For What It's Worth
"Whether they are active or long dormant, mines speak of a combination of sacrifice and gain. Their features are crude, unsightly scars on the landscape - unlikely feats of hard labour and specialised engineering, constructed to extract value from the earth but also exacting a price. These images combine photography and computer generated elements in an effort to visualise the output of a mine. The CGI objects represent a scale model of the materials removed from each mine, a solid mass occupying a scene showing the ground from which it was extracted. By doing so, the intention is to create a kind of visualisation of the merits and shortfalls of mining in South Africa, an industry that has shaped the history and economy of the country so radically."
a:Dillon-Marsh  p:Dillon-Marsh  nature  visualization  from iphone
6 days ago
Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Adam Stevens, Bathroom Boy
"It was great. It was the kind of atmosphere where you immediately felt accepted. And it paid twice as much as the gym. In the morning, you’d get there and load up the vans with supplies. The company sold their own cleaning products, called red juice and blue juice, but they were really both just Windex with food coloring. Then you’d banter with the managers and they’d sexually harass you a bit before giving you the keys to the customers’ homes."
a:Suzanne-Yeagley★  a:Adam-Stevens  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.08.15  w:1000  interview  work  from instapaper
6 days ago
Transit projects have to make impossible guesses on ridership predictions
"It took more than five years for Rockville Pike to transform around Metro. White Flint station has been open 33 years, and it's just now getting walkable urbanism. Clarendon, Fort Totten, Congress Heights—the list goes on. The Silver Line is catalyzing Tysons' transformation; it's unrealistic to expect it to happen overnight."
a:David-Alpert★★  p:Greater-Greater-Washington★★  d:2017.08.16  w:1000  public-transit  Washington-Metro  NYC  development  future  China  from instapaper
6 days ago
Ransomware Changed the Rules
"As an incentive to address cyber security risks, ransomware is perfect. It is global, highly visible, its victims are arbitrary, and the solutions are well known, well understood, and can be implemented using existing mature technology. The threat posed by ransomware is real, directed at the business itself, understandable by non-experts, and visible outside the infosec echo chamber. These are the reasons why ransomware incentivises organisations to honestly practice cyber security fundamentals."
a:the-Grugq★★  p:the-Grugq★★  d:2017.08.16  w:500  security  hacking  incentives  from instapaper
6 days ago
Ask the Maester: Does It Matter If Jon Snow Is a Targaryen?
"An amazing—or bad, depending on your mood and perspective—aspect of 'Eastwatch' was that it gave us several huge reveals as C- and D-plot. There was Gilly discovering Rhaegar’s annulment and concurrent nuptials to, we presume, Lyanna Stark in Dorne. This was a world-shaking bombshell teased out like a plot from a Friends episode (the mystery of Jon’s parentage enduring because … Gilly mispronounces 'Rhaegar'; Sam, i.e., the Person Who Cured Greyscale Because He Pays Attention, hand-waving the reveal)."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.15  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from instapaper
6 days ago
How the schedule was made: NBA taking hard look at metrics
"The extra week, which allows the regular season to start Oct. 17 — the league’s earliest start since 1980 — was an obvious help. But schedule makers went further, taking a deeper-than-usual look at arena availability around the league and trying to minimize the nights where a weary team will face a well-rested opponent. In other words, NBA fans, meet FTE. The metric — an acronym for Fresh, Tired and Even — is a major part of the NBA schedule process. It’s a way the NBA has charted how tired one team will likely be when facing another. FTE has been part of the NBA’s internal charting for years, but wasn’t often discussed openly or with teams."
a:Tim-Reynolds  p:Associated-Press  d:2017.08.14  w:500  basketball  statistical-analysis  sleep  logistics  from instapaper
6 days ago
The tiny kindnesses
"I thought it was wonderful that she saw a stranger she thought might need help, that she actually made the effort to ask if things were okay, and that she did it in a way where no one else would notice her asking in case it really was a situation where things were not okay. It made me think that I need to pick up that habit in the future."
p:The-Awl★★  d:2017.06.23  w:2000  story  social-interaction  from twitter
7 days ago
Dung Beetles Navigate Via the Milky Way, First Known in Animal Kingdom
"Lastly, to confirm the Milky Way results, the team put little cardboard hats on the study beetles’ heads, blocking their view of the sky."
a:Christine-Dell'Amore  p:National-Geographic/Voices  d:2013.01.24  w:500  animals  space  from twitter
7 days ago
A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps
"Now we see what was really happening last Summer: by bleaching and flattening the map, Google was clearing it for all the things it would add later. And last Summer’s redesign was just the first in a series of steps. It makes you wonder what else Google is planning."
a:Justin-O'Beirne★★  p:Justin-O'Beirne★★  d:2017  w:2500  analysis  maps  Google-Maps  Apple-Maps  roads  geography 
7 days ago
County-level results from the 2016 U.S. presidential election
"I like cartograms and use them often myself, but they do have shortcomings. Namely, the shapes can become unfamiliar, making it difficult to recognize what the different areas are. Some people also find the deformations weird and uncomfortable to look at."
a:Max-Galka  p:Metrocosm  d:2016.11.16  w:500  visualization  2016-election 
7 days ago
Bun Alert
"But... *why* are you alerting people about rabbits?"
"I mean... look at them. They're like loaves of bread that hop."
"I see."
"*People need to know.*"
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2017.08  comic  animals 
7 days ago
Wifi vs Cellular
"It seems weird from a networking point of view, but some time in the last few years this flipped for me."
