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UX concepts made easy with the right tools | ePages Developer Portal
Of course there is no need to draw the screens by hand, but instead you can use a tool to create wireframes. I would like to start with a short definition of the term “wireframe”, as people define the scope of wireframes differently or mix it with mockups. In our daily UX work we produce wireframes that show the main elements of a UI. A wireframe provides information on the main UI elements (which ones are used) and the structure of information (where the elements are placed). All in all it’s a visual description of the basic UI and how everything interrelates.

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The market provides a lot of tools to create wireframes, but my favorite one is Balsamiq. With Balsamiq it’s easy to create the first skeleton of your UI. You simply drag elements, such as buttons and dropdowns, into your working area. The workflow is as simple as that, and everyone can quickly start with it. There is no need to read manuals or to do a big testing phase to understand how Balsamiq works. For us this is a big advantage as also our product managers can, if needed, visualize their ideas.

In general I like Balsamiq as it helps to focus on creating wireframes and avoids going into design details. With the simple elements and the s
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Mallsyok : The Workflow – Prototypr
Wireframe is important to us as it not only helps us to visualise how the final app will look like, but also show us some of the important aspects such as:

Space distribution
Content prioritization
Available functions
Intended actions
Relationship between screens
Our favourite tool to do it : Balsamiq Mockups 3
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ReactJS Academy 2018 website - design case study – LeanJS – Medium
For this, I use Balsamiq mainly because it has standard components all built in that i can click and drag into a screen design. It’s super quick and means I can concentrate on writing copy, which (as the first JTBD about understanding ReactJS Academy’s level of training) is super duper important. This meant I was able to create the core page templates we needed to test our information architecture and messaging/copy very quickly — in just a few hours.
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The AdWords vs. SEO debate is over
If a person searches for wireframing software in Google, the first few results show one company – Balsamiq – being represented both in the ads and organic results. It doesn’t take the most astute of marketing minds to appreciate that being shown twice in a relatively small amount of space increases the exposure and subsequent chance of being noticed. It’s impossible to say with any degree of accuracy precisely how much each option is effectively being strengthened. It is, however, almost certain that either the ad, the organic listing or (most likely) both are more likely to be clicked. It’s also extremely likely that the balsamiq listings are more likely to be clicked than their comparitively under-represented competition.
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7 useful B2B website mockup tools
Balsamiq mockups is a great choice and a long-term favorite of the mock-up community. It’s intuitive to use and offers a wide choice of features. Its purpose is to:

“Reproduce the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer.”

Simple. And it does it well. With a web-based app, desktop app, or a plugin, it’s also easy for everyone to collaborate on.

The price is 89$ or 9$ a month. So it’s reasonably priced. It’s also intuitive and has plenty of depth. However, it is a little harder to get to grips with than other tools. But for organizations or teams, it’s a good option.
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Wireframing: An Important First Step |
One of the tools we have found to be successful at Omnitech is Balsamiq.

Our UX team hosted three Lunch and Learns on Balsamiq. The first showing how Balsamiq works and all the features it includes. One of our team’s favorite features is that it has so many presets set up, so it is basically drag and drop for many popular items. There is a desktop, tablet, and phone to show wireframes from across all devices. Inside that, you can drag in basic text, buttons, callouts, and the list goes on. You can leave as is, or you can enter custom content within each item. I reminded the engineers to keep things simple in the wireframe process because so often our clients see content as opposed to layout and workflow.
At our second lunch, I brought a scenario to the engineers and told them to build the wireframe using Balsamiq. I wanted to put them in the mind frame that I was the client, and they were going to be developing what I needed. I gave them my pitch for an application that showed all of the national parks in the United States, and if I clicked on one, I wanted to see photos, a description, a place to put my notes of the park, possibly a map, and a few other items. We gave them the full lunch hour to build amongst themselves, but also to be able to ask questions on how things worked in Balsamiq if they needed. At the end of the hour, I had them send me their wireframes so we could discuss at our final lunch. At the final lunch, I put all of the wireframes in a presentation and kept things anonymous so that we could share what everyone came up with, but also critique. We found it beneficial to be able to use this time to help each other with a path forward and also to show that each of them were in the beginning stages of thinking about UX.
The feedback was great, and I appreciated how many of them were interested in the process. I think they found it surprising how simple wireframing could be, and it also gave them an extra insight to find out more about what the client wants and be that person to help make it possible.
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Are wireframes really dead?! – Prototypr
That’s why for this purpose we use a digital wireframing tool called balsamiq, we like it because it resembles very well the pen&paper wireframes.
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Comment créer une page d'accueil performante pour son blog WordPress ?
Le logiciel Balsamiq Mockups 3, dont l’essai gratuit dure 30 jours, puis qui coûte 89$ pour l’acquérir, est également une référence. Cet outil vous permet de créer des wireframes particulièrement précis, en quelques coups de cuillère à pot (et de souris).

Si vous n’avez pas d’autre projet de wireframe que celui de votre blog, orientez-vous peut-être vers une solution gratuite. Mais je peux vous dire que, moi qui suis amenée à concevoir régulièrement des wireframes, j’en suis gaga !
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How to Conduct a Google Design Sprint - UX Tricks
Great for design sprints.

Balsamiq (wireframes, user testing)
Marvel App (wireframes, user testing)
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(2015) The Power of Screen Mock-Ups - Seilevel Blog - Software Requirements
Once we were done with our paper/pen drawings, we then created the mock-ups in Balsamiq. If you are not familiar with this tool, it is a great tool for mock-ups, very easy to learn, and not expensive at all. It is geared more towards those of us who are not UI designers, it will never give you a picture that would look like the real thing, but it is awesome in giving a picture from which development can start to work. Once we had our mock-up in Balsamiq, we then attached it to the user story for development.
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