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Do Kanye West’s Politics Matter?
"In general, Kanye’s media manipulations are so deliberate and bewildering that I’m reflexively wary of any speculation about his mental health. Granted, I see how a troubled mind, taxed so hard, and for so long, and at such a high level, might have produced such a grotesque and impenetrable fiction in order to fortify itself. Either way, his thinking is disastrous, and his simulation is broken."
a:Rob-Harvilla  a:Justin-Charity  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.04.25  w:2000  Kanye-West  Donald-Trump  mental-illness  from iphone
june 2018 by bankbryan
Kim Kardashian West on Kanye and Taylor Swift, What’s in O.J.’s Bag, and Understanding Caitlyn
"Kim's house is less secluded and private than you'd imagine. Rather, it's just one easily-walk-up-to-able house in a honeycomb of cul-de-sacs of easily-walk-up-to-able houses, all surrounded by a carefully guarded community gate. The neighborhood functions as a sort of free-range pen for celebrities to wander around in without hurting themselves or anyone else; within those confines, it's an absolute free-for-all. Recently, her neighbor Gordon Ramsay swung by and helped her play a prank on her chef. (They told him he was fired.) Another neighbor crashed the private baby shower she hosted for her friend, the supermodel Chrissy Teigen. (Kim said diplomatically that she believed the uninvited guest—Stevie Wonder—'wanted to stop by to say hi to John [Legend] and Chrissy.')"
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:GQ★★  d:2016.06.16  w:5000  celebrities  Kanye-West  Taylor-Swift  from instapaper
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A Close Reading of Kim Kardashian West’s Latest Film: Kanye and Taylor’s Phone Call
"Bragging about Instagram likes IRL is, on its own, approximately Worst Possible Look status. Knowing the number of likes *offhand*? Even worse. This is extremely dark shit, some truly bad magic, and Kim is a crazy genius for it. Another perfect edit."
a:Sam-Donsky★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.07.18  w:2500  Kanye-West  Taylor-Swift  analysis  music  from instapaper
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The Lemons part two
"Ye: Can I speak to Ava? I know she’s mad at me about blah blah blah feminism and shit, but I’m looking for DONDA investors, fam
Jay: Is your nose clean?
Bey: I’m going to open this door and swing this sword and whoever dies is dead
*Jay snatches the kale and lemon juice and quickly scampers into the house*"
a:ActionBastard  p:ActionBastard  d:2016.04.26  w:2000  story  music  Beyoncé  Jay-Z  Kanye-West  from twitter
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The Lemons
"Bey: I’ve had enough of your joy. Your desire to get away with what you have done has made me sooooo tired.
Mama T: In front of compa-
Bey: my company, yes
Taraji: Baby, his lip bleeding
Bey: This is no blood. This is fuckboy fuel."
a:ActionBastard  p:ActionBastard  d:2016.04.25  w:2000  story  music  Beyoncé  Jay-Z  Kanye-West  from twitter
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Taylor Swift on "Bad Blood," Kanye West, and How People Interpret Her Lyrics
"Even calling this record 1989 was a risk. I had so many intense conversations where my label really tried to step in. I could tell they’d all gotten together and decided, ‘We gotta talk some sense into her. She’s had an established, astronomically successful career in country music. To shake that up would be the biggest mistake she ever makes.’ But to me, the safest thing I could do was take the biggest risk. I know how to write a song. I’m not confident about a lot of other aspects of my life, but I know how to write a song. I’d read a review of Red that said it wasn’t sonically cohesive. So that was what I wanted on 1989: an umbrella that would go over all of these songs, so that they all belonged on the same album. But then I’d go into the label office, and they were like, ‘Can we talk about putting a fiddle and a steel-guitar solo on ‘Shake It Off’ to service country radio?’ I was trying to make the most honest record I could possibly make, and they were kind of asking me to be a little disingenuous about it: ‘Let’s capitalize on both markets.’ No, let’s not. Let’s choose a lane.”
a:Chuck-Klosterman★★  a:Taylor-Swift  p:GQ★★  d:2015.10.15  w:4500  interview  music  Kanye-West  from twitter
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The Coldest Story Ever Told: The Influence of Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak
"In retrospect, going from relatively affable T-Pain, to convulsive Kanye, to polished Drake is like watching the evolution of one disruptive idea about what can happen to rappers’ voices when they pass through the center of the genre. The innovation has shuddered open new spaces, and now artists of all stripes live there."
