Lithuania/Belarus + Turkey/Ukraine - Part24
Lithuania/Belarus + Turkey/Ukraine, voyeurism gone awkward Response to an anyone/anyone prompt, scroll down for fill
c:ukraine  year_filled:2013  a:fill  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  month_filled:04  part24  c:turkey  c:belarus  from delicious
may 2013
Estonia/Prussia - Part24
Estonia/Prussia; orders a roleplaying prostitute and gets a legit cleaning service instead. Response to this prompt from part24: "Prefer human AU for this one - use human names please (I'm referring to nation names as some lack official human names). Character A (any canon male, but bonus for England, Estonia, Russia, Romano, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania) hires a "sexy maid" - a gay prostitute in drag roleplaying a master/maid situation. But Character A mixed up the contact info and wind up with Gilbert - a normal cleaning service."
c:non-baltic  year_filled:2013  c:estonia  a:fill  month_filled:04  part24  c:prussia  from delicious
may 2013
Lithuania/Poland and France/Poland - Part24
Lithuania/Poland and France/Poland, AU where aliens are using humans for breeding. Response to this anyone prompt from part24:
year_filled:2013  a:fill  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  c:poland  month_filled:04  c:france  part24  from delicious
may 2013
Estonia and Norway - Part24
In a futuristic world where magic and technology co-exist, Estonia (who's mostly technology-based) and Norway (who's more magic-based) run a two-person detective agency that's a bit short on luck. When someone comes to them, asking their help to solve a murder, the two get on the case and go crime-solving using very unorthodox (and occasionally silly) methods. In short, hilarity very much ensues. Bonus 1 - Disguises Bonus 2 - People often mistaking the two for gay lovers Bonus 3 - CAPSLOCK ABUSE as a running gag - and a plot point
year_prompted:2013  year_filled:2013  c:norway  c:estonia  month_prompted:05  a:fill  c:non_baltic  a:prompt_filled  month_filled:05  part24  from delicious
may 2013
Latvia -> America - Part24
I just want something cute or sad or both about Latvia having a crush on an oblivious America. Bonus: Throw the dog a bone, as TV Tropes says (like America doing something nice for him or complimenting him or something). Double bonus: Lithuania and America are really friendly with each other when they hang out and Latvia can never decide who he's more jealous of. Triple bonus: Russia.
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:05  c:non_baltic  c:latvia  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  c:america  from delicious
may 2013
America/Estonia - Part24
Alfred and Eduard are together, and ready to have sex for the first time – or, to put it honestly, Alfred wants to get laid and somehow persuades Eduard that it’s the moment to take the next step. Basically I want cute smut, with Eduard being really shy and nervous and not ready at all, and Alfred being… Well, Alfred, with all his force, his enthusiasm and his idiocy. Since I want them to be both virgin teen-human!AU would be probably better, but anything it’s fine, really. Bonus: Alfred tried to have sex with Eduard lots of time before, but he never got to persuade him. Bonus2: They start having sex while playing a videogame – nerdy love, anyone? Bonus3: Someone (England, Russia or Latvia preferred) finds them, naked and embraced in bed, the morning after.
year_prompted:2013  c:estonia  month_prompted:05  c:non_baltic  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  c:america  from delicious
may 2013
Baltics - Part24
OP wants a story with an alternate history line. The catch? Nation B ends up dying. Preferences are using Baltics Lots of angst, please ;;
year_prompted:2013  c:baltics_group  month_prompted:05  part24  c:any_baltic  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
may 2013
Russia/Lithuania (Or all 3 baltics) - Part24
So OP has seen a /lot/ of fics where Ivan rapes/abuses the baltics... And since this anon just /adores/ role reversal I'd like to see something where either Lithuania or all three baltics rape/abuse russia. Circumstances are up to anon.
year_prompted:2013  c:baltics_group  month_prompted:04  c:non_baltic  c:russia  c:lithuania  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
may 2013
Prussia/Estonia - Part24
I'd like to see Prussia and Estonia bonding over nerdy activities--it can be anything from, uh, whatever, engineering, over video games, over--and this is my preferred turn--history. Smut woul be my main goal, but just being bros is also nice. Heavy doses of bromance must however be included! Bonus 1: They are both history AND video games nerds--have them play Age of Empires or Civilization or Crusader Kings together. Bonus 2: I like human AUs... maybe they meet on a forum or something, and they travel to each other's country to meet? (If you don't make this an AU, please do not forget actual history. As in, actual Estonian history. It's very often not even mentioned. Bonus 3: Don't have them play Call of Duty. No, that is not even remotely nerdy. Or cool. I can picture Prussia finding it nice, but not Estonia. I'd prefer the classical nerd stereotype ;D I also despise the Big Bang Theory so, um, don't overdo it.
year_prompted:2013  c:estonia  month_prompted:04  c:non_baltic  part24  c:prussia  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
may 2013
Lithuania/Belarus - Part24
Belarus is horny and bored, so she enlists the help of the only guy who will unquestionably do what she wants without expecting reciprocation. Lithuania is only too happy to please. (I would like if Bela still refuses to date Lith and just occasionally uses him for booty calls. Lithuania doesn't mind this at all, but that won't stop him from asking her out after every session.) Bonus: This isn't the first time this has happened.
month_prompted:03  year_prompted:2013  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  a:prompt_unfilled  c:belarus  from delicious
march 2013
Lithuania/Russia - Part24
basically, lithuania's a transfer student and he takes to russia, and they're both bullied so they really only have each other. thusly, they both often stick up for each other. so russia eventually kind of falls for lithuania, and they agree to experiment. bonus one- i've always seen their relationship as dysfunctional, but often it's not handled realistically or respectfully; if you could manage that i would be very grateful. bonus two- they're both asexual.
month_prompted:03  year_prompted:2013  c:non_baltic  c:russia  c:lithuania  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
march 2013
Poland/Lithuania - Part24
A drunk Poland is rather flirtatious. Liet doesn't know how to deal with it. May or may not end in sex, as author!anon wishes.
month_prompted:02  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  year_prompted2013  c:poland  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
march 2013
Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia - Part09
Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia; saying that they are brothers to hide that they are lovers. Response to this prompt from part09:
c:baltics_group  year_filled:2013  c:estonia  part09  a:fill  c:lithuania  c:latvia  month_filled:02  from delicious
february 2013
Estonia, Mochis - Part24
Someone(s) or something(s) at W. Academy is invading the kitchen, eating all the ice cream. While trying to get to the bottom of it with other students (nations), Estonia discovers the mochis. What do?
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:02  c:non_nation  c:estonia  part24  a:prompt_unfilled  from delicious
february 2013
America/Lithuania - Part24
Prompt: When Lithuania was at America’s house, America has a party for a holiday (Christmas, birthday, New Years, etc.) and they end up getting drunk and having sex.

