Dungeon Magazine – Final Retrospective | tenfootpole.org
some best-of adventures from dungeon magazine that sound really fun
dnd  dungeon  magazine  adventure  game  !play 
4 weeks ago
Making Crash Bandicoot
wouldnt have thought thisd be such an interesting story!
crashbandicoot  game  design  history  !toread 
april 2017
really cool screencap app that uses the window as a viewport
software  osx  windows  computer  gif  animation 
december 2016
ES File Explorer is garbage, here are 4 alternatives
i havent run into the esfe issues yet but just in case i do
android  software  file  list 
october 2016
Indeed Mobile
job search site to keep in mind
job  search  online  useful  future 
october 2016
Photojojo's Magnetic Phone Lens Series
theres a lot of different lenses on this store that look really cool
photo  hardware  !get  gift  lens 
september 2016
for freelance tax form stuff
taxes  useful  business  online  future 
august 2016
Jesse Moynihan on Vimeo
"Jesse joined us at ELCAF 2014 to talk us through his inspirations, beliefs, and creative process"
jessemoynihan  video  comics  creativity  design 
august 2016
Highlights | Krita
i wanna check out this digital art program
art  software  !get 
june 2016
Keyboard Tester
i love everything about this site
useful  keyboard  testing  online 
june 2016
Ealindale by Wavesheep (Hardcover)
this looks really pretty-- pics of illustrations on their tumblr
tolkien  book  !get  picture  art  silmarillion 
may 2016
Where does OS X store my Adobe product keys?
in a sqlite database, then decrypt via softkey. headache!!
adobe  serial  number  computer  reference 
may 2016
Tumult Hype — Tutorials
rec'd software for mocking up interfaces and interactives!
tutorial  html5  online  reference  design  programming  generator  interface 
april 2016
very interesting "live" thesaurus drawing from realworld usage
online  dictionary  thesaurus  words  reference  writing 
april 2016
a fun alternative to gb homebrew
arduino  gameboy  game  development  design  programming 
april 2016
Anatomy of lightning
reference for drawing/animating lightning
lightning  art  drawing  painting  gif  picture  tutorial  reference 
april 2016
forthcoming puzzle game based on islamic geometric art-- looks really pretty
art  geometry  math  game  islam  puzzle 
april 2016
Dissecting Design Techniques: This Is on Background
good tips for gussying up lowres images using collage techniques
photo  photoshop  lowres  useful  tutorial  reference  picture  design 
march 2016
latest Sigil version for Mac on 10.6 OSX, why not? - MobileRead Forums
looks like it needs an older version, linked in this thread
ebook  epub  sigil  software  forum 
march 2016
How to Quickly Create an EPUB File From Word
few diff methods, sigil or calibre look like best bets
book  epub  converter  tutorial  writing 
march 2016
mark mawson photography
multicolored underwater smoke photos??
photo  underwater  colour  art  picture 
march 2016
Specialist Dice
some of these dice i dont think ive ever seen before
dice  game  funny  weird 
march 2016
Zoomable Circle Packing
from d3js-- prettier than a treemap
data  graphics  graphing  design  d3js  programming  visual 
march 2016
Hitmen For Destiny - My other comics
didnt realize this guy did other comics!!
comics  weird  funny  link  list 
january 2016
job search for higher ed related stuff! looks very useful
job  future  search  academia  museum 
january 2016
Imaginative Discoveries
i always forget the name of this print that i have
deer  constellation  stars  art  poster 
january 2016
Legal Systems Very Different From Ours
jewish, amish, gypsy, etc systems. very intriguing stuff
law  justice  judaism  amish  analysis  history  culture 
january 2016
Building MirrorMirror
very clever "magic mirror"-- raspi powered monitor behind a mirror
diy  computer  raspi  mirror  magic 
december 2015
MAXQDA for Windows and Mac - Great Reasons
promising data analysis software (alternative to something like nvivo)
class  analysis  software  !get  useful 
december 2015
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