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(2015) The Power of Screen Mock-Ups - Seilevel Blog - Software Requirements
Once we were done with our paper/pen drawings, we then created the mock-ups in Balsamiq. If you are not familiar with this tool, it is a great tool for mock-ups, very easy to learn, and not expensive at all. It is geared more towards those of us who are not UI designers, it will never give you a picture that would look like the real thing, but it is awesome in giving a picture from which development can start to work. Once we had our mock-up in Balsamiq, we then attached it to the user story for development.
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In a matter of minutes, I was able to create a mockup app to go hand in hand with my personal site. Balsamiq is easy to use, intuitive, and has tons of common presets! Being able to design rough ideas for software, apps, websites, etc. makes collaboration quick and painless. This beats my previous editing using Gimp/Photoshop by far.
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amiq, the best tool for creating the low-fidelity wireframe. It is available both as a web application and a desktop software for Windows and Mac OS. The application has a great solution for agencies and freelancer to create stories with their mockup instead of focusing in detail on the complete functionality of the application. You have the ability to collaborate with team members to share the final thoughts for feedback. This application is more focused on website mockup and you can export the files in PDF, .PNG or clipboard elements. You can take a trial of 7 days before subscribing the tool.
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My Crypto Coins app series – Part 2: Mockups, UI, XML layouts - Andrius Baruckis website
There are various software on the market to choose from and you will have to do your own investigation which one fits best all your needs. For all my projects mockups right now I am using Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop app — rapid, effective and very easy to use wireframing software. I am rather happy with it and could confidently recommend it for creating Android apps, so please feel free to try.
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Re-designing the user flow of a facility management software.
I heavily used Balsamiq mockups to make the wire-frames, and Adobe XD for a few edits.
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#WorkSmart: Fake it Til’ you Make It – BobKevin Shoo – Medium
4. ) Balsamiq Mockups — Probably my favorite one from this list. You can build highly interactive mockups with Balsamiq that can effectively replace any basic MVP for any product that you might be building.
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User-Testing Process: Fake Me Out – Andrea Mozo
I recommend using Balsamiq because it is simple to use, web-based, and pretty intuitive.
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My Top 5 Tools for Software Consultants
A big part of interacting with clients centers around discussing what they would like their software to do. Often, showing a client a wireframe of a possible user interface can help them decide how a specific feature should work.

Balsamic provides a drop-dead-simple way to quickly throw together UI wireframes quickly. It’s so easy to use and so fast that I often use it for rough architecture diagrams as well. Here’s a screenshot of Balsamiq in action:

The things I really love about Balsamiq are the little touches, like how UI widgets automatically snap to align with each other, and the ability to hit a single key type in part of the name of a widget you’d like to add, then hit enter to add it. These kinds of features make wireframing fast, easy, and fun.

I’ve found that by using Balsamiq wireframes to communicate with my clients I’m able to convey information much more easily. A picture really is worth 1,000 words (and sometimes more)!

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How We Create WordPress Plugins: From Idea to Release
After agreeing on the initial scope of the release, we then create wireframes using Balsamiq Cloud to help visualize the user interface. We’ve found that simple wireframes can be completed much faster, and we don’t need Brad to create high fidelity mockups in Photoshop as he has done in the past.
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The 5 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps You Can’t Miss Out
2. Balsamiq
Pricing: Free trail -30 days

Pro version -$89

Do you like the hand-drawing of paper prototyping? But don’t want to be distressed by the pieces of paper widgets? Try Balsamiq. You can build a hand-drawing style with this wireframe design tool. One of the reason to focus on the sketch style is that it could help to make the designers and clients focusing on the function, layout, and idea of the product. So that you won’t hear the picky client say he don’t like the color of buttons or other elements.

The built-in components and icons can basically meet the drawing requirements of wireframing design for mobile App. Simply drag out an iPad, iPhone, or Andrew interface template, put the needed components in the container, you can build a mobile App wireframes fast and easily.
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Centigrade GmbH · Blog · Spoilt for choice – comparing four concept tools
good old Balsamiq still has a big advantage: the hand-drawn style of the standard UI kit.

I have used Balsamiq for most of my projects in recent years. Wire flows can be quickly built and give a good sense of size, space requirements and the interaction with the future interface. Problems arise for complex scenarios and subsequent changes – depending on how or if you have created masters, changes may be quickly incorporated or need manual effort on each wireframe, even if you use masters. The wire flow through the user story is created relatively quickly:

Hand-drawn style – the wireframe is easily recognizable as such.
Basic layouts can be created quickly and in a focused manner.
Controls and icons library: With a bit of experience, you can add a matching UI element or a speaking (placeholder) icon within seconds by shortcut and keyword entry.
Masters can be created and edited individually.

With a high number of wireframes in one file, clarity and speed of work noticeably suffer.
Specifications are hardly possible; notes always “get in the way” on the wireframe.
Balsamiq only exports images, texts in PDFs are not searchable.
Sooner or later, you need to use tricks to work with masters (for example, “hide” areas by covering them with white elements) because they are not very flexible.

As already mentioned, the right tool always depends on the task. Pen and paper are ideal for brainstorming and a first rough version. If you want to create static wireframes that show a process, I would still recommend Balsamiq as a suitable tool.
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