BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate
"For many diaspora Jews, BDS has become a symbol of evil and repository of dread, a nefarious force transforming the Israel-Palestine debate from a negotiation over the end of the occupation and the division of territory into an argument about the conflict’s older and deeper roots: the original displacement of most of the Palestinians, and, on the ruins of their conquered villages, the establishment of a Jewish state. The emergence of the BDS movement has revived old questions about the legitimacy of Zionism, how to justify the privileging of Jewish over non-Jewish rights, and why refugees can return to their homes in other conflicts but not in this one. Above all, it has underscored an awkward issue that cannot be indefinitely neglected: whether Israel, even if it were to cease its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, can be both a democracy and a Jewish state."
a:Nathan-Thrall  p:The-Guardian★★  d:2018.08.14  w:11000  Israel  Jews  war  history  international-relations  international-trade  World-War-II  from instapaper
11 days ago
Ballpark Boomtown
"Where there was only a convenience store and a liquor shop alone on a block of rubble, there are now 52 restaurants, with seven more opening this year. Where the waterfront was a ragtag jumble of fenced-off gravel pits and wretched piles of trash, there is now a sleek boardwalk with reflecting pools where children splash and lawns where families take in concerts and movies. Hardly anyone foresaw the area’s explosion in value. Even the team’s owners didn’t expect the stadium zone to morph so quickly into a thriving residential community. 'Back then, we thought the big economic impact would be jobs,' said Gregory McCarthy, the Nationals’ vice president for community engagement, who was Mayor Williams’s deputy chief of staff. 'But the ballpark made this more than an office zone.'"
a:Marc-Fisher  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2018.07.14  w:3500  DC  development  from instapaper
11 days ago
The Ambien Diaries
"Introduced to the market in the late 1980s as a substitute for the addictive benzodiazepine Halcion, Ambien is now the most commonly prescribed sleeping pill in America—according to the most recent data, 43.8 million prescriptions were filled in the year 2012. But as many an insomniac has discovered by now, Ambien doesn’t quite knock you out. What it does do is give you a choice. If you choose to sleep, you’ll find it easier to nod off than if you hadn’t taken it. But you can also choose not to, and that’s where things get interesting. A medical study says that only 5 percent of Ambien users are fortunate enough to experience what it calls 'zolpidem-induced somnambulism and amnesic sleep-related behavioral problems'. Given the proliferation of anecdotal evidence about Ambien’s psychotropic effects, that number is surprisingly small. It’s still unclear what yields results showing such a strange experience for a minority and no experience for everyone else. Do you have to be a neurotic to enjoy Ambien? Or are most people just too desperate to get to sleep to see what happens next?"
a:Shuja-Haider  p:Popula  d:2018.07.22  w:4000  sleep  recreational-drugs  pharmaceuticals  from instapaper
13 days ago
So You Think You're Customer-Driven?
"Level 10: Adult/Adult: Nobody ever gets here, but it's nice to have an aspirational Level 10."
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See No Evil
"Modular systems manage complexity by 'black-boxing' information; that is, they separate code or information into discrete units. A programmer need only know about the module with which she is working, because managing the complexity of the entire system would be too much to ask of any single individual. Modularity is the method we’ve devised to manage complexity at a time when we’re drowning in information. How do you manage the complexity of a system that procures goods from a huge variety of locations? You make it modular: when you black-box each component, you don’t need to know anything about it except that it meets your specifications. Information about provenance, labor conditions, and environmental impact is unwieldy when the goal of your system is simply to procure and assemble goods quickly. 'You could imagine a different way of doing things, so that you do know all of that,' said Russell, 'so that your gaze is more immersive and continuous. But what that does is inhibit scale.' And scale, of course, is key to a globalized economy."
a:Miriam-Posner  p:Logic  d:2018  w:3500  logisitics  international-trade  manufacturing  infrastructure  software-design  from instapaper
13 days ago
Fish Out of Water: How the Military Is an Impossible Place for Hackers, and What to Do About It
"Servicemembers are forced to uphold certain unwavering standards, including grooming, height and weight, and physical fitness. These standards further limit an already limited group of technical talent: The intersection of people who can run a 15-minute two mile and dissect a Windows kernel memory dump is vanishingly small. While a number of these unicorns do exist, DOPMA unfortuntely makes it extremely difficult for them to thrive. Career management inundates military professional education. Servicemembers are constantly reminded what key developmental jobs will make them competitive for promotions, what syntax their evaluation reports should follow, and what their timeline should look like. For military members wanting to climb the ranks, the map is laid out in front of them in 25 years of exquisite detail."
a:Josh-Lospinoso  p:War-on-the-Rocks  d:2018.07.12  w:3500  military  hacking  work  bureaucracy  from instapaper
13 days ago
Why Count All the Squirrels in Central Park? Why the Heck Not
"'There’s not a lot of squirrel data out there,' Mr. Allen, 49, said. 'So the first step is collecting the squirrel data. You start to see patterns in behavior, and then you can use the data for any research you’re working on.'"
a:Andy-Newman  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.10.06  w:1500  NYC  animals  statistical-analysis  from twitter
14 days ago
The NBA Meme Bracket
"As a coach, Jeff Van Gundy’s defining characteristic was the puffy, ashen bags hanging pendulously beneath his eyes. Knicks and Rockets fans were intimately familiar with those milky skin sacks and Jeff’s rumpled, hangdog energy. This GIF, from the introduction to Game 4 of the 2010 Eastern Conference final between the Celtics and the Magic, allows Jeff’s vacant, haunted eyes to step into the spotlight to spine-tingling effect."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.10.01  w:6000  NBA  memes  from instapaper
16 days ago
Steelmanning The NIMBYs
"Some people really enjoy living in dense cities like San Francisco. Other people, for the reasons listed above, really prefer not to. Many of the people who prefer not to are in San Francisco anyway. I signed up to work in the suburbs, but just before I started, my group begged me to work a few days a week in San Francisco because that was where they needed more doctors. I grudgingly agreed. During my time there, I treated depressed San Francisco residents. One refrain I heard again and again was that they hated living in San Francisco, but had come anyway because their company pressured them, or because their companies would pay them extra, or because that was where all the best jobs in their industry were. These people’s long-term plan was to use San Francisco as a springboard to gain enough money or career capital to be able to achieve their dream of leaving San Francisco. Alon Levy describes the same thing his In The Mines, where he compares the outlook of people moving to San Francisco to that of people working in mines or oil rigs. Nobody likes working in a mine or oil rig. They go there because it pays really well, and if they grin and bear it for long enough, they can pay off their debts or save for the future or do something that allows them to live in a place that isn’t a mine or oil rig. But people have to grudgingly endure poor conditions aboard oil rigs because they’re the only place you can pump oil. Why do they need to grudgingly endure poor conditions in San Francisco?"
