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Fred K | & Co » EMC CCE iPAD Application
Set of linked wireframes created in balsamiq, a wireframing tool to get initial input from users, stakeholders and colleagues on the user-interface, interactions, functionality and plans
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3 days ago by balsamiq
Is a sticky icon better for deleting comments on Instagram? — Prototyping: From UX to Front End
I made the mockups of the existing designs of Instagram on the Balsamiq software. And I must say I find it super easy.I made two set of mockups –
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27 days ago by balsamiq
prototyping - Does a casual interface make a task like wireframing easier? UX of Balsamiq vs Sketch - User Experience Stack Exchange
The interface of balsamiq has two main functions:
1 - Stop you from fiddling
2 - Communicate that it's a sketch.

If you're specifically working on wireframing for complex sites or interactions, you may want to work with balsamiq.
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5 weeks ago by balsamiq
Everything you need to know about Wireframes
3) Balsamiq – With the help of this amazing tool you can easily and quickly created rough mockups with predefined elements, site maps. For web and mobile. (Personal favorite)
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9 weeks ago by balsamiq
Our tools and how we work
Balsamiq is an easy to use mockup tool that is available for Windows and Mac. It is great to make quite drawings of the user interface you envision and comes with a rich library of UI controls.
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11 weeks ago by balsamiq
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