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2011.07  comic  mobile  networks 
8 days ago
Cavs' goal of Kyrie Irving trade tied to fear of losing LeBron James
"Owner Dan Gilbert and general manager Koby Altman want James to commit before building around him, and James largely wants to see the Cavaliers execute a plan before committing to them. Cleveland's case for commitment is this: We've had the highest payroll in the NBA, run luxury-tax bills north of $75 million since James' return. Trust our commitment to winning. James' case for hesitancy is this: Accomplished GM David Griffin is gone, replaced with Altman, a young, unproven executive. James sees a summer in which the franchise failed to make a deal for Paul George and failed to close the gap on Golden State. Ultimately, liberation born of that 2016 Cleveland championship allows James and the organization to take these disparate paths."
a:Adrian-Wojnarowski  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.08.15  w:1000  Cavs  Kyrie-Irving  LeBron-James  from iphone
8 days ago
Prescriptions, With a Side of Curly Fries
"Throughout most of American history, the stuff in the back of the store - the actual drugs - was always a very small part of the business," says Higby. "The attitude here had to be freewheeling, full free-market capitalism. And so they give people what they want - candy and soft drinks and cigarettes."
a:Azeen-Ghorayshi  p:Newsweek  d:2014.02.13  w:1000  retail  food  pharmaceuticals  smoking  from iphone
8 days ago
"Catching the right gif frame
Snapchat and trust
Embarrassing background tabs
Spellcheck's red underlines
Security: beware URL tokens"
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2017.07  comic  instructional  web 
8 days ago
How Bostonians Defeated the Olympics
"We should never be planning our cities around three-week events, or planning our cities around visitors. We should be planning our cities in a way that will work for decades, and will benefit the residents of the city."
a:Shannon-Sims  a:Christopher-Dempsey  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2017.06.05  w:2500  interview  sports  cities  Boston  from instapaper
8 days ago
Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs
"It’s highly debatable whether Safari’s existing no-favicon tabs actually do look better. The feedback I’ve heard from Chrome users who won’t even try Safari because it doesn’t show favicons isn’t just from developers — it’s from designers too. To me, the argument that Safari’s tab bar should remain text-only is like arguing that MacOS should change its Command-Tab switcher and Dock from showing icons to showing only the names of applications. The Mac has been famous ever since 1984 for placing more visual significance on icons than on names. The Mac attracts visual thinkers and its design encourages visual thinking. So I think Safari’s text-only tab bar isn’t just wrong in general, it’s *particularly* wrong on the Mac. I really can’t say this strongly enough: I think Safari’s lack of favicons in tabs, combined with its corresponding crumminess when displaying a dozen or more tabs in a window, is the single biggest reason why so many Mac users use Chrome."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2017.08.10  w:1000  web  Mac  user-interface  Chrome  from iphone
8 days ago
When Astronomers Chased a Total Eclipse in a Concorde
"The science and the Concorde could have kept going, but the landing site in Chad was coming up fast."
a:Chris-Hatherill  p:VICE/Motherboard★  d:2016.03.09  w:3000  space  aviation  from twitter
8 days ago
In China, Facebook Tests the Waters With a Stealth App
"The Cyberspace Administration of China did not respond to a faxed request for comment."
a:Paul-Mozur  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.08.11  w:1500  China  Facebook  apps  censorship  from twitter
9 days ago
Ethics, Quants and Cold-Calling
"'We had an option to leave, but we couldn’t leave the position at the time,' the 39-year-old former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. quant said, recalling the March 2011 quake and hours of aftershocks that he and some trader colleagues braved from the bank’s offices on the 48th floor. My 'life is important, but protecting the P&L is more important.' That's Makoto Yamada, a former Goldman quant who left for SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. I feel like Goldman should add that to its list of 14 business principles. 'Your life is important, but your P&L is more important' has a nice ring to it, and will definitely weed out lukewarm job applicants."
a:Matt-Levine  p:Bloomberg-View  d:2017.05.25  w:3000  finance  work  from iphone
9 days ago
Leaving town at rush hour? Here’s how far you’re likely to get from America’s largest cities.
"How far you get in an hour often varies based on when you decide to leave. In Boston, you can drive a full 20 miles farther if you leave at 10 p.m. than if you leave at rush hour. Twenty miles might not seem like much, but in tightly packed New England, it’s the difference between being stuck in Massachusetts or escaping to neighboring Rhode Island or New Hampshire. Compare that to Houston — a city with more than three times as many people as Boston — where you can travel almost 50 miles in one hour no matter what time you depart."
a:Sahil-Chinoy  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2017.08.11  w:1500  infographic  visualization  traffic-congestion  roads  time  from iphone
9 days ago
The 50 Best Good Bad Movies
"Guy 1: Hey, ya know that saying, 'Idle hands are the devil’s workshop'?
Guy 2: Kinda.
Guy 1: *What if that was a movie?*
Guy 2: Here’s $25 million."
p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.19  w:8500  list  film  from instapaper
9 days ago
The Juiced Ball Is Back
"There’s no indication that any of the balls Lichtman had tested fall outside of MLB’s allowable ranges, but some of those ranges are laughably large, leaving a lot of leeway for legal variation with major effects on the field. As an earlier ball-testing report by the Baseball Research Center that was publicly released in 2000 acknowledged, 'two baseballs could meet MLB specifications for construction but one ball could be theoretically hit 49.1 feet further.'"
a:Ben-Lindbergh  a:Mitchel-Lichtman  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.14  w:3500  analysis  baseball  from instapaper
9 days ago
The secret origin story of the iPhone
"The famous effect where your screen bounces when you hit the top or bottom of a page was born because Ording couldn’t tell when he’d hit the top of a page. 'I thought my program wasn’t running because I tried to scroll and nothing would happen,' he says, and then he’d realize he was scrolling in the wrong direction. 'So that’s when I started to think, How can I make it so you can see or feel that you’re at the end? Right? Instead of feeling dead, like it’s not responding.' These small details, which we now take for granted, were the product of exhaustive tinkering, of proof-of-concept experimenting. Like inertial scrolling, the wonky-sounding but now-universal effect that makes scrolling down your contact list feel satisfyingly tactile; the names fly by in a burst after you swipe down, then slow to a tick-tock as if bound by real-world physics. 'I had to try all kinds of things and figure out some math,' Ording says. 'Not all of it was complicated, but you have to get to the right combinations, and that’s the tricky thing.'"