a:Scott-Alexander★★★  p:Slate-Star-Codex★★★  d:2018.10.01  w:5000  housing  development  cities  NYC  San-Francisco  work  public-transit  from iphone
17 days ago
Community Plumbing
"I think that there are few lines of trade which require so close a personal attention to details as that of the retail hardware dealer. The average customer has a very indefinite idea of the name or nature of the device he requires, and therefore depends largely upon the intelligence of the dealer to supply the necessary and proper article. Even the everyday door knob and old-fashioned loose joint butt require intelligent attention and repeated explanation to make certain that the spindle is the right length, and whether the door swings to the right or to the left, and does the customer intend to use a rim or mortice latch. Then the length of the screws has to be considered, and, perhaps, the distance from the spindle to the keyhole must be ascertained, all of which seems of little importance to the customer, but must be understood by the dealer to render satisfactory service."
a:Shannon-Mattern  p:Places-Journal  d:2018.07  w:7000  community  retail  history  from instapaper
17 days ago
This Is the Best 5,453-Word Interview With Bronson Pinchot About Audiobooks You Will Ever Read
"Some authors will reveal, in as little as a word or two, that their mothers may in fact have disapproved of the book, in which case I’ll be gently puckish and teasing. Any piece of writing is agony to create; dedicating it to someone is a big deal. Why not acknowledge this in the reading of that dedication? L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is dedicated 'To my good friend and comrade … my wife.' In 1899, this would have been a fairly unusual way to describe one’s wife; in fact, Maude Baum was a very freethinking woman and the daughter of a prominent exponent of women’s rights. To my mind, it has the wonderful spin of 'she’s my equal, folks.' Baum knew that children being read the book might hear it, or glimpse it, or perhaps even just mark the expression on the face of the parent reading it silently. It’s important. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t."
a:Jeff-VanderMeer  a:Bronson-Pinchot  p:Vulture★★  d:2014.07.22  w:6000  interview  writing  books  reading  acting  process  from twitter
17 days ago
Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
"Sleep latency statistics are hard to compare to one another because they’re so dependent on the study population. If your subjects take an hour to fall asleep, perhaps melatonin could shave off thirty-four minutes. But if your subjects take twenty minutes to fall asleep, then no sleeping pill will ever take off thirty-four minutes, and even an amazing sleeping pill might struggle to make fifteen. I cannot directly compare the people who say melatonin gives back ten minutes to the people who say melatonin gives back thirty-four minutes to the people who say Ambien gives back twelve, but my totally unprincipled guess is that melatonin is about a third as strong as Ambien. It also has about a hundred times fewer side effects, so there’s definitely a place for it in sleep medicine."
a:Scott-Alexander★★★  p:Slate-Star-Codex★★★  d:2018.07.10  w:5000  sleep  pharmaceuticals  from instapaper
18 days ago
In Conversation: Billy Joel
"It didn’t bother me. I remembered it because it was so over-the-top. Had I been younger and still recording it would have bothered me because it was so wrong. I know good music: You can’t tell me everything I do is bad. But some people just have that reaction to my stuff."
"What is that visceral reaction about?"
"I chalk up a lot of it to my voice — I hear my voice and it annoys me. Or maybe it’s my persona or how I come off on TV or in interviews. I could probably come off obnoxious unless you’re from my neighborhood and know how we talk. But back in the ’70s, critics decided who was going to be in the good group and the bad group and I thought I got a bad shake."
a:David-Marchese  a:Billy-Joel  p:Vulture★★  d:2018.07  w:7500  interview  music  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
21 days ago
Do Men Enter Bathtubs on Hands and Knees So Their Balls Hit the Water Last?
"I reached out to her through the BabyCenter private messaging system to ask how she developed her theory. She agreed to answer, but requested I leave her name out of the piece, as her husband is 'already mortified!' Luckily for her I do not know her name, and also I love her."
a:Kelly-Conaboy  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.08.21  w:2500  gender  from twitter
21 days ago
Midwestern Nice: A Tribute to a Sincere and Suffocating Way of Life
"As an adult I discovered the fun of old-fashioned Midwestern innuendo: the way my aunts, say, could achieve the perfect degree of half-smile when extending their barely dead-toned goodbyes to my sister’s boyfriend, which told her how very much they disliked him. In fact, people from outside the Plains think they can mimic us by elongating some O's, but in truth we communicate far more in what we half-say, or fail to say entirely. To live in the Midwest is to experience two realities: the first, all sunshine and bland pleasantries among other potluck-suppering churchgoers; the other, a red-lit underworld where people relay vulgarities through the learned second language of euphemism, eye rolls and loaded silence."
a:Paul-Kix  p:Thrillist  d:2015.10.22  w:2000  language  culture  social-interaction  from instapaper
21 days ago
"I can’t say I’ve always followed my gut on boundaries and discomfort. I can’t say I’ve never swallowed it in order to make others comfortable. But I can say what she taught me was important. It was and still is radical.
It’s radical to have boundaries. And to exercise them. Three things I think were really really important in what she did:
1. She always explicitly said 'you can leave if you want to'.
2. She never questioned why, or whether I was overreacting.
3. She showed up."
a:Erynn-Brook  p:Twitter  d:2018.09.29  w:1000  instructional  parenting  social-interaction  from instapaper
21 days ago
7 Kids Who Need To Shut The Fuck Up About Fossils Already
"This kid seems to think that geodes are fossils, even though they’re not and are actually just fancy fucking rocks. But that doesn’t matter to him."
p:ClickHole★★★  d:2016.06.10  w:500  satire  children  from twitter
22 days ago
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
"During the Grammys, Lambert tweeted about her new friend Gaga, her love for Adele, her confusion over Nicki Minaj’s performance, and her outright disgust with Rihanna’s abuser, Chris Brown. 'I don’t get it,' she tweeted. 'He beat on a girl.' In concert a few nights later, in Amherst, Massachusetts, Lambert held up a sign that read TAKE NOTES CHRIS BROWN and then sang her hit 'Gunpowder and Lead'. The chorus begins 'His fist is big, but my gun’s bigger/He’ll find out when I pull the trigger.' 'I may look small and blonde,' says Lambert, who is five-foot-four, 'but I cannot tolerate men who beat up on women. It is never okay.' She puts some pale pink gloss on her finger and applies it to her lips. At moments like this, the contrast between Lambert’s gun-toting, out-for-justice side and her pink-is-my-favorite-color side is particularly vivid. 'It’s tough for a girl to be a headliner in country music,' she says, after a pause. 'For instance, I can’t get a sponsor.' She points to her beer T-shirt. 'I love alcohol! You would think a beer company would sponsor me.'"
