Presentation Skills Considered Harmful
"Open with a question they would very much like an answer for. That's it. Pose a question. You don't have to announce you're going to answer it, just… start. If you're looking for an opening phrase, try something like, 'Imagine you want to…' and then go. Don't hesitate. And whatever you do, do NOT try to 'establish your credibility'. Never try to tell them or sell them on why they should listen to you. If the question is one they want answered, their brain won't let it go. The rest of the presentation is just a steady reveal of the answer."
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2 days ago
Donald Glover Can’t Save You
'In 2006, when he was twenty-three and still living in an N.Y.U. dorm, he was hired to write for '30 Rock.' Tina Fey said, 'Donald didn’t pitch for Tracy, the way you’d expect. He pitched for Kenneth.' Tracy Jordan was the eccentric African-American star of a sketch-comedy show; Kenneth was the ingenuous white NBC page who, in a nod to Glover’s background, is from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Glover said, 'I did have more in common with Kenneth than with Tracy at that point—I was a wide-eyed kid, eager to please.' After three years, having learned how to punch up scripts and manage writers and actors, he quit. Six days later, he landed the role of Troy, a washed-up jock, on 'Community,' a new NBC sitcom about a gang of misfits who study together at a community college. Dan Harmon, the show’s creator, said, 'By the end of Season 2, I literally was writing scenes that ended ‘and then Donald says something to button the scene.’ I’m a pretty narcissistic guy, so for me to do that I had to know that, one, he was more talented than I was and, two, he was a better person than I was, that he wouldn’t misuse his power over me.'"
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3 days ago
It’s Never Too Early For Gregg Popovich To Call A Timeout
"Popovich’s dedication to precision and his highly choreographed style haven’t always gone over perfectly with his players, of course. Creative playmakers Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, both of whom figure to reach the Hall of Fame someday, have said it took time for them to adjust to Popovich. But the 69-year-old has never been shy about deviating from established coaching norms — sometimes in ways that aren’t immediately recognizable. In the past, Popovich would call timeouts a minute or two ahead of first-quarter commercial breaks that were scheduled to happen anyway — a practice that allowed him to sit his starters and buy them a little bit of extra rest. He’d then bring those players back much earlier in the second quarter than most opponents would, often allowing the Spurs to dominate second periods as a result. (Something easier to recognize: He isn’t afraid to sub all five of his starters out at once if he’s unhappy with effort or execution.)"
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Technological Unemployment: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
"This is a very depressing conclusion. If technology didn’t cause problems, that would be great. If technology made lots of people unemployed, that would be hard to miss, and the government might eventually be willing to subsidize something like a universal basic income. But we won’t get that. We’ll just get people being pushed into worse and worse jobs, in a way that does not inspire widespread sympathy or collective action. The prospect of educational, social, or political intervention remains murky."
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5 days ago
How LeBron James fixed his back and is on track to play all 82 games
"'It's every day. Around the clock every single day, working on my body," James said. "Either with treatment or working on my body in the weight room. Continuing just to build strength throughout the season when everybody else is kind of tearing down ... not putting too much pounding on my legs when I'm on the court, but being very efficient. I've kind of figured that out in my 15th season.' James is known to personally spend seven figures a year caring for his body, and Raimon is part of that tab. So are personal chefs and masseuses. He also gets private treatments with liquid nitrogen to help reduce inflammation. James' home facilities rival those of professional teams. In his home in Akron, James has a fully outfitted workout gym, hot and cold tubs and a hyperbaric chamber."
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5 days ago
What’s Holding Blacks Back?
"In the grip of this seductive ideology, blacks have made the immobilizing assumption that individual initiative can lead only to failure, with only a few exceptionally gifted or lucky exceptions. Yet many groups have triumphed over similar (or worse) obstacles—including millions of Caribbean and African immigrants in America, from Colin Powell to the thousands of Caribbean children succeeding in precisely the crumbling schools where black American kids fail. Indeed, thinkers such as Thomas Sowell and Stephan and Abigail Thernstrom argue that American blacks could have advanced—and were advancing—even without the civil rights legislation of the sixties and the racial preferences of the seventies, since black unemployment was at an all-time low in the mid-sixties, and the black middle class was already growing fast. But these facts can’t outweigh the almost narcotic pleasure that underdoggism provides a race plagued by self-doubt."
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Amid a sea of voices, Vox’s Carlos Maza breaks through
"I do spend a lot of time agonizing over the argument. But once I’m confident about that, let’s throw glitter, let’s make this interesting for people on the Metro where there might be a screaming baby. Let’s keep their attention, and the way I do that is by being as gay as humanly possible."
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Go Big
"Amid this jumble of stimuli, I’ll dust off the notion that my sons should be aware of their Korean heritage. It’s not always clear what that might mean. Eating spicy food? Knowing how to draw the flag, or write their names in a language I’m not even conversant in? At the moment, it only means addressing their father with appropriate reverence. 'From now on, call me "Ed" — I mean "Dad".' 'Hello, Edward Park,' K. says."
a:Ed-Park  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.03.06  w:2500  children  parenting  family  culture  2016-election  from instapaper
6 days ago
The Story Behind the Chicago Newspaper That Bought a Bar
"We finally decided, you know what, I’m going to go to bartender school, because a) I’d learn bartending, and b) I’d learn about how you handle tips and taxes and find another angle from which to view the corruptions that might exist. It was a good bartending school; I learned how to make 85 drinks."
a:Andy-Wright  a:Pam-Zekman  a:Zay-N-Smith  a:Jim-Frost  a:Bill-Recktenwald  p:Topic  d:2018.01  w:3500  oral-history  journalism  corruption  Chicago  bars  from twitter
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How Ken Layne Created a Publishing Oasis in a Desert Town of 8,000 People
"Ken Layne is a well-known kook who believes that the United States government is tracking our movements and communications while being infiltrated by foreign forces and concealing the existence of aliens, and also believes that multiple shadowy forces are propagating disinformation to us as a captive audience, all while we are being mercenarily monetized by international corporations against our will and without any oversight or recourse. Unfortunately, although his views seemed aberrant or insane to many of us over the years, it turns out that he was completely correct all along. So whatever weird or upsetting thing he believes about the business of media and journalism stands a greater than average chance of being not just correct but possibly visionary."
