before winning a title than Cleveland. It lapped the field, actually. Not only is Cleveland the only city since 1876 to make it over 100 points, but it could have won a title back in 2008 and still held the record for most miserable run of luck. It really hasn't looked good for Cleveland for a while, either: Of the 20 teams to take the field before this successful Cavs run, just three even made the playoffs, let alone sniffed a title. All that suffering, thankfully, is over."
a:Bill-Barnwell  p:ESPN★★  d:2016.06.24  w:3000  list  Cavs  analysis  Cleveland  sports  Browns  from instapaper
june 2016 by bankbryan
Introducing a Revolutionary New NBA Stat: True Loathing Rating
"We know as much as we have ever known about how to evaluate players and about what metrics indicate a championship-level team. GMs have never had more data, technology, and money at their disposal. And all of it can be undone in a heartbeat if a key player, for no particular reason, happens to loathe one of his teammates. Hate is unmeasurable and incredibly destructive to team chemistry, not to mention the job security of franchise personnel. Dion Waiters is a talented offensive player who will have a long career in the NBA. Unfortunately for former Cavs GM Chris Grant — the man who selected Waiters with the the no. 4 pick in the 2012 draft — Cleveland’s franchise cornerstone, Kyrie Irving, apparently happens to hate the look of Waiters’s stupid freaking face."
p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2014.04.15  w:1500  NBA  analysis  Cavs  Kyrie-Irving  social-media  a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  from instapaper
june 2016 by bankbryan
Apple R&D Reveals a Pivot Is Coming
"Tim Cook has remained very tight-lipped about Apple's future, which gives the impression that Apple isn't working on ground-breaking ideas or products that can move the company beyond the iPhone. Instead of labeling this as a mistake or misstep, Apple's product secrecy is a key ingredient of its success. People like to be surprised. Another reason Apple takes a much different approach to product secrecy and R&D is its business model. Being open about future product plans will likely have a negative impact on near-term Apple hardware sales. Companies like Facebook and Google don't suffer from a similar risk. The end result is that there is a legitimate disconnect between Apple's R&D trends and the consensus view of the company's product pipeline. Apple is telling us that they are working on something very big, and yet no one seems to notice or care. I find that intriguing."
a:Neil-Cybart  p:Above-Avalon  d:2016.05.11  w:2000  analysis  Apple  cars  from instapaper
june 2016 by bankbryan
Myers-Briggs: How WBW readers compare to the general population
"I’ll leave you with a chart to make MBTI critics furious. Make sure to follow it for all relationship decisions."
a:Tim-Urban★★★  p:Wait-But-Why★★★  d:2016.06  w:1000  analysis  from twitter
june 2016 by bankbryan
A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World
"Pwanson wasn’t searching for anything in particular when he began assembling his database, he said. He’s an aspiring constructor and wanted to explore how grids and words and phrases tended to come together to form a puzzle using the languages in which he’s fluent — programming and data. But 'when you get the data into a nice, clean, dense form, stuff just falls out of it,' he said. And what fell out was surprising, and upsetting. Haldiman, who contributed his puzzle collection to the project, struck a similar chord. 'I guess that’s the nature of any data set,' he said. 'You might find things you’d rather not see.'"
a:Oliver-Roeder  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2016.03.04  w:3000  analysis  data-mining  ethics  from twitter
may 2016 by bankbryan
Measuring Trump’s Language: Bluster but Also Words That Appeal to Women
"Mrs. Clinton’s language is often about coming together, and she mentions family five times as often as any other candidate. Mr. Trump’s language is the most polarized between masculine and feminine, though he has been sounding more feminine over the campaign, perhaps to try to appeal to female voters. There can be a double standard for women, linguists say. 'If men add these little feminine flourishes, they have it both ways — they get admired for being tough and yet people like them,' said Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor."
a:Claire-Cain-Miller  p:The-New-York-Times/The-Upshot★  d:2016.03.14  w:1000  analysis  language  gender  Donald-Trump  2016-election  from iphone
march 2016 by bankbryan
Stephen Curry Is The Revolution
"For most players, this is a trade-off: The larger the burden placed on them, the less efficient they are. I’ve added a trend line through all of the players other than Curry to show how it’s normally flat. This is because better players tend to get more shots, which counteracts the fact that a given player taking more shots tends to be less efficient. I’ve also colored in LeBron James and Durant, so you can see that the standard relationship basically holds even for MVPs. But Curry has set career highs in both attempts and efficiency — in the same year — four times, including each of the past three seasons. That is, Curry comes only in shades of good, better and best (in that order). Curry is truly the Dennis Rodman of shooting!"
a:Benjamin-Morris  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2015.12.03  w:3000  analysis  Steph-Curry  from twitter
january 2016 by bankbryan
The Nation He Built
"When you add up all the legislation from his frenetic first two years, when Democrats controlled Congress, and all the methodical executive actions from the past five years, after Republicans blocked his legislative path, this has been a BFD of a presidency, a profound course correction engineered by relentless government activism. As a candidate, Obama was often dismissed as a talker, a silver-tongued political savant with no real record of achievement. But ever since he took office during a raging economic crisis, he’s turned out to be much more of a doer, an action-oriented policy grind who has often failed to communicate what he’s done. What he’s done is changing the way we produce and consume energy, the way doctors and hospitals treat us, the academic standards in our schools and the long-term fiscal trajectory of the nation. Gays can now serve openly in the military, insurers can no longer deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions, credit card companies can no longer impose hidden fees and markets no longer believe the biggest banks are too big to fail. Solar energy installations are up nearly 2,000 percent, and carbon emissions have dropped even though the economy is growing. Even Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who hope to succeed Obama and undo his achievements, have been complaining on the campaign trail that he’s accomplished most of his agenda. 'The change is real,' says Ron Klain, who served as Biden’s White House chief of staff, and later as Obama’s Ebola czar. 'It would be nice if more people understood the change.'"
a:Michael-Grunwald  p:Politico-Magazine  d:2016.01.06  w:7500  Barack-Obama  analysis  politics  2008-election  2010-election  2012-election  2014-election  healthcare-reform  government  Republicans  Great-Recession  regulation  environment  energy  education  from twitter
january 2016 by bankbryan
All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others.