a:Jayson-Greene★  p:Pitchfork★★  d:2015.09.22  w:2000  music  Kanye-West  from twitter
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When Celebrities Tweet
"When Martha Stewart wants to tweet, she doesn’t remove her hands from her paraffin wax. She looks knowingly at her Chow Chow, Genghis Khan, who fetches her iPhone from the multimedia hutch in the entertainment room of her Katonah, New York, home. An assistant, who has not figured out how to disable the phone’s flash when photographing meals (and, frankly, thinks that the food looks better that way—more realistic), types the tweet and does not proofread it."
a:Silvia-Killingsworth  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2015.03.20  w:500  satire  Twitter  Kanye-West  Justin-Beiber  Taylor-Swift  celebrities  from twitter
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Ask Polly: How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?
"Kanye isn’t perfect, but you pretty much either love him and think he’s a genius and then he makes some sense to you, or you don’t get it and he seems crazy. Maybe you don’t love him because you don’t love his music or some of the mistakes he’s made in the past, or maybe you don’t love him because you’re a racist, but those two responses actually look the same to him, and why shouldn’t they? Because the world is, verifiably, filled with racist motherfuckers, this is not a confused response. It’s an emotional one. He doesn’t love you either way. Maybe it’s a mistake for him to keep talking about it. Or maybe he’s helping everyone by being the symbol of a kind of anger that people are vexed by and afraid of. All I know is, I feel for him."
a:Heather-Havrilesky★★  p:The-Awl★★  d:2013.10.16  w:2500  instructional  dating  Kanye-West  race  gender  relationships  from instapaper
december 2014 by bankbryan
Kendrick Lamar, Hip-Hop’s Newest Old-School Star
"Lamar says his innate suspicion of convenient alliances and his resistance to temptation is just as handy now as it was then. 'At 16, temptation can be money: I know money, I want money. Or women: I know women, I want women. Or drugs: I know drugs, I want drugs. Temptation is just the feeling that you’re the most independent person on planet Earth. That you know everything.' He continued: 'That’s something that we all go through as a kid. Now, this lifestyle that I’m in, the same thing exists! But it’s 10 times worse, because everything is at my disposal. When you’re in the limelight, you can get anything you want.' This is how it is with Lamar all the time — he is constantly engaging in a mental gatekeeping. Every thought ('You’re going to win a bunch of Grammys') and every request ('Come to my club') is weighed in an ever-changing calculus designed to maximize success and maintain sanity. 'Everybody can’t take this lifestyle,' Lamar said early on. 'To put that pressure on somebody not made for it, they’ll go crazy.'"
a:Lizzy-Goodman  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2014.06.25  w:5000  profile  hip-hop  Kanye-West  work  from twitter
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Kanye West's 'The College Dropout': An Oral History
88-Keys: 'Labels wouldn't place their bets on him. He went through the gamut of all labels, one right after another. It was one thing to turn him down, but then [they’d] ask for the beat he just rapped on. It was a slap in the face. He’d perform "Jesus Walks," "All Falls Down,", "Two Words" (before Freeway and Mos was on it) and they would be like, "The music is real good. Maybe we can use that beat for DMX… Who do we contact about that?" He was like, "This is my album that I’m playing you. I'm a rapper. Didn't you just hear my raps?"'
Coodie: 'When we'd go to offices, he'd rap and jump on the desks. He had something to prove because at that time, "producer/rapper" wasn't working.'