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The Tipping Equation
"'Their lives and experience of work is shaped by that initial experience,' said Saru Jayaraman, the president of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, an advocacy group for restaurant workers. 'I’ve had Hollywood actresses, senators, IBM executives, lawyers tell me, "I have been sexually harassed later in my career, but I didn’t do anything about it because it was never as bad as it was when I was a young woman working in restaurants."'"
a:Catrin-Einhorn  a:Rachel-Abrams  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.03.12  w:3000  restaurants  bars  gender  tipping  work  wages  from twitter
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Why the PDF Is Secretly the World's Most Important File Format
"Manafort could have readily altered the PDF himself. Had he done so, he would have avoided a key part of the paper trail that may land him in federal prison. He probably even had a PDF editor already on his computer. In the money-laundering business, after all, it seems likely that one would frequently need to assemble pages from multiple PDF files; you need a PDF editor for that. For most of his money-laundering career, Manafort was almost certainly just one or two clicks away from the editor mode."
a:Ernie-Smith  p:VICE/Motherboard★  d:2018.03.05  w:2500  standards  taxes  records  from instapaper
7 days ago
Meet the campaign connecting affluent techies with progressive candidates around the country
"Ceglowski isn’t a typical political organizer, and none of the donors I spoke to fit the profile of a dedicated Democratic political donor. Garrett told me that giving to progressive candidates seemed like an obvious thing for him to do since he supported progressive causes, but acknowledged that these eight campaigns were the only ones he’d donated to so far. 'I have no idea what works and why it works. Sometimes money just pours in, sometimes the thing I think will work has no impact at all. I’m completely in the dark about what I’m doing,' says Ceglowski."
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7 days ago
It’s Time to Abolish ICE
"Granted, this position might not fly everywhere in the country. But Hillary Clinton won the 12th district with 83 percent of the vote, and candidates like Patel are trying to shift the Overton window. 'We miss an incredible opportunity when we allow districts like ours to be safe havens for the status quo,' Patel said."
a:Sean-McElwee  p:The-Nation  d:2018.03.09  w:2000  law-enforcement  immigration  DHS  Democrats  from twitter
7 days ago
Trump’s Hard-Line Take on Trade Plays Into China’s Hands
"Suddenly we’re discussing possible trade wars between the U.S. and some of its most reliable allies. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker adopted some of Trump’s bravado in a talk in Germany on March 2. 'We will now impose tariffs on motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, on blue jeans, Levi’s, on bourbon. We can also do stupid. We also have to be this stupid,' the European Union’s highest-ranking official said."
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7 days ago
The Rule of Reason: Inside Charlottesville's Reason Beer
"'The way that I iterate on recipe development, they’re baby steps each time,' the brewer explains. 'I like the method of it. I enjoy taking those steps. It’s relaxing. But it matters. Being iterative matters. The process of development matters. I feel like a lot of breweries are like, "We’ll just throw something together, and if it’s bad then we won’t make it again." That’s not really my approach. I’ve had people in tasting room tell me, "It’s remarkable: All of these beers are really good." I’m like, "Well, I hope so.’ I’ve never really bought the argument of oh, it’s a just a test batch. Well, then dump it out and make something else. Make it better.'"
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7 days ago
Playing Video Games With My Son Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be
"In Minecraft, you often need to build a semi-functioning house with working features like a bed and storage, which means I get to see my son’s personal ideas about what 'home' should feel like. Going through these houses, a number of motifs come up again and again: He loves extreme symmetry, varying bands of bright colors, and elaborate lighting comprised of dozens of fixtures. His precise and idiosyncratic tastes are balanced by his fondness for family; he typically incorporates multiple beds and bedrooms, reserved for different family members that he pretends might visit one day."
a:David-Cole  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.03.07  w:1000  parenting  games  architecture  from twitter
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Year in Review, Beer in Review: 2017 at DCBeer
"Jooce, milkshake, NEIPA is sometimes bad, sometimes fine, and sometimes good. When the Jooce is bad, it's not necessarily the Jooce-specific part that is bad, but it's the easy part to pick on because the beer looks like turbid crap. All that being said, clear IPAs are still good and people should still make those. This has been my take on Jooce."
a:Jacob-Berg  a:  Tony-Budny  a:Nick-Rakowski  a:Paul-Josuns  a:Michael-Stein  a:Greg-Parnas  a:Bill-Debaun  a:Sean-Dalton  a:John-Fleury  a:Bill-Jusino  a:Aaron-Morrissey  p:DCBeer  d:2017.12.29  w:4500  beer  DC  bars  gender  race  from instapaper
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The LeBron James System
"The LeBron James offensive system works. It is a proven path to success over a large sample of many offensive seasons. Oh, and it works pretty well in the playoffs, too. But getting there is a process and it is a process that can at times be discouraging."
a:Mike-Zavagno  p:SB-Nation/Fear-the-Sword  d:2018.03.15  w:1500  LeBron-James  basketball  Cavs  from instapaper
8 days ago
Why Hasn’t Samsung Ditched the Headphone Jack Yet?
"As much as AirPods are better (and cheaper) than standard Bluetooth earbuds, there is seemingly nothing *close* to Lightning EarPods on the market for USB-C. AirPods get all the attention, but Lightning EarPods are even further ahead of their USB-C competition. The proprietary nature of Lightning allowed Apple to make sure it was ready to serve as the wired audio connector for iPhones when Apple wanted it to be. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder why Apple doesn’t drop Lightning for USB-C."
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8 days ago
‘Mallory Is Not Gone’: Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Coming Out As Trans The beloved internet writer talks to Heather Havrilesky about his new identity.
"I think especially in terms of transitioning one of the things that’s been on my mind is that there are elements of what I do that are very much who I am, and there are also parts that are a schtick. And there are aspects of my schtick that are just not going to carry over. The things that were fun, provocative, exciting, transgressive to do as a woman are not going to be the same."
a:Heather-Havrilesky★★  a:Mallory-Ortberg★★★  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.03.13  w:3500  interview  transgender  gender  from twitter
9 days ago
Toddler Feelings Helpline
"- If you do not like the way your morning toast was prepared, please press 9, and then 1, and then 1, and then hide the phone in a laundry basket.
- If your parents provided you with toys to cultivate play-based curiosity and spatial awareness when all you really needed was senseless flashing lights and electronic sound, mash 7."
a:Sara-Given  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.03.05  w:500  satire  children  parenting  from iphone
9 days ago
The Case Against Jaywalking Laws
"Eliminating jaywalking and similar offenses won’t lead to anarchy on American roads. It’s not illegal in countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, for example, and both countries enjoy markedly fewer traffic fatalities than the United States. It’s not clear how much money flows into state coffers from pedestrian tickets, but it’s likely far less than traffic tickets for drivers. Any lost income may also be offset by the savings for police departments. Fewer unnecessary contacts between officers and citizens means fewer costly lawsuits and officer dismissals. The greatest benefit, however, would be to over-policed communities who bear the brunt of jaywalking enforcement. There’s no convincing reason that Johnnie Jermaine Rush, Nandi Cain Jr., and Michael Brown should have been stopped by police in the first place."
a:Matt-Ford  p:The-New-Republic★★  d:2018.03.12  w:1500  law  race  law-enforcement  walking  roads  Ferguson  from twitter
9 days ago
Virginia approves historic Metro funding, but cuts to other transportation may be a painful consequence
"In Fairfax County, most of the regional projects are road widenings, but they’re currently using NVTA money to build the Silver Line’s Innovation station, and $18 million of their local pot goes to running the Fairfax Connector bus system. Prince William is similar, with some local money going to VRE and commuter bus operator PRTC. Loudoun County is already spending almost all its NVTA money on roads and more roads, with a portion also going to even more roads, sometimes with sidewalks as well."