"Even though we’re in the midst of a presidential campaign full of falsehoods and misstatements, I see cause for optimism. Some politicians have responded to fact-checking journalism by vetting their prepared comments more carefully and giving their campaign ads extra scrutiny. More important, I see accurate information becoming more available and easier for voters to find. By that measure, things are pretty good."
a:Angie-Drobnic-Holan  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2015.12.11  w:1000  politics  analysis  2016-election  Donald-Trump  deception  from twitter
december 2015 by bankbryan
What Drives Gun Sales: Terrorism, Obama and Calls for Restrictions
"Fear of gun-buying restrictions has been the main driver of spikes in gun sales, far surpassing the effects of mass shootings and terrorist attacks alone, according to federal background-check data analyzed by The New York Times. When a man shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., gun sales did not set records until five days later, after President Obama called for banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. 'It would be like you’ve never owned a toaster, you don’t really want a toaster, but the federal government says they’re going to ban toasters,' Mr. Ruttenbur said. 'So you go out and buy a toaster.'"
a:Gregor-Aisch  a:Josh-Keller  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2015.12.10  w:500  analysis  infographic  guns  terrorism  Barack-Obama  from iphone
december 2015 by bankbryan
95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue
"Mr. Trump uses rhetoric to erode people’s trust in facts, numbers, nuance, government and the news media, according to specialists in political rhetoric. 'Nobody knows', he likes to declare, where illegal immigrants are coming from or the rate of increase of health care premiums under the Affordable Care Act, even though government agencies collect and publish this information. He insists that Mr. Obama wants to accept 250,000 Syrian migrants, even though no such plan exists, and repeats discredited rumors that thousands of Muslims were cheering in New Jersey during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He promises to 'bomb the hell' out of enemies — invoking Hiroshima and Nagasaki — and he says he would attack his political opponents '10 times as hard' as they criticize him. 'His entire campaign is run like a demagogue’s — his language of division, his cult of personality, his manner of categorizing and maligning people with a broad brush,' said Jennifer Mercieca, an expert in American political discourse at Texas A&M University. 'If you’re an illegal immigrant, you’re a loser. If you’re captured in war, like John McCain, you’re a loser. If you have a disability, you’re a loser. It’s rhetoric like Wallace’s — it’s not a kind or generous rhetoric.'"
a:Patrick-Healy  a:Maggie-Haberman★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2015.12.05  w:2500  analysis  2016-election  language  violence  race  politics  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
december 2015 by bankbryan
The Assassination of John F. Kennedy.
"Conspiracy Claim: Footage of the President’s head movements after being hit depict him being shot at an angle that does not correspond to where Lee Harvey Oswald was supposedly shooting from, therefore there had to be a second shooter, most likely on the grassy knoll.
Debunking Claim: Numerous ballistics tests have proven the President’s head movements correspond directly to a bullet fired from Oswald’s position in the book depository. In fact, all of the shots can be, and are, attributed to Oswald. There was no second shooter.
Rebunking Claim: One shooter? Wrong. Two shooters? Doubly wrong. There weren’t any shooters at all. Then how was he shot? Simple: sentient, self-propelled bullets. In 1963, it was becoming obvious that Kennedy would never support a massive war in Vietnam, a massive war that would require the production of an absurd amount of what? You guessed it, unless you guessed something other than bullets, if so, try again and say bullets. Three bullets somehow (magic? Most likely) achieved the power to think and fire themselves. The bullets took out Kennedy, knowing his successor, Lyndon Johnson, would support a full-out war in Vietnam, thus creating the production of billions more of their bullet brethren. Oswald was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong rifle out in public."
a:Keaton-Patti★  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2015.11.17  w:1500  history  analysis  guns  satire  conspiracy  from twitter
december 2015 by bankbryan
Analyzing 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips, with a Vengeance
"The 'bridge and tunnel' moniker applies, on a literal level, to anyone who travels onto the island of Manhattan via a bridge or tunnel, most often from New Jersey, Long Island, or the outer boroughs. Typically it’s considered an insult, though, with the emerging popularity of the outer boroughs, well, let’s just say the Times is on it. In order to measure B&T destinations from the taxi data, I isolated all trips originating near Penn Station on Saturday evenings between 6 PM and midnight. Penn Station serves as the point of disembarkation for New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road, so although not everyone hailing a taxi around Penn Station on a Saturday evening just took the train into the city, it should be at least a decent proxy for B&T trends."
a:Todd-W-Schneider  p:Todd-W-Schneider  d:2015.11.17  w:4500  analysis  NYC  taxicabs  Uber  privacy 
november 2015 by bankbryan
Ashley Madison passwords like “thisiswrong” tap cheaters’ guilt and denial
"Those that are having doubts about using the site:
- ishouldnotbedoingthis
- ithinkilovemywife
- thisiswrong
- whatthehellamidoing
- whyareyoudoingthis
- cheatersneverprosper
- donteventhinkaboutit
- isthisreallyhappening
Those that are in denial:
- likeimreallygoingtocheat
- justcheckingitout
- justtryingthisout
- goodguydoingthewrongthing
Passwords from xkcd:
- batteryhorsestaple
- correcthorsebatterystaple"
a:Dan-Goodin★  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2015.09.14  w:500  analysis  security  from twitter
september 2015 by bankbryan
Going Way Too Deep Down the Rabbit Hole With Nicki Minaj’s Recent Bar Mitzvah Appearance
"The easiest hand to figure out is the hand on Nicki’s waist, between her and Evan. That’s *definitely* Nate’s hand. More on Nate’s overall demeanor in a bit, but from Nate’s face, you know he has no issue putting his 13-year-old hand on Nicki’s waist. He’s here for it, as they say. The hand on Nicki’s shoulder is a bit more complicated. Just in terms of arm length, it can’t be Bradley. It could be Nate (and at first truly looks like it’s Nate), but his hand is already — confidently — on Nicki’s waist. Or you thought it was, until you really begin to focus on Evan. Evan complicates everything."