Bonus if another nation watches and masturbates.
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:01  year_filled:2013  a:fill  c:non_baltic  a:prompt_filled  c:lithuania  part24  month_filled:01  c:america 
january 2013
Estonia/Finland - Part24
Estonia/Finland; werewolf transformation.

Response to this anyone prompt from part24:
desperate!anon just wants to read some good fics that involve the Hetalia nations (or they can be humans) transforming into another form as painfully as possible.
year_filled:2013  c:estonia  a:fill  c:non_baltic  c:finland  part24  month_filled:01 
january 2013
Any Baltic - Part24
Anon would really like to see a Baltics fic on them gaining their freedom from Russia. It can go any way you wish; angst, fluff, suicidal, whatever.

Bonus 1: Filler chooses to focus on Latvia or Estonia.
Bonus 2: Filler does EstLat and/or hilarious background LietPol.
Bonus 3: Russia's not insane, and neither is Belarus.
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:01  c:estonia  c:lithuania  c:latvia  part24  c:any_baltic  a:prompt_unfilled 
january 2013
Anyone/Estonia - Part24
Estonia meets a girl who seems to be decent enough for him to spend his first night with. When he has lost his virginity he finds out that the person he was with was a hooker. He tries to throw her out of his head but finds out he can't because he is in love with her. Even so, he can't forgive her for sleeping with others and he does his best to stop her doing that. That plan backfires and he is falling under the woman's control completely.