a:Lynn-Hirschberg  p:W-Magazine  d:2012.06.01  w:2500  music  gender  from instapaper
22 days ago
The long, noble and stinky quest to make human shit useful
"Poorer countries, though, aren’t the only ones where sewage systems are flawed. 'Defecating in drinking water is a kind of insane thing that the Romans taught us,' Klehm says. George agrees: 'I don't think that the fundamental principle of mixing shit with drinking water and then paying a lot of money and using a lot of energy to remove the shit from drinking water is necessarily the best idea,' says George. 'But it's too late, it's not going to be retrofitted.'"
a:Phoebe-Braithwaite  p:Wired★★  d:2018.07.31  w:2500  environment  from instapaper
22 days ago
Not All Restaurateurs Shun Yelp. Some Are Obsessed With The Free Advice.
"While some restaurateurs live to put Yelpers in their place, others like Simons can’t fathom ignoring free advice. 'The return on investment is crystal clear,' he says. 'The analogy is if a guest said to a server, "I want to talk to a manager." Can you imagine not going? There’s the positive return for engaging and the negative cost of not engaging.'"
a:Laura-Hayes  p:Washington-City-Paper/Young&Hungry★★  d:2018.08.30  w:2000  restaurants  Yelp  DC  customer-service  from instapaper
22 days ago
A Breakthrough for U.S. Troops: Combat-Ready Pizza
"The deployment of M.R.E. pizza is not just a victory for food technologists. It is an indication of how much the military has been forced to change its culture since the draft effectively ended in 1973. To recruit and retain the volunteers it needs, the military has built up an elaborate social support structure for troops and their families. It now offers child care and family counseling, continuing education benefits, improved base housing, and fitness centers that can rival those in luxury condo complexes. The core mission still includes service under spartan conditions in dangerous lands, but there has been a growing focus on delivering small comforts when possible."
a:Dave-Phillips  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.09.20  w:1500  food  military  from instapaper
23 days ago
The Obsessive Search for the Tasmanian Tiger
"After dodos disappeared from Mauritius, in the seventeenth century, naturalists came to believe that the bird had only been a legend. There were drawings and records, sure, but where had it suddenly *gone*? Extinction was a new and much derided idea. Even Thomas Jefferson refused to believe in it for many years—how could the perfection of nature, of creation, allow such a thing? The evidence of departed species mounted until it was undeniable—dinosaur and mastodon bones were pretty difficult to account for—but it took longer to understand that humans, through their own actions, might be able to overwhelm the abundance of nature and wipe out whole species."
a:Brooke-Jarvis  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.07.02  w:6500  animals  Australia  from twitter
23 days ago
The Most Important Video Game on the Planet
"In June, in something between a coming-out party and a coronation, 3,000 (and more than a million online) gathered during E3 in Los Angeles to watch the best players in the world compete in the Fortnite Pro-Am, pitting IRL celebrities like actor Joel McHale and NBA star Paul George against the game’s own godlike celebrities like Ninja and Myth. The amateurs knew they were outclassed; rapper Lil Yachty did not even try to present a best-case scenario. 'I’m honestly terrible,' he told me before the event, 'but keep that between me and you. That’ll come out after.'"
a:Brian-Feldman  p:New-York-Magazine/Select-All  d:2018.07  w:5500  games  teens  celebrities  from twitter
23 days ago
Foxhound vs Blackbird: How the MiGs reclaimed the skies
"'The crew would fly out on an intercept course to close with the target, and then switch the radar to radiation mode and report to their ground controllers when they had detected the target at around 300-320 km. They would then continue to close with the target, and at 120-150 km target lock-on would be achieved, whereupon the crew would report readiness to attack.' At this point the SR-71's missile approach warning system would trigger; the crew would find themselves the hunted, and unable to hold their nerve, there was no course of action for them other than to engage afterburner and run for home."
a:Rakesh-Krishnan-Simha  p:Russia-Beyond  d:2012.09.03  w:1500  aviation  Russia  intelligence-gathering  from instapaper
23 days ago
David Chang’s secret code to unleashing the most amazing flavors on Earth
"I’m making this all sound like a very intellectual exercise. And creating this food can be just that, but eating it shouldn’t be. These dishes should taste seamless; they shouldn’t feel like math equations. In fact, the more obviously conceptual a dish is, the less powerful it will be. This is something that still bothers me about our ceci e pepe dish. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t call it that—I’d name it something like chickpeas with buttered noodles. Ceci e pepe is too explicit. It’s telling diners what to think instead of letting them draw their own conclusions. The element of surprise is part of the magic."
a:David-Chang  p:Wired★★  d:2016.07.19  w:3000  food  cooking  nostalgia  David-Chang  naming  from instapaper
23 days ago
Transforming Standard Video Into Slow Motion with AI
"'There are many memorable moments in your life that you might want to record with a camera in slow-motion because they are hard to see clearly with your eyes: the first time a baby walks, a difficult skateboard trick, a dog catching a ball,' the researchers wrote in the research paper. 'While it is possible to take 240-frame-per-second videos with a cell phone, recording everything at high frame rates is impractical, as it requires large memories and is power-intensive for mobile devices,' the team explained. 'Our method can generate multiple intermediate frames that are spatially and temporally coherent. Our multi-frame approach consistently outperforms state-of-the-art single frame methods.'"
p:Nvidia  d:2018.06.18  w:500  video  artificial-intelligence  from instapaper
24 days ago
Inside Apple’s iPhone XS Camera Technology
"Apple’s depth editing is all the more remarkable because it lets you adjust the aperture in post without touching the exposure. In traditional and DSLR photography, every adjustment of the f-stop has to be met with a correlative adjustment of the exposure setting. A smaller aperture means less light while a more open one blows out the exposure in the photo unless you increase the shutter speed. However, sliding the depth editor back and forth on an iPhone XS image adjusts that blur exponentially while somehow maintaining your original exposure. It’s a heavy lift computationally, but Marineau-Mes said they do it all in real-time."
a:Lance-Ulanoff  p:Medium  d:2018.09.20  w:3000  photography  iPhone  from twitter
27 days ago
One small change to New York’s intersections is saving pedestrians’ lives
"The Basic Hardened Centerline, which includes the rubber bump, slows down drivers and discourages them from cutting corners. The Slow Turn Wedge uses markings and flexible plastic posts to buffer pedestrians from traffic and shrink the area where they could get hit by a car. The Complete Hardened Centerline (jokingly dubbed “the Deluxe treatment”) combines the basic hardened centerline and slow turn wedge."
a:Karen-Hao  a:Amanda-Shendruk  p:Quartz★  d:2018.09.21  w:1500  roads  safety  NYC  from twitter
29 days ago
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America?
