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Como ser diseñador UX/UI en el 2017
Las herramientas como Balsamiq (Este grafico esta en esa herramienta) y Sketch seran tus mejores amigos.
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13 hours ago by balsamiq
How Launched in a Week – Brian Watson – Medium
I use balsamiq for slapping wireframes together. It’s a powerful little tool and generating some actual mock ups to bounce ideas off of someone else is an invaluable asset.
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(2015) How to Use Mockups to Get Buy-in and Speed Up Your Releases - TechProductManagement
The type of tool will depend on your goal. I personally like Balsamiq ( because it is very easy to use. But, since I’m usually not the one doing the mockups, I’ll leave it to my UX team to decide. Other very popular tools are Sketch ( and Axure (

Like you mention, a lot of people like to develop prototypes directly in code using tools like Bootstrap. In my experience, that takes too much time and effort if the goal is simply to convey ideas and foster communication. A simple wireframe in Balsamiq might work best.
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5 days ago by balsamiq
Validating your product design ideas with low-fidelity wireframes
You can create wireframes in all major design software, but for low fidelity wireframes in particular i’d recommend Balsamiq.
Their drag and drop library of low fidelity components makes it quick and easy to build layouts for testing and refinement.
The rough visual aesthetic of the components helps to keep things informal too, and ensures you and the people you are sharing them with focus on the bigger picture, rather than design details.
Obviously the level of detail you want to go to at this stage is entirely up to you but it’s worth noting that the key things you should be focusing on at this stage are -
Mapping user flows and journeys
Page structure and layouts
Content information and hierarchy
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8 days ago by balsamiq
Balsamiq and Axure - key to the success in prototyping -
Balsamiq is an amazing tool because of its limits and simplicity. First of all, it has sketchy, wireframe look. Thanks to that no one will think it’s the design proposal. Sometimes it happens when your colleagues, boss or client has troubles with imagining things. It’s quite common that people need to see the actual project before they can say if they like it or not.

Balsamiq offers also partially interaction. It is possible to link pages between each other. But it’s impossible to create more sophisticated structures. You may say “how come this could be an advantage?” Well, it is! Because it prevents from spending too much time on early stage ideas. Thanks to this we don’t feel like we’re too engaged to get rid of one idea and replace it with completely new one. And this feature is really easy to underestimate while it’s a real project saviour!

Balsamiq also allows creating interactive mockups, to share them and to run a presentation or a user test. For those who use Google Drive, Confluence Wiki or JIRA it becomes even more convenient since it’s possible to get the Balsamiq as a plugin for each of them.

There is one more reason why it’s worth to start with Balsamiq. It’s simple and intuitive. A perfect tool for the beginning of the project. Allows for quick response for changing conditions.

With Balsamiq, you can run a user test and react very quickly to the feedback you get. It’s easy and you don’t need to spend hours on training to create your own prototype. Plus you can easily connect your project with Jira, Confluence or Google Drive which allows every member of the team to be involved and up to date all the time.
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18 days ago by balsamiq
Madcap Idea Part 4: Prototyping the Screens - CodeProject
I am a big fan of the balsamiq mockup tools. This comes as a stand alone installed version or as a plug in for JIRA.

balsamiq provides the following (I am just listing the features I used, there are many more):

Drag and drop from a wide range of forms, containers, controls
Set content for controls (usually using some fancy design time behavior)
Set navigation links
Set properties like IsSelected, IsEnabled, etc.
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20 days ago by balsamiq
The 5 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps You Can’t Miss Out – UI UX design
Do you like the hand-drawing of paper prototyping? But don’t want to be distressed by the pieces of paper widgets? Try Balsamiq. You can build a hand-drawing style with this wireframe design tool. One of the reason to focus on the sketch style is that it could help to make the designers and clients focusing on the function, layout, and idea of the product. So that you won’t hear the picky client say he don’t like the color of buttons or other elements.

The built-in components and icons can basically meet the drawing requirements of wireframing design for mobile App. Simply drag out an iPad, iPhone, or Andrew interface template, put the needed components in the container, you can build a mobile App wireframes fast and easily.
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27 days ago by balsamiq
20 Easy-to-use Mockup Tools to Design Your Next App | Coding Sans
A wireframing tool that reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard but using a computer. It’s more like a tool to boost creativity to generate more ideas.

Main features:
Built-in version control
Team collaboration
Lots of built-in user interface controls and icons
Click-through prototypes (for demos and usability testing)
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
From Happy Consultant Developer to Unhappy Product CEO | Peter Coppinger, Teamwork | BoS Europe 2016 - Business of Software Europe
Our first version of the product probably wasn’t that great, if we had just spent one day in something like Balsamiq mock-ups we would have gotten the flow and wording of the product a lot better and it would have been a better product. Balsamiq Mockups is really good because it’s just a wireframe design, and you don’t think too much about the final UI, you’re just getting how the flow works together so I highly recommend that!

Sighting at minute 36
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
How To Make An App – Zero to App Store In 9 Steps - LearnAppMaking
This mockup was created with Balsamiq Mockups, a terrific tool I’ve used for 7+ years to create professional mockups.
In the screenshot above you can see one of the greatest features from Balsamiq Mockups, which is the “Linking” feature. With it, you can link a UI element (like a button) to one of the pages of your mockup. When you click the UI element, you’ll navigate to the linked page.
It’s important to keep your mockups and sketches as rough as possible. Resist the temptation to perfect your mockups with small details, and use a “rough” tool like Balsamiq if you can.
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
6 Tools to Stop Your Devs and Designers Strangling Each Other — SitePoint
There are plenty of good tools out there, but the one we absolutely favor by far is Balsamiq.

Balsamiq has a full library of components and design elements which can be used to quickly create screens which need to be sent to the developers for implementation.

Balsamiq is available both as a desktop application for Mac or Windows and a cloud-based service.

Whilst my preference is still with Balsamiq because, honestly, I like my mockups be just that – mockups, rather than near pixel-perfect designs, Moqups is another great wireframe tool.
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
Tearing Down & Mocking Up Facebook with Balsamiq – Historian to Software Engineer
This was my first time using Balsamiq and I am so glad to have learned this software for future web design. The program allows for a very fast and efficient way to create useful and effective mockup designs of a website before entering into the production phase.
I'd recommend you mockup all of your screens and the flow using a tool like Balsamiq before showing your app to any freelancer. Here you're going to eliminate many communication problems and give you both a clear idea of what you need. Balsamiq is super-simple to use - it's a drag and drop tool used by non-programmers all the time.
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
How I Launched An App From Africa With No Technical Background (in 11 easy steps)
Design your prototype.
This is easier than you think. Download Balsamiq mockups and use their 30 day free trial to design the wireframes yourself. Here are what mine looked like:
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
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