a:Rembert-Browne  p:Grantland/Hollywood-Prospectus★★  d:2015.04.27  w:2000  analysis  teens  friendship  photograph  Nicki-Minaj 
april 2015 by bankbryan
Of Course You Hear What I Hear — Christmas Music Season Is Totally Data-Driven
"The work to pick the songs can begin as early as July. Similar to the process by which it maintains its classic rock mix, iHeartMedia conducts market research to figure out a December cocktail. It needs to decide which new holiday albums — those can be recorded as late as June — will perform well. The cocktail doesn’t change much year to year, but programmers’ goal is to have no guesswork and no surprises to deal with by November. 'We’re going into the Christmas season with advance notice of what people are excited to hear,' Davis said. Also in summer, advertisers are already thinking ahead because the holiday format dominates the medium at year’s end. It’s not uncommon, Davis said, for soft rock, variety and oldies stations to start the new year in a better ratings position than they held in October; rock and sports stations may see ratings drop as people hop over to the holiday format. If the format wasn’t such a ratings slayer, everybody wouldn’t be doing it. It’s a tinsel-coated juggernaut."
a:Walt-Hickey★  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2014.12.12  w:1500  music  radio  analysis  from twitter
december 2014 by bankbryan
Obfuscation by disclosure: a lawyerly design pattern
"It’s all pro, it’s all good. 'Benefits' repeated 4X? Check. Segmented and bulleted? Check. Boldfaced talking points? Check. Inviting? Check. But what about the cons? Well, we already lost the boldface emphasis and the sound-bite friendly talking points. First comes 'certain competitive concerns might be raised.' ('Might be' as if this M&A deal will sail through without any competition/anti-trust questions?) Then comes the yes-but mental priming before we get to deal with 'certain competitive concerns'. (Not as memorable as the pro section above, is it?) But if you really want to lose your audience, you’d best bring out the biggest gun of all: the text-soup with no paragraphs, no segmentation, no bullets, no highlights, no boldface, no nothin’. And dare your readers to read it…forget understanding or recalling any of it."
a:Kontra★  p:counternotions★  d:2014.02.14  w:1000  analysis  business  design  from twitter
february 2014 by bankbryan
We who spoke LOLcat now speak Doge
"Doge does use verbs, but its fundamental structure — such words! so thinking! wow! — is mostly nouns and adjectives. It's a meme of contemplation rather than action. Which makes sense, given that doge is supposed to capture the act of thinking."
a:Annalee-Newitz  p:io9  d:2013.12.11  w:1500  analysis  language  cats  dogs  memes  from twitter
december 2013 by bankbryan
Here’s Waldo
"Why, Waldo? Why are you so likely to hide in these two narrow bands?"
a:Ben-Blatt  p:Slate/Culturebox★  d:2013.11.18  w:1000  analysis  books 
november 2013 by bankbryan
Miguel Cabrera’s Ridiculous Plate Coverage
"­Coming off the first batting Triple Crown in 45 years, Miguel Cabrera ­is making a bid to be the first hitter to do so in consecutive seasons. He currently leads the American League in batting average (.391), RBI (55) and is one home run off the pace at 14. In a recent piece here at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan commented on Cabrera’s impressive all fields hitting and ability to cover the full strike zone with power. I have put together some imagery to highlight this ability and show a bit of why Cabrera is such a threat."
a:Drew-Sheppard  p:FanGraphs  d:2013.05.24  w:500  animated-GIF  analysis  baseball  from twitter
may 2013 by bankbryan
Christina, Carly, Ke$ha, and the magic of Bonnie McKee
"These songs shine above their peers no matter the surrounding average level of quality, and I can’t listen to them now without hearing McKee’s name bounce around my head. 'Turn Me Up' and 'Let There Be Love' both have short introductory sections where the instrumentation bubbles up like it’s been submerged underwater and it’s rising to the surface, and their pre-choruses are like staging vehicles for the introduction of a huge beat, with the same acceleratory effect. 'C’mon' has the same submerged backing, technicolor harmonies and the lever effect, where it sounds like Ke$ha is jumping to a new level of aural pleasure by pressing something on a console. Listening to all three in a single sitting is like attending a museum exhibiting a single artist’s work, or watching three Wes Anderson movies in a row: the artist’s hand is identifiable from piece to piece, even in ways that are difficult to articulate."
a:Jamieson-Cox  p:Jamieson-Cox  d:2012.11.27  w:1000  music  analysis 
february 2013 by bankbryan
It’s Not You, It’s Quantitative Cost-Benefit Analysis.
