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Sources: NBA, NBPA talks to end draft's one-and-done era hit impasse
"Because, ultimately, teams can draft whomever they want and first-round picks can be under contractual control for six seasons prior to free agency, medical information is a freedom that agents consider necessary to keeping some influence on their client's early career. 'Some organizations are run better than others,' one prominent agent told ESPN. 'A lot of success comes from a player getting into the right situation at the right time. If I can do something that influences that, why would I give that up?"
a:Adrian-Wojnarowski★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.10.20  w:1000  negotiation  incentives  NBA  NBA-draft  from iphone
october 2018 by bankbryan
Inside the Rockets' proposal to flip the NBA draft and free agency
"Saving teams from those kinds of mistakes is only a secondary rationale for Houston's proposal -- a happy ripple effect. The main reason for it, supporters say, is to enable smarter and more varied trades at a moment when trade activity is highest. Right now, the draft happens at the end of the NBA's fiscal year, before expiring contracts actually expire. Cap space that will open up two weeks later remains occupied. On the biggest or second-biggest trading day of the year, there is very little cap space available to facilitate trades -- no place for taxed-out teams to dump players. Players on expiring contracts cannot be legally traded, removing a huge pool of targets. Teams who would love to rent out their space and extract draft picks as the price often can't do so until July -- well after the draft."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.06.26  w:1500  NBA  NBA-draft  strategy  from instapaper
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The KD text: Is Draymond guilty of tampering?
"While tampering in the NBA is frowned upon, the same kind of underlying conduct is often viewed more favorably in other industries. Have you ever been recruited by a competitor of your employer? If you have, you probably didn’t view the recruitment as 'tampering'. Instead, you likely regarded the outreach as simply a sign that you were good at your job and that others had noticed. The law usually agrees with you: in many instances, antitrust law ensures that competitors can’t conspire to not compete for employees and potential employees. Such 'conspiracies' can lower potential salaries and the free movement of labor. But it works differently in the four major pro sports leagues. They’re comprised of independently owned franchises that, by design, conspire to ensure that each team has a legitimate chance to succeed. Clear limits on how and when teams can compete with each other for coaches and players are part of that design."
a:Michael-McCann★  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover★★  d:2017.06.27  w:2000  NBA  policy  sports  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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Inside the tense and wacky NBA draft lottery room
"It's always fun watching the televised lottery in the locked-down drawing room, already knowing the results. You wait for people to have their hearts broken on live television. This year's highlight: the camera zooming in on Gertz after the Hawks moved up. She leaned back, triumphant, and mouthed, 'Oh, yeah.' The room erupted. One person yelled, 'This is the best part of being in this room!'"
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.05.16  w:2500  NBA  NBA-Draft  from instapaper
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Judging NBA general managers actually isn’t that simple
"Landing Paul is a big, bold stroke that everyone would do, but only one or two executives *could* do. Plucking up Poeltl, Siakam, and VanVleet in that 2016 draft are more precise, small strokes that everyone *could* do, but only one executive *did*. What’s more impressive?"
a:Tom-Ziller★★  p:SB-Nation★★  d:2018.03.01  w:1000  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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Elite high school hoops prospects should stop playing the NCAA game and consider the G League
"The NBA and the NFL always get criticized for using the NCAA as a minor league system. If the NFL, however, decided one day to put billions of dollars behind a Junior NFL to develop young players, it could be the death of major college football. The NBA actually has that option right now in the G League. All it takes is one high school superstar to take the plunge to see it work to his benefit. And if a Williamson-type prep star does find success in it, perhaps a long line of other teenage stars will follow. If that happens, the NCAA might wish that it had just paid its student-athletes and allowed them to sign endorsement deals."
a:Marc-J-Spears  p:The-Undefeated  d:2018.02.26  w:2000  NBA  incentives  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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5 ways to fix the NBA's one-and-done problem
"That rule, instituted as part of the 2005 labor deal, prevented players from declaring for the draft directly out of high school. Players must spend a year following high school graduation in college, playing overseas, in the NBA’s development league, or ... somewhere. Just not in the NBA. In practice, few players went overseas for their gap year, and even fewer joined the NBA D-League (now rebranded as the G League). Most top prospects went to a college program. Many of the best players truly spend just one semester in actual classes of questionable value before ending their freshman season and declaring for the draft."
a:Tom-Ziller★★  p:SB-Nation★★  d:2017.10.25  w:1500  list  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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The making and comparison of draft curves
"The top pick in the NBA draft is worth about 20x that of late second round picks, at least based on average win shares. Meanwhile, curves for MLB and the NHL are relatively similar. Finally, the most consistent pick-to-pick value appears in the NFL, where top picks are only worth roughly twice that of late round 2 picks, on average."