"State lines are powerful boundaries in binding nearby places. For many counties, as the maps illustrate, the likelihood of friendship drops off sharply at state borders. And counties within a given state tend to be strongly connected to one another. This is particularly striking in Michigan, where counties near the Indiana and Ohio state line are more closely tied to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula than to out-of-state counties closer by."
a:Emily-Badger★  a:Quoctrung-Bui  p:The-New-York-Times/The-Upshot★  d:2018.09.19  w:1500  map  visualization  friendship  Facebook  history  social-networks  from twitter
4 weeks ago
Bidding a final farewell to a DC ghost road
"Situated in the middle of the structure, the two faded signs for I-66 and E Street have been pummeled by countless snow and windstorms over the years, but Tantillo said sunlight took a greater toll. 'Typically, modern signs have a warranty on the reflective sheeting of about 10 to 15 years, though the "retroreflectivity" of the sheeting could last 25 years under the right circumstances.' Tantillo, a traffic device expert, said that the signage could have exceeded its life expectancy since it faced north, away from the direct rays of the sun. 'For signs to last 50 years – those are absolutely ancient,' Tantillo said. The fourth boarded up sign on the right side of the structure will not be replaced. It marked the spot where an old exit used to be."
a:Dave-Dildine  p:WTOP  d:2018.08.23  w:1000  roads  DC  history  freeway-revolts  from iphone
4 weeks ago
How The Weather Channel Made That Insane Storm Surge Animation
"Bringing extreme weather to life obviously isn’t an entirely altruistic goal; it’s compelling television, too. Potts contends, though, that videos like this one also contain a valuable safety message. You know what nine feet is, and you know what water looks like. But the two rarely go together, outside of swimming pools and disaster movies. Seeing what it looks like on a street corner that resembles your own might be enough to get someone to evacuate if they’d had any hesitation. At the very least, it lets the rest of the world know just how bad it could get."
a:Brian-Barrett  p:Wired★★  d:2018.09.13  w:1000  weather  visualization  television  safety  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
Best Buy Should Be Dead, But It’s Thriving in the Age of Amazon
"Best Buy was among the first chains to feature Apple boutiques. In April 2013, Joly said there would be Samsung mini-shops in its 1,400 U.S. locations by June. That same month, Best Buy began adding 600 Microsoft stores-within-stores. Sony arrived in 2014. Last year, Best Buy turned over more space to Amazon and Google to better display their smart home technologies. The two are bitter rivals: Amazon doesn’t sell Google Home and offers a limited selection of Google’s Nest products. Best Buy is neutral ground. The brands essentially pay rent to Best Buy (it’s cheaper than building stores) and either send in their own salespeople or train the blue shirts. No one at Best Buy would offer details about these partnerships. But even analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities Inc., who in almost 10 years has never recommended buying Best Buy’s stock, describes the partnerships as a phenomenal success because they ease the financial burden of operating stores while enhancing profit margins. 'Best Buy is like an arms dealer,' he says. 'They’re indifferent to what brand you buy as long as you buy it from them.'"
a:Susan-Berfield  a:Matthew-Boyle  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2018.07.19  w:4000  retail  Amazon  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap
"Is it racist to observe that whites are more likely to drive drunk than blacks are? Is it racist to assert that black immigrants in the UK outscore comparable white Britons on standardized tests? Is it racist to observe that black American culture has produced a higher number of musical icons than Asian-American culture has? And if it’s not racist to mention these facts, then why is it racist to mention the same kinds of facts when they run in the opposite direction? Moreover, cultural differences can even cause disparities between groups that belong to the same race, as with the aforementioned wealth disparities between black Americans and black Caribbeans living in Boston, or the nearly 4-to-1 income ratio between Taiwanese-Americans and Hmong-Americans. Discussing the different patterns of behavior that underlie such *intra*-racial disparities cannot be racist, by definition. Race and culture, though often correlated, are entirely different concepts."
a:Coleman-Hughes  p:Quillette  d:2018.07.19  w:3500  race  culture  personal-finance  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
25 Notes and Nitpicks of SI's Top 100 NBA Players of 2019
"Carmelo's game has slipped a ton, but he shouldn't be off the list entirely, and he's more effective in a vacuum than Pau Gasol. This revision solves the Lonzo problem (Brogdon in above him). It also solves the ensuing Brogdon clickbait problem (nobody cares about Brogdon at 100, but Carmelo would be perfect). And finally, even though there's no real difference between Dirk and Melo at this point, this revision also allows Ben and Rob to elevate Dirk over Carmelo and quietly grandstand about their basketball principles (an unstated goal of this entire ranking project)."
a:Andrew-Sharp  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover  d:2018.09.14  w:3000  NBA  from iphone
5 weeks ago
Why Did I Teach My Son to Speak Russian?
"Six is an in-between age in terms of assimilation. If you’re much younger—two or three—the chances of keeping your Russian are slim, and you basically just become an American. If you’re older by a few years—for Russians, nine or ten seems to be the cutoff—you probably won’t ever lose your accent, and you will be marked as Russian for the rest of your life. At six, you can still remember the language, but you won’t have an accent. It’s up to you what to do."
a:Keith-Gessen  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.06.16  w:4500  language  children  Russia  from twitter
5 weeks ago
Where Is Barack Obama?