1. Extremly dominant woman. Can be someone gender bent.
2. Estonia is uncapable of getting out of under her thumb until someone he knows helps him.
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:01  c:estonia  c:any_nation  part24  a:prompt_unfilled 
january 2013
Estonia - Part24
OP has a headcanon in which Estonia has a bit of a pyro streak. I'd like to see something with that.

Bonus - Playing with matches
year_prompted:2013  month_prompted:01  c:estonia  part24  a:prompt_unfilled 
january 2013
Russia/Latvia - Part01
Russia/Latvia, scarf + biting

Response to this prompt from part01:
Anon would like to read Russia/Latvia where little Latvia finds out that the reason Ivan never takes of his scarf is because it's his "special spot". Kink is biting, please~
month_filled:12  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part01  c:latvia  c:non_baltic  c:russia 
january 2013
Prussia/Estonia - Part17
Prussia/Estonia; Estonia is fed up with being taken for granted.

Response to this prompt from part17:

Estonia is in an established relationship and he tries to be happy but suddenly he starts to feel like his lover is taking him for granted and doesn't appreciate him and he starts to feel as if he isn't being loved. When he tells about his feelings to his lover, his partner gets confused and when they hear that Estonia wants to break up, he/she tries to do their best to save their relationship.

Bonus: there is someone else involved who tries to help Estonia's lover but ends up making things even worse with his 'good advice'
month_filled:12  year_filled:2012  a:fill  c:estonia  c:non_baltic  c:prussia  part17 
january 2013
Russia, Baltics - Part24
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia notice that after particularly filling meals, Russia is too full and sleepy to torment them. They start encouraging him to eat more in the hopes of keeping him in a food coma/semi-coma for as much of the day as possible.

Bonus 1: Suspicious Belarus figures out what's going on and tries to tell Russia.

Bonus 2: Weight gain.

Bonus 3: Other SSRs/Warsaw Pact countries join in, either trying to alert Russia or helping the Baltics.
month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:latvia  c:lithuania  c:estonia  c:baltics_group  c:non_baltic  c:russia 
january 2013
Finland/Estonia - Part05
Finland/Estonia; removal of glasses as a gesture of intimacy.

Response to this prompt from part05:
"I figure that since the glasses of the nations represent a part of their country then it must take a lot of trust for them to take them off. So what I want is a nation removing their glasses as a show of intimacy before or during sex."
c:non_baltic  c:finland  c:estonia  year_filled:2012  month_filled:12  part05  a:fill 
december 2012
Anyone/Lithuania - Part24
I've read one too many boy's love manga, I think, but I want to see an AU where one of the male nations is a very successful businessman who doesn't have time/energy to take care of their kid nation or clean the house, cook, etc, so he hires Toris to take care of the house and act as babysitter while working long shifts or overtime. Of course the kid nation becomes very attached to Toris and the father falls for him too, but isn't actually very good at more than the one-night stand kind of thing. Just, please avoid the trope of 'molesting the uke because he secretly loves it'. Totally fine with a rough or unrefined type of wooing, though!

Bonus 1: England or Sweden as the father (with Peter as the kid).
Bonus 2: wacky/nosy neighbors!
a:prompt_unfilled  month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  part24  c:any_nation  c:lithuania 
december 2012
Latvia and Luxembourg - Part24
Luxembourg(still a silhouette in the strips) likes Latvia. Not wanting to scare him, Luxembourg starts a letter correspondence with him.
month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:luxembourg  c:non_baltic  c:latvia 
december 2012
England/Latvia - Part24
England is attracted to younger boys, and has fantasies about them, but he has total control over his urges and would never force himself on anyone.

