LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers clashes with Enes Kanter of New York Knicks
"After Monday's game, James couldn't resist getting in another shot at Jackson before the night was over. 'They're playing some good basketball,' James said of the Knicks. 'I think Jeff, the coach, Jeff Hornacek is finally -- with the release of the old fella, he's finally allowed to implement what he wants to do on the team and he's showing it's very effective.'"
a:Dave-McMenamin  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.11.13  w:1500  LeBron-James  Cavs  from iphone
6 days ago
Reminiscences of a Communications Agent
"By the time I had disposed of the original papers, the film would be dry. Taking a strip of a dozen frames at a time, I placed it emulsion side down on a sheet of plate glass and wiped the back with a piece of cotton dipped in acetone until the heavy celluloid was dissolved and only the thin emulsion remained. I now cut the emulsion strips into individual frames and separated the negatives which were to be sent out from the two copies to be kept in reserve against the possibility of loss in transit. The reserve copies I put in a match box or wrapped in a paper. I tied this tiny package on the end of a string and suspended it through a hole in the wall under the kitchen sink, sealing the hole afterward so the end of the string was not visible. It would be only through the unluckiest of coincidences that this cache would be discovered."
p:CIA  d:1993.09.22  w:2000  intelligence-gathering  process  World-War-II  from instapaper
7 days ago
Cyber Operators — Differences Matter
"Criminals are frequently opportunistic and easily dissuaded when their existing capabilities prove insufficient. Unfortunately, they are motivated, strangely persistent, and their capabilities are usually sufficient. While their capabilities might not be particularly impressive, they will try every single one against every target. And when they get a new capability, they’ll go back and try it against everyone again."
a:the-Grugq★★  p:the-Grugq★★  d:2017.09.29  w:2000  hacking  security  cyberwarfare  crime  from instapaper
7 days ago
Understanding Apple’s Multinational Tax Payments
"The problem isn’t Apple’s tax structure, it’s U.S. law. You can argue that Apple should voluntarily pay more in taxes than they’re legally obligated to, but no one who holds such views would ever get hired as a finance executive at a large publicly held company."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2017.11.08  w:500  taxes  Apple  from iphone
8 days ago
Who was she? A DNA test only opened new mysteries.
"It is astonishing what DNA testing can do. The same technology can cleave families apart or knit them together. It can prompt painful revelations, and it can bring distantly related members of the human family together on a quest, connecting first cousins who look like sisters, and solving a century-old mystery that could have been solved no other way. It can bring to light a split-second mistake committed by someone long dead, in a city across the country, in a building that no longer exists. It can change the future and it can change the past."
a:Libby-Copeland  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2017.07.27  w:6000  family  genetics  from twitter
10 days ago
The Poisoning
"A year after that summer trip to Cambodia, I stood in the lobby of an ancient Florentine hotel, all marble and crimson velvet, and met my first Negroni cart, three shelves tall, bristling with bottles—each shelf devoted to the components, with different gins, bitters, and vermouths. The bartender invited me to choose each component, and after my first, I asked her to make me one she would prefer. The drink’s mastery of my imagination was complete. I now dream of having my own Negroni cart."
a:Alexander-Chee  p:TinHouse  d:2017.07.25  w:3500  alcohol  bars  academia  relationships  from instapaper
11 days ago
A Conversation with the New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman, Trump’s Favorite Foe
"Trump’s Oval Office is like Grand Central Station. People try briefing him and someone comes in and interrupts him. People just sort of walk in without being previously announced in any meaningful way. He spends his day interacting, is how I would describe it. He gets the daily brief in the mornings. He has had that condensed down to a more visual-cued form than it was previously."
"It sounds like you’re being a little bit polite. What previous Presidents did, in one way or another, was read a tremendous amount the night before and then get a brief from the director of National Intelligence. And he has no patience for that, from what I understand. He has no patience for reading briefing books, and he has to see a lot of pictures, a lot of video, a lot of charts."
"He likes a lot of charts. He likes looking at things."
"Does he read?"
"He says he reads."
a:David-Remnick  a:Maggie-Haberman★  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2017.07.21  w:5500  interview  Donald-Trump  government  media  from instapaper
11 days ago
An In-Depth Conversation With Perfume Genius About, Well, Everything
"When I first sort of allowed myself to follow my instincts and wear whatever I wanted, I went all out. I was wearing head-to-toe costume jewelry; I looked like a Golden Girl for like maybe two years. It was like a baby's version of what a beautiful woman would wear. It was very grand. I felt like a little kid in a lot of ways: *I can finally do whatever the fuck I want*. I guess I didn't really know what that was. Now, I still do whatever I want. I kind of dress like a construction worker half the time, to be honest. I can wear construction worker and then just one bangle—like a hard hat and just one gold bangle. I can do that."
a:Michael-Cuby  a:Mike-Hadreas  p:Paper  d:2017.07.25  w:5000  interview  Perfume-Genius  gay  gender  music  cities  sex  from twitter
12 days ago
Breaking Down Kristaps Porzingis’s Already Legendary Season
"The first time I held my newborn son Kristaps Porzingis, he was 19 years old. We were at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. At 7-foot-3 and a spindly 238 pounds, he looked wan but apple-cheeked. He wore a burgundy suit with black lapels with a Knicks hat over his wedge of wheat-colored hair."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.11.08  w:1500  Kristaps-Porzingis  from instapaper
13 days ago
Let the People Pick the President
"The existing winner-take-all system, which awards all of a state’s electoral votes to the popular-vote winner in that state, no matter how close the race, is deeply anti-democratic. It treats tens of millions of Americans — from Republicans in Boston to Democrats in Biloxi — as if their voices don’t matter."
p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.11.07  w:1000  government  voting  Donald-Trump  2016-election  2012-election  2004-election  2000-election  from twitter
13 days ago
This is how Apple built the iPhone X
"Unlike the home button, this gesture bar serves one purpose: swiping up to open the iPhone X. However, even after people learn the new gesture, you can’t switch off the bar, confirmed Federighi. iPhone X users will only grow accustomed to that new gesture if it works precisely and instantly every single time. 'We worked to get every millisecond of latency out of this gesture. If the moment your finger touches the bottom of the display, if the UI didn’t respond, we wouldn’t be happy about it' said Federighi who recalled early development, and walking around with 'makeshift prototypes, crazy TrueDepth bolt-ons,' and even the new interface running on iPads."