Gee Roberson: 'You had the guy walking in to label meetings and telling people, "I’m going to be bigger than Jermaine Dupri." This is an exact quote he said to Michael Mauldin, Jermaine Dupri’s father.'"
a:Erika-Ramirez  p:Billboard  d:2014.02.05  w:11500  oral-history  music  Kanye-West  hip-hop 
march 2014 by bankbryan
Kanye West
"When you're 3, you wake up one morning and say, 'I wanna ride a bike.' And then the next day, you wake up and say, 'I wanna draw.' I don't want to be in a situation where, because I was good enough at riding a bike one day, then that's all I can do for the rest of my life. I mean, you know firsthand, being a fine artist and then moving into the Hollywood space ... You know, I say to Renzo Rosso, Bernard Arnault, and François-Henri Pinault, the heads of Diesel, LVMH, and Kering, 'Come to my show and look at the mountain I made. Look at these 20,000 people screaming, and then tell me I don't deserve to design a T-shirt.' If I want to design a T-shirt in my lifetime, then please help me do it! People say, 'Well, why don't you just do it on your own?' Are you telling me to sew every single T-shirt? People say, 'Why do you antagonize the high-end companies and your fan base?' and this and that. But what I'm saying is that in working with partners like Louis Vuitton and Zanotti and Balmain and Fendi like I have, I feel like it's a better form of film that I'm working with when I work with them. I'm working with better cameras. I'm working with better editors."
a:Steve-McQueen  a:Kanye-West★  p:Interview-Magazine  d:2014.01.19  w:7000  interview  Kanye-West  power  art  race  fashion  from instapaper
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Kanye West Knows You Think He Sounded Nuts on Kimmel
"The BBC interview was personal and honest and heartfelt, but it was also frenetic and boastful and rambling at times—perfect fodder for late night TV, in other words. Kimmel mocked it by reproducing the interview with a black kid in place of West. When West took offense, and let loose a series of furious tweets, Kimmel gave the smirk of a comedian who couldn't see the big deal. You know the one; it climbs up only one side of the face, its meaning being: *It was just a joke*. That Kanye West didn't take it as a joke isn't really a surprise, even if we ignore the fact that he's famously self-serious. Here he'd done an interview explaining how hurtful it is to have proved one's ability and still be seen as inferior by rich white people, and a rich white person responded by infantilizing him."
a:Cord-Jefferson  p:Gawker★  d:2013.10.15  w:2000  race  television  Kanye-West  from twitter
october 2013 by bankbryan
Here is a list of scenarios involving Kanye West and whether it's okay to talk within them
"You see someone Kanye knows. DON’T TALK. On the subject of hearing the paparazzi, or anyone, talk, Kanye extends the preceding rule to cover literally anyone he knows. This is a blanket protection clause, placing all who know him under the cone of Kanye’s blissful silence. This is one of the many benefits of knowing Kanye, and you are not to infringe on that benefit by talking. At all."
a:Sean-O'Neal★★  p:The-AV-Club★★  d:2013.07.12  w:500  list  satire  Kanye-West  from twitter
july 2013 by bankbryan
"Sometimes it's like a synth orchestra. I've never heard anything like it — I've heard people try to do it but no way, it just comes out tacky. Kanye is *there*. It's like his video for "Runaway," with the ballet dancers — it was like, look out, this guy is making *connections*. You could bring one into the other — ballet into hip-hop — they're not actually contradictory, and he knew that, he could see it immediately. He obviously can hear that all styles are the same, somewhere deep in their heart, there's a connection. It's all the same shit, *it's all music* — that's what makes him great. If you like sound, listen to what he's giving you. Majestic and inspiring."
a:Lou-Reed  p:The-Talkhouse  d:2013.07.02  w:2000  review  Kanye-West  music 
july 2013 by bankbryan
8 Reasons You Won't Hear "Yeezus" Early
"Kanye keeps works-in-progress tracks on password-protected external hard drives that are locked away in Pelican briefcases, never on laptop hard drives. On top of that, the external hard drives can only be accessed by biometric fingerprint readers."
a:Matthew-Perpetua★★  p:BuzzFeed★★  d:2013.06.13  list  music  security  Kanye-West  email  from twitter
june 2013 by bankbryan
Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breast Insurance Policy
"Cynthia Pekoria (manager, State Farm Insurance, Sherman Oaks branch): OK which one of you dick-fucks approved this.
Dalton Leonard (customer service representative): If this is about Kanye’s cat getting renter’s insurance, I can actually explain that.