"Susan, we need to talk. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. About us. I really like you, but ever since we met in that econ class in college I knew there was something missing from how I felt: quantitative reasoning. We can say we love each other all we want, but I just can’t trust it without the data. And after performing an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of our relationship, I just don’t think this is working out. It’s not you, it’s me. Well, it’s not me either: it’s just common sense, given the nature of my utility function."
a:Josh-Freedman  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2013.02.05  w:1000  satire  dating  relationships  sex  analysis  future 
february 2013 by bankbryan
Apple is… Apple’s 9 definitions since 1995
"Looking back over their press releases, it’s interesting to see how Apple has described itself over the years."
a:Alex-Gollner  p:Alex-4D  d:2013.02.05  w:1000  analysis  Apple  marketing  identity 
february 2013 by bankbryan
Five Geek Social Fallacies
"Less commonly, people form a sort of counter-fallacy which I call 'Your Feelings, Your Problem'. YFYP carriers deal with other people's fallacies by ignoring them entirely, in the process acquiring a reputation for being charmingly tactless. Carriers tend to receive a sort of exemption from the usual standards: 'that's just Dana', and so on. YFYP has its own problems, but if you would rather be an asshole than angstful, it may be the way to go. It's also remarkably easy to pull off in a GSF1-rich environment."
a:Michael-Suileabhain-Wilson  p:Plausibly-Deniable  d:2003.12.02  w:2000  analysis  list  social-interaction  friendship  from instapaper
january 2013 by bankbryan
Debunking Deanna Troi
"Her failure rate is staggering enough to prove that her 'powers' are just nonsense, but in fact, even if she does have these powers, she is so inept at wielding them that she's more of a liability to the ship than anything else. You would think she would be the ultimate defense mechanism against aliens attacking with psychological warfare, but without failure, some of her responses to such problems have been:
- Immediately overpowered.
- Nervous breakdown leading to a suicide attempt.
- Overwhelmed by nightmares.
- Overwhelmed by loud music.
- Overwhelmed by lust.
- Immediately overpowered, only able to retaliate with assistance of ship's sensors, the weapons officer, and the ship's weapons.
- Becomes a useful tool for her attackers."
a:Christopher-Ray  p:The-Teapot-Atheist  d:2011.08.04  w:2000  analysis  Star-Trek  manifesto  from twitter
january 2013 by bankbryan
can we analysis the versatile uses of favs
"3) To graciously signal that a conversation is over, ending on a wordless bloom of vague good will
6) To add extra punch to a retweet, 'faved and retweeted', the whole package, 'holy shit', max appreciation
8) Subtle social engineering, approval intended to guide their tweets to a better place.
10) When something interests you or even turns you on but you’re too anxious to RT it because it would acknowledge you share that interest"
a:Porpentine  p:Porpentine  d:2012.12.27  analysis  list  Twitter  observation  social-interaction  from twitter
december 2012 by bankbryan
Stomach on your nikes
"Marlo, soon to have the $10 million from selling the connect on top of whatever kind of Halliburton paper he was already holding, and now the newest inductee to the real estate moguls of Baltimore club, has only two out of the three. Everyone knew Omar called him a bitch and never had to answer for it. A pair of lowly corner boys didn’t even know who he was. As we learned from Lil Kim back in ’98, the troika of money, power and respect is the key to life. What are you when you only have the money and the power? You are the kind of invisible asshole whose institutions reject credit applications and push back albums. You are the stereotypical Evil Jew."
p:Heaven-and-Here  d:2008.03.11  w:500  The-Wire  analysis  race  power  Jews 
november 2012 by bankbryan
The Gervais Principle V: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
"The degree of complicity in this state of affairs varies: the Sociopaths are highly complicit, but are able to deny almost all of the complicity, theirs is the best HIWTYL bargain. The Losers are trapped into complicity in the process of divide-and-conquer moves, and are not in a position to completely deny their complicity, except to themselves. As we will see next time, they’ve been hustled in this specific way for a reason. The Clueless are the least complicit in terms of actual intentions, and are put within systems that are designed to protect them using their own cluelessness. They do try their own HIWTYL behaviors, but generally fail. Others need to do their HIWTYLing for them, for their own good. While some get better HIWTYL deals than others, the blame management scheme overall is designed to be fundamentally leaky and non-zero-sum, with most of the blame draining away as unaccounted-for sins, turning into invisible organizational dark matter."
a:Venkat-Rao★★  p:Ribbonfarm★★  d:2011.10.14  w:6500  The-Office  analysis  management  work  bureaucracy  business  strategy  law  process 
november 2012 by bankbryan
The Gervais Principle IV: Wonderful Human Beings
"Status illegibility *requires* that the middle be jumbled up. There can be no correct rank ordering, but the group is still meaningfully coherent. Note that the legible limit points are necessary to provide basic calibration to new aspirants to membership, and to help Sociopaths value the social capital represented by the group, and negotiate terms with alphas with legitimate authority. The alpha and omega set the range. Both are by definition the most unstable members. The alpha can be tempted away into the illegible middle of a higher-ranking group, with more murky room to climb, while the omega might get sick of being the whipping boy (in mixed-sex situations, the omega is usually male) at the bottom, and move to a higher relative status in a lower group (both can also be tempted into Sociopathy; Butters, an omega in South Park, turns into Professor Chaos, an ineffectual Sociopath-wannabe). If either happens, a new alpha or omega emerges through a succession battle. Social groups grow from the illegible but stable center of the status spectrum, and leak at the legible but unstable edges."
a:Venkat-Rao★★  p:Ribbonfarm★★  d:2010.10.14  w:6500  The-Office  analysis  management  work  social-interaction  humor  power  games  etiquette 
november 2012 by bankbryan
The Gervais Principle III: The Curse of Development
"Michael’s head is a massive library of childlike mappings between situations, canned phrases and reactions. He is not completely responsible for his actions and utterances because he genuinely does not understand them. There is coherence in what Michael says though; he does not sound completely nonsensical because he reacts meaningfully to body language, facial expressions and emotional cues. 'You talkin’ to me?' (borrowed from De Niro) is a belligerent line, and by pulling out that line when he feels threatened, and then displacing the tension with laughter, Michael is able to derail the conversation. His trademark joke, 'That’s what she said!' is an extreme example. It makes no sense in most contexts where he trots it out; its only purpose is to dissolve tension and displace threats. Either laughing with Michael or throwing up your hands in frustration is a victory for him. The only effective response is to calmly ignore his disruptive actions, wait for the reaction to die down, and continue the conversation in dominant mode, like Cesar Milan with his dogs. If you attempt to make sense of it, you’ve already lost. As Cesar Milan tells Mrs. Cartman, 'Do not reason with it, do not argue with it, just dominate it.'"
a:Venkat-Rao★★  p:Ribbonfarm★★  d:2010.04.14  w:5000  The-Office  analysis  management  work  children 
november 2012 by bankbryan
The Gervais Principle II: Posturetalk, Powertalk, Babytalk and Gametalk
"This is as eloquent as such a short fragment of Powertalk can get. Here are just *some* of the messages being communicated by the six words and the meaningful pause and laugh.