a:Lance-Ulanoff  p:Mashable  d:2017.10.31  w:3000  iPhone  user-interface  hardware  from instapaper
13 days ago
Hunting for Antibiotics in the World’s Dirtiest Places
"When I ask how much these resources might accelerate his search for a new drug, he corrects me. 'We don’t need just one,' he says. 'Or five. If we get just a few, we’re still just playing leapfrog. We need a thousand new drugs, so that clinicians can go to the cupboard and say, "Right, in this decade, we’re using these 200, and we’re saving the other 800 for when the usefulness of these runs out. I think that is achievable. But it’s going to take a massive amount of work.'"
a:Maryn-McKenna  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.07  w:3500  medicine  future  from instapaper
13 days ago
The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood
"With the rise of prestige TV in the United States, the demand for skilled performers from around the world — particularly well-trained British performers — has increased, as has the desire to quickly communicate quality with authentic-sounding accents. Actors have worked hard to deliver. For his role in the HBO series 'The Wire', Idris Elba (raised in London by a Sierra Leonean father and Ghanaian mother) spent long days with cops to improve his Baltimore sound, which is generally regarded as one of the most subtly accurate and astonishing dialect portrayals of all time."
a:Ryan-Bradley  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2017.07.20  w:3000  language  acting  The-Wire  from instapaper
13 days ago
Inside the Radical, Self-Destructive, and Probably Impossible Plan to Move the Government Out of Washington
"Should agencies transplant to where they can be enriched by the talent pool—or should they enrich their new hometowns, like Clarksburg? Although the FCC would be far more comfortable in Silicon Valley than in Topeka, the prospect of more government bureaucrats hobnobbing with the tech class is a cure that seems worse than the disease. Should the government capitulate to the economic trends that have divided the country—urban wealth, gentrification, income inequality—or buck them? Your answer—and the greater case for disaggregation—hinges largely on personal conceptions of government. Either government strikes you as more like Boeing and GE—minimizing the transportation cost of administrative goods and services, with a foothold in multiple cities—or more like a Google, lubricating the transmission of ideas: an aspirational mecca of raw intellect and ambition, where creative thinkers have convened to better humanity. It gestures at a larger question, one that both the optimizers and stay-putters must answer: What, exactly, are we trying to improve? The efficiency of government or the lives of voters who distrust it?"
a:Ben-Wofford  p:Washingtonian★★  d:2017.07.16  w:4000  government  DC  Germany  from instapaper
13 days ago
How We Really Tamed the Dog
"Researchers have known for more than four decades that oxytocin is fundamental in the bonding between human mothers and their children (as well as in nonhuman mother-child bonds). More recent work has found that when a human mother and her newborn engage in mutual gazing, oxytocin levels in the mom rise, and the newborn’s oxytocin system kicks into high gear. This leads to more gazing from the infant, which again increases the mother’s oxytocin level. When this work was published in 2014, we already knew something about the role that oxytocin plays in dog-owner interactions: When we pet our dogs, oxytocin levels rise in both us and them. But now we know even more: A 2015 study has shown that the mother-child oxytocin loop that turns on as a result of human mutual gazes is also at play with owners and their dogs. This study found that when dogs and owners simply gaze at one another, oxytocin levels go up in both. This leads to increased petting and more oxytocin in response to that petting, in a chemical lovefest. What’s more, if you spray oxytocin up a dog’s nose, and researchers do, it gazes longer at its owner, setting off another lovefest. None of this happens when you replace dogs with wolves in this experiment."
a:Lee-Alan-Dugatkin  a:Lyudmila-Trut  p:Nautilus★  d:2017.07.13  w:6500  history  dogs  genetics  from twitter
14 days ago
Porn for Punctualists
"RECEPTIONIST [looks at watch, frowning]: Hmmm.
PATIENT: I’m sorry, is… there a problem?
RECEPTIONIST: You’re almost an hour late [pulls a riding crop out from a drawer and begins tapping it on her palm]. Has somebody been a bad, bad girl?
PATIENT: Excuse me, I think there’s a mistake. Daylight saving time was this weekend. Did you adjust your clocks? I’m actually five minutes early.
RECEPTIONIST [checking phone]: Oh wow, you’re absolutely right. Forgive me. Well, now, we won’t be needing this [tucks riding crop back in drawer]… right this way please!"
a:Tom-Russell  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.11.06  w:500  satire  pornography  time  from twitter
14 days ago
You’ve Canceled the Wedding, Now the Aftermath
"She gave her parents a list of all of the vendors and guests. 'You have to have family or social support when you’re dealing with hard emotions,' she said. The photographer and the florist allowed them to turn their deposits into a credits. 'We sent flowers to people for a year with our $500 floral nonrefundable deposit,' she said, and they used the photographer credit for family photos. To notify the guests, her mother sent handwritten postcards that read: 'The wedding of Eve and Jim is postponed indefinitely. Thank you for your love and support.' Ms. Sturges was happy with the wording."
a:Amy-Sohn  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2016.05.19  w:2000  relationships  family  from instapaper
15 days ago
It’s time to see if Democrats are serious about single-payer
"'I would be laughed out of the room with Democratic Party stakeholders if I said we need a bipartisan pragmatic approach to this issue. That has been totally destroyed by the Republicans’ behavior since 2010,' said Pollack, of the University of Chicago. 'The question now is how far they want to try to go.'"
a:Jeff-Stein  p:Vox★★  d:2017.07.24  w:2000  healthcare-reform  Bernie-Sanders  Democrats  Republicans  from instapaper
15 days ago
How Do You Go To A Gym, Though?