a:Brian-Merchant  p:The-Verge★  d:2017.06.13  w:10000  iPhone  engineering  hardware  iPod  Apple  user-interface  mobile  Steve-Jobs  from instapaper
9 days ago
Lorde's Growing Pains: How Pop's Favorite Outsider Wrote Her Next Chapter
"Then, having won over an entire industry, Lorde disappeared. Or rather, she retreated, wanting to know if it was possible to reclaim some version of the suburban girl who had unwittingly created a masterpiece, so that she could try to create another one. At least that's how she'd described it to me earlier in the day, over lunch at the Beachwood Cafe, a sunny spot just under the Hollywood sign populated mainly by people wearing yoga pants and obsessively healthy glows. 'Now I can look back and be like, "That was fucked. All of it. Fucked. Insane,"' she says of the early flush of fame. 'But everyone's so crazy when they're 16. I think if you tell a 16-year-old that they're going to Mars – "We're gonna get on a rocket and go, and that's going to be your life" – they'd be like, "OK, like, that's all well and good, but I'm doing this thing by myself right now, and that's what's important." Everything kind of normalized week to week.'"
a:Alex-Morris  p:Rolling-Stone★★  d:2017.05.15  w:4000  music  teens  process  from instapaper
9 days ago
Rachel Nichols Is One of the Sports World's Few Female Voices—but That's Not Why She's a Game-Changer
"When I got older and thought about it more critically, I realized that what appealed to me was that when you go to a sporting event there's this whole story that happens in front of you. But you don't know what's going to happen. I always use this example: It's like Will Smith in the alien movie; maybe you go see the movie because you think it could be good or it could be funny or there are cool explosions, but in the end you know who is coming out of that movie. It's not the alien. It's Will Smith. But when you go to a sporting event you don't know which team is Will Smith and which team is the alien."
a:Molly-Knight  a:Rachel-Nichols  p:Marie-Claire  d:2017.06.05  w:3000  interview  sports  journalism  from instapaper
9 days ago
3 issues the NBA needs to solve before expanding, and 1 it doesn't
"For something as big as expansion, I would imagine that we’re still years away from anything happening. The best case scenario is that there’s some resolution within the next four years, where the NBA actively moves the process along and maybe even selects bids. On the other hand, this could drag out for the entire decade. East teams, seeing their weaker conference and possible conference realignment, may vote against expansion teams. When you have millions invested in your team’s future, it’s a hard vote to disrupt the status quo. Still, it’s coming, and you’ll start hearing about it even more over the next few years. Consider this fair warning!"
a:Tim-Cato  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.08.09  w:1000  basketball  from instapaper
9 days ago
Good, Evil, Ugly, Beautiful: Help Us Make a ‘Game of Thrones’ Chart
"In a way, how the characters are distributed in the plot speaks to how we (or the show’s creators) view the nature of goodness. If the characters lie along a diagonal line from the bottom left to the top right, it means that — whether in how they are depicted or just our perception — we may be conflating moral and physical goodness. If, on the other hand, there's no real trend, it suggests that readers can easily disentangle their perceptions of morality and physical attractiveness. Readers and survey respondents varied widely in their assessments of the show’s characters. The charts below show the distribution for each character. We’ve highlighted the reader consensus for each, along with your picks for the characters you rated."
a:Gregor-Aisch  a:Damon-Darlin  a:Rich-Harris  a:Josh-Katz  a:Adam-Pearce  a:Kevin-Quealy  p:The-New-York-Times/The-Upshot★  d:2017.08.09  w:1500  visualization  Game-of-Thrones  from twitter
12 days ago
Adam Silver Can’t Fix the Biggest Thing Holding Back the NBA
"While there is plenty of debate about how much addressing any of these issues would improve the on-court product, most of the arguments, pro or con, are beside the point. The NBA is a business, and everything it does is based on maximizing the revenue of its 30 ownership groups. Commissioner Adam Silver will not push any proposal that would hurt their bottom line, and it wouldn’t make a difference if he did. The commissioner of the NBA has only as much power as the owners give him. There’s too much money on the line for it to be any other way."
a:Jonathan-Tjarks  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.08  w:3000  basketball  business  from instapaper
12 days ago
Benjamin Button Reviews The New MacBook Pro
"Gone is the gimmicky TouchBar, gone are the four USB-C ports that forced power users to carry a suitcase full of dongles. In their place we get a cornucopia of developer-friendly ports: two USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 ports, a redesigned power connector, and a long-awaited HDMI port. The new MagSafe connector is a bit of Apple design genius. The charging cord stays seated securely, but pops right off if you yank on it. No more worries about destroying your $2k laptop just by accidentally kicking a cord."
a:Maciej-Ceglowski★★★  p:Pinboard-Blog★★★  d:2016.10.31  w:500  satire  review  Apple  Mac 
13 days ago
Estimate of Damage to U.S. Foreign Policy Interests (From Net of Listening Devices in U.S. Embassy Moscow)
"The fact that damage to American political interests was not so direct and gross as to be readily demonstrable does not mean that there was none. In considering the possible impact which information derived from bugging had upon Soviet policymakers’ thinking, we find large unknown areas. In some instances Soviet awareness of American firmness may have redounded to our advantage. On balance, however, we must conclude that Soviet leaders gained considerable advantage in their dealings with us, and, over time, they may have felt free to pursue more assertive policies because they had a clearer idea of what our reaction might be."