Pekoria: It’s not about Kanye’s cat."
a:Kevin-Fanning★★★  p:The-Morning-News★★  d:2013.03.14  w:1000  satire  insurance  Kanye-West 
march 2013 by bankbryan
Update: Pusha-T
"All of this is about timing and prepping the public. I feel like when people first heard my sound on G.O.O.D. Music, they were like, 'Oh man, you need to drop an album now!' But I treated my progress like a totally new artist: I wanted to be on records, drop a mixtape, do virals, and go on the road for records that don't really have a true body of work to attach themselves to. I want people to delve into what the hell I'm doing, the purity of the rap. I wasn't going to be arrogant, like, 'Man, y'all know me!' They don't. I mean, some people do, but a lot don't."
a:Ryan-Dombal  a:Pusha-T  p:Pitchfork★★  d:2012.10.22  w:2000  interview  music  Kanye-West  hip-hop  from instapaper
november 2012 by bankbryan
Interviews: Dirty Projectors
"So yeah, I loved the 'Runaway' movie. I loved how in-between it was. I loved how you got the sense that Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was never over, because the movie had different versions of the same songs that were on the album. The mixing was different, the mastering wasn't as hot. At one point, I talked to one of the guys who mixed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to potentially mix this album, and I was like, 'I love that album so much, I love the production, and I love the way it feels-- but does it have to be so hot?' It literally sounds lower-fi than it probably did when they were working on it because it's mastered so fucking hot. I was like, 'Why did you do that?' And he was like, 'That's just what Kanye wants. He just wants it to be louder than Jay's album.' I love that."
a:Brandon-Stosuy  a:David-Longstreth  p:Pitchfork★★  d:2012.07.02  w:3000  interview  music  Kanye-West  symbolism  Jay-Z 
august 2012 by bankbryan
The Rise of the NBA Nerd
"Once upon a time, NBA press conferences were no different from the press conferences of other sports. An athlete looked like he threw on whatever was handy, answered reporters' questions, then went on with his night. Durant is a good example of how that's changed: He also likes to meet the press wearing a backpack. For the people who notice this sort of thing — and it must be said that the backpack is something you're meant to notice — the change Durant encapsulates is both surreal and ironic. The bag is never removed, worn with the safety strap fastened, and rarely acknowledged, as if the affectation is actually just natural, as if Durant might be carrying actual homework."
a:Wesley-Morris  p:Grantland★★  d:2011.12.21  w:2000  fashion  race  television  hip-hop  Kanye-West  Jay-Z  NBA  Kevin-Durant  from twitter
january 2012 by bankbryan
Music Time: Jay-Z and Kanye West – Watch the Throne
"Obviously Kanye and Jay rap a lot about their money and the stuff they’ve bought with it on this album, and obviously the names they’re dropping are high-end and/or highfalutin’ enough to stand out to critics under deadline pressure. But you’d almost have to purposefully ignore the rest of the lyrics, and most importantly the sound of the thing, to think that’s all there is to it, to characterize this album as a less forceful-sounding Rick Ross record. For all the talk about life at the top, they seem about as comfortable there as Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, and the stained knight Jaime Lannister. The music is foreboding and paranoid, minor-key prog samples, witch house synths, and soul legends chopped and pitch-shifted into demon shouts and banshee wails. The lyrics describe difficulties — from Jay-Z copping to depression, to Kanye’s R. Crumb-like dissections of his sexuality and misogyny, to overcoming the obstacles of a racist society to 'make it in America' only to discover that the higher they go, the fewer people like them they find — that go a lot deeper than the usual litany of complaints about haters and biters. Both aspects of the record are embodied by those repetitions — that cycling, recurring, uncomfortable theme music; 'watch the throne, watch the throne, watch the throne,' over and over again. If they were comfortable on the damn thing, they wouldn’t constantly be telling themselves and everyone else not to take their eyes off it for a second."
a:Sean-T-Collins  p:Attentiondeficitdisorderly  d:2011.08.12  w:500  race  class  Kanye-West  Jay-Z  analysis  Game-of-Thrones 
september 2011 by bankbryan
Watch the Throne: Uneasy Heads Wear Gaudy Crowns
"This is a great and important topic to document, the kind of thing that might wind up feeling far more striking and relevant years into the future. It’s a portrait of two black men thinking through the idea of success in America; what happens when your view of yourself as a suppressed, striving underdog has to give way to the admission that you’ve succeeded about as much as it’s worth bothering with; and how much your victory can really relate to (or feel like it’s on behalf of) your onetime peers who haven’t got a shred of what you’ve won. It’s not a topic that deserves to be scrubbed up, either; there are things about Kanye’s tiresome self-involvement and moody debauchery — the way he sounds like some sullen hip-hop emperor, stalking around the crumbling gilded palace of his own psyche, muttering angrily and getting aggressive with the help — that belong in any such portrait."