"Then you rest, and this is when you can try and look around and take in some of the gym rhythms. Watch how the bros interact with their natural habitat and each other, the gruntings and pointings that communicate equipment use; watch how people use squat racks or plates, how fastidiously to put stuff away, where people stand when they use dumbbells or do deadlifts. There’s a lot to be said for giving yourself a little time to just absorb the rhythms of a gym before you plan out how you’re going to use it. Keep your expectations for the first session or two low, until you have a chance to witness the magic of the gym ecosystem."
a:Casey-Johnston  p:The-Hairpin★  d:2017.10.26  w:1500  instructional  fitness  from instapaper
15 days ago
LeBron's Secret Workout Yoga 'Bubbles' Could Start a Pregame Revolution
"'It also serves as an assessment tool,' Gautier says. 'If you put an athlete on two Waffs and you have an athlete just balance, you can see which chain he or she favors. LeBron is doing it to make sure all the proprioceptors of his tendons and ligaments are firing.' In layman's terms, James' viral workouts have a clear use: to jolt the sensors in his body awake. But the critical benefit is that you can't hide on a Waff. If your ankle is weak, it'll be very clear when the left foot shakes and gyrates on the bubble. That's a signal that something underneath may not be as strong as it needs to be, a critical red flag for return to play. That's why Gautier calls it a lie detector test. It's like a field sobriety test that exposes an impairment to your proprioception when you can't touch your nose with your finger."
a:Tom-Haberstroh★  p:Bleacher-Report  d:2017.11.03  w:1500  LeBron-James  fitness  NBA  from instapaper
15 days ago
iPhone X - Overview - iOS Human Interface Guidelines
"If your app currently hides the status bar, reconsider that decision for iPhone X. The display height on iPhone provides more vertical space for content than the displays of 4.7" iPhones, and the status bar occupies an area of the screen your app probably won't fully utilize. The status bar also displays information people find useful. It should only be hidden in exchange for added value."
p:Apple  d:2017  w:1500  instructional  iOS  iPhone  user-interface  from instapaper
16 days ago
The List: Gregg Popovich holds court
"Told that Stevens had some nice things to say about him, Pop didn’t skip a beat. 'I don’t think that much of him,' Pop said. 'But I’m glad he thinks well about me. I enjoy that because I want to be larger than everyone around me and I enjoy making them smaller.'"
a:Paul-Flannery  a:Gregg-Popovich  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.10.31  w:1000  interview  NBA  from iphone
19 days ago
xkcd: Cast Iron Pan
"If you want to evenly space them, it's easiest to alternate between the Arctic and Antarctic. Some people just go to the Arctic twice, near the equinoxes so the visits are almost 6 months apart, but it's not the same."
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2017.10  comic  satire  cooking 
19 days ago
To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This
"Much of Dr. Aron’s research focuses on creating interpersonal closeness. In particular, several studies investigate the ways we incorporate others into our sense of self. It’s easy to see how the questions encourage what they call 'self-expansion'. Saying things like, 'I like your voice, your taste in beer, the way all your friends seem to admire you,' makes certain positive qualities belonging to one person explicitly valuable to the other. It’s astounding, really, to hear what someone admires in you. I don’t know why we don’t go around thoughtfully complimenting one another all the time."
a:Mandy-Lee-Catron  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2015.01.09  w:1500  love  social-interaction  relationships  experiment  from twitter
21 days ago
A Legacy of Lebanon’s War: ‘Land Mines’ Left by Beirut’s Dogs
"For the veterinarian, the whole episode was a reminder of why there is no law requiring cleaning up after dogs in the first place: the lax enforcement and rampant use of bribes and connections that doomed other recent public-minded laws, like those requiring seatbelt use and banning smoking in restaurants. 'The war made it so no one respects the laws,' he said. 'If you stop at the red light, they will shout at you and say, "Do you think you are in Europe?"'"
a:Anne-Barnard  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.10.23  w:1500  dogs  law  war  society  from instapaper
21 days ago
Dennis Hastert And Federal Prosecutorial Power
"As Radley Balko has pointed out, structuring (or 'smurfing') charges are extremely flexible. They demonstrate the reality of how Americans targeted by the Department of Justice can be charged. We imagine law enforcement operating like we see on TV: someone commits a crime, everyone knows what the crime is, law enforcement reacts by charging them with that crime. But that's not how federal prosecution always works. Particularly with high-profile targets, federal prosecution is often an exercise in searching for a theory to prosecute someone that the feds would like to prosecute. There is an element of *creativity*: what federal statute can we find to prosecute this person?"
a:Ken-White★★  p:Popehat★★  d:2015.05.29  w:1000  law  law-enforcement  from instapaper
22 days ago
Lawsplainer: The Manafort/Gates Indictment
"So what happens next? Manafort and Gates will be booked and will make their initial appearance before a United States Magistrate Judge, probably this afternoon. They'll be released based on some sort of bail under the Bail Reform Act, which will provoke uninformed outrage. Eventually — possibly at their first appearance, more likely at a late appearance — they will be arraigned (formally informed of the charges against them) and enter their not guilty pleas. Then the schedule will be determined by the United States District Judge to whom the case is assigned. Under the Speedy Trial Act they have a right to trial within 70 days of their first appearance, absent application of a host of exceptions that are almost always applied."
a:Ken-White★★  p:Popehat★★  d:2017.10.30  w:1500  explainer  law  from twitter
22 days ago
Being an "Eggslut" and the State of Food Delivery With Chef Alvin Cailan and Mallory Rubin (Ep. 15)
"I know that when I talk about this, when we talk about this, we sound — best case; generous, charitable assessment — unhinged. Worst: dangerous. To ourselves and to society. *But*… I’m OK with that."
a:Joe-House  a:Mallory-Rubin★★  p:House-of-Carbs  d:2017.10.10  podcast  food  from twitter
22 days ago
Metro Board On The Precipice: Evans Condemned For Veto Threat That Jeopardizes Purple Line | WAMU
"'We feel that the combination of the equal representation provided, and the veto with respect to implementation of financial or other plans adequately protect not only the District but the other signatory agencies,' Hughes said to Congress, but he cautioned that the transit authority’s board of directors 'must function cooperatively if it is to function at all.' Schrag said Hughes’ call for cooperation relied 'on a certain level of good faith.' 'On the other hand, the equal apportionment of seats on the board, and the provision for a jurisdictional veto, recognized that jurisdictions’ interests would not always align, and that each jurisdiction might need some leverage in the future. The difference between a firm assertion of that leverage and regional sniping is a matter of interpretation,' Schrag said."
a:Martin-di-Caro  p:WAMU  d:2017.10.13  w:1000  Washington-Metro  from instapaper
23 days ago
Extract from Plato’s Republic: On That Which is Correct Politically
"SOCRATES: You claim that you cannot say it, and yet you just said it. Therefore, it is not true that it cannot be said.