"The Obamas appear to be settled in Washington. The chatter about their potential move to the Upper East Side has died out, and they are installing a pool at their home, which is around the corner from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s. Obama is open with friends about the new comforts of his life: the games of Words With Friends on his iPad, the rounds of golf, the slower-paced international travel. Immediately after leaving office, he flew to Palm Springs, then visited with Richard Branson on his private Caribbean island. Before long, he was on David Geffen’s yacht in French Polynesia with Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah Winfrey. Even in Washington, he’s taken to undoing an extra button on his dress shirts and musing about how much more sleep he now gets. When he lets his guard down, he admits that he misses being in the middle of the international fray, but he confides that his life has slowed down so dramatically that he now feels like Neo, Keanu Reeves’s character in The Matrix, who can experience time hyperslowly while facing gunfire."
a:Gabriel-Debenedetti  p:New-York-Magazine/Daily-Intelligencer★  d:2018.06  w:6500  Barack-Obama  Donald-Trump  international-relations  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
When a DNA Test Shatters Your Identity
"To join DNA NPE Friends, you first have to apply through a closed but public 'gateway' group on Facebook. It’s a jury-rigged system, designed to get around the fact the group needs to be findable enough to reach new members but also secret enough so as to not broadcast my father is not my biological father to one’s entire social network. St Clair and her admins also privately invite people who post about misattributed parentage in two popular public groups on Facebook called DNA Detectives and DD Social, both run by Moore, the genetic genealogist. Moore also runs secret splinter groups dedicated to various specific scenarios like unknown paternity and incest."
a:Sarah-Zhang  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2018.07.17  w:3000  family  genetics  Facebook  community  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
I Am Part of the Resistance Inside Nyarlathotep’s Death Cult
"There are those of us still wandering the labyrinthine halls of the mutated Capitol Building, looking for ways to constructively appease Nyarlathotep, despite continual smear campaigns by the elitist, now underground press. For instance, we replaced the orphans It absorbs every 'morning' with migrant laborers, and It didn’t seem to notice. When Its appetite turned to Idaho, one of us directed Its soulless gaze up towards the moon. No more moon, of course, but no one can say we ever turned our back on our core constituents."
a:Andrew-Paul  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.09.05  w:1000  satire  Donald-Trump  from iphone
5 weeks ago
In Defense of Our College’s Mascot, Sir Racist Von Genocide
"I understand that there is worry about how minority students are feeling, particularly those on sports teams. Well, I want to assure you and them that our traditional mascot does not mean their school is 'racist' or 'promotes genocide'.
Having Sir Racist Von Genocide as our mascot honors the legacy of our school and community, which does contain some light genocide."
a:Jonathan-Appel  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.09.05  w:500  satire  race  from twitter
5 weeks ago
What It Would Take to Set American Kids Free
"The do-it-yourself rule is, to a certain extent, self-limiting, as towers built with simple tools are shorter than those ordered from catalogues. I saw plenty of children up on roofs—the rule was, if you can climb up without a ladder, relying on your own strength and ingenuity, it’s O.K. In a documentary on The Land, a Welsh adventure playground, a play worker describes the difference between risk and hazard: a risk you take on knowingly; a hazard is unexpected, like a nail sticking out of a board. The play workers are there to remove hazards and leave the risks."
a:Alexandra-Lange  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2016.11.18  w:1500  children  risk  safety  Japan  from instapaper
5 weeks ago
An Endless Cycle of Short Existential Plays Starring You and Your Coworkers
"[Beans, cheese, and lettuce rain down upon your COWORKER’S keyboard as she eats a burrito at her desk while she works.]
YOU: You’re spilling.
[Your COWORKER rotates her body so the burrito is no longer over her desk. It suddenly falls apart, spilling out of her hands and falling into her purse below.]
COWORKER: I dropped my burrito in my purse.
[YOU are too shocked and repulsed to speak or act.]
COWORKER: There is burrito all in my purse!"
a:Mike-Jungman  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.08.31  w:1000  satire  work  from twitter
5 weeks ago
A Champion, a Critic, a Therapist: Dyana Williams Is Hip-Hop’s Artist Whisperer
"Summing up Ms. Williams’s bona fides, Gabe Tesoriero, Def Jam’s executive vice president of media and a longtime publicist for Kanye West and Justin Bieber, cited a line about the Grateful Dead: 'They’re not the best at what they do,' he said, 'they’re the only ones who do what they do.' A throwback to the days of Berry Gordy’s Motown and its etiquette coach Maxine Powell, Ms. Williams, who said she was paid hourly “like a lawyer — a high-end lawyer,” has spent more than two decades as a freelance media adviser and strategist for just about every prominent label and artist management team. From the embryonic stages of Rihanna and Mr. Bieber’s careers to the ups and downs of D’Angelo, Ms. Williams has been in the background with tips, encouragement and, when necessary, a healthy dose of *what the hell are you doing?*"
a:Joe-Coscarelli  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.09.06  w:2000  hip-hop  media  from twitter
5 weeks ago
Translations of the Margin Notes From Your Freshman Composition Instructor
Did I turn off the oven? Sylvia Plathing myself wouldn’t be the worst way to go. That would give Dale something to write about.
'Substantiate this claim.'
I drive without car insurance because I can’t afford it, and it’s the most alive I’ve felt in years."
a:Natalie-Sayth  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.08.30  w:500  satire  writing  academia  from iphone
5 weeks ago
"Wait, is this why you've been encouraging me to put on weight? I thought that was a fetish thing!"
"It's a lot of things, okay?"
a:Zach-Weinersmith★★★  p:Saturday-Morning-Breakfast-Cereal★★★  d:2018.08.26  comic  robots  batteries  from iphone
5 weeks ago
Web Reading Mode: A bad reading experience
"Readability.js was a neat trick back in the day and it’s still an excellent prototype. However, it has created an entirely separate rendering mode inside the web browser. Given its central placement in all the leading web browsers sans Google Chrome it is really overdue for a formal specification and standardization across web browsers. Web browser vendors need to come together and rethink what reading mode is and how it should work. Individual web browser vendors can continue to tweak and improve reading mode over time. However, it’s not the 90’s anymore. The web wants standards and not vendor-specific solutions to universal problems."
a:Daniel-Aleksandersen  p:Crtrl-blog  d:2018.08.23  w:1000  web  reading  from iphone
5 weeks ago
Top 100 NBA Players of 2019
"Although Nurkic just completed his rookie deal, he has rewritten virtually every aspect of his scouting profile. During two-plus seasons in Denver, the Bosnian 7-footer couldn’t finish, couldn’t protect the ball, couldn’t handle big minutes, couldn’t stay healthy, couldn’t serve as a functional backline defender, and couldn’t get along with his coach. Following a 2017 trade, the Blazers embarked on an 'Extreme Makeover: Starting Center' mission, encouraging Nurkic to trim down, communicating his role to him clearly, empowering him to pursue his own offense, and entrusting him with major defensive responsibilities."