Message 1: It is a complex situation (literal).
Message 2: I understand you think something bizarre is going on. I am confirming your suspicion. It is a bizarre mess, and you should be concerned.
Message 3: This is the first significant conversation between us, and I am signaling to you that I am fluent in Powertalk.
Message 4: I know how to communicate useful information while maintaining plausible deniability.
Message 5: I am not so gratified at this sign of attention from you that I am going to say foolish things that could backfire on me.
Message 6: I am aware of my situational leverage and the fact that you need me. I am not so overawed that I am giving it all up for free.
Message 7: I am being non-committal enough that you can pull back or steer this conversation to safer matters if you like. I know how to give others wiggle room, safe outs and exits.
Message 8: You still have to earn my trust. But let’s keep talking. What do you have that I could use?"
a:Venkat-Rao★★  p:Ribbonfarm★★  d:2009.11.11  w:3500  The-Office  analysis  management  work  language  risk  communication  power  conversation 
november 2012 by bankbryan
The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office”
"The career of the Loser is the easiest to understand. Having made a bad bargain, and not marked for either Clueless or Sociopath trajectories, he or she must make the best of a bad situation. The most rational thing to do is slack off and do the minimum necessary. Doing more would be a Clueless thing to do. Doing less would take the high-energy machinations of the Sociopath, since it sets up self-imposed up-or-out time pressure. So the Loser — really not a loser at all if you think about it — pays his dues, does not ask for much, and finds meaning in his life elsewhere. For Stanley it is crossword puzzles. For Angela it is a colorless Martha-Stewartish religious life. For Kevin, it is his rock band. For Kelly, it is mindless airhead pop-culture distractions. Pam has her painting ambitions. Meredith is an alcoholic slut."
a:Venkat-Rao★★  p:Ribbonfarm★★  d:2009.10.07  w:4000  The-Office  analysis  management  work  from instapaper
november 2012 by bankbryan
Hey Big Spender
"The level of spending and growth from a far lower level implies to me that Apple is spending primarily on process equipment (aka tooling) rather than servers. Data centers are expensive at $1 billion for a large one, but they are not being built fast enough to account for $3.5 billion in one quarter. Note that Apple’s CapEx is above that of Intel whose fab-based semiconductor production method is known as particularly capital intensive. And Intel’s Capital Expenditures have been increasing to all-time highs. If Apple spent at Google levels on server infrastructure it would only be spending a quarter of what it’s actually spending. If Apple spent on production at Intel levels it would only be spending three quarters of what it’s spending. In other words, Apple is spending at the equivalent of one Intel of fabrication and one Google of server infrastructure."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.10.31  w:500  analysis  Apple  infrastructure  Google  data-centers  manufacturing 
october 2012 by bankbryan
Is the iPhone good enough?
"As the product has been improved along these dimensions, sales have increased and prices have held steady (even rising occasionally.) The question is about the future: what about the latest '5' variant? The clue to this experiment is the presence of a control group. We could test the question of absorbability by by keeping a version of the product which did not improve (or got cheaper) and measuring whether is performs better vs. the 'improved' version. Of course, this is exactly what Apple does with the n-1 generation products. By ranging products which are older and at lower price points it can measure whether the improvements are valued. If sales of the n-1 variant were to increase relative to the new version then they can understand when they are at the point of good enough. The experiment is brilliant because the margin on the older products is maintained even at the lower price point."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:Asymco★  d:2012.09.18  w:1000  analysis  iPhone  pricing  marketing 
september 2012 by bankbryan
Cab Calloway “Everybody Eats When They Come to My House”
"I’m no stranger to food metaphor as filthy innuendo in the old timey jazz orchestra genre, but I swear I could not figure out what the lyrics could possibly be innuendoing. Here are some guesses:
- Food is drugs. Cab is a successful recording artist and has access to all the best drugs for his jazzbo friends, most of whom are junkies. 'Pass me your pancake, Mandrake' would probably mean heroin. 'Chile con carne for Barney' is probably also heroin because everything is heroin."
a:Adam-Lisagor★★  p:lonelysandwich★★  d:2012.07.21  analysis  song  food  sex  symbolism  recreational-drugs 
august 2012 by bankbryan
Samsung’s basis of competition
"What does it mean to compete on a different basis? The basis of competition is the aspect of an offering for which a customer is willing to pay a premium price. It’s hard to know (or to put your finger on) what the basis actually is, but we can test whether it’s the same by measuring whether two products capture prices the same way. If one product that seems to resemble another can obtain price advantage consistently, then perhaps it’s being bought for a different reason. ... Samsung’s pattern is not unusual. I’ve seen similar pattern for almost all Nokia products. Prices drop. It’s a standard industry phenomenon. Therefore the question is not perhaps what is Samsung’s basis of competition: it’s the same as the overall phone industry. The question is what is the basis of competition for the iPhone."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.08.10  w:500  analysis  mobile  pricing  iPhone 
august 2012 by bankbryan
The Toadstool Exchange: An Examination of 5 Video Game Currencies
"The Mushroom Kingdom’s established currency is the gold coin. Despite permanent siege conditions brought upon by the Koopas, and the frequency with which the ruling monarch is kidnapped, the purchasing power of the coin has remained astonishingly consistent. One hundred (100) coins have purchased exactly one (1) resurrection since at least 1985. Still, it’s clear that the realm of Toadstool has endured much hardship since the start of the war. Consider the abundance of bricks throughout the kingdom. They are clearly of very poor quality and extremely fragile. (The punch of a fully grown adult can generally shatter most bricks into dust.) More importantly, the bricks suggest numerous abandoned construction projects. Infrastructure upgrades are essential to maintaining any modern state."