a:Michael-Lopez  p:StatsbyLopez  d:2016.06.22  w:1500  statistical-analysis  sports  football  baseball  hockey  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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The NBA’s Possible Solution for Tanking: Good-bye to the Lottery, Hello to the Wheel
"One criticism will get very loud, very fast: Would this system eliminate hope for bad teams? If your team is terrible and just whiffed on the no. 2 pick, you’re looking at the 29th, 20th, and 17th picks over the next three drafts — places where the expected outcome is a borderline rotation player. Would fans of such a team just check out for an entire half-decade, until the next high pick rolled around? Perhaps. But teams today generate draft-based hope by bottoming out on purpose. Bottoming out also provides GMs with comfortable long-term cover. They can tell their owners, “Sure, we’re terrible now, but it’s all part of the plan. Just give me time.” Ditch the lottery and the league’s incentive structure would change. Perhaps the pits of hopelessness wouldn’t be as deep, and games in the meantime would be more competitive. Remember: The NBA is the most predictable of the four major U.S. sports leagues, in terms of single-game outcomes."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2013.12.23  w:2000  incentives  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
10 Takeaways From the NBA’s Rejection of Lottery Reform
"The new national TV deal, worth nearly triple the current version on a per-year basis, is going to change the NBA in ways we don’t yet understand. The salary cap is going to soar, though we won’t know the exact mechanics of how and when until the league and players’ union agree on a method of 'smoothing' in the money — if they agree on such a method at all. If left alone, the money flow could produce a mega-spike in the 2016-17 cap — an unprecedented one-year jump of $20 million or more. That makes a lot of teams nervous, and it would benefit one class of players — free agents in the summer of 2016 — over others. But at least some high-powered agents like the idea of a one-year spike, and they have some influence at the players’ association. A one-year spike is chaos, and teams make regrettable decisions amid chaos. Agents flock to regrettable decisions more than drunk college kids."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2014.10.22  w:2500  incentives  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
Evaluating the evaluators
"I charted the link between pick number and player performance in MLB, the NBA, NFL, and NHL. A few things stand out. First, the NBA bests all other leagues as far as an overall performance, which isn’t surprising given the steepness of its draft curve and the differences between the importance of the best players relative to the league average."
a:Michael-Lopez  p:StatsbyLopez  d:2017.04.25  w:1000  sports  football  baseball  basketball  statistical-analysis  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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Mathias Lessort’s Long Night and Uncertain Future
"I began to worry for Lessort. What if his family had come all this way for nothing? You ever think about how wasteful it is that we wear wedding dresses only once? What if you bought your dream dress and got left at the altar? What would Lessort do with his suit — would he go back to the store for extremely tall people and sheepishly return the jacket days after he’d asked them to sew the flag of Martinique into its side?"
a:Rodger-Sherman★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.24  w:1500  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
What was behind the Butler trade, and what each team does now
"I'm officially tired of these three draft things: 1. Every team, a year from now, claiming they were *this close* to drafting whichever guy turns into a second-round steal. 2. Every team reacting to every Spurs pick by exclaiming, "Of course San Antonio took him. We knew they would all along. He's really good. Classic Spurs." The Spurs pick like 28th or lower every season. If you think the guy is good, just take him yourself. 3. Teams complaining about a lack of parity, and then selling the taxed-out defending champions a chance to draft precisely the player they want on a minimum contract."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.06.23  w:3000  contracts  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
The data prove it: The draft is the NBA’s most important day
"The anti-climactic playoffs sparked a lot of discussion among NBA players and fans about who is at fault for the rise of the unbeatable 'super team'. The Warriors seem poised to reign over the world’s top professional basketball league for the next half decade. Many have blamed Kevin Durant, one of game’s premier players, for choosing to sign with the Warriors, already a great team without him. The Warriors set the record for most wins in a season (73, in 82 games) the year before he joined. Yet if the Warriors gained an unfair advantage, it wasn’t in getting Kevin Durant. The real edge they have over all other NBA teams—even other past championship squads— is a great eye for new talent."
a:Dan-Kopf★  p:Quartz★  d:2017.06.20  w:500  Kevin-Durant  NBA  NBA-draft  from iphone
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Kill the NBA draft
"Not all teams would be looking to chase the top rookies. Cap space can be valuable in July, and many teams would continue to target veteran free agents at the stroke of midnight, valuing proven production over potential. Some self-selecting teams would prefer to chase rookies over veterans, especially given restricted free agency rules and incumbent team advantages with regard to early extensions and designated player contracts. These high-end prospects and youth-focused franchises will find each other. In fact, they’ll find each other before July as amateur players work out for teams and the rumor mill cranks up. How do we know? Because free agents and teams already find each other rather efficiently in July and August. Free agency works in the NBA. You’re just adding another class of player to the mix."
a:Tom-Ziller★★  p:SB-Nation★★  d:2017.03.26  w:2000  incentives  work  NBA  NBA-draft  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
Fix Tanking: Ditch the draft
"Can you imagine how the restrictive parameters of the NBA draft would play out in any other business? Would we tell the a once-in-a-lifetime engineering grad who wants to negotiate a position and salary at the top tech firm in the Silicon Valley, 'No, actually, you're required to work for the sector's laughingstock, a company managed by incompetents with no clear vision of the future -- at a fixed salary that's set by a third party.' Yet this is the governing philosophy every spring when the NBA distributes members of the incoming draft class to the league's 30 teams."
a:Kevin-Arnovitz★  p:ESPN/TrueHoop  d:2012.04.10  w:2000  NBA  incentives  work  NBA-draft  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
Should the NBA Draft Be Abolished?
"As noted earlier, teams have the right to sign up to three rookies to a Rookie Max deal. All there is to really say about this: why would it be a problem if a team *did* sign three top rookies to a max contract? In order for a team to do this, they would have to *earn* it. To get three top-tier rookies to agree to sign to one team, that team would likely have all their ducks in a row. Solid management and coaches and saved cap space for the ability to make it happen. Could three top prospects that are all friends just pick a random spot with the cap room to fit them all in in order to play together and build a superpower? Sure. And what’s wrong with that? That team is likely not good, and if those three rookies all signed there, that team would likely then become good. And that’s the whole point!"
a:Dylan-Hughes  p:16-Wins-a-Ring  d:2017.06.19  w:4000  NBA  incentives  NBA-draft  from instapaper
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