a:Ben-Golliver★  a:Rob-Mahoney  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover  d:2018.09.10  w:27000  list  NBA 
5 weeks ago
wideNES - Peeking Past the Edge of NES Games
"Unlike modern GPUs, which have large internal framebuffers, the PPU has *no frame-buffer whatsoever*! To save on space, the PPU stores scenes as a grid of 64x32 8x8 pixel tiles. Instead of resolving the pixel data ahead of time, tiles are stored as pointers into CHR Memory (Character Memory), which contains the actual pixel data. Since the NES was developed in the 80s, the PPU was not built with modern display technology in mind. Instead of rendering full-frames at a time, the PPU outputs NTSC video designed to be displayed on a CRT, which outputs video pixel by pixel, scanline by scanline, top to bottom, left to right. Why is all this important? Well, since the PPU renders frames top-to-bottom, scanline-by-scanline, it is possible to send the PPU instructions *mid-frame* to create otherwise impossible video effects! These effects could be as simple as changing the palette, or as advanced as, you guessed it, creating Status Bars!"
a:Daniel-Prilik  p:Daniel-Prilik  d:2018.08  w:3000  games  from iphone
6 weeks ago
Surprising hidden order unites prime numbers and crystal-like materials
"Torquato and his colleagues have found that that, when considered over large swaths of the number line, prime numbers are more ordered than previously believed, falling within the class of patterns known as 'hyperuniformity'. Hyperuniform materials have special order at large distances and include crystals, quasicrystals and special disordered systems. Hyperuniformity is found in the arrangement of cone cells in bird eyes, in certain rare meteorites, and in the large-scale structure of the universe."
a:Kevin-McElwee  p:Princeton-University  d:2018.09.05  w:1000  math  nature  from twitter
6 weeks ago
A Diagram of All the Batteries
"I dug into my battery drawer — a reflection of toys past — naively thinking that I must have the right size. The excavation showed that I was in fact incorrect. The natural next step was of course to look up battery sizes and chart all of them."
a:Nathan-Yau★★  p:FlowingData★★  d:2018.07.03  infographic  visualization  from twitter
6 weeks ago
Secret Language On The Sidewalk: Decoding 'Utility Graffiti'
"There’s an entire industry devoted to locating and marking utilities. It’s called damage prevention (and it even has its own beachside conferences). There are hundreds of people painting sidewalks and streets every day in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Joel Troxell is an operations manager for UtiliQuest, a company utilities hire to locate and mark their pipes and wires in response to 811 calls. 'Right now with the interest rates and the jobs, there’s people building,' says Troxell. 'The economy is doing well, so excavation is up.' More excavation means more paint on sidewalks."
a:Jacob-Fenston  p:WAMU  d:2018.06.19  w:1000  infrastructure  color  DC  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Beauty Brawl
"By comparing the number of shades the two brands offer in each lightness range, we see where Fenty and Make Up For Ever shine. Fenty’s Pro Filt’r foundation evenly supports a greater range of skin tones, excelling on both the darkest and lightest ends of the spectrum. In contrast, 31 of Make Up For Ever’s 40 shades fall in the 60-90 lightness range, primarily catering to light and tanned skin tones. In short, Rihanna was unimpressed by Make Up For Ever’s shade(s) and rightly so. 💅🏽"
a:Jason-Li  p:Pudding  d:2018.06  w:2500  analysis  color  race  makeup  from iphone
6 weeks ago
The Universe Is Not a Simulation, but We Can Now Simulate It
"The scientists seem to have begun to master the science and art of cosmos creation. They are applying the laws of physics to a smooth, hot fluid of (simulated) matter, as existed in the infant universe, and seeing the fluid evolve into spiral galaxies and galaxy clusters like those in the cosmos today. 'I was like, wow, I can’t believe it!' said Tiziana Di Matteo, a numerical cosmologist at Carnegie Mellon University, about seeing realistic spiral galaxies form for the first time in 2015 in the initial run of BlueTides, one of several major ongoing simulation series. 'You kind of surprise yourself, because it’s just a bunch of lines of code, right?'"
a:Natalie-Wolchover  p:Quanta-Magazine  d:2018.06.12  w:2500  space  science  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
How to Make a Big Decision
"Homogeneous groups — whether they are united by ethnic background, gender or some other commonality like politics — tend to come to decisions too quickly. They settle early on a most-likely scenario and don’t question their assumptions, since everyone at the table seems to agree with the broad outline of the interpretation. A 2008 study led by the management professor Katherine Phillips using a similar investigative structure revealed an additional, seemingly counterintuitive finding: While the more diverse groups were better at reaching the truth, they were also far less confident in the decisions they made. They were both more likely to be right and, at the same time, more open to the idea that they might be wrong."
a:Steven-Johnson★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.09.01  w:1500  instructional  planning  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency
"White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly frequently lost his temper and told colleagues that he thought the president was 'unhinged', Woodward writes. In one small group meeting, Kelly said of Trump: 'He’s an idiot. It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails. We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.'"
a:Philip-Rucker  a:Robert-Costa  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2018.09.04  w:2500  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Trump’s Rougher Edge Complicates Trip by Pompeo and Mattis to India
"Under Mr. Mattis, the Pentagon has been equally committed to the partnership. It has even renamed its Hawaii-based American combatant command that oversees the Pacific region as the Indo-Pacific Command as a lure for India to increase its partnership with the United States and other allied forces. India’s rise was seen as such an obvious win for the United States that previous presidents mostly overlooked New Delhi’s reflexive trade protectionism. And if the Indians wanted to get some military equipment from Russia, that was seen as acceptable to Washington — as long as it meant India was becoming more powerful."
a:Gardiner-Harris  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.09.02  w:1000  diplomacy  Donald-Trump  India  China  Russia  from iphone
6 weeks ago
Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up
"The segments that he is referring to are sliced out of any given person’s navigation session. Neither the beginning or the end of any trip is ever transmitted to Apple. Rotating identifiers, not personal information, are assigned to any data or requests sent to Apple and it augments the 'ground truth' data provided by its own mapping vehicles with this 'probe data' sent back from iPhones. Because only random segments of any person’s drive is ever sent and that data is completely anonymized, there is never a way to tell if any trip was ever a single individual. The local system signs the IDs and only it knows to whom that ID refers. Apple is working very hard here to not know anything about its users. This kind of privacy can’t be added on at the end, it has to be woven in at the ground level."
a:Matthew-Panzarino  p:TechCrunch  d:2018.06.29  w:4000  maps  Apple-Maps  self-driving-cars  privacy  from instapaper
6 weeks ago
This day took a turn.