a:Julie-Strupp  a:Amy-Custis  p:Greater-Greater-Washington★★  d:2018.03.13  w:1500  roads  public-transit  DC  from twitter
10 days ago
"Most of the time when people call something pure evil, they're actually talking about applied evil."
a:Zach-Weinersmith★★★  p:Saturday-Morning-Breakfast-Cereal★★★  d:2018.03.09  comic 
11 days ago
The Rich Have Abandoned Rich-People Rugs
"Unlike the best Persians, Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs (and some of their popular cousins including Boucherouites and Azilals) can be completed in a few months, so they are plentiful and relatively cheap. They were shaggy enough to stage orgies on, but not so louche as to turn anyone into a 21st-century Austin Powers. 'For four or five thousand dollars, you could get a good one,' Mr. Korban said. 'People went to Morocco and brought them back. They were on eBay and 1stdibs. With a Serge Mouille sconce and a fig tree, your house looked like the Céline showroom. Now, I think it’s a bit of a Domino magazine-Whole Foods cliché. No offense to anyone who has them, but on to the next.'"
a:Jacob-Bernstein  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.02.28  w:2000  class  NYC  from twitter
12 days ago
Quincy Jones Has a Story About That
"You think racism is bad now, you should try the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s. Vegas in '64 was fucked-up. That was why Frank had Mafia bodyguards for everybody in Basie's band and me. Lena, Belafonte, Fats Domino, they used to play the main theater for $17,000 a week, used to have to eat in the kitchen. Couldn't go in the casino. Had to go to a black hotel across town. In '64! You can't even imagine that. But if you're black, that's what you get used to in America."
"And when you were in the middle of that craziness, what were you thinking? Are you angry, or just baffled?"
"Well, listen, anger doesn't get anything done, so you have to find out: How do you make it work? That's why I was always maniacal about transforming every problem into a puzzle which I can solve. I can solve a puzzle—a problem just stresses me out."
a:Chris-Heath  a:Quincy-Jones  p:GQ★★  d:2018.01.29  w:11500  interview  music  race  sex  celebrities  recreational-drugs  from instapaper
12 days ago
Has Anyone Seen the President?
"Off to see Walter Shaub, at a restaurant across the street from Trump’s Washington hotel. For many years, right up until July of last year, Shaub ran the 75-person Office of Government Ethics. I’d tried to get him to meet me in Trump’s hotel, but he wouldn’t. 'I won’t go into that building,' he wrote back. 'Aside from the remote possibility that I’d be whisked away to Guantanamo, I refuse to contribute even so much as my presence, much less my money, to the dark spiritual energy that place has brought to my city.' The effect of Trump on the 2-million-person enterprise he’s meant to be running deserves even more attention than it has been getting, in my opinion. Shaub is a microcosm of the problem. One day he was a guy just trying to do his job; the next day his job was impossible to do. 'I have real anger,' he says, calmly."
a:Michael-Lewis★★  p:Bloomberg/Bloomberg-View★  d:2018.02.09  w:8500  Donald-Trump  ethics  government  from iphone
12 days ago
The People Who Would Survive Nuclear War
"Several years later, after Reagan and Gorbachev signed a treaty in Reykjavík, Meyer, the director, says that the Reagan administration sent him a note that said, 'Don’t think your movie didn’t have any part of this, because it did.' All in all, this strange little appendix of a short story had a remarkable impact, far beyond what could have been expected. In a world awash with statistics about global nuclear supremacy, a simple fiction about daily life in a postnuclear world served as an antidote to the bureaucratic magic that had been spun around the possibility of conflict. 'It really brought home what it would be if this became a reality: It said *here* is what it might look like,' says Riordan, who republished the report. 'And people said, "Nope!" I think it had some impact on tempering the nuclear enthusiasm of the time.'"
a:Alexis-Madrigal★  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2018.01.25  w:3000  nuclear-weapons  disaster  from twitter
12 days ago
The World's Most Efficient Languages
"One cannot help suspecting that not too many adults have been tackling the likes of sǝq’ayǝƛaaɣwǝaɣhaś. Kabardian has been left to its own devices, and my, has it hoarded a lot of them. This is, as languages go, normal, even if Kabardian is rather extreme. By contrast, only a few languages have been taken up as vehicles of empire and imposed on millions of unsuspecting and underqualified adults. Long-dominant Mandarin, then, is less “busy” than Cantonese and Taiwanese, which have been imposed on fewer people. English came out the way it did because Vikings, who in the first millennium forged something of an empire of their own in northern and western Europe, imposed themselves on the Old English of the people they invaded and, as it were, mowed it. German, meanwhile, stayed 'normal'."
a:John-McWhorter★★  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2016.06.29  w:2000  language  history  from instapaper
13 days ago
Why Paper Jams Persist
"The owners of printing presses have exotic tastes: they print on magnets, tinfoil, windshield decals. Xerox executives push the engineers to accommodate new kinds of stock, which might open new markets. But even plain office paper is full of hidden dangers. In the facility some engineers call the Paper Torture Lab—officially, it’s the Media Technology Center—Bruce Katz, a soft-spoken paper technologist, examined some copy paper through a microscope. “The edge of a sheet of paper is really a third dimension,” he said. Magnified, the edge resembles a snowy mountain range about four thousandths of an inch thick; the snow is paper dust, ready to drift into a printer’s jammable gears. More expensive paper is more cleanly split, and its straighter edges have less dust-generating surface area. (They are also more likely to cause paper cuts.)"
a:Joshua-Rothman  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.02.12  w:4000  engineering  from instapaper
13 days ago
In Conversation: Quincy Jones
"Pople limit themselves musically, man. Do these musicians know tango? Macumba? Yoruba music? Samba? Bossa nova? Salsa? Cha-cha?"
"Maybe not the cha-cha."
"[Marlon] Brando used to go cha-cha dancing with us. He could dance his ass off. He was the most charming motherfucker you ever met. He’d fuck anything. Anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye."
a:David-Marchese  a:Quincy-Jones  p:Vulture★★  d:2018.02.07  w:5000  interview  music  race  sex  from instapaper
13 days ago
Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card
"American intelligence officials describe their Chinese counterparts with grudging respect. At the end of the Obama Administration, Russia and China topped the White House’s list of counterintelligence threats, largely because of their proficiency in electronic surveillance—intercepting phone calls and e-mails. The Chinese were not yet on the level of the Russians in the area of 'human intelligence', or spies and informants, a senior Obama Administration official said, 'but they’re certainly improving, and they’ve been quite aggressive in recent years.' Michael Bahar, a former staff director and general counsel for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, said, 'They are a professional service. They do their homework.'"
a:Adam-Entous  a:Evan-Osnos  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.01.29  w:4500  Donald-Trump  China  intelligence-gathering  diplomacy  espionage  Russia  2016-election  from instapaper
13 days ago
“He’s a Coen Brothers Villain”
"How do people there see the Mueller investigation, and does what you just said affect the way you see it?