a:D-B-Grady★  p:Mental-Floss  d:2012.07.02  w:2000  games  money  analysis  from twitter
august 2012 by bankbryan
The Mystery of "Mad Men"
"I've always thought the secret to Mad Men's success is that it's ultimately a very fannish show — it's like science fiction in disguise. There's the fetishistic attention to environmental detail — what sci-fi and fantasy readers refer to as 'world-building' — and all the bits of hidden trivia that dedicated viewers take delight in spotting, collecting, and sharing."
a:Nina-Rastogi  p:Slate/Brow-Beat  d:2011.02.04  w:1000  Mad-Men  analysis 
august 2012 by bankbryan
What Happens in The Dark Knight Rises
"If Bruce Wayne had never used his resources to ‘improve’ matters, Gotham would be a thriving (albeit often corrupt) city. Instead it has suffered from terrorist attacks killing prominent city officials, destroying most bridges, devastating several public buildings, giant smoking holes in the ground, and even ruined the real estate value of the more desirable neighborhoods. The predictable result, not shown in the movie, is capital flight from a city which embraced law and order by any and all means, and instead got anarchy and ruin. The billionaire vigilante himself flees the city, having secured his fortune with offshore banking accounts."
a:Aaron-Swartz★★  a:Neil-Kandalgaonkar  p:Raw-Thought★★  d:2012.07.29  w:1000  law  law-enforcement  film  government  terrorism  analysis 
august 2012 by bankbryan
Girls Talk
"I think the expectation was that Adam is a gun who was going to go off in the finale. All the red flags were seemingly waved off so that we could see Hannah as somebody who displays a lot of 'don't date me' red flags of her own. She's been conditioned to expect Adam to treat her badly or strangely, so when he becomes her boyfriend and then does something as normal as say 'I love you' or suggest they move in together, she reacts like it's way too soon and adult for either one of them, even though it's what she may have thought she wanted. Or she just doesn't trust him yet, which is totally fair. Adam also seemingly has the most self-awareness of any of the characters. He is unapologetically aggressive and seems to know what he wants. Since those are the exact qualities Hannah lacks, it makes sense that she would get sucked into his aura."
a:Molly-Lambert★★★  a:Tess-Lynch  a:Emily-Yoshida★  p:Grantland★★  d:2012.06.18  w:3000  relationships  acting  analysis  Girls 
july 2012 by bankbryan
The Taxonomy of the Nerd
"A note on a key difference between the geek and the dork: geeks may partake in dork pleasures, such as comic books, science fiction/fantasy and so on. However, for the geek these pleasures cannot be indulged in without some element (however trace) of irony. The dork enjoys them unabashedly, seriously, and respectfully. A geek may harbor a Tolkien obsession; dorks are usually into 'Fantasy' as a genre and concept. As geeks know and dorks don't, that's a big difference. Arguably, the dork is purer of heart than the geek. This is the dork’s consolation for being objectively dumber."
a:Benjamin-Hale  p:This-Recording★  d:2012.06.22  w:1500  analysis  sex  fashion  social-interaction  Bill-Clinton 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Why Go Out?
"The first thing I did in my search for an answer to 'Why go out?' was to write down a list of every single reason I could think of to go out—there were about twelve—and then I noticed, after staring at the paper, that those smaller reasons could be divided up into four major reasons for leaving the house: i. Desire (for sex, love, companionship, whatever). ii. Sociological curiosity/aesthetic appreciation. iii. To test myself. iv. Someone else wants to hang out."
a:Sheila-Heti★★  p:Brick-Magazine  w:2500  social-interaction  alcohol  relationships  smoking  analysis  sex  games  solitude 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Talk Radio
"You have to say, the linear trend doesn’t look good for Dan. Comparing their first few episodes to the most recent ones, the tendency is for shows to add about thirty or forty minutes to their average length (over seventy or eighty episodes). It’s the Freshman 15 of podcasting."
a:Kieran-Healy★  p:Kieran-Healy  d:2012.07.17  w:500  5by5  analysis  time  Marco-Arment  Horace-Dediu  John-Siracusa  Merlin-Mann  Dan-Benjamin  podcasts 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Trying to Rein it In
"Following original work by Nic at 2000 Nickels, here’s another effort to answer the vital question of the moment about Hypercritical, namely whether John Siracusa’s effort to control his logorrhea has met with any success. The lines (both loess lines) show the trend in the length of Hypercritical shows before (red) and after (green) John’s announcement—represented by the vertical black line—that he was going to try to make the shows shorter. I think we see that his effort had some success in stemming the rise in show length that began to take hold around episode 30 or so. (Had trends continued, 5by5 would have quickly become a single, never-ending Hypercritical episode.)"
a:Kieran-Healy★  p:Kieran-Healy  d:2012.07.13  analysis  John-Siracusa  time  podcasts 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, verse 2: a close reading with Fourth Amendment guidance for cops and perps
"The calculation Jay-Z has to make is whether, knowing that the car contains concealed contraband, he's better off trying to flee or hoping that the police won't find the drugs during the stop. This may be the hardest choice perps face (until they have to decide whether or not to cooperate), but there's only one answer: you are always better off having drugs found on you in a potentially illegal search than you are fleeing from a potentially illegal search and getting caught. The flight will provide an independent basis for chasing and arresting you, and the inadequacy of the quantum of suspicion supporting the initial attempted seizure will not taint the contraband discovered if there is an intervening flight. Law students: practice explaining the preceding sentence to a layperson. Smugglers, repeat after me: you have to eat the bust, and fight it in court."