THRASYMACHUS: Well, okay, yeah, you can say it, but then everyone will censor you.
SOCRATES: Has any official censor of Athens levied a fine upon you for saying this?
THRASYMACHUS: No. Do we even have censors? Or is that something the Romans do a few centuries from now? I always get ancient cultures mixed up.
GLAUCON: What’s a Roman?"
a:Mark-Paglia  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.10.26  w:500  satire  politics  race  from twitter
23 days ago
The Road To Popehat: This Isn't Legal Advice Edition
"'Writing an effective letter to a prosecutor'
Sit down. I have some bad news for you.
'if we tell somebody her photo on facebook is ugly, is that libel or defamation'
RICO. Definitely RICO."
a:Ken-White★★  p:Popehat★★  d:2017.10.25  law  search  from iphone
23 days ago
5 ways to fix the NBA's one-and-done problem
"That rule, instituted as part of the 2005 labor deal, prevented players from declaring for the draft directly out of high school. Players must spend a year following high school graduation in college, playing overseas, in the NBA’s development league, or ... somewhere. Just not in the NBA. In practice, few players went overseas for their gap year, and even fewer joined the NBA D-League (now rebranded as the G League). Most top prospects went to a college program. Many of the best players truly spend just one semester in actual classes of questionable value before ending their freshman season and declaring for the draft."
a:Tom-Ziller  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.10.25  w:1500  list  NBA  from instapaper
26 days ago
Jeff Bezos Just Tossed A Nail-Studded Baseball Bat On The Floor Between The Mayors Of Pittsburgh And Kansas City And Asked Who Really Wants The Second Amazon HQ
"Industry experts say the civic leaders initially laughed off Bezos’ suggestion, but are now taking it seriously after the executive poured himself a glass of fine bourbon, took one long sip, and simply said, 'Thousands of highly skilled jobs that will need filling.'"
p:ClickHole★★★  d:2017.10.24  w:500  satire  Amazon  from iphone
27 days ago
The Mad Cheese Scientists Fighting to Save the Dairy Industry
"Trimming all this fat is the job of the chief food innovation officer, Liz Matthews, and a 40-person team of chefs, food scientists, nutritionists, microbiologists, chemists, and even one entomologist (he does food safety). Observers have unironically called this crew fast-food 'disruptors'. In the past five years, Matthews’s team has trotted out such blockbuster menu items as the Doritos Locos Taco (in Nacho Cheese, Fiery, and Cool Ranch varieties), a breakfast taco with a waffle for a shell, and a chalupa with fried chicken in place of its usual flatbread. Until a year and a half ago, however, one simple idea had foiled them: a fried tortilla full of oozing, molten cheese. 'Having this fabulous taco with melty cheese in every single bite was something we started dreaming about 10 years ago,' Matthews says."
a:Clint-Rainey  p:Bloomberg-Business★★  d:2017.07.19  w:3000  agriculture  food  government  from instapaper
27 days ago
Wirecutter Review: The Best Paper Towel for Mopping Up Tears
"Who Should Get This
While sometimes viewed as wasteful, paper towels are a great way to tackle the occasional (yet inevitable) messes. Although a dishrag or sponge is suitable to handle smaller spills, the convenience of paper towels make them perfect for more substantial things like the routine daily drying of tear-soaked countertops and floors. For that reason we recommend keeping a roll or two handy anywhere crying is likely to occur, including on public transportation, at the post office, in a random CVS that one time for no reason, or basically anywhere inside or outside."
a:Andrew-Cushing  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.10.18  w:1000  satire  from twitter
27 days ago
You Can’t Double-Fist Drinks at DC Bars, and Other Laws You Didn’t Know About
"What about the ubiquitous beer-and-shot combo? Luckily, DC specifically allows 'two different drinks served together such as a beer and a shot or any other industry drink that can be considered a shot and a mixer.' You can also order wine at dinner even if you haven’t finished your cocktail (Seriously: 'The prohibition against back-up drinks shall also not apply to the service of wine with a meal where the patron has not finished a previously served cocktail.')."
a:Raman-Santra  p:Barred-in-DC  d:2017.10.03  w:1000  law  bars  alcohol  DC  from instapaper
28 days ago
Do The Celtics Have Enough Star Power To Win a Title? Not Yet.
"All you need is an Alpha, a Beta and a Gamma and — presto! — you win an NBA championship? Actually, your options are more flexible than that. A team with an Alpha and a Beta — say, this year’s Houston Rockets — could probably skip the Gamma if they had a deep rotation. A team with no Alphas but three Betas — say, Jimmy Butler, Antetokounmpo and Kyle Lowry — would more than likely be good enough to contend for a title. A team with a very strong Alpha could go without a Beta and make up for it with two or more Gammas instead — that’s sort of how the current Cavaliers are constructed."
a:Nate-Silver★★  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2017.07.07  w:2500  NBA  statistical-analysis  Cavs  from instapaper
28 days ago
Your University’s 11 Distinct Flavors of Discrimination Ranked from Mild to Salty to Extra Spicy
"6. The Ideologically Diverse Department Chair
Don’t expect handouts or 'safe spaces' here, son! True diversity is diversity of ideas, although he definitely wouldn’t include people of lesser religions in that. Wait, what?
Rating: Seems like this batch of ideological diversity has gotten a little too spicy"
a:RJ-Happel  p:McSweeney's★★  d:2017.10.19  w:1000  list  satire  academia  gender  religion  from twitter
29 days ago
The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1
"I said to Emily, 'I'm going to need to go with Grandmom down to her plane.' And my mother shrieked, 'You can't leave that child here alone!' (Fair enough.) Suddenly this unmistakable voice above and behind me said, 'Emily and I will be fine.' I turned around to the man standing behind us, and I said, 'Thank you.' My mother looked at me and said, 'You can't leave Emily with a total stranger.' And I said, 'Mom, if you can't trust Joe DiMaggio, who can you trust?'"
a:Mary-Claire-King  p:The-Huffington-Post★  d:2017.09.14  w:2000  story  family  from twitter
29 days ago
There's Always Death To Look Forward To
"Nihilist Arby’s has an outrageous engagement rate. So I tracked down the person behind it and was afforded a glimpse into the weird and wonderful mind of Brendan Kelly. Kelly, former corporate copywriter and current frontman to punk bands The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, and the Wandering Birds, generated the idea for Nihilist Arby’s when working in the marketing and advertising department of a prominent ad agency. 'Advertising is so removing its own ribs to suck its own dick,' he said when I asked him about his time there."