Latvia looks really young, even though he’s mentally and emotionally an adult, but because of his appearance, it’s pretty hard for him to get laid, and he’s getting frustrated.

The two of them wind up getting together to act out one (or more) of England’s fantasies, in which he “coerces” a younger-acting Latvia into sex and Latvia behaves scared and unsure, but is really enjoying it.

I’d prefer the sex not be too rough. England can act creepy and manipulative, but I’d rather he be gentle with Latvia, at least physically.
month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:england  c:non_baltic  c:latvia 
december 2012
Estonia & Others - Part24
Estonia stops coming to world's conference. At first noone is worried but when Tino fails to reach him by phone and Toris and Raivis discover that he's not at home, they come to a conclusion that he must have been kidnapped. Everyone try to find the nation together but soon enough they start to suspect each other and their trust for each other grows thin and their co-operation falls apart. Every single one of them come up with theories and speculations about what could have happened.


1. The main suspect is Russia but he somehow proves that he's innocent. And he's more angry than anyone else by the fact that Estonia is gone.

2. Estonia is captured by someone noone suspects.

3. Can be in AU universe, meaning it doesn't have to be world's conference where Estonia doesn't show up, can be a school or something else.
month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:any_nation  c:estonia 
december 2012
Estonia - Part24
Anon is from Estonia. Anon has Aspergers syndrome. How about a fill, where Estonia has Aspergers syndrome and doesn't understand anyone, while everyone else is struggling to understand him. Reason why this hasn't come up before is because Estonia keeps mostly to himself. But some day someone starts talking to him about something and sees that Estonia is so... different.

If you want to pair him up, I have a fondness for Prussia. But I also think Germany would suffice.
Maybe one of them then wants to help Estonia, somehow...
month_prompted:12  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:estonia 
december 2012
Russia/Canada/Lithuania - Part3
Second response to this part3 prompt:

Russia/Canada/Lithuania, or Russia going sadist on both Canada and Lithuania at once. Or failing that, just something involving those three interacting.
a:fill  month_filled:12  year_filled:2012  part03  c:canada  c:russia  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
december 2012
Estonia/America - Part24
So basically the super-rare-pair Estonimerica. I don't care how you get them together, through computer-tech or seeing eachother at an eyedoctor... whatever. Just somehow, this pair.

No smut tho' please, especially since this is like them /just/ getting together.
a:prompt_unfilled  month_prompted:11  year_prompted:2012  part24  c:estonia  c:non_baltic  c:america 
november 2012
America/Lithuania - Part24
America wants engage in BDSM with Lithuania as his sub, but is too scared to ask in fear of bringing up bad memories that he had with Russia. How Lithuania decides is up to the author! I would prefer it if human names were used, but country names are fine too.

Bonus (if there is smut): Crossdressing from either America, Lithuania, or both.
month_prompted:11  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  c:lithuania  c:non_baltic  c:america 
november 2012
Estonia/Anyone - Part24
Whenever Estonia is really happy, sparkles/glittering effect appears. When Estonia gets super happy the glittering effect overtakes his body and his clothes disappear, ending up with a nude sparkling nation. Any pairings welcome.

Bonus: somehow this effect is related to why Norway doesn't want Eesti with the Nordics
month_filled:12  year_filled:2012  a:fill  a:prompt_filled  month_prompted:11  year_prompted:2012  part24  c:any_nation  c:estonia 
november 2012
Estonia - Part24
Estonia doing reps on his mouses, working his wrists and fingertips. Somehow this is hot.
month_prompted:11  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part24  c:estonia 
november 2012
Germany/Poland, Lithuania/Poland - Part07
"Lithuania/Poland. Poland wasn't submissive in bed before the Partitions, but since getting back together with Liet, has times when he's REALLY submissive.

Reason? The partitioning nations and Germany hurt him, humiliated him, and took everything he had from him without his consent. In giving himself up completely and willingly to someone he trusts and cares for, he's reclaiming his sexuality, his ability to trust, and his ability to give. Willing submission is empowering for him, because he can take everything on his own terms; it's a way of taking control of himself and his future."