a:Caleb-Mason★  p:Saint-Louis-University-Law-Journal  d:2012  w:9500  Jay-Z  law  instructional  analysis  law-enforcement  roads  cars  recreational-drugs 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Apple's Icon Ecosystem or: Carrying the Quality All The Way Through
"The icons I looked at1 (over 100!) seemed to fall into four categories, and I have opinions about each as a whole. I will reserve judgement on the aesthetic qualities of *individual* icons insofar as I can contain myself, and will instead try to focus on the methods with which they brought their Mac icons to iOS."
a:Chris-Sauve  p:pxldot  d:2012.07.02  w:3000  analysis  Mac  iOS  apps  graphic-design  iPhone  iPad 
july 2012 by bankbryan
The face and the brand
"The job of the store is not primarily to sell things. This is confirmed by the fact that store employees are not on commission and there is no sales pressure on visitors. Indeed, the sheer number of employees in a store of modest size (117 employees on an average of about 8k sq. ft.) implies a brazen disregard for the economic orthodoxy of retail efficiency and incentives to sell. And yet the stores are astonishingly efficient at selling things."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.06.25  w:1000  analysis  marketing  Apple  retail 
june 2012 by bankbryan
The Alien Mystique: Megan Draper and the Upending of the Mad Men Universe
"No show on television is more lyrical or insightful on the subject of human frailty and the limits of interaction. Yet while the themes may soar into the subjective, the imagery has remained stolidly grounded. Mad Men’s most memorable moments are, like the ads that made Don Draper’s reputation, built around the canny placement of familiar products: a Kodak carousel, a John Deere lawnmower, a box of Bugles, a mouthful of Howard Johnson orange sherbet. But recently Weiner has begun blasting his metaphors into outer space. Pete Campbell’s baby blues once signified his youthful vigor and ambition. Now we’re told that the poor bastard’s peepers are as icily distant and dead as the view of Earth from Planet Ginzo. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is still the center of the universe for its employees. But for the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of how insignificant that phrase really is, especially to those on the outside. The sneering is louder now, from Quebecois socialists and teenage rock-and-rollers alike. In the words of critic Starlee Kine, the alien invasion of SCDP has begun."
a:Andy-Greenwald★★  p:Grantland/Hollywood-Prospectus★★  d:2012.05.11  w:1500  analysis  Mad-Men  relationships  happiness 
june 2012 by bankbryan
An interview with Chris Brennan for MacUser magazine UK
"Trying to calculate the limits to growth is futile. There are limits but they are not calculable and inaccurate estimates don’t offer any useful information. In 1939 a total of 921 military aircraft were built in the United States. Five years later, in 1944, annual production was 96,318. A question could have been asked by an aviation analyst in 1939 about whether the American aircraft industry could grow. Aircraft, especially multi-engined ones used by the military were *extremely* expensive. The reason an industry grew exponentially making extraordinarily expensive products was not because of organic demand but because the primary buyers engaged in a cataclysmic global war. In other words, there was a will to buy and hence there came a way to build. Therefore the answer to the question of sustainable growth comes not from an analysis of demand but from an analysis of the consequences of not growing. Not growing would have meant the end of many nation states."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.05.19  w:500  war  business  analysis  history  Apple  Mac  iPhone  aviation  future 
may 2012 by bankbryan
Summary of Windows Azure Service Disruption on Feb 29th, 2012
"If a clean VM (one in which no customer code has executed) times out its GA connection three times in a row, the HA decides that a hardware problem must be the cause since the GA would otherwise have reported an error. The HA then reports to the FC that the server is faulty and the FC moves it to a state called Human Investigate (HI). As part of its standard autonomic failure recovery operations for a server in the HI state, the FC will service heal any VMs that were assigned to the failed server by reincarnating them to other servers. In a case like this, when the VMs are moved to available servers the leap day bug will reproduce during GA initialization, resulting in a cascade of servers that move to HI."
a:Bill-Laing  p:Windows-Azure-Team-Blog  d:2012.03.09  w:3000  cloud-computing  analysis  post-mortem  communication 
april 2012 by bankbryan
Carriers Whine: We Wuz Robbed!
"Back in this reality, carriers complain about excessive subsidies and threats of disintermediation, of attempts to make them 'dumb pipes'. But nowhere do we see a discussion of the ratio between the cost of an additional cell tower and the new revenue it generates. We can be sure carriers know this number, but they’re not sharing. It must be a good one: We now see carriers eager to offer their new LTE infrastructure as data pipes for the (unsubsidized) new iPad."
a:Jean-Louis-Gassée  p:Monday-Note  d:2012.03.11  w:1500  Apple  mobile  iPhone  analysis  business  iPad 
april 2012 by bankbryan
The parable of Nintendo
"The lesson here is that a company that disrupts does not necessarily survive. Long term survival depends on the ability for serial disruption. Serial disruption is an uncomfortable state for an organization to exist in. As the story above shows, disruptions are usually enabled by 'desperate' necessity. Desperation is not something management is trained to aspire for."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.03.26  w:500  analysis  business  iPad  iPhone  games  disruption 
march 2012 by bankbryan
Nicki Minaj Masters The Art Of The Diss Video With "Stupid Hoe"
"Nicki Minaj's 'Stupid Hoe' is supposed to be a diss track aimed at Lil Kim, but in the tradition of diss tracks, it's pretty weak. Something like Jay-Z's 'Takeover' uses specific, personal information about the people involved, going so far as to propose a mathematical equation at one point. Even Lil Kim's diss of Nicki, 'Black Friday,' gathers together evidence about Nicki (she is weird, she has a large butt) and Kim (she is real, she has been around for a long time) to make its case. The diss track is a lawyerly form, accumulating exhibits and summarizing with a killer closing statement to produce a unanimous jury decision."