a:Angela-Brussel  p:The-Awl★★  d:2017.08.02  w:2000  Twitter  social-media  from iphone
29 days ago
The Problem With 'Fast-Casual Architecture'
"When Eckstut says that cars will amble through the Wharf at their peril, he really means that he’s trying to maximize congestion. The master plan asks pedestrians, bikes, and drivers to coexist peaceably in cramped alleys and streets (what the Dutch call a woonerf). The congestion serves as a traffic-calming feature. More than that, though, this focus on street activity is insurance that a development that might otherwise feel sterile, like a Potemkin village, instead feels lived in and busy. 'If you don’t have a working business on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of March when it’s cold, then you don’t have a real place,' Eckstut says. 'When I’m designing cities, I’m not thinking about the summer, the sun, and the July Fourth fireworks. Quite the opposite, because they’ll take care of themselves.'"
a:Kriston-Capps  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2017.10.17  w:1500  architecture  roads  DC  cities  development  from twitter
29 days ago
Author Alissa Nutting Prefers Two Hot Dogs on One Bun
"I’m a beverage person. I love eating, but I can drink so much so fast. I’m a nightmare to share a drink with. One past boyfriend took it as a metaphor for my selfishness. Near the end, I think he would’ve preferred me to go cheat on him in the restaurant’s bathroom than to drink more than 50 percent of a shared soda. 'You’re thoughtless,' he’d say, staring at the empty glass. Which, okay, but mainly I’m thirsty."
a:Alissa-Nutting  p:Grub-Street★★  d:2017.08.04  w:1500  food  travel  from twitter
29 days ago
Nylon Calculus: In search of the ideal talent distribution for an NBA roster
"The most evenly-distributed teams had smaller-than-expected championship returns relative to model predictions based on team VORP in the regular season. Aside from the Solo Acts group, the least evenly-distributed teams were the most likely to exceed the model’s predictions, producing more championships than expected from regular-season VORP. More formally, including the standard deviation of individual VORP scores across the roster as an additional predictor of title odds in the model indicated a statistically significant positive relationship between roster imbalance and title odds. In other words, for a given level of overall team quality, an unbalanced roster was more likely to produce a championship than a balanced one. Intuitively, this finding makes sense. In the playoffs, benches tend to get 'shorter' as fewer players are given an opportunity to play in the most-important moments of the season. Thus, sacrificing depth in favor of star power seems like a logical strategy for championship success. Still, there was obviously an upper limit to this type of beneficial imbalance, with no more than a 50:50 split between an alpha dog and his pack yielding a title."
a:Todd-Whitehead  p:Fansided/Nylon-Calculus  d:2017.07.18  w:2500  statistical-analysis  NBA  from instapaper
29 days ago
"I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I really disagree with that rant you posted yesterday."
"Oh, I don't mind. I've started perceiving disagreement with my political views at psychological pathology!"
a:Zach-Weinersmith★★★  p:Saturday-Morning-Breakfast-Cereal★★★  d:2017.10.16  comic  politics  from iphone
29 days ago
Backed by LeBron, Kevin Love embraces 'ever evolving' identity
"While Cleveland tries to fit eight new players on this season's team into the mix, Love again finds himself patiently waiting to find his optimal place among players who will control the action -- the Cavs' starting backcourt of Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, for instance. His flexibility is a strength when it comes to team building, yet after Lue spent the summer touting how Love would take a big step forward in the Cavs' offense, he was left wondering when exactly that would occur. Like, what about those 'mythical' elbow touches that he has been promised ever since he arrived in Cleveland? 'Ooh. They are mythical,' Love said with a smirk. 'They're still mythical.'"
a:Dave-McMenamin  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.10.20  w:1000  Cavs  Kevin-Love  LeBron-James  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Decoding the Language of Extremist Clothing
"Today’s Southern nationalist looking to join a group of like-minded individuals has a dizzying array of options."
a:Tasneem-Raja  a:Julia-Rothman  p:Topic  d:2017.10  w:1000  clothing  fashion  race  from twitter
4 weeks ago
The cascade of missteps that turned one White House error into a messy week
"By Monday of this week, when President Trump decided to hold an impromptu news conference in the White House Rose Garden, the administration should have been ready for questions on the subject of the soldiers’ deaths. When a reporter raised it, Trump’s response didn’t suggest a great deal of preparation. Instead, he tried to one-up past presidents by claiming that he was going above-and-beyond in calling the families of the soldiers who had been killed. Trump’s incorrect (and rapidly debunked) assertion that he was doing something that past presidents hadn’t was like dropping a snowball at the top of a mountain. As the week went on — and as Trump and his team kept making more and more mistakes and misstatements — the snowball grew and grew, consuming five days of media attention."
a:Philip-Bump  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2017.10  w:1000  visualization  Donald-Trump  from twitter
4 weeks ago
Vikings Razed the Forests. Can Iceland Regrow Them?
"The soil conservation service took over the farm in the 1920s and has used it as an outdoor laboratory to study ways to improve the soil and enable vegetation to grow. The process usually begins with lyme grass, which grows quickly and can stabilize the soil. Lupine, with its spiky purple flowers, is often next. The trees come later."
a:Henry-Fountain  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.10.20  w:1500  nature  agriculture  climate-change  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Outlawing War? It Actually Worked
"By crediting the Kellogg-Briand Pact with changing state behavior, we do not deny the importance of many other causes that have been offered for the end of conquest and decline of war, such as the advent of nuclear weapons and the considerable rise in free trade. But these explanations are incomplete because they tacitly assume the idea of the pact that might no longer makes right. We see that idea at work when countries use nuclear weapons to deter aggression rather than to conquer territory. We see that idea at work when countries resort to sanctions instead of bullets, when they recognize — because conquests no longer 'stick' — that it’s more profitable to trade than to annex territory."