Response to this prompt from part07:
c:non_baltic  c:germany  c:lithuania  c:poland  month_filled:03  year_filled:2010  a:fill 
october 2012
Russia/Lithuania - Part23
Lithuania, just to prove to himself or to someone else that he's over his fear of Russia, decides to pursue Russia in order to have sex with him (because it's is one of the acts where one is the most vulnerable, so it's a test of courage).

Turns out, what he wants is not received with enthusiasm. Russia turns down the offer of sex at least at first.

If they end up sleeping with each other or not is up to anon.
month_prompted:10  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:russia  c:lithuania 
october 2012
Iceland/Lithuania - Part23
Iceland was the first nation to officially recognize Lithuanian independence from the USSR in Feb 1991. I'd like to see some fluffy hurt/comfort based on this :)
year_prompted:2012  part23  month_prompted:10  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  c:iceland  a:prompt_unfilled 
october 2012
Poland/Lithuania - Part23
Poland wears some sexy boots and dominates a very willing Lithuania. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some light bondage involved.

I’m thinking Poland’s boots would be something like this:
month_prompted:10  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:lithuania  c:non_baltic  c:poland 
october 2012
Baltics - Part23
So somehow through a magical plot convenience, Estonia and Lithuania get shrunken down to doll-size, and Latvia starts enjoying the fact that he’s now the biggest of the three a little too much.

Smut is very much appreciated, but please no dub-con or non-con.

1. Some cute slice-of-life scenes with mini Estonia and Lithuania. Examples: making tiny cloths, bathing in cups/mugs, Estonia trying to work with his laptop when he’s the size of a Barbie, that kind of stuff.
2. Food-play of some sort.
month_prompted:10  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:estonia  c:latvia  c:lithuania  c:baltics_group 
october 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
Lithuania/Poland; playing "too hot" (in which two players kiss without stopping and without touching each other)

Response to this "anyone" prompt from part23:
a:fill  month_filled:09  year_filled:2012  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
october 2012
Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia - Part22
Balticest, group suicide.

Response to this prompt from part22:
Unable to put up with Russia anymore, the Baltics gather together for one last private party with stolen vodka, and then kill themselves.
month_filled:09  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part22  c:baltics_group  c:estonia  c:lithuania  c:latvia 
october 2012
Lithuania/America - Part23
America being kind of chubby, and his romantic partner is completely okay with that. He doesn't have a chubby kink or anything like that, and he doesn't have a problem with it, either. America being overweight is just sort of... natural. It wouldn't really feel like him any other way.

Bonus for a sort-of rair-pair, like LithAme
month_filled:10  year_filled:2012  month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:fill  a:prompt_filled  part23  c:america  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
october 2012
Latvia/Liechtenstein - Part23
Liechtenstein and Latvia are in a relationship, but they're keeping it a secret.

When the Nations find out, it's not pleasant. Switzerland thinks Latvia's working for Russia to steal away his baby sister. Russia is angry that Latvia didn't tell him. Lithuania and Estonia guilt-trip Latvia (probably not on purpose, but still) because he didn't tell them.

Basically, everyone who cares (or those who just like the chaos) piles on top of Latvia and makes the poor kid feel even worse about himself than he already does. Maybe it even gets physical.

Liechtenstein, naturally, will not stand for it. She jumps in to defend Latvia, be it physically or verbally. I bet she'd even knock a few heads together if she had to. *hint, hint* ^^

Bonus: Even though Latvia knows she likes him, he's still amazed that she cares enough to stand up for him like she does.

Bonus2: Sealand joins in the angry shouting/scolding because he's jealous.
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:liechtenstein  c:non_baltic  c:latvia 
october 2012
Poland/Lithuania - Part23
A couple (romantic or platonic) is having a big fight.

A couple that is usually peaceful, loving, or that rarely is seen in explosive fights where both parties are angry and upset at each other.

So not pairings that often/always fight like France/England or Turkey/Greece.