I think they see it primarily as being incredibly amusing, because finally the U.S. is as obsessed with Russia as the Russians have always fantasized that it was.* Because after spending years and hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to raise Russia’s profile abroad, suddenly they can just kick back, relax, and do nothing while the Western media do their jobs of glorifying Putin as this hypercompetent, brilliant villain for them. They absolutely don’t mind being portrayed as scheming villains, because the only thing that the Russians hate is being accurately portrayed as largely incompetent. As long as we ascribe competence to them, they will be very happy."
a:Isaac-Chotiner  a:Michael-Idov★★  p:Slate★★  d:2018.02.27  w:2500  interview  Russia  2016-election  Donald-Trump  from twitter
13 days ago
Why it didn't work out for Isaiah Thomas in Cleveland
"Had the Cavs backed out, which they considered doing for several days, the Celtics would have been in a tough position. They had already celebrated Irving's arrival and would have alienated Thomas and Jae Crowder. Adding to the Cavs' leverage was the nature of Thomas' hip injury becoming public, thereby further diminishing his trade value and putting Boston in an even tighter spot if the deal fell through. When the dust settled, the fact that Cleveland got only a second-round pick after pausing the deal -- and not an additional first-rounder or young player such as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown or Terry Rozier -- didn't just disappoint James as a basketball player. It disappointed him as a businessman."
a:Dave-McMenamin★  a:Brian-Windhorst★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.03.11  w:3000  Cavs  Isaiah-Thomas  LeBron-James  from iphone
13 days ago
Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble
"What if the military had kept GPS out of the public domain? Presumably, sometime in the 1990s, a market signal would have gone out to the innovators of Silicon Valley and other tech hubs, suggesting that consumers were interested in establishing their exact geographic coordinates so that those locations could be projected onto digital maps. There would have been a few years of furious competition among rival companies, who would toss their own proprietary satellites into orbit and advance their own unique protocols, but eventually the market would have settled on one dominant model, given all the efficiencies that result from a single, common way of verifying location. Call that imaginary firm GeoBook. Initially, the embrace of GeoBook would have been a leap forward for consumers and other companies trying to build location awareness into their hardware and software. But slowly, a darker narrative would have emerged: a single private corporation, tracking the movements of billions of people around the planet, building an advertising behemoth based on our shifting locations. Any start-up trying to build a geo-aware application would have been vulnerable to the whims of mighty GeoBook. Appropriately angry polemics would have been written denouncing the public menace of this Big Brother in the sky. But none of that happened, for a simple reason. Geolocation, like the location of web pages and email addresses and domain names, is a problem we solved with an open protocol. And because it’s a problem we don’t have, we rarely think about how beautifully GPS does work and how many different applications have been built on its foundation."
a:Steven-Johnson★  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2018.01.16  w:9000  internet  Bitcoin  blockchain  Facebook  from twitter
13 days ago
How Arafat Eluded Israel’s Assassination Machine
"Eitan greeted Sella and told him that the next day he wouldn’t be working in Canary as usual but would be 'going on a trip'. 'Anything like our last trip together?' asked Sella, alluding to a visit to Beirut in May, in preparation for the invasion and the operation to assassinate Arafat. 'Something like it,' Eitan replied. 'But from above. Meet me tomorrow morning at Hatzor' — an air force base to the south. 'You’ll fly the plane, and I’ll navigate and operate the combat systems. We’re going to bomb Beirut.' Sella was convinced he wasn’t hearing right. 'It was totally insane,' he told me. 'I was in shock. If someone had told me that the chief of staff, who isn’t really an airman, was taking the head of the air-force operations department for a break in the running of the war while they bombed Beirut, I would never have believed it.'"
a:Ronen-Bergman★  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2018.01.23  w:6000  Israel  terrorism  from twitter
14 days ago
The Extinction of the Early Bird
"We drove to a diner that multiple local guides said had the best deal in town, and warned to arrive early to fight for a seat. The parking lot was straight-up empty. Where were all of the old people? What of the need for an $8.99 chicken breast with a pair of watery, steamed-vegetable sides? What happened to the early bird special? The short answer, I learned, is that the retirees who heralded the early bird are going away, and that their replacements, while burdened by the overall decline of the middle class, have different expectations about what retired life should look like — mostly, they do not want to be reminded in any way that they’re old now, especially if they can afford that luxury. Millennials might be killing chains, but boomers are driving the early bird to extinction."
a:Jaya-Saxena  p:Eater★★  d:2018.01.29  w:3000  restaurants  aging  Florida  class  pricing  from instapaper
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Last blog standing, “last guy dancing”: How Jason Kottke is thinking about kottke.org at 20
"It was kind of like, holy shit, we’re all in this together. I knew before that there were people who really into the site and who really like it, and that’s always been great to know and to get that feedback in the inbox and via Twitter and stuff like that. But to actually have those people pony up some dough changed my whole mindset about how I feel about the site. I never really got sick of the site. I would every once in a while, but since the membership thing happened, I really like sitting down and going to work for my members. It’s not just that it’s my job. It’s like, I want to do this for them because they have been kind enough to support me. You don’t get that feeling about having advertising on your site. It’s not the same."
a:Laura-Hazard-Owen  a:Jason-Kottke★★  p:NiemanLab  d:2018.02.13  w:3000  interview  blogging  advertising  from instapaper
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Our Best Hope for Civil Discourse on the Internet Is on ... Reddit
"Johnson emailed me at length explaining that he believes in regularly challenging his own views, and Change My View is the first place he has discovered where you can demonstrate a willingness to change course without being perceived as weak. 'In many places, if someone is open to having their mind changed on an issue, they are often met with scorn or ridicule for not already believing the alternate view,' he wrote. 'There are few places I have ever found where someone can come in and say, "I’m not sure why people don’t think like I do—can anyone help me understand the other side?" and be met with honest, civil, and straightforward discussion.'"
a:Virginia-Heffernan  p:Wired★★  d:2018.01.16  w:3000  internet  from instapaper
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Tank NBA Games
"Tanking—the means of willfully placing a competitor in a situation that increases the chance of losing—is a game within the game that, when a fan base buys in, denatures the fabric of basketball itself. Yes, tanking is symptomatic of much broader issues with the pay and incentive structures that prop up the league up on a shoddy foundation, issues that are not likely to be resolved anytime soon. Tanking, taken at face value, is also extremely groovy. When a team tanks, results matter in a way they weren’t designed to; things that are supposed to be objective (like a notch in the win column) become subjective. Tanking creates a dimension that the game didn’t necessarily need, but to which some have come to adapt and understand on its terms, like a double-sided grid for Connect 4. If the quest to win a Larry O’Brien Trophy is the NBA’s magnetic north, the race to the bottom of the standings for the best chance at a no. 1 draft selection is its magnetic south."