p:Department-of-State  d:1964.10.02  w:1500  Russia  surveillance  negotiation  intelligence-gathering  from instapaper
13 days ago
The Worldwide Leader and the Cap Jump
"The Warriors are perhaps the most extreme version of this dynamic you could find, but they still illustrate the general point that salary cap management can often be the difference between being good and being great. This may seem straightforward, but executing on it is not — fiscal responsibility requires enormous discipline. There are many factors that push an NBA front office to overspend: a lack of patience, overconfidence in their own talent evaluation, loss aversion regarding their own players, and the winner’s curse, to name a few. Because of that, one of the hallmarks of the best front offices is an ability to effectively manage their cap situation, even (and especially) when it requires tough decisions."
a:Ben-Falk★  p:Cleaning-the-Glass★  d:2017.05.03  w:2500  basketball  television  from instapaper
13 days ago
The NBA Haters’ Ball
"Possession by possession, there are a few defenders who are as bad as Wiggins. When Wiggins contests a shot, opponents have a 56.1 effective field goal percentage; when they are *unguarded*, they have a 56.4 eFG percentage. Fundamentally, getting a shot up against Andrew Wiggins is the same as getting an open shot. Wiggins’s deficiencies are too many to list quickly, but at root the issue seems to be basic effort. He barely jumps to contest shots, doesn’t run hard to close out, and gets lost watching the ball. But the truly destructive part of Wiggins’s defense is how much of it there was."
a:Kyle-Wagner  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2017.06.26  w:1500  basketball  from instapaper
13 days ago
Ask the Maester: What Is Cersei’s Plan Now?
"Eric asks, 'I'm trying not to be annoyed at the show for retconning mature dragon scales to not be invulnerable. Or is it because it was his underside?' I am also annoyed! When the dragon Meraxes was downed during the First Dornish War, it was because the scorpion bolt the defenders of Hellholt fired at him took the beast in the eye. Big Crossbow is dumb, guys! In a world built on thousands of years of meticulously crafted shared history, it makes very little sense that Qyburn (*Qyburn*?!) would be the first dude *ever* to be like, 'What if a crossbow, but bigger?'"
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.08  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from twitter
14 days ago
Where oil rigs go to die
"Tervoot had prescribed caution rather than haste – much to the frustration, I was told, of authorities, who would have preferred to see the rig leave Scotland as quickly as possible. Tervoort would not be hurried. She had once spent a month in the hold of a stranded bulk carrier off Cuba, without the means to wash, except when a rainstorm gathered, at which point she trotted up on to deck in her bikini. Her life as a salvor seemed to require that she be in possession of a crazy array of skills: seamanship, engineering, calculus, rope climbing, parkour, mild piracy, among others. More than anything, though, the work demanded composure and courage, plus a total lack of awe about outsized seacraft. Civilians crane their necks and coo at large ships. Tervoort saw only assets – and moreover, assets that itched to become wrecks."
a:Tom-Lamont  p:The-Guardian★★  d:2017.05.02  w:11000  infrastructure  energy  safety  disaster  from twitter
15 days ago
The Doctor Will See Your Iguana Now
"The center, on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is the city’s only exclusively exotic animal hospital. “Exotic” in the veterinary trade simply means all pets except cats and dogs. The center treats anything else that comes in the door and weighs under 50 pounds. Most of the patients are rabbits, rodents, lizards or birds, but they can get pretty exotic: kinkajous, alligators, flower horn fish and prairie dogs. So can their problems. 'I’ve been an avian and exotic vet since 2004,' Dr. Pilny said, 'and every day I say, "What the hell is this?"'"
a:Andy-Newman  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.05.12  w:2500  animals  medicine  NYC  from twitter
15 days ago
Your Robot Car Should Ignore You
"Like a growing kitty in the middle of an all-night poker game, there’s a lot of money sitting on the table. Former University of Michigan professor and GM executive Larry Burns explains that there’s a gold mine tucked into the 3 trillion miles a year that people drive each year (in the United States). He said, 'If a first-mover captures a 10 percent share of the 3 trillion miles per year and makes 10 cents per mile, then the annual profit is $30 billion, which is on par with Apple and ExxonMobil in good years.' Car companies and Google are like gigantic tankers on a collision course, both slowly cruising toward a common destination: to wring the most profits from the next generation of automated cars. Car companies favor an evolutionary approach, to develop driver-assist modules to the point where they can take over the wheel for extended periods of time. In contrast, Google’s strategy aims to dive directly into full autonomy."
a:Hod-Lipson  a:Melba-Kurman  p:Nautilus★  d:2017.05.11  w:3500  self-driving-cars  safety  cars  from instapaper
15 days ago
The Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts
"Probably, the salvagers would have either placed explosives around the wrecks or used a multiton wrecking ball, just like one you might see tearing down an inner-city building. Either technique would have taken a lot of time and created a lot of detritus. Denlay says he can’t figure out why no one reported such a massive undertaking. Or why there appears to be nothing left on the ocean floor. 'In my experience in Asian waters, that’s very unusual. Usually, at least a skeleton of sorts is left. In this instance, all that appears to be left is a big imprint where a wreck once was. That’s what is so surprising.' It’s not clear who is buying all this scrap or even whether the buyers know the metal has been illegally gleaned. Chatterton doubts that matters in regional markets. 'Nobody’s going to give a shit,' he says. 'They’re going to take it and melt it down, and no one’s going to be wiser. Steel is steel.'"
a:Kathryn-Miles  p:Outside★  d:2017.05.02  w:3500  war  crime  disaster  from instapaper
15 days ago
No, Soylent isn’t Healthy. Here’s Why.