A preferred pair: Poland/Lithuania
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:non_baltic  c:poland  c:lithuania 
october 2012
Lithuania/Poland, Latvia/Sealand - Part23
Basically, Sealand and Poland discussing Latvia and Lithuania, and vice versa.

Bonus: Sea and Po are discussing worries they may have about their respective boyfriend due to their past historical *cough*Russian*cough* traumas, and Liet and Lat are discussing how said traumas may place a wedge in their relationships.

Or they could just discuss their sex lives XD!

Bonus 2: Human names, please! ^^
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:sealand  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania  c:latvia 
october 2012
Estonia, Mochimerica - Part23
Estonia gets horny while riding his Mochi (in steed form) and decides to take this matter on his hands. Bonus points for Mochi dirty talking.
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:non_nation  c:mochimerica  c:estonia 
october 2012
Lithuania, Poland - Part23
Lithuania and Poland have some kind of argument, whether dumb or serious. Anyway, this causes a problem that they have to work out. They eventually do resolve it, and then Poland demands make-up cuddles.

So I want equal attention paid to the issue-resolving and the fluff afterwards.
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
october 2012
Estonia/Ukraine - Part23
Estonia/Ukraine; singing a duet.

Gakuen AU ("canon" Gakuen with nation names please). Estonia and Ukraine have to sing a duet for a school recital and grow closer as they rehearse. I just want something cute, but some smut is okay too.

Bonus 1: Badass Ukraine. I don't know how this would come up but I would love if it did.
Bonus 2: If Bonus 1 is used, Ukraine cries while still being badass.
Bonus 3: Russia. Maybe this is how the other Bonuses come into play...?
month_prompted:09  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:ukraine  c:estonia 
september 2012
Lithuania/Poland/Hungary - Part23
Lithuania/Poland/Hungary; threesome
Preferably with only Lithuania doing any penetration.

Bonus: Poland getting jealous when Lithuania gives Hungary more attention. Poland keeps distracting Lithuania to get him to focus more on him.
month_prompted:09  a:prompt_unfilled  year_prompted:2012  c:hungary  c:poland  c:lithuania 
september 2012
Latvia/Liechtenstein - Part23
Let's see Latvia and Liechtenstein's firsts. The first time they met, first date, first kiss, the first time they met each other's family/loved ones, the first time... And/or whatever else you can think of.

Bonus: Switzerland and Russia spy on them during the first date.
month_prompted:08  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:liechtenstein  c:non_baltic  c:latvia 
august 2012
Lithuania, Others - Part23
I apologize if I'm doing anything wrong, this is my first request. And since it was Tori's birthday some days ago . . .

Liet is a big fan of singer/songwriter Tori Amos. He's been a fan since childhood, and has been actively buying her music, searching up bootlegs/interviews over the Internet, all that stuff. The problem is he doesn't want anyone (except his direct family) from finding out about it. (There's a stereotype that Tori Amos' fanbase is only composed of women and weirdos and gay men, and most Torifiles/Ears With Feet aren't really taken seriously. There's an article about it here: So maybe reluctance could've come from that.)

His friends eventually find out about it, though. Happy endings for all, please!

I'd prefer if there are no Lithuania pairings (except maybe Lithuania/Belarus, either one-sided or reciprocated). Other characters can be paired, though!
month_prompted:08  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:any_nation  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
Poland and Lithuania are pretty good friends (even with all the fighting and disagreeing in modern times), but they do find each other pretty attractive. Anyways, Poland does something, and Lithuania starts getting turned on for one reason or another (anon loves the idea of Liet getting a back rub and getting a bit too "relaxed" by it). Liet doesn't say it, but Poland figures it out, and purposely continues, acting oblivious.

Thanks in advance, anons! I haven't seen LietPol here in a while.
year_filled:2012  month_filled:10  a:fill  a:prompt_filled  month_prompted:08  year_prompted:2012  part23  c:non_baltic  c:poland  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Japan/Canada/Lithuania - Part23
Somehow Japan, Canada, and Lithuania form a threesome, dating and living together, but they can't have threesome-sex because one of them is (1) an Asexual Dom (likes dominating others, but doesn't want sex); another is (2) really Kinky (likes ropes and toys, though not necessarily domination) and likes sex; and the last one is (3) very Vanilla(though he doesn't have anything against voyeurism).