a:Danny-Chau  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.03.08  w:2000  NBA  strategy  incentives  from instapaper
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A Match Made in Paradise: The Story of Chinese-Tiki
"In her book The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Jennifer 8. Lee describes Chinese restaurant culture as fundamentally 'open-source', to borrow a term from the tech world. 'Good ideas have historically rippled quickly through the Chinese-restaurant system, carried by word of mouth, and by the experiences of dispersing immigrants,' she explains. If something proves successful—General Tso’s chicken, for instance—it gets duplicated everywhere, a theory that explains why tiki drinks continued to find a home in Chinese restaurants even as the Polynesian trend began to wane in the late 1960s. According to Lee, Chinese food—especially when found outside of China—is above all else, malleable: 'A driving force behind Chinese cooking is the desire to adapt and incorporate indigenous ingredients and utilize Chinese cooking techniques… Chinese cooking is a not a set of dishes. It is a philosophy that serves local tastes.'"
a:Garrett-Snyder  p:Punch  d:2017.01.05  w:3000  food  China  alcohol  restaurants  from twitter
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The Fascinating Anatomy of the Presidential Motorcade
"The incredible focus and professionalism of everyone involved, and the way they balance time and risk, is mind boggling. When you think of the term 'well-oiled machine,' this is the picture that should pop into your head. There is an absolutely astonishing amount of moving parts that go into each and every Presidential movement."
a:Tyler-Rogoway  p:The-Drive/The-War-Zone  d:2016.07.22  w:3000  logistics  driving  security  from instapaper
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Tiny, Wealthy Qatar Goes Its Own Way, and Pays for It
"In September, at a normally soporific meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, Saudi and Qatari diplomats exchanged barbed epithets like 'rabid dog' and heated accusations of treachery and even cruelty to camels. 'When I speak, you shut up!' yelled Qatar’s minister of state for foreign affairs, Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi. 'No, you are the one who should shut up!' his Saudi counterpart shouted back. The highly personalized rancor has the unmistakable air of a family feud. Qataris, Saudis and Emiratis stem from the same nomadic tribes, share the same religion and eat the same food. So their dispute has shades of quarreling cousins, albeit ones armed with billions of dollars and American warplanes."
a:Declan-Walsh  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.01.22  w:6000  Qatar  Saudi-Arabia  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
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Live podcast recordings ruin everything that makes podcasts great
"I utterly loathe live recordings. They go against everything I love about the medium of podcasting itself: that it is calming to listen to, not audibly jarring or interruptive, and I feel like the hosts or guests are talking to just me. The fact that it’s not reciprocal doesn’t matter much—until they invite an audience of people into my ears to shatter the illusion. They begin making jokes for the audience, not for me. The grating sound of applause or laughter fills the pauses that usually give me space to ponder. The echo of a theater sounds like the opposite of the uncommon silence of a studio I usually cherish."
a:Rosie-Spinks  p:Quartz★  d:2018.02.16  w:1000  podcasts  sound  from iphone
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U.S. Secretly Negotiated With Russians to Buy Stolen NSA Documents — and the Russians Offered Trump-Related Material, Too
"In March 2017, the Russian met with the American intermediary and a U.S. official in Berlin and agreed to provide the stolen NSA data from the Shadow Brokers in exchange for payment. The U.S. government used 'certain messaging techniques' that the Russian accepted as proof that the U.S. government was behind the negotiations and the proposed deal, according to the documents obtained by The Intercept. Officials gave the Russians advance knowledge that on June 20, 2017, at 12:30 p.m., the official NSA Twitter account would tweet: 'Samuel Morse patented the telegraph 177 years ago. Did you know you can still send telegrams? Faster than post & pay only if it’s delivered.' That tweet, in exactly those words, was issued at that time."
a:James-Risen  p:The-Intercept  d:2018.02.09  w:2500  Russia  NSA  Donald-Trump  intelligence-gathering  Twitter  2016-election  from instapaper
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The Most Awful Transit Center in America Could Get Unimaginably Worse
"The addition of New Jersey Transit trains in the 1990s was both an economic boon to the region and the beginning of Penn Station’s transformation from mere malodorous eyesore to Hieronymus Bosch-grade hellhole. With Jersey commuters swarming the place, farsighted politicians presented grand visions for upgrading it. They all failed.
Vision 1: In the late 1990s, New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan raised $350 million to replace Penn with a new station in the building right next to it, an historic post office. ('My dad always said, "Only in New York could you knock down a magnificent Beaux Arts masterpiece only to find another one by the same architect across the street,"' remembers Maura Moynihan, his daughter.) The effort fell apart after Sept. 11."
a:Devin-Leonard  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2018.01.10  w:3000  NYC  infrastructure  public-health  from twitter
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How Immigration Changes Language
"Just as Black English is not a hybrid of English grammar with that of some African language, Kiezdeutsch is not a mixture of Arabic and Turkish and German in terms of how you put a sentence together. 'I go movies' has nothing to do with how Arabic or Turkish work. Rather, people who are perfectly capable of speaking Standard German use a different kind among themselves that shaves off some unnecessary complexities in the way that their parents’ version of German does. Languages are, as a rule, much more elaborate than they need to be, so the streamlining doesn’t deprive the speaker of expressive power. German’s genderization of silverware serves no purpose; at the same time, speakers of many languages worldwide, including Russian, get along just fine without regularly using a word expressing the concept of being. The equivalent of 'she my sister' would be good Russian."
a:John-McWhorter★★  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2015.12.14  w:1500  language  immigration  from twitter
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How Instagram conquered the NBA
"Multiple NBA marketers pegged a 5 to 1 return on ad spending as a successful benchmark. Even before Dwyane Wade’s much-celebrated return to Miami earlier this month, Instagram ads had delivered an 8 to 1 return for the Heat in retail sales and a 14 to 1 return on ticket sales in January. The Warriors used Stories to help push their 'Slate Night' jerseys, altering the color scheme of their page to mimic the in-arena experience. During the game, Golden State tracked every user that interacted with one of the 'Slate Night' images or videos. After the game, they served that group an ad for a 'Slate' Stephen Curry jersey. The strategy delivered a 13 to 1 return. Portland has found similar success targeting their ads around key moments, like a C.J. McCollum game-winner against the Spurs. The Blazers packaged their ads around multiple images of the shot, infographics celebrating the victory, and a slow-motion video that showed the shot and the crowd’s jubilant reaction. Portland’s Instagram campaigns generally return at a rate of more than 13 to 1; the ads shown during the afterglow of McCollum’s game-winner delivered a 34 to 1 return."