"We now know, thankfully, that this is pretty much entirely nonsense and caused significant harm to an entire generation of Americans, likely leading to much of the modern obesity epidemic. Fats are great, grains are almost completely unnecessary and should be minimized. Dairy is suspect. Fruits are alright but have a significant amount of fructose. Thankfully, the U.S. agencies that make these recommendations have changed course and now recommend a healthier diet consisting of primarily vegetables, fats, meat, and minimal grains. Just kidding. Here’s what their recommendations look like now."
a:Nat-Eliason  p:Nat-Eliason  d:2017.05  w:3000  food  nutrition  health  from instapaper
16 days ago
Inside the Brooklyn Nets' attempt to rise from the ashes
"Atkinson and Marks put almost everyone on a minutes restriction. Players found the quick hooks frustrating at first, especially when they were hot, but eventually they got used to it because Atkinson was transparent about what was coming. Older players felt fresher. 'I could play another five years doing what they do,' said Randy Foye, who spent last season in Brooklyn. Every player does individual skill work before and after practices -- 'vitamins', in Brooklyn's adopted Spurs parlance. Chefs prepare customized meals. The Nets will experiment with game-day Amtraks from Brooklyn to nearby cities instead of arriving late the night before. Players fill out daily questionnaires about sleep, soreness and diet."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.08.03  w:3000  basketball  from instapaper
16 days ago
The Land of the Large Adult Son
"Once you’re made aware of the preponderance of large adult sons in our culture, you will start seeing large adult sons everywhere. Like all the best memes, it is essentially good-natured: 'large' is a proud but gentle word, used in this context the way a gardener might talk about a beautiful butternut squash. The meme is also highly flexible, as Barry Petchesky, the deputy editor of Deadspin, pointed out to me over e-mail: 'Literally every man in America is someone’s large adult son.' Sports media, in particular, has adapted it as a term for what Tom Ley, the managing editor of Deadspin, calls 'big lovable galoots'. In April, SB Nation ran a piece unpacking 'the myth of Aaron Judge, our large adult baseball son'. Sports Illustrated responded, arguing that the Cubs leftfielder Kyle Schwarber was the true large adult son of the M.L.B. ('How can anyone be said to match Schwarber in terms of being a big beefy boy?' Jon Tayler asked.)"
a:Jia-Tolentino★  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2017.08.04  w:1500  family  Donald-Trump  children  from instapaper
16 days ago
Letter of Recommendation: Ghosting
"In November, the morning after the presidential election, a childhood friend sent me a text: 'Sup?' I told him I was scared for my family. When he wrote back later that day to let me know that he, too, was scared — about his LSATs — I stopped responding; we haven’t spoken since. At a coffee shop, an Australian asked me what I was reading. I said, 'Great Expectations, a terrible novel.' He told me he had gotten his Ph.D. studying apartheid and then wondered aloud which was more depressing: apartheid or the work of Charles Dickens."
a:Maya-Binyam  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2017.08.03  w:1000  race  social-interaction  privacy  from iphone
19 days ago
Why We Are Self Publishing the Aviary Cookbook - Lessons From the Alinea Book.
"Now everything was beginning to make sense to me. The actual print costs were lower than I ever imagined. And in our offer I realized there was a truly crazy clause that I had completely glossed over: 'Buyback: Author will purchase 5,000 copies for resale within 12 months of publication subject to the following terms…' Since I expected that we would be selling books through the restaurant I wouldn’t mind having an inventory and so I didn’t pay close attention to that section of the offer. But doing the math I realized that the publisher was essentially guaranteeing that they would recoup the entirety of the original advance offer! At $30 wholesale to us and a cost of $3.83 to them, a sale of 5,000 copies to us, the authors, would net them a $130,850 profit. It was at this point that I got actually angry. The publisher was taking no risk at all. I decided that minute that we would take a very different course of action."
a:Nick-Kokonas  p:Nick-Kokonas  d:2017.05.10  w:4000  books  contracts  from instapaper
20 days ago
I Cut Down My Grocery Bill By Eating My Roommate’s Food and Gaslighting Her
"'Were you sleepwalking again? Maybe you ate them in your sleep.'
This is a good money-saving technique because it will make them think they’re doing weird stuff in their sleep, like getting out of bed, turning on the toaster oven, and preparing an entire box of S’mores Pop Tarts. And we can all agree that the cost of Pop Tarts has really skyrocketed over the last couple years. But not for you, you penny-pinching, gaslighting, genius!
'Well, we must have a ghost!'
Bringing up the paranormal is a great way to play to play to their childhood fears while adding to the paranoia they are likely experiencing from smoking pot. Did you stick your fingers in their peanut butter? No, you scooped that shit out like Winnie the Pooh scooping honey from a jar in Hundred Acre Wood, but as far as your roomie needs to know, that creepy girl from The Ring will be crawling from her TV at any moment."
a:Sari-Beliak  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.08.02  w:1000  satire  food  from twitter
20 days ago
Things You Should Never Do, Part I
"Before Borland’s new spreadsheet for Windows shipped, Philippe Kahn, the colorful founder of Borland, was quoted a lot in the press bragging about how Quattro Pro would be much better than Microsoft Excel, because it was written from scratch. All new source code! As if source code *rusted*. The idea that new code is better than old is patently absurd. Old code has been *used*. It has been *tested*. *Lots* of bugs have been found, and they’ve been *fixed*."
a:Joel-Spolsky★★  p:Joel-on-Software★★  d:2000.04.06  w:1500  instructional  software-development  programming  time  from instapaper
20 days ago
The strange geography of content delivery networks
"'One of the other ways that we attempt to locate PoPs is based on language,' says McMullen. The distance between Germany and England is relatively small, physically speaking. 'However if you look at the actual content that is cached there they’re almost completely separate.' Germans want to read and watch German things, the British want to read and watch English things. So they each get their own PoP. 'Australia is a continual problem,' says Borowsky. When dealing with high traffic, their first goal is to keep it within the network that they users are on already. When that fails, they have to peer with other nearby networks. 'If you map out of Australia, you take a really big hit.' And then things get weird. The links to Asia would normally be preferred but they have narrower bandwidth than the links to the West Coast of the US, so a user requesting a small bit of data might pull it from Singapore or Malaysia, while a user requesting a large file at the same time might end up pulling it from California."