"Then I decided that maybe it would be easier to wipe the dog’s hoo-hoo if it didn’t have so much fur on it so I went to Target to find dog-clippers but they didn’t have any so I went to the men’s grooming section and there were a thousand trimmers but I didn’t know which one to use and a lady who works there asked if I needed help and I told her I was looking for the best way to shave my dog’s vagina and she was like, 'Oh' and I explained that it was for medical reasons, not recreation but she still looked disturbed."
a:Jenny-Lawson  p:The-Bloggess  d:2018.08.28  w:500  story  dogs  from iphone
7 weeks ago
Conan O’Brien’s Unrequited Fanboy Love for Robert Caro
"After having been rejected numerous times, Mr. O’Brien came up with a plan to land his prey: a relatively sober streaming interview program called 'Serious Jibber Jabber'. Guests have included the best-selling nonfiction author Michael Lewis, the historian Evan Thomas and the data journalist Nate Silver. 'I pretty much made this thing as a bear trap to catch Robert Caro,' Mr. O’Brien said. The refusals have done nothing to lessen the host’s affection for the author. 'The biggest thing I want to stress is that my inability to get him to sit with me only makes me respect him more.''"
a:John-Koblin  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.08.24  w:1500  television  from twitter
7 weeks ago
A brief history of the nuclear triad
"A strange elaboration of the triad notion from the Defense Logistics Agency, in which the 'new triad' includes the 'old triad' squished into one 'leg', with the other 'legs' being even less tangible notions joined by a web of command and control. At this point, I’d argue it might be worth ditching the triad metaphor."
a:Alex-Wellerstein  p:Nuclear-Secrecy  d:2016.07.15  w:5000  nuclear-weapons  World-War-II  history  strategy  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Customer Satisfaction at the Push of a Button
"A perennial challenge in polling is gathering responses from enough people to support meaningful conclusions. The challenge grows as the questions become more probing, since people who have the time and the inclination to fill out long, boring surveys aren’t necessarily representative customers. A single HappyOrNot terminal can register thousands of impressions in a day, from people who buy and people who don’t. The terminals are self-explanatory, and customers can use them without breaking stride. In the jargon of tech, giving feedback through HappyOrNot is 'frictionless'. And, although the responses are anonymous, they are time-stamped."
a:David-Owen★★  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.02.05  w:3500  customer-service  retail  happiness  surveillance  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Inside the Binge Factory
"'This [idea] that if you have volume, you can’t have quality?' says Holland. 'I think it’s convenient for people who are limited by time slots or budget. If you can have one network that has a dozen shows and they’re good quality, why can’t you have the equivalent of four networks with a dozen shows each? Why can’t you have more than that? We have the ability to support a larger number of artists than most people can.'"
a:Josef-Adalian  p:Vulture★★  d:2018.06  w:9000  Netflix  television  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Dark Matter Candidates
"Maybe these orbit lines in space diagrams are real and very heavy"
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2018.08  comic  space 
7 weeks ago
Voting Software
"I don't quite know how to put this, but our entire field is bad at what we do, and if you rely on us, everyone will die."
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2018.08  comic  voting  software 
7 weeks ago
Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything
"Usually, a rewrite is only a practical option when it’s the only option left. Technical debt, or code the seniors wrote that we can’t be rude about, accrues until all change becomes hazardous. It is only when the system is at breaking point that a rewrite is even considered an option. Sometimes the reasons can be less dramatic: an API is being switched off, a startup has taken a beautiful journey, or there’s a new fashion in town and orders from the top to chase it. Rewrites can happen to appease a programmer too—rewarding good teamwork with a solo project."
a:Thomas-Edward-Figg  p:Programming-Is-Terrible  d:2018.08.05  w:2500  instructional  programming  software-design  software-development  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
A Vor Never Sleeps
"The experience taught the FBI a critical lesson about the difference between the La Cosa Nostra (LCN) and Russian organized crime: Russians are willing to cut a deal. 'In LCN, cooperators were shunned—there is no reentry to the LCN,' Penza said. But Russians happily flip—and then go back to work with the same partners. There appear to be few permanent grudges. 'It’s like, "You had to do the thing you did,"' he added."
a:Garrett-M-Graff  p:Longreads★★  d:2018.06.04  w:5000  crime  corruption  Italy  Russia  law-enforcement  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Of Monsters and Shadows
"This fact, as uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge, may explain the outrage over surveillance among the US educated (upper-)middle class. We are suddenly feeling on our own necks the chill of the shadow from the monster that has until now been content to prey on others. Blissfully unaware of the monster itself, our reaction is to focus on warding off the shadow. But the shadow itself is not the threat. It is the monster that casts it that we should be concerned with. To tame it, we must limit the number of people we allow to be put behind bars. Beyond imposing controls on how the government is allowed to collect and use evidence, we need to limit how many people the government can detain and imprison. We must hold our government accountable for the outcomes, not just the process."
a:Alex-Gantman  p:Alex-Gantman  d:2018.08.07  w:2000  manifesto  surveillance  government  law-enforcement  process  from instapaper
7 weeks ago
If Your Car Is Stuck in Traffic, It's Not Uber and Lyft's Fault
"Many riders—60 percent, Schaller notes—are using ride-hailing services instead of more sustainable modes of transport, like public transit, walking, or bicycling. Ridership of these transportation network companies is soon expected to pass local bus ridership. But when we look at the whole, we see that people choose to ride by bus for 4 percent of their trips, and by personal car for 73 percent. Why wouldn’t we presume that the same fraction of trips taken in a personal car could also have been accomplished by foot, bike, or transit? Good question! But neither the federal travel survey, nor New York’s own mobility survey thought to ask."
a:Robin-Chase  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2018.07.27  w:1000  roads  cities  regulation  public-transit  Uber  traffic-congestion  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
The presence prison
"Are there exceptions? Of course. It might be good to know who’s around in a true emergency, but 1% occasions like that shouldn’t drive policy 99% of the time. And there are times where certain teams need to make sure someone’s around so there are no gaps in customer service coverage, but those are specialized cases best handled by communication, not an ambiguous colored dot next to someone’s name."
