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Auditioning Not for Broadway, but the Subway
"At the Atlantic Barclays Center station, Rich sings with Nu-Millennium—a four-man a cappella group that sings Street Corner Harmony or Doo-wop genre old favorites. 'We always carry our paperwork with us, this is not a thug business. We contact the transit police and identify the fact that we are authorized to be there,' Rich said. 'The freelancers want to do their thing, but they have to step back when we show up with paperwork. We are respectful of other artists and we don’t crash other people’s programs. This is kind of an unwritten rule of some level of respect but sometimes people are a little bit crude and a little bit thirsty.'"
a:Claire-Bryan  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2018.06.06  w:1500  music  NYC  public-transit  from twitter
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