a:Nitsuh-Abebe★★  p:Vulture★★  d:2011.08.12  w:1000  race  Kanye-West  Jay-Z  class  review 
september 2011 by bankbryan
On 'Mama's Boyfriend'
"Kanye is a smart guy, and it makes sense he would be this self-reflective. He is also stubborn as hell. He is realizing that he has a choice in the matter, and he is trying to make the right choice. Not everyone even ever realizes it is a choice or that they could possibly make it. But this has been the main thread in Kanye's career, from 'Through The Wire' to 'Runaway.' Brutal honesty, sometimes extremely tactless and cruel, often totally correct. Impossibly hard on everybody, but then hardest on himself."
a:Molly-Lambert★★★  p:Grantland★★  d:2011.06.17  w:1000  Kanye-West  music  stories  relationships 
june 2011 by bankbryan
Sea Level
"This week I followed along on the web as the world digested a new album from Radiohead, a band whose fan base is so varied that they wind up looking like an iceberg: Some people stand at sea level and see them alone on the ocean as the main "experimental" act out there; others, down underwater, see them as the tiny surface-breaking tip of a much bigger and more interesting world. Conversations about it can lead to a lot of annoyed head-shaking, accusations of cluelessness, and accusations of snobbery."
music  writing  conversation  internet  pop-culture  Kanye-West  a:Nitsuh-Abebe★★  p:Pitchfork★★ 
march 2011 by bankbryan
Me And Mr. West
"Kanye’s next serious relationship (depending on how you define serious) was with Amber Rose, who may or may not be a real person. I’m not saying anything bad about her, I’m just not sure what she does or who she is or if she exists or if she is just some wonderful art project Kanye created. She may or may not be CGI."
Kanye-West  Twitter  music  a:Almie-Rose★  p:This-Recording★ 
december 2010 by bankbryan
Understanding Kanye: Sweet, Sweet Robot Fantasy, Baby
"In the early days, he was all too human, working at the mall and sleeping on a couch in an overheated Chicago apartment. When he finally got his foot in the door, it wasn't as an individual artist but as a company man, becoming a house producer for Roc-A-Fella. This is the old-fashioned modern American path to success: work hard, get noticed by someone in power and then get promoted to a place of prominence within a larger organization. But Kanye wanted something more. He wanted to achieve on his own, to break free of the system. And he would slowly realize that the only way to do so is to become more than human."
Kanye-West  analysis  music  technology  George-W-Bush  death  robots  a:Mike-Barthel★★★  p:The-Awl★★ 
december 2010 by bankbryan
Kanye West: Project Runaway
"The rest of the trip settles into a fairly routine pattern, if by 'fairly routine' you mean 'a succession of both magical and mundane moments starring the musicians who defined your adolescence alongside the most exciting artists of today.' ... Mostly we talk about Kanye's album: what it has to mean, and what it has to accomplish. At its heart, beyond the beats or rhymes, this conversation is the reason we were all summoned to the island. It's never explicitly discussed, but everyone here knows that good music is the key to Kanye's redemption."
Kanye-West  music  creativity  process  sleep  sex  a:Noah-Callahan-Bever★  w:4500  p:Complex 
december 2010 by bankbryan
Filthy, Rich: Kanye West’s Royal Fantasy
"It’s not simply Kanye’s ego that puts me in mind of crusty aristocrats: It’s also the drums, samples, melodies, and synths on this album. Crisp, graceful sounds keep bumping up against muddy, sweaty ones. Elegant minor-key melodies keep bumping up against rawness and ego. Opulence bumps up against grit, until the music begins to sound a little decayed, tragic, and under threat. (Every filthy aristocrat, after all, was surrounded by an even filthier mob.) And there's something about this collision that has a tremendous attraction."
