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The Perfect Tool Set for Web Development: From Mockup to App in 7 Easy Steps - Usersnap Blog
How long did it take? Honestly, only about 10 minutes; about 3 – 4 of those were thinking of what to make for the mockup. It’s really easy to use to design app mockups; whether for the web, iOS and Android, or native desktop applications running on Mac, Linux, or Windows.

At first you may feel a bit overwhelmed as there are over 70 controls to choose from covering windows, tables, accordions, video players, search bars and more. But after just a bit of experimentation, it becomes easy to navigate and use.
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The Travellist Project: Designs using Sketch | Thoughts
I really like Balsamiq, it’s a quick and easy way to get something out there to the client which doesn’t look too rudimentary (as opposed to pen & paper squiggles).

The problem that I have always found with low fidelity mocks is that it doesn’t give the client (or the developer for that matter) any clear vision of what the site would look like – which is, of course, the purpose of keeping it rough (this is what I can look like, and not this is what it would look like).
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Incomplete user flows - risky business • Five
At Five, we create all wireframes in Balsamiq, arrange them into user flows and create prototypes in InVision. Each of these steps is necessary to produce a high quality app, and here is why.
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35 of the Hottest Website Home Pages (Desktop & Responsive)
And for the industry people out there, I’ve also included the Balsamiq wireframe source files for both desktop and mobile so you can modify them for whatever projects you’re working on in the future.
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Build REST Resources with Laravel
When you develop something, a mockup can be very helpful. Even if you are a guru programmer and you hate dealing with Photoshop or Gimp, there are good tools for prototyping. I used balsamiq and my front-page prototype was this:
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