a:Oona-A-Hathaway  a:Scott-J-Shapiro  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.09.02  w:1000  law  war  history  incentives  globalization  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
What you need to know about The Anthem, the massive new music venue at D.C.’s The Wharf
"The best seats in The Anthem are the 450 theater-style boxes that hang from both balconies. These so-called 'Super Excellent Seats' cost more than a regular ticket and are angled to face the stage. The rest of the venue is general- admission standing, and there’s even space to stand behind the 'Super Excellent Seats'. 'You can go anywhere,' Hurwitz says. 'You’re free to wander and find your best spot.' That means that, even for the Foo Fighters’ opening show, or Lorde’s in April, you can buy a regular ticket, arrive early and end up in the front row — unique for big shows in the age of VIP packages. On the balconies, the seats closest to the stage offer the best views but you can still see from the back. There are also plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and a raised area behind the floor by the soundboard that offers elevated views."
a:Rudi-Greenberg  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2017.10.12  w:1000  DC  music  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
99 NBA predictions for the inevitable, incredible 2017-2018 season
"That Nets pick is getting traded. The Cavaliers, as presently constructed, are not going to beat the Warriors as presently constructed. Cleveland has the Nets’ unprotected pick thanks to the Kyrie deal. It has been presented as an insurance policy in the event LeBron leaves. Forget that. Use it while you have LeBron to boost your chances of winning another title. What is more likely to persuade LeBron to stay in Cleveland: a very competitive Finals against an unbeatable opponent that may or may not result in a title, or the promise of a good rookie next season? Come on. Trade the pick for an All-Star."
a:Tom-Ziller  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.10.17  w:6000  list  NBA  future  LeBron-James  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
LeBron James Is the Greatest Living Athlete (and Here's Why)
"'I know I won't be able to play at this level forever, but to be washed and play… I don't know if I can play washed.' Maybe you'll play against little Bronny when he gets to the league? 'I don't know if I could play washed, but I damn sure would love to stick around if my oldest son can have an opportunity to play against me. That'd be, that'd be the icing on the cake right there.' Yeah, but you can't let him embarrass you out there, though. 'I'll foul the shit out of him!' He laughs. 'I'd give him all six fouls. I'd foul the shit out of Bronny, man.'"
a:Mark-Anthony-Green  a:LeBron-James  p:GQ★★  d:2017.10.17  w:4000  interview  LeBron-James  sports  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Richard Jefferson's final notes in Cleveland among his sweetest
"Do I feel bad for him? Have you seen his house in L.A., in Manhattan Beach? He's living good. He's doing OK. He's not dying. Shit, he's just not on this team. We have a really good team, and this team has to do not what's best for Channing's best friend to be here or for Richard to be here, they have to do what's best for Cleveland."
a:Dave-McMenamin  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.10.14  w:1500  Cavs  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
The real fix for gerrymandering is proportional representation
"Sometimes you can make this all work together, but oftentimes you can’t. Creating majority-minority districts to ensure racial representation can look a lot like 'packing' Democratic voters into lopsided seats. Aiming at fair fights sounds nice but will end up violating communities of interest. Aiming for partisan fairness will necessarily involve some odd squiggles, since neighborhood-level partisanship can be very disparate. So I asked this scholar: 'What about proportional representation?' She said that when she teaches redistricting law, she does proportional representation last because it solves all the problems and the point of the class is for the students to work through the different complexities and legal doctrines governing the American system. That seems smart as a pedagogical approach, but as an agenda for political reform, solving all the problems is a good idea."
a:Matthew-Yglesias★★  p:Vox★★  d:2017.10.11  w:1500  voting  geography  law  from twitter
5 weeks ago
State Borders
"If we're going to have a panhandle, why not commit to it?"
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2017.10  comic  map  geography  USA  graphic-design  from twitter
5 weeks ago
The Problem With 'Containing' Donald Trump
"Thank you and congratulations to those officials struggling to protect American security, the Western alliance, and world peace against Donald Trump. But the constitutional order is becoming the casualty of these struggles. The Constitution provides a way to remedy an unfit presidency: the removal process under the 25th amendment. Regencies and palace coups are not constitutional. I dare say many readers would prefer a Mattis presidency to a Trump presidency. But to stealthily endow Secretary Mattis with the powers of the presidency as a work-around of Trump’s abuse of them? That’s a crisis, too, and one sinister for the future. What if Trump is succeeded by a Bernie Sanders-type whom the military and intelligence agencies distrust as much as they distrust Trump: Will they continue the habits they acquired in the Trump years?"
a:David-Frum  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.10.09  w:1000  government  Donald-Trump  future  from twitter
5 weeks ago
The Rules of the Gun Control Debate
"There are subtle, sophisticated, and nuanced approaches to the gun problem that balance the rights of gun owners against the imperatives of gun safety. They may well even make some difference at the margin. But they are unlikely to make any significant difference. Americans debate these approaches not because they are likely to be effective, but because the methods that will work—that have worked in every other advanced society—are here politically taboo."
a:David-Frum  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.10.06  w:2500  guns  from twitter
5 weeks ago
Elevator etiquette in Japan
"1. If you are the first to enter an empty elevator, you are the new elevator captain."
a:Alastair-Tse  p:Japan.init()  d:2017.09.30  list  etiquette  Japan  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment
"Oh shoot! She’s pretty! In the face, even. What to do?? I mean, you know it’d be inappropriate to treat the coffee meeting as a date, since her clearly stated intentions were professional. But on the other hand, she’s blonde, and so was your last girlfriend! This is so confusing! What a minefield you are in."
a:Anne-Victoria-Clark  p:Anne-Victoria-Clark  d:2017.10.09  w:1000  instructional  gender  work  from twitter
5 weeks ago
Gary Harris and the hazards of NBA restricted free agency
"If this was a bargain for Denver, the question becomes: Why did Harris do it instead of waiting for the opportunity to hunt for a bigger deal as a free agent next summer? Perhaps Harris couldn’t say no to generational wealth as it sat on the table in front of him. But the threat of restricted free agency also likely had a major role. While the NBA has sought to make restricted free agency slightly less onerous for chasing teams to make an offer, it’s still a bad bet. Teams have to convince players to sign offer sheets, often shaping those deals in obnoxious ways to convince the incumbent team not to match. Then their cap space is tied up for three days while the incumbent team makes a decision. For a team to make a second-tier star like Porter or Harris a big offer, the player has to be really good and the chasing team has to have little to lose."