a:Ben-Golliver  p:Sports-Illustrated★★  d:2018.03.02  w:4000  NBA  Instagram  Twitter  social-media  advertising  from instapaper
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Robert Mueller Is Treating Russia Like a Gang, and It's Working
"For Moscow, this is a difficult issue to handle, behind the ritual nod-and-wink denials. There remains a certain bravado, an inverse pride in their trolls and other spooks, on part of Russia’s political elite. Indeed, you could argue that the more Mueller and others talk up Russian capabilities and the impact of their meddling on the world's most powerful democracy, the stronger the Kremlin looks. To be blunt, if you have already made the decision to be—and be seen as—a global meddler and bully, then you might as well be considered good at it."
a:Mark-Galeotti  p:VICE★  d:2018.02.20  w:1500  Russia  hacking  Donald-Trump  2016-election  from instapaper
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JR Smith stays quiet on details surrounding soup toss, suspension
"Smith said that he understands that the soup suspension compromises his leadership position."
a:Dave-McMenamin★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.03.03  w:1000  Cavs  JR-Smith  from iphone
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Where Old, Unreadable Documents Go to Be Understood
"Most of the documents that people need to understand, though, are wills and legal papers, which have their own pleasures. 'The inventories I love,' she says. 'It’s like someone comes to the front door and says, come on in to my house and have a look around.' They list featherbeds, high beds, low beds, folding beds, cupboards and chairs, fire irons and spits. One will mentioned a dog spit, which would have involved chains attaching a spit to a wheel turned by a dog. One man listed every book in his library. A woman described each piece of her wardrobe, down to her second-best red flannel petticoat, and specified which great-niece or -nephew should receive each item."
a:Sarah-Laskow★  p:Atlas-Obscura★  d:2018.02.08  w:2000  history  law  from twitter
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Judging NBA general managers actually isn’t that simple
"Landing Paul is a big, bold stroke that everyone would do, but only one or two executives *could* do. Plucking up Poeltl, Siakam, and VanVleet in that 2016 draft are more precise, small strokes that everyone *could* do, but only one executive *did*. What’s more impressive?"
a:Tom-Ziller★★  p:Sports-Illustrated★★  d:2018.03.01  w:1000  NBA  from instapaper
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"We predict a drastic drop in usage due to fear of bee stings and sting-related mortality. The survivors will report high satisfaction because, if they're not happy, it indicates a need for additional bees."
a:Zach-Weinersmith★★★  p:Saturday-Morning-Breakfast-Cereal★★★  d:2014.02.28  comic  healthcare-reform  from twitter
22 days ago
Revealed: The Secret KGB Manual for Recruiting Spies
"The virtues of an open society are vices to its enemies. The notion, for instance, that foreign spies might look to blackmail or incriminate and then recruit sojourning scientists or graduate students or newspaper columnists was anathema to liberal sensibilities. 'The Russians just think it so quaint when we say, "students and cultural exchanges ought to be sacrosanct and certainly nobody would use these honest exchange programs for espionage purposes,"' said Hall. 'They take it to the bank every time.' 'There is no such thing as clean business, people-to-people contact or cultural work that is off limits,' agrees John Sipher. 'Any time a foreigner interacts with the Russian state, he or she should expect to be targeted, assessed and scrutinized.'"
a:Michael-Weiss  p:The-Daily-Beast★  d:2017.12.27  w:5500  intelligence-gathering  espionage  Russia  2016-election  Cold-War  from instapaper
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My Taper’s Keeper: Inside the World of NBA Barbers
"Kobe was occasionally beat to work by a 5-foot-9 man from Toronto. Vince Garcia is a barber—one of the most famous in coveted NBA circles—and owner of Grey Matter, a shop on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood. He took care of two customers while we spoke there late one January afternoon. His clients had no problem with Garcia multitasking; they were just happy to be there. Garcia is a pro’s pro, considered by many in NBA circles to be one of the all-time greats. Player rankings are made by fans and media. NBA barber rankings are made by players."
a:Haley-O'Shaughnessy  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.02.27  w:3500  NBA  from instapaper
25 days ago
Elite high school hoops prospects should stop playing the NCAA game and consider the G League
"The NBA and the NFL always get criticized for using the NCAA as a minor league system. If the NFL, however, decided one day to put billions of dollars behind a Junior NFL to develop young players, it could be the death of major college football. The NBA actually has that option right now in the G League. All it takes is one high school superstar to take the plunge to see it work to his benefit. And if a Williamson-type prep star does find success in it, perhaps a long line of other teenage stars will follow. If that happens, the NCAA might wish that it had just paid its student-athletes and allowed them to sign endorsement deals."
a:Marc-J-Spears  p:The-Undefeated  d:2018.02.26  w:2000  NBA  incentives  from instapaper
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In Sweeping War on Obesity, Chile Slays Tony the Tiger
"The job of implementing the rules falls to a group of technical advisers who gather weekly at the Ministry of Health and provide guidance on whether a snack company should remove the dancing cat logo from cookie packages or whether an adult‘s voice should replace the small, childlike one hawking corn chips on a radio spot. 'Sometimes it’s easy, like if a dog is wearing glasses and talking like a person, but sometimes it’s not,' said Dr. Lorena Rodriguez, the ministry’s head of nutrition. 'We fight and fight and fight until we have consensus.'"
a:Andrew-Jacobs  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.02.07  w:3000  food  nutrition  marketing  advertising  policy  regulation  public-health  from twitter
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After Hours
"The peaks and valleys created by a massive population living in a standardized way are the fallout of this well-meaning reform. Traffic congestion is an Ecclesiastes problem: The season for driving to work and the season for driving home have been so successfully written into the human experience in industrialized areas that the cascade of rush-hour traffic now feels like a force of nature. What’s more, the regularity of the time to type and the time to file, the time to answer phones and the time to sit in meetings does not seem to have provided a reassuring bulwark against existential despair. For the off-peaker, the unnatural rhythms of the standard workday and work-week have trapped the average worker in the agony of an inefficient cycle."
a:Linda-Besner  p:Real-Life  d:2018.01.08  w:3000  time  productivity  efficiency  work  from instapaper
26 days ago
Gregg Popovich: LeBron James may have more impact off court than on
"How cool is that for kids to see that, to have that superhero? Well, LeBron's been that for a long time. For somebody to be totally numb to that and attack him in such a childish way really speaks more volumes about that individual than it does LeBron. He's very, very special. We should all be very proud that we have someone like that who's willing to speak about a variety of topics and you listen to them all."
a:Dave-McMenamin★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.02.25  w:1000  LeBron-James  Gregg-Popovich  from iphone
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Observable programming
"Excel is unusually good at allowing you to build complex programs while allowing you to see the values of every intermediate computation. As a result, you often find people who claim to struggle with the abstract thinking that most other programming requires but who construct elaborate Excel workbooks with ease. However, Excel struggles to make the formulas themselves easily observable. (Ever tried to audit the correctness of a complex Excel sheet?)"