a:Tim-Maly  p:Increment  d:2017  w:1500  internet  geography  cloud-computing  language  from instapaper
21 days ago
Hey, Black America, Let’s All Ditch Our Slave Names
"Think about that. No, for real. Think about that. If you aren’t black, you may have never considered what it means to walk around carrying the mark of your family’s slave master. If you think about it too much and too deeply and it’ll fuck you up. That’s probably why many, if not most, Black Americans never think about it. Not really. It’s just too dark and too visceral and too real to consciously remember that every day when you put your name on something you’re extending the reach of your former slave master."
a:Zaron-Burnett-III  p:The-Bigger-Picture  d:2017.07.20  w:1000  manifesto  race  naming  from instapaper
21 days ago
Dwayne Johnson for President!
"Johnson's in Los Angeles now to film HBO's Ballers, but he's got gyms wherever he goes. He's building one at his farm in Virginia, where he keeps his horses (and also, he says, a piano once owned by Benjamin Franklin; it came with the farm), and he has a workout facility at his primary residence in Florida, where he lives on a compound on the edge of the Everglades, in a tiny rural town popular among professional athletes who yearn for country living within an hour's drive of Miami. As he crisscrosses the country for work, he's constantly scouting new spots. If he has to go to New York for a night, he will find a gym there, and it will be in a dank, subterranean room, probably off an alley that only Johnson can find. If you have a basement, he might be in your house right now, doing leg presses and staying hydrated. 'Found an incredible little out-of-the-way spot', he might write on Instagram, under a photo of himself lifting your washing machine."
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:GQ★★  d:2017.05.10  w:5000  profile  fitness  politics  Donald-Trump  from twitter
21 days ago
Giving Up Days as a Parent
"Between the age 18 to 43, a parent with one child spends 9,572 more hours caretaking than someone without a child in the house and 1,468 more hours on household work. These hours are pulled mostly from socializing, relaxing, and work."
a:Nathan-Yau★  p:FlowingData★  d:2017.05.31  w:500  visualization  time  parenting  from instapaper
21 days ago
How I Handle Long Email Delays
"Hey you wanna see some weird shit? Come here. Tim Urban sent me this email."
"Whoa. What could've been going through his head when he sent that??"
a:Tim-Urban★★★  p:Wait-But-Why★★★  d:2016.03.11  email 
21 days ago
‘The moment when it really started to feel insane’: An oral history of the Scaramucci era
"When you’re covering a speech like that, it’s like a microcosm of covering the whole presidency. You’re just treading water — you’ll fixate on one thing that’s kind of wild and then you’ll miss something else. I missed the 'Under the Trump administration you’ll be saying "Merry Christmas" again when you go shopping' thing because I was so busy trying to make sense of the yacht story."
a:Monica-Hesse  a:Ben-Terris  a:Dan-Zak  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2017.08.01  w:4500  oral-history  Donald-Trump  media  healthcare-reform  from twitter
21 days ago
My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump
"As I layered in my defense mechanisms, I even found myself saying things like, 'If I took the time to respond to every presiden­tial tweet, there would be little time for anything else.' Given the volume and velocity of tweets from both the Trump campaign and then the White House, this was certainly true. But it was also a monumental dodge. It would be like Noah saying, 'If I spent all my time obsessing about the coming flood, there would be little time for anything else.' At a certain point, if one is being honest, the flood becomes the thing that is most worthy of attention. At a certain point, it might be time to build an ark."
a:Jeff-Flake  p:Politico-Magazine  d:2017.07.31  w:1000  manifesto  Republicans  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
21 days ago
Adams Morgan considers closing 18th Street to some, or all, motor vehicles
"Margarita Mikhaylova, an MPD spokeswoman, says blocking the southbound lane tends to keep people on the east side, which is where 'the vast majority' of bars and restaurants are located. Think of neighborhood staples like Madam’s Organ, Amsterdam Falafelshop, and the Diner. 'Buses and cabs are not restricted but all other southbound traffic is,' Mikhaylova says. 'This allows emergency equipment to get in rapidly. Experience shows us that ambulances and additional officers are often needed at that time.'"
a:Jon-Steingart  p:Greater-Greater-Washington★★  d:2017.08.01  w:1000  DC  roads  bars  from iphone
21 days ago
On Apple Removing VPN Apps From the App Store in China
"As I see it, there are only two scenarios:
- A China where people can buy and use iPhones, but can’t get VPN apps from the App Store.
- A China where people can’t buy or use iPhones.
The first scenario is obviously better for Apple financially. But I would argue that the first scenario is *also* better for the people of China.
The thing I keep thinking about is that iMessage and FaceTime are among the few protocols available inside China with end-to-end encryption. The Chinese just started blocking WhatsApp a few weeks ago. I don’t know why they allow iMessage and FaceTime to continue working, but they do, and both of those protocols are designed from the ground up to only work using end-to-end encryption. There is no 'off switch' for iMessage encryption that Apple can flip inside China. If you’re using iMessage, it’s encrypted. It would surprise no one if China started blocking iMessage and FaceTime, but for now, their availability is a real benefit to the people of China that seems to go largely unrecognized."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2017.07.31  w:1500  iPhone  Apple  China  encryption  from iphone
21 days ago
It’s Called ‘Columbusing,’ And It’s The Latest Teen Craze That Has Kids Sailing The Globe In Search Of Spice
"Watch them closely for any signs of Spanish influenza and scurvy, and monitor their online purchases for items such as blunderbusses, wide hats, and hardtack. The sooner kids understand there are no better ways for Spain to trade spices with Asia than the ones we already have, the sooner this trend will die off and parents everywhere can rest a bit easier."
p:ClickHole★★  d:2017.08.01  w:500  satire  teens  from iphone
21 days ago
Where Did Euron Greyjoy Come From?