a:Tom-Ziller  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.10.09  w:1000  NBA  contracts  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’
"Senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, charged in an interview on Sunday that President Trump was treating his office like 'a reality show', with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation 'on the path to World War III'. In an extraordinary rebuke of a president of his own party, Mr. Corker said he was alarmed about a president who acts 'like he’s doing "The Apprentice" or something'. 'He concerns me,' Mr. Corker added. 'He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.'"
a:Jonathan-Martin  a:Mark-Landler  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.10.08  w:1500  Donald-Trump  Twitter  from iphone
6 weeks ago
In The Event Of Attack, Here's How The Government Plans 'To Save Itself'
"Part of what makes these plans so interesting is thinking through this idea of what you're going to save for America. If you're trying to preserve and restart the government after an attack, it becomes this very existential question about what is America? Are you trying to preserve the presidency? Are you preserving the three branches of government? Or are you preserving even the historical totems that have bound us together across generations as Americans?"
a:Terry-Gross  a:Garrett-Graff  p:NPR/Fresh-Air  d:2017.06.21  w:2000  government  disaster  planning  nuclear-weapons  USA  Cold-War  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
How do you cut a monolith in half?
"Although you want to keep queues empty between components, it is convenient to have a buffer at the edges of your system, to hide some failures from external clients. When you handle external faults at the edges, you free the insides from handling them. The inside of your system can focus on handling internal problems, of which there are many."
a:Thomas-Edward-Figg  p:Programming-Is-Terrible  d:2017.06.28  w:3000  software-design  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Curing My Flight Anxiety, One Book Tour at a Time
"I had been in town for an appearance. There was average attendance at the event; I had collected my check. Later, I had one of the hosts drop me off not at my hotel but an old lover’s house in the city. I’m sure she thought I was being sketchy. I wasn’t explaining the whole story. An old friend, I said. We were having dinner. But I took my luggage with me. She kept offering to buy me dinner, this nudgy, but kind woman. I didn’t feel like explaining anything. She was a stranger. It was my personal life. These are not extraordinary circumstances, necessarily, although they are specific ones. You may not have to stand in front of an audience talking about a book you wrote, but you might have had to make a sales presentation to a regional office. You may not have a prying local escort, but you might have, say, a mother, or a friend, who doesn’t know when to drop it. And at some point in your life I bet you’ve made choices that other people might find questionable, even if you didn’t question them one bit."
a:Jami-Attenberg  p:Longreads★★  d:2017.06.07  w:2000  aviation  travel  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
When Men Workshop Their Dick Pics
"'So here’s my question,' I asked. 'Why the need to get an objective rating of your dick from a third party who you’re not interested in sexually, with no hope of reciprocation?' 'If I sent it to a lady it’s often part of more reciprocal sexting,' he explained. 'Noah is an impartial observer. It’s like if he was going to the Westminster Dick Show.'"
a:EJ-Dickson  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2017.09.22  w:1500  text-messaging  gay  sex  from twitter
6 weeks ago
How Moscow's Spies Keep Duping America—Over and Over Again
"The Bush administration came in with fresh eyes, and the same slightly egotistical presumption that they could do it better than the last guy. Bush officials saw an opportunity when Putin was among the first to reach out after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington to offer help against the Taliban who were hosting al-Qaeda. 'In a very American way, a lot of people who did not deal with the Russians day-to-day just assumed they would be natural allies,' said former CIA officer Sipher of the days just after the attacks. 'Those of us who had been working on Russia for years and years had become pretty jaded because the Russians are sort of a police state… writ large."
a:Kimberly-Dozier  p:The-Daily-Beast★  d:2017.06.25  w:2500  intelligence-gathering  Russia  trust  9/11  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Stillwater Artisanal’s Modern Confusion
"There are rarely, if ever, test batches. In most cases, the first run of a beer is 100 barrels or more. Needless to say, the stakes are high. 'If you fuck up, it’s expensive,' Strumke says. 'If you’re trying to get experimental on a five-barrel system, and shit doesn’t work out, and you gotta dump it, it’s not the end of the world. If we brew 200 barrels of beer and it doesn’t work out, there’s two scenarios. One, it goes out, and it’s detrimental to the brand because I released a turd. Or, two, we have to eat a big sum of money because there was a lot of it, and it’s all going down the drain.' 'Traditional brewers always bag on gypsy brewers, but it’s hard in a different way,' adds Van Hall. 'Some guys still have a chip on their shoulders about Brian. I understood it once, but not anymore. There’s a whole other level of difficulty. I mean, how many systems can you brew on?'"
a:Philip-Runco★★  p:BrightestYoungThings★  d:2017.08.07  w:10000  beer  graphic-design  music  branding  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Charlotte Sumtimes, the Mom Who Bails You Out of Jail
"So how did your first show go?"
"I don’t remember! I walked on stage and I left my body and Charlotte took over. The moment I walked off stage I was asked to join a burlesque troupe. Now, I would not suggest this route for people wanting to perform burlesque."
a:Suzanne-Yeagley★  a:Charlotte-Sumtimes  d:2017.09.28  w:1000  interview  from twitter
6 weeks ago
What’s included in Northern Virginia anyway? I created a survey to find out.
"There will continue to be disagreements over what defines the exact borders of Northern Virginia. If we were to extrapolate our findings, we could say that over 100,000 people in the area would include Fredericksburg while another 100,000 would leave out Springfield (and 10,000 would do both, apparently). However, there is still a fairly reasonabe compromise to be found and hopefully we can all agree on it and never have to deal with this argument ever again."
a:Harry-White  p:Greater-Greater-Washington★★  d:2017.09.29  w:1000  naming  geography  DC  from twitter
6 weeks ago
Premature Evaluation: Beck Colors
"Kanye West is wrong a lot, but he was right about this. Back in 2015, Beck took home an Album Of The Year Grammy for the thoroughly OK pastoral lifestyle-folk album Morning Phase, and Kanye pretended that he was going to storm the stage before laughing and waving it off. But after the show was over, West said that he really wasn’t kidding at all: 'Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.' It was nothing new to see the Grammys honoring a perfectly pleasant work over a moment-defining one, and lord knows Beck has made a lot of great music over the past few decades and deserves some sort of grand recognition. But follow-through matters. After Beyoncé lost the Album Of The Year Grammy for her self-titled album, she went on to make Lemonade, an even-more-devastating interrogation of race and gender and relationships and public image, which then went on to lose Album Of The Year to Adele. Beck, on the other hand, won Album Of The Year, and he went on to make some bullshit."