Kanye-West  analysis  race  television  review  music  creativity  a:Nitsuh-Abebe★★  p:Vulture★★ 
november 2010 by bankbryan
What Did It Cost to Be Kanye This Week?
"Persian rug (we couldn't find one with cherub imagery either): $5,000"
Kanye-West  analysis  a:Cooper-Marshall  a:Lane-Brown  p:Vulture★★ 
november 2010 by bankbryan
"He readjusts his priorities from time to time, sure, and that has an effect on his behavior going forward. But he certainly doesn’t reflect in the moment. And that’s why he’s so valuable. He’s the rare modern pop star who isn’t carefully managed but who is with-it enough not to totally sabotage himself, and talented enough to be able to produce consistently high-quality and relevant art. That’s a rare combination, and that’s why he’s the king of pop right now. To expect him to act any differently is to not want him to be the thing we all love."
Kanye-West  George-W-Bush  Hurricane-Katrina  a:Mike-Barthel★★★  p:Mike-Barthel★★ 
november 2010 by bankbryan
The 10 Best Verses From Kanye West's Good Friday Project, So Far
"These tracks tend to be big, ominous, portentous, piling on the sinister sonics and weird little production details. And every week, Kanye's Hawaii studio retreat gets a little bit more mysterious. Is he really just flying all these guys down, letting them talk shit over whatever he came up with this week? Part of his initial charm was that he seemed like an everyfan suddenly given absurd access: Plenty of people might've wondered how Mos Def and Freeway would've sounded next to each other, but only Kanye had the position and the inclination to make it happen."
Kanye-West  music  list  analysis  a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:The-Village-Voice/Sound-of-the-City 
november 2010 by bankbryan
Interview with Rob Sheffield, Part Four
"Rob Sheffield: It’s funny. They could easily fit more music into a cassingle-size tape, but it just made it more cassingular to have one song."
interview  music  Twitter  Kanye-West  time  nostalgia  a:Matthew-Perpetua★★  p:Fluxblog★ 
august 2010 by bankbryan
Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, all the sad young rap superstars
"just like Kanye’s world-weary dourness on 808s and Heartbreak was a palatable novelty (or was it?) but get back to rapping please, just like Lil Wayne’s quest for what he saw as the legitimacy offered by tortured rockstar angst culminated in the ill-advised train wreck that was Rebirth, Thank Me Later will produce some long-lasting singles but will ultimately ring hollow as a record. you offer us no reason to give a fuck about you bro. Kanye and Wayne EARNED the right to lament what fame had done to them after years of putting out fun, thrilling, victorious music that justified their fame in the first place. In Utero needed Nevermind to validate it. but Drake skips the formality of making music that gets people to love him separate from his hardships and goes straight for the self-indulgent whining, which i guess could conceivably have been okay if Drake was better than a mediocre rapper and a mediocre singer."
review  music  Kanye-West  a:David-Shapiro  p:Pitchfork-Reviews-Reviews 
june 2010 by bankbryan
Pitchfork: Interviews: "South Park"'s Matt Stone
"'Lars Ulrich just made himself a huge target, too. He was almost daring you to make that episode.' 'He really went out. Conceptually, there's a conversation there, though. It's not an open-and-shut case, but you have to know what you sound like when you're saying that stuff. Some basketball star-- Latrell Sprewell, I think-- they offered him $30 million. And literally, without trying to be funny, he said, "$30 million? But I have to try and feed my kids." You know, it was one of those quotes.'"
interview  television  internet  music  Kanye-West  a:Matt-Stone★  a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:Pitchfork★★ 
april 2010 by bankbryan
WTF Did Biden Just Say? A brief history of bad language in Washington. - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine
"There is a distinction, however, between the use of vulgar terms and vulgarity. The latter goes too far—in grossing everyone out, or in unveiling the insecurities of the user, or in simply being too mean. It's greatest practitioners were LBJ and Nixon. LBJ, for example, was vulgar on the question of Macy's window displays, Gerald Ford and gum chewing, tent etiquette and keepsakes obtained from subservient lawmakers. His salty language came directly at someone else's expense. (President Obama might come under this category because he called Kanye West a 'jackass,' but he can make the argument that he was simply stating a verifiable fact.)"