"Euron is the younger brother of the late Balon Greyjoy. He is a wild dude and a master seaman, possessed of an unpredictable personality that his followers perceive as magnetic charisma."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.01  w:2000  Game-of-Thrones  war  strategy  from iphone
22 days ago
White House officials tricked by email prankster
"Huntsman himself was also tricked, with the prankster pretending to be Eric Trump, the President's son. 'Thanks for the thoughtful note,' the ambassador-designate wrote to fake Eric Trump. 'Russia will be a challenging but no doubt rewarding assignment.' The fake Eric Trump responded with this suggestion: 'Maybe we could have Dad sat (sic) on a horse, top off, giving the full Putin! He's in better shape than his suits suggest.' Eric Trump, too, was similarly hoodwinked by the prankster emailing as his older brother, Donald Trump Jr."
a:Jake-Tapper  p:CNN  d:2017.07.31  w:1000  security  email  Donald-Trump  from iphone
22 days ago
10 Winning Intros to Solve That Boring Cover Letter
"The Confederacy’s biggest problem was messaging."
"Hey Fucklord, you think you’re better than me?"
a:Charles-Morris  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.07.31  list  satire  instructional  work  from iphone
22 days ago
The World's Five Military Empires
"Despite talk of American decline, the U.S. still is the world's only superpower – if by that you mean: the country with by far the biggest military footprint throughout the world. The United States spent $611 billion on its defence in 2016. According to this map, that kind of money buys you a military presence on every inhabited continent of the world. According to SIPER, the U.S. has 587 bases in a total of 42 other countries, in addition to 4,154 bases on its own territory, plus 114 bases in U.S. overseas territories."
a:Frank-Jacobs★  p:Strange-Maps★  d:2017.07.10  w:1000  map  military  USA  UK  Russia  France  China 
23 days ago
How to Be Selected for a Jury
"Strive to be what Anthony calls 'stable and balanced': Don’t be sarcastic, argumentative, despondent or, worst of all, an oddball. 'You need to fit the norm of society,' he says. Jurors discuss cases and work together to reach a verdict. Behave like a person who can get along with others. Know that you’re being watched. Lawyers are taking note of anyone acting strange, agitated or particularly fidgety. Be calm, confident and truthful. 'For the majority of jurors we’ve surveyed, serving on a jury ends up being one of the more important things they did in their life,' Anthony says. 'Years later, they’re still talking about it.'"
a:Malia-Wollan  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2017.07.28  w:500  instructional  law  from twitter
24 days ago
How to Spot Visualization Lies
"When you see a three-dimensional chart that is three dimensions for no good reason, question the data, the chart, the maker, and everything based on the chart."
a:Nathan-Yau★  p:FlowingData★  d:2017.02.09  w:500  instructional  graphic-design  from twitter
25 days ago
Onion Fact Checks: Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘New Yorker’ Interview
"'They’re trying to resist me, but it’s not going to work.'
TRUE: The Mooch is hot, baby! Sizzling! Nobody can stop this kid!
'Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac. "Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months."'
TRUE: If you or someone you love is currently abusing cocaine please call this toll-free addiction hotline: 1-888-988-7934."
p:The-Onion★★  d:2017.07.27  w:500  satire  Donald-Trump  from iphone
25 days ago
LeBron James discusses contraction
"Imagine if you could take Kevin Love off Minnesota and add him to another team and you shrink the [league]. Looking at some of the teams that aren't that great, you take Brook Lopez or you take Devin Harris off these teams that aren't that good right now and you add him to a team that could be really good. Not saying let's take New Jersey and let's take Minnesota out of the league. But hey, you guys are not stupid, I'm not stupid, it would be great for the league."
a:Brian-Windhorst★  p:ESPN/TrueHoop  d:2010.12.24  w:500  LeBron-James  basketball  from instapaper
25 days ago
13 possible NBA expansion cities, ranked
"11. OMAHA
Why Omaha? Omaha! A mid-sized American city without pro sports. It’s also on the Nebraska-Iowa border. (Hello, Council Bluffs!) Iowa has a deep and abiding love for basketball beyond its D-League team and Fred Hoiberg.
Why not? Omaha and Council Bluffs are pretty damn small as far as pro sports markets go.
Suggested Team Names: The Omaha Omaha has a nice ring to it. We would also accept the Iowa Ethanol Subsidies."
a:Tom-Ziller★  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.02.17  w:2500  list  basketball  cities  naming  from instapaper
25 days ago
The NBA might really add new teams. Here's what it would take
"The financial gymnastics behind expansion is fascinating because the numbers are so big. But a more important consideration is how expansion would affect the game and the league. Is talent dilution real? How many years will it take for the expansion teams to become respectable? Will free agents avoid expansion teams like the plague? How will the addition of two (likely) bad teams affect other franchises’ tanking plans? Will travel issues become better or worse? Will the league realign the conferences, or kill the conferences? Will it become harder to make the playoffs in the long run? Will expansion lead to any current owners cashing out and selling? Will taxpayers build these new teams new arenas?"
a:Tom-Ziller★  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.02.13  w:1000  basketball  from instapaper
26 days ago
Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon
"Scaramucci was particularly incensed by a Politico report about his financial-disclosure form, which he viewed as an illegal act of retaliation by Priebus. The reporter said Thursday morning that the document was publicly available and she had obtained it from the Export-Import Bank. Scaramucci didn’t know this at the time, and he insisted to me that Priebus had leaked the document, and that the act was 'a felony.' 'I’ve called the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice,' he told me. 'Are you serious?' I asked. 'The swamp will not defeat him,' he said, breaking into the third person. 'They’re trying to resist me, but it’s not going to work. I’ve done nothing wrong on my financial disclosures, so they’re going to have to go fuck themselves.'"