a:Jason-Fried  p:Signal-v.-Noise  d:2017.12.21  w:1000  work  software-design  productivity  from twitter
8 weeks ago
Trae Young, Kevin Love and the future of mental health in the NBA
"Lopez says former Chicago Bulls coach Bill Cartwright helped him corral his temper by talking to him in a low, even tone. When Lopez played in Phoenix, he says, then-Suns GM Steve Kerr would leave books in his locker on the topic. Lopez has since discovered meditation as a way to relieve stress. 'When you phrase it as mental wellness, then I feel that that includes everybody,' Lopez says. 'When you say mental health, then guys tend to say, "Well, that's not me. I don't have any mental health stuff."'"
a:Jackie-MacMullan  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.08.24  w:3000  NBA  mental-illness  Kevin-Love  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
First Yelp Reviews of Significant Human Inventions
“I am climbing more! I am dragging more! I am hoisting more! Rope has made me active, and my abs and confidence have never been better. Even my wife loves Rope!”
a:Alex-Baia  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.08.01  w:1000  satire  history  Yelp  from iphone
8 weeks ago
The Psychology of Money
"Wealth, in fact, is what you don’t see. It’s the cars not purchased. The diamonds not bought. The renovations postponed, the clothes forgone and the first-class upgrade declined. It’s assets in the bank that haven’t yet been converted into the stuff you see. But that’s not how we think about wealth, because you can’t contextualize what you can’t see. When most people say they want to be a millionaire, what they really mean is 'I want to spend a million dollars,' which is literally the opposite of being a millionaire."
a:Morgan-Housel★  p:Collaborative-Fund  d:2018.06.01  w:8000  instructional  investing  personal-finance  psychology  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
Brad Makes Miso Paste
"Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 35 of 'It’s Alive' and this time he’s making the highly requested miso. Join Brad as he ages a red miso, advocates for blade safety, and forgets why he went to the walk-in."
a:Brad-Leone  p:Bon-Appetit  d:2018.07.26  video  instructional  cooking 
8 weeks ago
On ‘Shake to Undo’
"Here’s an anecdote I heard years ago about how Shake to Undo came to be. Scott Forstall charged the iOS team with devising an interface for Undo — everyone knew the iPhone should have it,1 but no one had a good idea how to do it. One engineer joked that they could just make you shake the iPhone to invoke it. Forstall said he loved the idea, and what was proposed as a joke has been with us as the Undo interface ever since."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2018.08.23  w:500  user-interface  iPhone  history  from twitter
8 weeks ago
9 Ways to Avoid Disclosing That You’re From Chevy Chase, Shaker Heights, Darien, or Scarsdale
"5. 'The geographic coordinates for my hometown are 38.9693° N, 77.0789° W / 41.4739° N, 81.5371° W / 41.0772° N, 73.4687° W / 41.0051° N, 73.7845° W and as you look that up on your phone I’m going to back away slowly before you learn that my hometown has three country clubs, each with its own proprietary china pattern and membership structure.'"
a:Kerry-Elson  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2018.07.27  w:500  list  satire  class  Cleveland  NYC  from twitter
8 weeks ago
When making the NBA isn't a cure-all: Mental health and black athletes
"'One of the biggest problems in the African-American community is none of us have fathers, so we don't have that strong male figure to guide us,' Barkley says. 'When I was growing up, I thought it was normal *not* to have a mom and dad around. Nobody I knew had both parents. And everybody I knew was poor. I thought it was normal for every black girl to be pregnant in high school, because in my small hometown of [Leeds], Alabama, that's how it was. It wasn't until I got to the NBA that I realized, "Wait, that's really f---ed up." It's a miracle any African-American player turns out OK based on where we come from.'"
a:Jackie-MacMullan  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.08.21  w:4000  race  NBA  mental-illness  violence  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
The US is losing the high-stakes global battery war
"If you have solid state figured and it’s safe and you get energetic oomph from the new anode, yes it will be transformative. It will be economically, environmentally, and could be geopolitically transformative. The quest to make a super battery is not going to go away. People should watch this space. When it happens, it will have a fundamental change in everybody’s lives. "
a:Michael-Zelenko  a:Steve-LeVine  p:The-Verge★  d:2018.08.13  w:2000  interview  batteries  future  manufacturing  energy  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
In a cosmic first, scientists detect ‘ghost particles’ from a distant galaxy
"On Sept. 22, an alert went out to the international astronomy community: IceCube had seen the signature of a muon neutrino coming from just above the right shoulder of the constellation Orion in the night sky. Scores of scientists began pointing their telescopes in that direction, staring at the right region of the universe in every wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. Taken together, these observations revealed a blazar. As a blazar spins, twin jets of light and charged particles — one of which in this one is aimed toward Earth — spurt from its poles. The blazar was given the catchy name 'TXS 0506+056' — the first known source of a high-energy neutrino and a possible answer to the century-old cosmic ray mystery."
a:Sarah-Kaplan  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2018.07.12  w:2000  space  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
Nagasaki: The Last Bomb
"When we remember the destructive birth of the nuclear age, we tend to focus on Hiroshima. It was first, and firsts get precedence in memory. It was also more devastating an attack than Nagasaki, with nearly twice as many dead and injured and three times as much land area destroyed. (This was in spite of the fact that the Little Boy, the bomb dropped by the Enola Gay, was only three-quarters as explosive as the Fat Man.) But if Hiroshima was, from a military perspective, relatively well considered, well planned, and well executed, Nagasaki was almost the opposite. From the very beginning, it was a jancfu—a sign that this new era was as likely to be a comedy of errors and near-misses as the product of reason and strategy."
a:Alex-Wellerstein  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2015.08.07  w:2000  history  nuclear-weapons  World-War-II  from instapaper
9 weeks ago
I Also Went to the Royal Wedding
"The images of the royal family to which Americans are exposed create an air of false familiarity; they are close-ups, cropped around the subjects, removing them from the larger context of their settings. Stand at the gate of a royal residence, however, and true perspective comes rushing in. These people are as remote as distant stars. Their homes are mammoth. Public tours of Windsor Castle file through about 20 rooms; the castle is estimated to contain roughly 1,000. On inspection, the sumptuously appointed spaces of a bygone era seem arbitrarily privately occupied by the royal family. The robust schedule of daily tours at Versailles proves that a palace does not have to be lived in to exist, or to generate tourist income. A roughly equivalent setup would be United States taxpayers paying the collateral descendants of George Washington tens of millions of dollars a year to install themselves in a portion of Mount Vernon closed to public access. If they weren’t already doing it, the idea of the British monarchy would seem a hard sell."
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.05.24  w:3000  UK  celebrities  from twitter
9 weeks ago
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