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(2012) Website Design Case Study Part 2: Design Wireframes
Meanwhile, we got to work on creating the website's wireframes.  We use Balsamiq to design and generate our wireframes. 

****Comic Sans side-note to all the designers reading this post:
If you're a designer out there who's snickering about the usage of Comic Sans in our wireframes… just pipe down. Comic Sans is the only font you can use in Balsamiq wireframes. And no one but us designers ever notice.
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4 Top Tips for Developing a New Feature -
Since no one wants to read a lot of text (except perhaps the awesome readers of this article), the product manager should prepare mockups. They don’t have to be designed or colorful, but they do need to show the team what the feature looks like in his or her vision. During our grooming sessions, we used Balsamiq, which lets you create screen sketches for how the product is supposed to look, feel and work.
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The William Blake Archive | RIDE
Fig. 2: A diagram of the WBA’s Object View Page, annotated by the authors of this review using Balsalmiq Mockups
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Using Balsamiq In The Classroom | The Richard Jones Journalism Blog
One of the tools which I learned about during my recent visit to Arizona for the Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute, was Balsamiq. It’s an online tool which allows you to create a mock-up – a wireframe – of what your planned website or app would look like. We used it when putting together our pitches, so we could give a flavour of what we were proposing without having to go through the actual process of knocking up even a basic version for real.

I found it easy to use, and so I’ve already incorporated it into my new final year module, Journalism Innovation. Students are working on their second and last assessment of the academic year, which is to work in groups to create a business plan for a proposed media start-up company. They’ve got formative pitches to do next month, and so I decided to use some class time both last week and this week, to get them doing a few Balsamiq wireframes, so they could include a couple in their pitch decks.

And it’s worked well. The software is easy to use and the students really took to it. Although it would be easy enough to get them to start websites for their projects (and many will anyway), it would be time-consuming, and also pointless if they’d rather do an app (which neither I nor they have the skills to create) or have an idea that lives on social platforms only. An added bonus: for the 30-day trial at least, it’s free. And for this sort of student project, the basic 30-day version is more than enough.

I’ve also made up a helpsheet, which can be downloaded here for anyone to use.
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How to improve your GUI design with usability tests
They used Balsamiq Mockups to draw wireframe models of the original wizard page and two alternative versions. Balsamiq Mockups is able to mimic some dynamic behavior. You can configure it e.g. to toggle a certain option from disabled to enabled state if some checkbox has been checked. This is really nice, because this way users can play around with mockup interfaces and get a more realistic impression of how the real implementation would behave. Fig. 2 shows a wireframe version of the screenshot in fig. 1.
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How does the Internet work? #Balsamiq – @KingaTest – the Blog
Balsamiq is an amazing tool for UI prototyping. Any of you could take advantage of it. It helps not only in UI prototyping, but also may be used in any sort of your visual communication with customers, stakeholders or developers. It is simple, free to try for 30 days and easy to use. Balsamiq provides various options for web and mobile prototyping.
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Digital Donut Cafe – Wireframes, Logo, & Mockup – All About Alynna
The first part of our website development was making wireframes using Balsamiq to have a sense of what your website will look like. Side note, we had to code everything ourselves so given that we were only in our first semester, our knowledge of HTML/CSS was very minimal. With this in mind, I made my wireframes very simple and manageable to create, which you will see later. We also had to make visual mockups on Photoshop and this should be exactly what we see on our website. I have put the wireframe and mockup for each page side by side for you guys to compare. (Also: we didn’t need to make a mockup for every single page, hence why some of the wireframes don’t have a mockup along with it.)
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doc/UX/MetricsRedesign – Tor Bug Tracker & Wiki
Using Balsamiq, we wireframed mockups that reflected a bunch of the ideas that we came up with during brainstorming. This is what we gave the web designer had to work with, and you will notice that the prototype looks very similar to these wireframes.
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