a:Sophie-Alpert  p:Sophie-Alpert  d:2018.02.22  w:500  programming  spreadsheets  from iphone
27 days ago
Paleo Advocates Get Vegan Diets (and Saturated Fat) Wrong
"The need to supplement with vitamin B12 and possibly DHA is really all that divides us from the carefree life of a meat-eater. Gunnars’ reaction to this is that it makes a vegan diet a 'pretty bad idea'. Mine is a shoulder shrug. As always, when you recognize the moral imperative of veganism—and Gunnars admits that he doesn’t—then whatever little tweaks you need to make to your diet to keep it healthy are not that big a deal."
a:Ginny-Messina  p:The-Vegan-RD  d:2014.04.21  w:1000  vegetarianism  nutrition 
27 days ago
Countdown to the LeBronocalypse
"Here's where I really worry, because I don't think LeBron James has anyone in his life with enough juice to hurl his or her body in front of the concept of 'I'm going to announce during a one-hour live show that I'm playing somewhere other than Cleveland.' It's the best and worst thing about him -- he has remained fiercely loyal to his high school friends, but at the same time, he's surrounded by people his own age who don't stand up to him and don't know any better. Picking anyone other than Cleveland on this show would be the meanest thing any athlete has ever done to a city. But he might. Assuming he's not malicious, and that he's just a self-absorbed kid who apparently lost all perspective, that doesn't make him much different than most child stars who became famous before they could legally drink -- or, for that matter, Tiger Woods. That's just the way this stuff works. Too much, too fast, too soon. You don't lose your way all at once; just a little at a time. Then one day you look up and there's a TMZ photo spread with 15 of your mistresses, or you're agreeing to stab an entire city in the heart on a one-hour television show."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  p:ESPN/Page-2★  d:2010.07.08  w:4500  LeBron-James  Cavs  Cleveland  from instapaper
28 days ago
How LeBron Can Finish His Fairy Tale Better Than MJ
"If LeBron wants to grab the GOAT horns, he needs to keep piling up Finals trips and maybe even one or two more rings. He needs to put himself in position for his own Roy Hobbs moment (even if The Block in Oakland wasn’t too shabby). He needs to get lucky and have a 7-foot-2 superfreak unicorn defy the odds and stay healthy. He needs to buddy up with his favorite Klutch client, a mirror image of himself physically, and play the 'I’m gonna teach Ben everything I know' card. He needs to move his business to Manhattan. He needs to recruit the hell out of another A-lister like Paul George. He needs to roll the dice with Philadelphia. It’s the second-best narrative with the absolute highest ceiling."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.02.23  w:5000  LeBron-James  NBA  Cavs  from instapaper
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How will the NBA respond to the Mavs allegations?
"Silver, an attorney by profession and former clerk to U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, adopted an investigative approach in response to the Donald Sterling recording. Silver directed league general counsel Rick Buchanan and former assistant U.S. Attorney David Anders to interview witnesses and secure as much evidence as possible. After reviewing the evidence, Silver formulated his punishment of Silver and recommended that the NBA owners vote out Sterling. If the NBA investigates the Mavericks, the league would demand that the team turn over various records, including emails, employee reviews and other correspondences. The league would also likely arrange for in-person interviews with Cuban, Mavericks officials and former employees—including those who spoke with Wertheim and Luther. In addition, the league would evaluate to what extent the scandal harms the NBA’s image and business relations. If, for example, sponsors drop the Mavericks or the NBA in response to the allegations, the league would be more inclined to impose a severe punishment."
a:Michael-McCann  p:Sports-Illustrated★★  d:2018.02.20  w:3000  NBA  from instapaper
29 days ago
The Case for the Subway
"Before the subway, it was by no means a foregone conclusion that New York would become the greatest city on earth. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing poverty and persecution were arriving on its doorstep every year, but most of them were effectively marooned, herded into dark, squalid tenements in disease-ridden slums. The five boroughs had recently been joined as one city, but the farms and villages of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens might as well have been on the other side of the planet from Manhattan’s teeming streets. Bound up in the fate of the city were even larger questions: Would America be able to manage the transition from the individualism and insularity that defined its 19th-century frontiers to the creative collaboration and competition of its fast-growing urban centers? Could it adapt and excel in this rapidly changing world? Were cities the past or the future of civilization? And then came the subway: hundreds of miles of track shooting out in every direction, carrying millions of immigrants out of the ghettos and into newly built homes, tying together the modern city and enabling it to become a place where anything was possible."
a:Jonathan-Mahler  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.01.03  w:8500  NYC  infrastructure  public-transit  history  Hurricane-Sandy  development  from instapaper
29 days ago
I Started the Media Men List
"The spreadsheet was intended to circumvent all of this. Anonymous, it would protect its users from retaliation: No one could be fired, harassed, or publicly smeared for telling her story when that story was not attached to her name. Open-sourced, it would theoretically be accessible to women who didn’t have the professional or social cachet required for admittance into whisper networks. The spreadsheet did not ask how women responded to men’s inappropriate behavior; it did not ask what you were wearing or whether you’d had anything to drink. Instead, the spreadsheet made a presumption that is still seen as radical: That it is men, not women, who are responsible for men’s sexual misconduct."
a:Moira-Donegan  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.01.10  w:3000  media  gender  power  sex  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Ellen Pompeo, TV's $20 Million Woman, Reveals Her Behind-the-Scenes Fight for "What I Deserve"
"By the way, I saw the other path. My agent once sent me to see Harvey, too. I went right up to his room at the Peninsula, which I would never normally do, but Harvey was a New York guy, so it made sense. Plus, it was in the middle of the day, and he had an assistant there. He didn't try anything on me. Had he, I'm a little rough around the edges and I grew up around some very tough people, so I probably would have picked up a vase and cracked him over the fucking head. But I also feel completely comfortable saying that I walked into that room batting the shit out of my eyelashes. My goal in that room was to charm him, as it is in most rooms like that. You think, 'Not only do I have to show that I'm a good actress, but that director also has to in some way fall in love with me and at least become enamored with me.' That never felt right or good to me. And I've had conversations with my agents 17 years later. I've said, 'You sent me into that room knowing…' They claim they didn't know."
a:Lacey-Rose  p:The-Hollywood-Reporter  d:2018.01.17  w:2500  television  gender  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
The monster beneath
"For Bianco and the observatory staff, one of the greatest challenges will be deciding when to trigger the final red alert. There are currently no set criteria for deciding this. 'A lot still involves considerable amounts of expert judgment. What have you seen before?' Donovan explained. Because major eruptions are relatively rare, it can take a lifetime to build up that knowledge. The United States Geological Survey, for example, is currently facing the retirement of a tranche of experienced volcanologists and must consider how best to preserve their expertise. The stakes are incredibly high. In the L’Aquila earthquake in Italy in 2009 (a low-probability event with high stakes, much like an eruption), more than 300 people died. Some of the victims’ families claim that reassuring statements by the then-deputy head of the Civil Protection Department fatally prompted their relatives to stay indoors when the quake struck. At the other extreme, volcanology is still haunted by the example of the 1976 Guadeloupe eruptive crisis, when 72,000 people were evacuated for between three and nine months at huge economic and personal cost. A major eruption never occurred."