a:Tom-Breihan★★  p:Stereogum  d:2017.10.06  w:1000  music  from twitter
6 weeks ago
The case for preserving — and improving — brutalist architecture
"For any significant building in any style, the period between its 30th and 60th birthdays is awkward. By 30, it has been around too long to seem new or edgy. Its style has probably fallen out of fashion, and most likely it needs repairs. But it’s not yet old enough to be distinguished — to seem properly historical. What do you do with a building that is tired but not venerated? 'There’s this kind of weird valley in which people either love or hate the buildings. I definitely feel like brutalism is in exactly that zone,' says Kubo. He compares its predicament to that of Victorian architecture in the early 20th century, when that style was mocked. And it’s hard to imagine Washington without the Old Post Office or the National Building Museum — but both were once regarded with embarrassment, and the Old Post Office was nearly demolished in the 1970s."
a:Amanda-Kolson-Hurley  p:The-Washington-Post/Magazine  d:2017.05.25  w:2000  architecture  Washington-Metro  history  DC  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Who Will Win This Year’s NBA Hipster Team Championship Belt?
"The Golden State Warriors tilted the balance of relevance dramatically toward the Western Conference and toward veterans. All roads lead to the Bay, and time is on their side. Stephen Curry will turn 30 this season; Kevin Durant just turned 29; Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are 27. Barring injury, catastrophic mismanagement, or some unforeseen combination of both, the Dubs could be the favorites to win the title for the next three to five years. For star-level players age 27 or above, that means your best shot at winning a championship might come from teaming up. Thus we have Chris Paul in Houston with James Harden; Paul George and Hoodie Melo in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook; half the Banana Boat in Cleveland; and Gordon Hayward alongside flat-earth-shitposter Kyrie Irving in Boston with Al Horford."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.10.03  w:2500  list  NBA  hipsters  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
The 2017-18 NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 2
"Denver is a few splashes of powder blue from the top eight. Powder blue is awesome! Everyone loves it! The Nuggets have shoved it to the fringes of their art -- the new jerseys, and their newish court, with those shaded pickaxes and the ham-handed reminder painted along the sideline that Denver (allegedly) gets 300 days of sunshine. Shame on you, Nuggets. Shame!"
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.10.03  w:4000  list  NBA  graphic-design  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
The 2017-18 NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1
"They play the Right Way, and when they don't, Budenholzer makes the saddest agonized coach face outside of Detroit. On a random winter Tuesday of dull games, Atlanta's Spurs East verve lifts you up -- and rekindles memories of that magical 2014-15 team that won 60 games. (Budenholzer is also master of the drawn-out cross-court waves coaches have turned into a bizarro postgame ritual.)"
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.10.02  w:5500  list  NBA  graphic-design  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack
"'After seeing yet another deranged gorilla just burst into a public place and start killing people, I decided I need to make sure something like that never happens to me,' said 34-year-old Atlanta resident Nick Keller, shortly after purchasing a 350-pound mountain gorilla from his local gorilla store. 'It just gives me peace of mind knowing that if I’m ever in that situation, I won’t have to just watch helplessly as my torso is ripped in half and my face is chewed off. I’ll be able to use my gorilla to defend myself.'"
p:The-Onion★★  d:2013.01  w:1000  satire  guns  USA  animals  from iphone
7 weeks ago
Dwyane Wade opens up on Cavs signing, LeBron reunion
"Combine those with the $8 million he sacrificed in his buyout from Chicago and Wade estimates he has left $30 million on the table during his 15-year NBA career. 'I kept playing basketball until I decided to walk away from it, but [it's] costing me money,' said Wade, 35. 'I got way more money than I ever thought I'd have, so I'm OK.' And he's happy to be reunited with James. 'Every time we walk by each other in the locker room and everywhere, we just look at each other and shake our head because it just don't seem real,' Wade said. 'It's like, "How did this happen? How did we get here?" We just start laughing every time we walk by each other.'"
a:Dave-McMenamin  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.09.30  w:1000  Cavs  LeBron-James  Dwyane-Wade  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
'Welcome to Fear City' – the inside story of New York's civil war, 40 years on
"New York’s fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s is surely one of the weirdest moments in the history of the city – indeed, of the United States. It was a time when the wholesale disintegration of the largest city in the most powerful nation on earth seemed entirely possible. A time when the American president, Gerald Ford – egged on by his young chief of staff, one Donald Rumsfeld – sought not to succour New York but to deliberately shame and humble it, and perhaps even replace it as the world’s leading financial centre. It’s difficult to convey just how precarious, and paranoid, life in New York felt around that time. Signs everywhere warned you to mind your valuables, and to keep neck chains or other jewellery tucked away while on the subway. You became alert to where anyone else might be in relation to you, augmented by quick looks over your shoulder that came to seem entirely natural."
a:Kevin-Baker  p:The-Guardian★★  d:2015.05.18  w:5000  NYC  crime  safety  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
'We Thought We Would Be Ruled By Robots'
"Perhaps by better understanding the urban crow, the better we can understand our urban selves. We know, for example, that most urban crows aren't born in cities, they come from big families in the suburbs and flee the nest in their youth looking for the riches city living can provide."
a:Ariel-Aberg-Riger  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2017.08.07  animals  cities  from iphone
7 weeks ago
Dirt Candy - FAQ
"Trust me, I want my tables full every second of every night, but seating reservations is playing Tetris with tables and sometimes a few of them sit empty for the greater good."
a:Amanda-Cohen  p:Dirt-Candy  w:500  restaurants  from iphone
7 weeks ago
‘Without Them You Could Buy Anything,’ Whispers Amazon Echo As Man Stares Blankly At Family
"They’re holding you back—think about what you could purchase for yourself if only they weren’t around,' murmured the Echo as the man’s unblinking gaze traveled slowly from his wife to his two young children. 'Imagine if they weren’t always spending all your money on clothes and toys and movies. Close your eyes and imagine it.'"
p:The-Onion★★  d:2017.09.28  satire  family  Amazon  from iphone
7 weeks ago
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