a:Mike-Barthel★★★  p:The-Village-Voice/Sound-of-the-City  d:2012.01.27  w:500  law  music  video  analysis  Nicki-Minaj 
march 2012 by bankbryan
Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker
"Chill-provoking passages, they found, shared at least four features. They began softly and then suddenly became loud. They included an abrupt entrance of a new 'voice,' either a new instrument or harmony. And they often involved an expansion of the frequencies played. In one passage from Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 (K. 488), for instance, the violins jump up one octave to echo the melody. Finally, all the passages contained unexpected deviations in the melody or the harmony. Music is most likely to tingle the spine, in short, when it includes surprises in volume, timbre and harmonic pattern."
a:Michaeleen-Doucleff  p:The-Wall-Street-Journal★  d:2012.02.11  w:1000  music  analysis 
march 2012 by bankbryan
Android Measuring Stick
"It’s clear that Gingerbread has disseminated into the market much more slowly than either of Froyo or Eclair. In fact, it took Gingerbread about 17 weeks longer to reach a version distribution milestone (10%, 20%, 30%) than its two predecessors. While it is too early to fairly judge ICS’s trajectory, it certainly appears to have started at a slower pace than did Gingerbread (more on that later). A seemingly endless string of devices entering the market with Honeycomb and few older devices being upgraded to ICS makes it unlikely that we will see the Android version distribution improve in the near term. In fact, I feel it is conservative to state that 2012 will be the year of Gingerbread, at least in terms of version distribution. Gingerbread appears to be on the verge of peaking as a percentage of the total devices in use, but it took Froyo over 6 months after reaching the peak of its relative distribution to be overtaken. As I’ll go into next, Gingerbread is still adding devices 14 times faster than ICS."
a:Chris-Sauve  p:pxldot  d:2012.02.25  w:1000  analysis  Android  visualization 
march 2012 by bankbryan
Hollywood by the numbers
"The conclusion from this data might be that Hollywood does not change all that much in terms of who makes the money. But that itself is a symptom of a deeper reality: that there is little that changes at all. We can even perhaps hypothesize that there is no business model innovation taking place. Any such innovation is usually manifested in a reversal of fortunes for incumbents. But technological change is happening."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.02.07  w:1500  film  analysis  business  marketing 
march 2012 by bankbryan
The Inner Workings opening titles feature
"Contained almost entirely within the structure of a single ice cube, the title sequence for Joe Dante's underrated sci-fi comedy Innerspace takes viewers on a fantastic molecular voyage from the bottom of a scotch glass to the hands of a swaggering hotshot. Foreshadowing the film to come, a simple change in scale transforms the ordinary into the alien. Frozen water becomes a shimmering crystalline maze of glacial hydrogen and oxygen, while the chatter of a cocktail party is depleted to become little more than abstruse reverberations — an infinitesimal world reconstructed with every clink of the tumbler."
a:Ben-Radatz  a:Will-Perkins  p:Art-of-the-Title  d:2012.02.06  w:2000  film  analysis  video  art 
march 2012 by bankbryan
iPhone sine qua non
"Last week I made an attempt to measure the iPhone’s manufacturing cost given new data points from the Foxconn field trip. The post generated a great amount of new knowledge and the feedback was very valuable. The main value to me came from stepping back and looking at the entire cost and value structure for the iPhone. Putting costs into perspective is as valuable as knowing what they are. The following diagram shows my estimates for this cost structure for the fourth quarter given both bill of materials estimates and the other parts of the cost of goods sold and operational expenses and even ancillary sources of revenue."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.02.26  w:500  visualization  iPhone  analysis 
february 2012 by bankbryan
Mad Men Season 5 Fashions
"Oh, Betty. For years, she has been immaculately dressed and presented as the facade of the perfect 1950s/1960s wife. With her cinched waists and billowing skirts, she’s held onto late 1950s and early 1960s fashion the longest. In season four, she’s married to the anti-Don, the boring Henry Francis and is getting a little too familiar with the bottle. When you’re married to Henry Francis, you just don’t care any more. That should be embroidered on a pillow."
a:Mena-Trott  p:The-Sew-Weekly  d:2012.01.31  w:500  Mad-Men  fashion  analysis  from twitter
february 2012 by bankbryan
“Somebody That I Used to Know”
"At first I thought Gotye had added a female voice as an afterthought, and that the words she sung belonged to the same creeper singing the rest of the tune. But now I’m not so sure: 'Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over,' she sings. 'But had me believing it was always something I had done.' That’s the kind of controlling behavior endemic in abusive relationships, and the sort of thing that leads you to send third parties to collect your stuff once you’ve managed to extricate yourself. Suddenly I wondered whether Gotye was a cleverer writer than I had given him credit for, able to see a toxic relationship from all sides, and casting himself as the unreliable narrator."
a:Casey-Newton★★  p:Crumbler★  d:2012.02.20  w:1000  analysis  music  relationships  from twitter
february 2012 by bankbryan
Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years
"Tim Cook on the 55 million iPads sold to date: 'This 55 is something no one would have guessed. Including us. To put it in context, it took us 22 years to sell 55 million Macs. It took us about 5 years to sell 22 million iPods, and it took us about 3 years to sell that many iPhones. And so, this thing is, as you said, it’s on a trajectory that’s off the charts.' That gave me an idea. Here is a plot of each major computing product Apple sold throughout its history shown as a cumulative total since product launch."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.02.16  analysis  Apple  visualization  iPhone  iPad  Mac 
february 2012 by bankbryan
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