a:Helen-Gordon  p:The-Economist/1843  d:2017.12.11  w:4000  disaster  future  Italy  nature  from twitter
4 weeks ago
How a Museum Cares for a Giant Chunk of Dried-Out Fat
"We live in this world where everything on display has to be slightly clinical, and clean and tidy, and dust-free. Certainly, within conservation, we don’t like insects being in there with objects, as a rule. Part of our work is pest management. We’re worried about moths eating our costumes, and woodworm eating our furniture. Almost instinctively, you see a fly in a showcase and you think, oh, there’s a problem here. But because we’re taking a more sanguine view of the longer-term status of this item, we kind of just let it be there. So far, we’ve only got one fly. If it wants, it’s got a whole fatberg to eat."
a:Jessica-Leigh-Hester  a:Andy-Holbrook  p:Atlas-Obscura★  d:2018.02.16  w:1500  interview  UK  museums  from twitter
4 weeks ago
In Order to Keep Our Editorial Page Completely Balanced, We Are Hiring More Dipshits
"Here at the New York Times, we believe that all sides of the story should be tolerated and explored, from white supremacists being actually kinda cool if you think about it to people who believe that saying college campuses should be less PC is somehow an interesting use of 1,000 words. That’s why we’re expanding our editorial staff to include more dipshits."
a:Mike-Skerrett★  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.02.13  w:500  satire  media  from iphone
4 weeks ago
I’m Just a Misunderstood Marbled Crayfish (Overlord) Who is Certainly Not Planning World Domination
"What do you want me to say? That we aren’t plotting to infiltrate the human blood system, pinching off key veins and arteries, hacking our way like a machete-wielding explorer through the Amazon all the way to your brain cavity where we will dominate the willing and pick apart the mushy brains of the more obstinate like soft bread? I shouldn’t have to say that. It doesn’t sound crayfishy, does it?"
a:Josh-Sippie  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.02.09  w:1000  satire  animals  from iphone
4 weeks ago
How Every Character Was Cast on The Wire
"It never got any easier for me. I do remember meeting Idris [Elba] for the first time, and I didn't realize he was English initially, because he was talking the whole time in American and he was living in New York at the time. I was chatting to him, and eventually he said, 'Look, you've got to stop talking in that English accent because you're fucking me up.'"
a:Jonathan-Abrams  a:David-Simon★★  a:Wendell-Pierce  a:Dominic-West  a:Chris-Albrecht  a:Idris-Elba  a:Alexa-L-Fogel  a:Robert-Wisdom  a;Michael-K-Williams  a:Andre-Royo  a:Michael-Potts  a:Michael-B-Jordan  a:Sonja-Sohn  a:Lawrence-Gilliard-Jr  p:GQ★★  d:2018.02.13  w:2000  oral-history  The-Wire  acting  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories
"Shortly after Adrienne published her analysis, I looked back at the pieces that I had published in 2016 thus far. Across all 23 of them, 24 percent of the quoted sources were women. And of those stories, 35 percent featured no female voices at all. That surprised me. I knew it wasn’t going to be 50 percent, but I didn’t think it would be that low, either. I knew that I care about equality, so I deluded myself into thinking that I wasn’t part of the problem. I assumed that my passive concern would be enough. Passive concern never is."
a:Ed-Yong★  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2018.02.06  w:2000  gender  journalism  from twitter
4 weeks ago
FAQs: Your New Cursed Instant Pot
"What can I make with my cursed Instant Pot?
Your cursed Instant Pot is perfect for slow-braised meats and stews, cooking rice, steaming vegetables and even making yogurt!
Does my cursed Instant Pot mock God?
Yes. Summoning the powers of a profane occultist nightmare to save time in the kitchen is an abomination and an affront to God."
a:Ross-Wolinsky  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.02.07  w:1000  satire  FAQ  cooking  from twitter
4 weeks ago
Golfing with Jonah from 'Veep'
"And then there was us, sinking into middle-aged male cliché like hippos into mud. Out on the course, Tim and I were talking about this, how one day you’re young and the next day you’re passionate about red wine and the newest irons from TaylorMade. It was sobering and exhilarating at the same time: The pleasures were real, even as they marked the end of whatever pure and idealistic notions of self we were still holding onto."
a:Zach-Baron★★  p:GQ★★  d:2018.02.07  w:2500  golf  aging  Los-Angeles  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Donald Trump Shouldn’t Talk to the Feds. And Neither Should You.
"When special counsels or FBI agents ask questions of one of these powerful people, they are not fact-finding. They've already done their homework. They've already gathered facts—almost certainly many more facts than the interviewee knows. They are asking questions the answers to which they can already prove, hoping that the interviewee will tell a provable lie, and thus commit a crime, or at least lock themselves into a feckless story that ties their hands later. The law that makes it a crime to lie to federal investigators does not require the lie to fool the investigators for a nanosecond. A lie must be "material" to be criminal, but that only means that the lie is the kind of statement that could conceivably influence the government, not one that actually did. The FBI can roll up with irrefutable proof of something, ask the target a question hoping for a lie, collect the lie they wanted, and reap a felony conviction."
a:Ken-White★★★  p:Reason  d:2018.02.08  w:1500  law-enforcement  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
What Congress Has Accomplished Since the Sandy Hook Massacre
"More than five years have passed since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults were killed. In that time, dozens of gun control proposals have been introduced in Congress attempting to fix glaring issues with gun safety and regulation. More than 1,600 mass shootings have taken place in America since then. Here is a guide to what Congress has — or, more accurately, has not — accomplished during this time."
a:The-New-York-Times-Editorial-Board  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.02.15  w:500  guns  law  from twitter
4 weeks ago
New Erotica for Feminists
"I hear a box truck backing up in my driveway. Tom Hardy steps out, wearing a tight T-shirt that says WILD FEMINIST. He politely asks my permission to step inside to fill up my whole refrigerator with free LaCroix and play with my rescue dog every Tuesday forever. I consent clearly and enthusiastically."
a:Brooke-Preston  a:Caitlin-Kunkel  a:Carrie-Wittmer  a:Fiona-Taylor  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.02.06  w:1000  satire  pornography  gender  from twitter
4 weeks ago
2018: The Year of Emoji Convergence?
"One of the most common phrases mentioned by vendors when updating emoji designs is 'better compatibility with other platforms'. Generally speaking this means 'better compatibility with iOS'. Some users object to this move toward matching Apple's designs, but if the end result is emoji being more helpful to more people, this seems like a win (regardless of personal preference for any specific emoji design). Phones will continue to have their own style of emoji as the years progress, but 2018 could be shaping up as the first year that major platforms include emoji designs that are emotionally compatible with one other. In my opinion, that is a good outcome for everyone."
a:Jeremy-Burge★  p:Emojipedia-Blog★  d:2018.02.13  w:1000  emoji  iOS  from iphone
5 weeks ago
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