language  Barack-Obama  Kanye-West  politics  history  Joe-Biden  a:John-Dickerson  p:Slate★★ 
march 2010 by bankbryan
Just North of Something Important - The sanctification of entertainment awards
"We tune in to the Oscars, if we are not industry people, because we want to see that melodrama, want to see that spectacle of achievement. Which means that, no matter what we profess otherwise, we ultimately value organized competition in some way. We are raised on sports and horserace coverage and we are Americans, so we think it is a sin if someone fails to appreciate their appreciation."
film  Kanye-West  culture  observation  a:Mike-Barthel★★★  p:Mike-Barthel★★  United-States 
march 2010 by bankbryan
The Buzzwords of 2009 -
"'wise Latina woman': A term used by Judge Sonia Sotomayor in a speech before she was a Supreme Court justice, suggesting to some observers that she believed ethnicity and gender had a role in determining law."
language  politics  healthcare-reform  internet  technology  culture  Barack-Obama  media  government  Kanye-West  finance  Great-Recession  a:Mark-Leibovich  a:Grant-Barrett  p:The-New-York-Times★★  cars 
january 2010 by bankbryan
Kanye West 'Dresses Gay' Because the Rainbow is 'Fresh' - Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men
"I think as straight men we need to take the rainbow back because it's fresh. It looks fresh. I just think that because stereotypically gay people got such good like style that they were smart enough to take a fresh-ass logo like the rainbow and say that it's gonna be theirs. But I was like 'Man I think we need to have the rainbow' — the idea of colors , life and colors and stuff, I mean how is that a gay thing? Colors? Having a lot of colors is gay?'"
gay  Kanye-West  fashion  color  a:Andy-Towle  a:Kanye-West★ 
february 2009 by bankbryan
808s and Heartbreak | Pitchfork
"The guy is aiming to be the biggest pop star in the world-- he should feel bigger than us; too often, though, we instead ask for artists to be just like us or worse. West is endowed, however, with a sense of purpose and drive that pushes him to make records with Jon Brion, to crib from French house, to put on events rather than shows, to valorize art along with commerce at a time when major labels are circling the wagon and becoming stiflingly conservative, and to break out of his comfort zone when he wants to create a record as uncomfortable as 808s."
review  music  Kanye-West  death  Auto-Tune  p:Pitchfork★★  a:Scott-Plagenhoef  singing 
december 2008 by bankbryan
I Know, I Look Better In Real Life >> FLUXBLOG: Wry and Wise, But Also Very Sexual
"'The Glory' hits all the right marks, and every second of the track balances out its ecstatic boasts with a profound sense of relief that suggests what a horrible mess the guy would be if none of his plans ever worked out."
song  Kanye-West  music  a:Matthew-Perpetua★★  p:Fluxblog★ 
december 2007 by bankbryan
Ten Favorite Moments on Kanye West's Graduation >> Status Ain't Hood
"Kanye's absolutely not a great rapper, but he's great at piecing together these insidious little musical scraps that work their way into your bloodstream without necessarily letting you understand what's happening."
music  lists  song  Kanye-West  a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:The-Village-Voice/Status-Ain't-Hood 
september 2007 by bankbryan
Kanye West Meets Takashi Murakami -- Vulture -- Entertainment & Culture Blog -- New York Magazine
"The just-released cover for Kanye West's Graduation shows Kanye's trademark bruin, manga-ized, being launched out of some kind of floating university in the sky."
graphic-design  education  Kanye-West  p:Vulture★★ 
august 2007 by bankbryan
Kanye West's Graduation: A Preview >> Status Ain't Hood
"Kanye said last night that he's trying to make theme-songs for people with this album, but I wonder if he wouldn't be more successful at that just by making theme-songs for himself."
music  review  Kanye-West  a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:The-Village-Voice/Status-Ain't-Hood 
august 2007 by bankbryan
Kanye West Loves Hipsters >> Status Ain't Hood
"50 Cent is a businessman trying to extend and maintain his brand. Kanye is trying erect an eternal monument to himself."
music  Kanye-West  hipsters  a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:The-Village-Voice/Status-Ain't-Hood 
june 2007 by bankbryan

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