(My preference would be - AsexualDom!Japan, Kinky!Canada, and Vanilla!Lithuania, but feel free to toss it up if you want.)

So basically, (3) gets off watching (1) dominate (2), and (2) goes to (3) to have actual sex. And they all like it that way.

This can be CanonVerse, AU, or anything else. (It might work better in a Human AU, but if you can have them as Countries, I'd love it.)

Bonus: Lots of Kissing and Snuggling between (1) and (3) - they're still boyfriends, just not the kind that have sex together.

Bonus2: Include non-sexual interactions outside of the bedroom
month_prompted:08  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  c:canada  c:japan  part23  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Estonia, America, Liechtenstein, Japan - Part23
Estonia, America, Liechtenstein and Japan; designing a game

For some reason, I really want to see these four hanging out and designing a computer game (or other program). No ships, please, just geekery and the occasional cultural clash. I think it would be neat if it started as a project America and Japan got into while they were roommates and the other two got recruited/joined in later but the scenario is up to the filler. I would prefer Nation names unless it's a human AU. Bonus points if there's a bug that stumps all three guys and Liechtenstein fixes it.
month_prompted:08  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:japan  c:liechtenstein  c:america  c:non_baltic  c:estonia 
august 2012
Japan/Lithuania - Part23
Japan and Lithuania get together. They love eachother, of course, but can't help but think that they're also together because they're some of the only truly 'sane' or 'normal' countries.

Please include boring but sweet dates.

No smut.
month_prompted:07  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:japan  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Lithuania/America - Part23
America wants to bottom, but because of good/bad luck, he's become a world superpower and he can't get anyone to do him.

OP!Anon and her friends would love Lithuania...
month_filled:08  year_filled:2012  a:prompt_filled  a:fill  month_prompted:06  year_prompted:2012  part23  c:america  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Lithuania/Russia - Part8
Lithuania/Russia; AU.
Set in a world where the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did not weaken and fall, but instead continued to grow until it encompassed most of Europe – including Russia.

Response to this anyone AU prompt from part 8:
month_filled:07  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part08  c:russia  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
august 2012
America/Lithuania - Part23
Lithuania's favorite way to have sex is face to face and leaning over America so America can wrap his arms around Lithuania. Why? Because in the heat of the moment, America claws Lithuania's back. Whether he leaves welts or draws blood, his marks rake over the scars Russia left, and Lithuania likes that. A lot. He likes knowing that it's happening as it's happening and he likes looking at the marks in a mirror after (sometimes enough to get off all over again).

I don't care if Lithuania penetrates or rides or if they do something non-penetrative, but NO CASUAL MISOGYNY, PLEASE. And I don't really like Nantucket-play because it always looks silly in my head, but you can include it if you prefer. Except for the scratching, I'd like if their sex was sweet (but not too sappy).
month_prompted:07  year_prompted:2012  month_filled:07  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part23  c:america  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
august 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
Lithuania/Poland - Impotence
Would like to see someone handle the delicate subject of Erectile dysfunction (ED).

Lithuania has to be the one suffering from it. Given his stress/anxiety level it wouldn't be surprising if he did have ED. X3

Not sure how I'd like this to go but something along the lines of Liet wants to have sex with Poland / is unable to / Poland tries to help Liet overcome his problem. May require help from a third party.
month_prompted:07  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
july 2012
Latvia - Part23
I wanna see Latvia getting a tongue piercing for no real reason other then he felt like it. Lithuania and Estonia (among others) find out and think it’s a cry for attention/teenage rebellion/hanging out with the wrong crowd/ect. Latvia for the life of him can’t figure out what the big fuss is. Cannonverse or a human au, doesn’t really matter.