a:Ryan-Lizza  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2017.07.27  w:1500  Donald-Trump  from twitter
26 days ago
S7E2: Stormborn
"Yara Greyjoy with the MJ six 3-pointers *shrug*, lifting that tankard of piss-tasting ale, as Ellaria’s hand creeps up towards her crotch, looks Theon right in the eye like, ‘Man, I just can’t help but *smaaaaaaash*… what the fuck, I’m sorry bro. You don’t like it anymore? I can’t even help this shit. I’m just here trying to, like, go to Dorne, and pick up an army, and, like, I’ve just got, like, a hand on my fucking vagina. I can’t help it! I’m sorry, man."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  a:Mallory-Rubin  p:Binge-Mode  d:2017.07.26  podcast  Game-of-Thrones  from iphone
26 days ago
Teams want Kyrie Irving, the question is, 'How much?'
"Altman and the Cavaliers haven't been overzealous on the phones. They've been deliberate in returning calls and canvassing for offers, trying to create the illusion that there's no urgency, no desperation. Whether it works to solicit more aggressive offers, they'll find out soon enough. By nature, Altman is a measured, unemotional pragmatist. Teams like talking to him, even if he has become more guarded in conversations since his promotion to GM. The freewheeling conversations that assistant GMs can have with each other typically become more muted upon becoming the top executive. 'I'll say this about [Altman],' one rival GM interested in Irving told ESPN. 'He isn't overwhelmed. He's showing real poise.'"
a:Adrian-Wojnarowski  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.07.28  w:1500  Kyrie-Irving  Cavs  from instapaper
26 days ago
I watched in bewilderment while a man tried to return butternut squash because he thought it was cheese
"Despite his clearly being wrong, the very patient employees of the store huddled around the man, trying to devise a solution to the dilemma. In the red corner we have a store, which organizes items into clearly labeled and demarcated departments. In the blue, a man who thought squash was cheese."
a:James-Dator  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.07.24  w:1000  story  food  retail  customer-service  from iphone
26 days ago
Book Review: The Hungry Brain
"Calorie-dense, highly rewarding food may favor overeating and weight gain not just because we passively overeat it but also because it turns up the set point of the lipostat. This may be one reason why regularly eating junk food seems to be a fast track to obesity in both animals and humans…focusing the diet on less rewarding foods may make it easier to lose weight and maintain weight loss because the lipostat doesn’t fight it as vigorously. This may be part of the explanation for why all weight-loss diets seem to work to some extent – even those that are based on diametrically opposed principles, such as low-fat, low-carbohydrate, paleo, and vegan diets. Because each diet excludes major reward factors, they may all lower the adiposity set point somewhat."
a:Scott-Alexander★★★  p:Slate-Star-Codex★★★  d:2017.04.25  w:6500  food  health  nutrition  genetics  from instapaper
26 days ago
This voting reform solves 2 of America’s biggest political problems
"The emergence of so many 'safe' Congressional seats, a byproduct of the single-seat winner-take-all system, has hugely consequential effects on national politics. It has spawned a strange duality in American politics. Overwhelmingly, congressional districts and most states are safe for one party or the other. At the same time, in almost every national election the balance of power in Washington is up for grabs. The result of that state of affairs is that the winning party always sees its majority as threatened; correspondingly, the losing party perpetually views itself as one 'wave' election away from unified party government. Since partisans of each side are uninterested in compromise, each party’s ability to win depends on casting the other party as too extreme, too terrible, too corrupt, too evil, too un-American — whatever parade of horribles resonates. As a result, 'negative partisanship' — partisans hating the other party — is now the most consequential force in American politics."
a:Lee-Drutman  p:Vox★★  d:2017.04.26  w:3500  voting  from instapaper
26 days ago
DC’s historic preservation board approves a building on 16th Street without saying “take off a floor”
"Preservation staff were not fans of E at all, writing that 'E has an insufficient and classically ill-proportioned midsection that is too small to support the two upper floors; the reduction in the height of the bays and the corner balconies further compound the problem and results in a design that is incompatible with the Meridian Hill Historic District.' These statements are significant, because both staff and the board are arguing that shorter buildings might be less 'compatible' than larger ones. (Compatibility is the standard for judging new construction in historic districts or as part of landmarks). The Davidsonian view is that smaller is always more compatible, but he forgets that we live in a city."
a:David-Alpert★★  p:Greater-Greater-Washington★★  d:2017.07.24  w:1000  cities  DC  architecture  from twitter
26 days ago
My Daily Routine as a Job-Stealing Immigrant
"7:58 am: I leave the bathroom. Awkwardly see my roommate as he waits for me to be done. Why is he up this early? He is an actor; he doesn’t have a job. I know this because I have stolen his job too.
7:59 – 8:05 am: I get dressed for my job, which I have stolen."
a:Felipe-Torres-Medina  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.07.19  w:1000  satire  immigration  work  from instapaper
26 days ago
Being Lazy Is the Key to Success, According to the Best-Selling Author of 'Moneyball'
"'My laziness serves as a filter,' Lewis said. 'Something has to be really good before I'll decide to work on it.' Lewis has published six heavily researched books in the past 10 years while also working as a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, so his laziness certainly hasn't stopped him from producing quite a lot of work. But it has helped ensure that what he does is his very best work--only the things that really call to him. Here's the test: 'If a story I've gotten to know didn't get told, would I be sad?' he asked. Unless the answer is an absolute yes, Lewis doesn't take on the project."
a:Minda-Zetlin  p:Inc.★  d:2017.03.20  w:500  time  work  productivity  from instapaper
26 days ago
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