Bonus one: Lithuania and Estonia try to spend more brotherly bonding time with Latvia if they think it’s a cry for attention
Bonus two: Romania x Latvia
month_prompted:07  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:latvia 
july 2012
Russia/Any Baltic - Part23
One of the Baltic Trio wakes up in the night to discover that Russia is spooning him and giving him a hand job. The Baltic nation at first assumes Russia's molesting him, but then quickly realises that Russia is fast asleep. The Baltic nation knows he should stop Russia or pull away...but it feels really good, and the fact that Russia's asleep eliminates most of the danger.

Bonus 1: The Baltic nation isn't Lithuania.
Bonus 2: The Baltic nation gives Russia a handjob in return while he's still asleep.
Bonus 3: The Baltic nation wakes up in the morning with Russia's sticky hand still in his pyjama pants.
month_prompted:07  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:russia  c:non_baltic  c:any_baltic 
july 2012
Poland/Lithuania/Russia - Part23
Poland/Russia with Po/Liet/Russ - Lithuania brings them together D/s relationship ensues.

Lithuania is dating both Poland and Russia and has sweet (semi)normal relationships with both of them. One day he decides he wants to have a full- fledged threesome relationship... and it actually works! Then one day he comes home (or steps out of the bathroom or whatever) to find Poland not just fucking Russia but being really dominant/ agressive and Russia loving every minute of it.

Lithuania's not upset about it, just... confused. They wern't like that before. Russia was powerful and intimidating and Poland was... Poland. As Poland and Russia's relationship becomes more distinctly D/s and gets more involved Lithuania finds himself feeling more and more awkward about his place in the relationship.

Bonus 1: Poland and Russia's sex get's more and more kinky.
Bonus 2: If Bonus one then Lithuania (whos sex has always been pretty vanilla) gets curious and wants to try.
month_prompted:06  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:russia  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
june 2012
Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia - Part23
One of the Baltics being fucked by another while sucking of the third. No preference as to who's in what position. Bonus points if they're all a little drunk.
month_prompted:05  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:baltics_group  c:estonia  c:latvia  c:lithuania 
june 2012
Estonia, various - Part 18
Estonia and various; see tags

Response to this prompt from part18:

"Studies show that Estonia just may be the safest country in the world. Let's see Eduard doling out a good share of comfort and fluff!"
c:non_baltic  c:russia  c:somalia  c:namibia  c:northkorea  c:afghanistan  c:azerbaijan  c:palestine  c:israel  c:korea  c:latvia  month_filled:05  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part18  c:estonia 
june 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part19
Lithuania/Poland; asking for sex.

Second fill for this prompt from part19:
Lithuania attempts to ask Poland to sleep with him, but it's ridiculously hard for him to say it, so he gets a bit creative.
month_filled:05  year_filled:2012  a:fill  part19  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
may 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
When they first meet, Lithuania thinks Poland was a total whackadoodle at first. (To be fair, he kind of is.) Over the course of centuries (with some ups and downs), Lithuania learns to see Poland not just as a weirdo ally, but also as a friend and eventually as someone to love.
month_prompted:05  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
may 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
Lithuania and Poland act like each other for a day. It starts as a joke, but then they really get into it and only stop when during sex at the end of the day one of them breaks and can't keep in-character any longer.
month_prompted:05  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
may 2012
Lithuania/Poland - Part23
Contrary to popular belief, the nations of Lithuania and Poland aren't on very good terms.
I'd like to see anything with the two of them that isn't the fanon fluffy relationship you'd usually see. Can be romantic or non-romantic. The more tension and angst the better, though I would also be happy with a reconciliation scenario.
Bonus: Modern times, with current events and/or history being mentioned/flashbacked to.
month_prompted:05  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part23  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
may 2012
America/Lithuania - Part22
I'd like to see something really sweet and fluffy from the time when Lithuania lived at America's house. The fluffier, the better!
month_prompted:05  year_prompted:2012  a:prompt_unfilled  part22  c:poland  c:non_baltic  c:lithuania 
may 2012
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