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Without Wireframes, Your Idea Is Just a Bunch of Words Subject to Interpretation — Medium
I use Balsamiq Mockups. For me, it’s one of the best tools out there. It is simple to use, relatively easy to master, inexpensive, and has enough widgets and elements to wireframe just about any kind of application to a point where any development team on the planet can understand how your application is supposed to behave. And that’s something that you cannot do just with words.
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21 days ago by balsamiq
Timeline Photos - The Makers at IH
If anyone is working on building an app, check out the Balsamiq Mockups software. It's a pretty intuitive tool for mocking up a visual experience. I don't have any design or tech background and was able to pick up easily. The visual example here is all drag and drops.
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27 days ago by balsamiq
Coursera: Human-Computer Interaction | Melissa Gena
Students move through 2-3 iterations of prototyping, beginning with low-fidelity prototypes using Balsamiq’s Mockups (a great tool, by the way)
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november 2012 by balsamiq
Effective Feedback – Fake it before you make it
My favorite is balsamic mock ups. It looks like you’re just sketching the feature. You’re not designing a polished interface, it just looks like a sketch. That way people are not expecting that this will be the final design and concentrate much more on the big things than on the details.
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october 2012 by balsamiq
5 Wireframe Tools That Will Jumpstart Your Web Design Process | A Better User Experience
I used Balsamiq to do a preliminary mock-up for the Little Wing Marketing re-design.

Hand-drawn look that let you focus design conversations on element layout and functionality
Familiar Components & Icons - 75 built-in user interface components and 187 icons
Multi-page linking capability lets you and the client experience click-through prototypes for demos & usability testing
Export to PNG or PDF make it easy to share or present mockups with embedded links using PDF export

Very fast, intuitive, and easy to use. I felt there was little to no learning curve when beginning to use the program, unlike some of the other programs that take while to adjust to the toolbars.
Video tutorial on the homepage was very informative and enjoyable to watch.
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september 2012 by balsamiq
Balsamiq vs PowerPoint storyboarding with VS 2012 «
I love Balsamiq. I use it for nearly every proposal to illustrate effectively what kind of deliverable the client is going to get; a picture tells 1,000 words. I recommend it highly when talking abut SharePoint branding, or any solution where the content is important (ie. just about everything!)
It is great value for money, and there is a great community-driven set of templates (including a SharePoint ribbon and standard controls!)
The results are purposely hand-drawn, which focuses the mind on content vs colour/style etc. and only the occasional client has commented that they would prefer it to look “a bit less childish”… (only by those that mistake the wireframe for the actual product!)
I’m not a fan of Adobe Air, but accept it for this, it’s worth it. The free online version is definitely worth a try.

If I wasn’t already a heavy Balsamiq user I would probably be happy with this new VS 2012 offering; if my colleagues all adopt PowerPoint for storyboarding, I may have to switch, but until then I’ll continue using Balsamiq. It is definitely quicker for me, easier to align items, and the (SharePoint) community-built templates at are great.
As long as you are wireframing/storyboarding somewhere that’s the main thing, I suggest you try both above options to see what fits (non-VS 2012 users will probably find Balsamiq easier).
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september 2012 by balsamiq
Dented Reality » Balsamiq Mockups: Wireframes Made Easy (and Fun!)
But then I found Balsamiq Mockups, and all was well.Balsamiq is an interesting company in itself...

Mockups is the first product from Balsamiq and is their flagship release. It’s a relatively simple wireframing tool that does one thing, and does it well.

It produces hand-drawn-looking documents that are true to the “rough” nature of wireframes, while providing a consistent feel and the ability to easily edit your wireframes as you refine them.

What’s Cool

- Minimalist UI allows you to just Get Things Done.
-Keyboard shortcuts (especially “/” to add a new element to your canvas) speed up your workflow
- Consistent elements mean consistent wireframes (no more mish-mash of elements from different stencil sets)
- Smart elements resize where they should and not where they shouldn’t!
- Simple syntax for providing realistic placeholder data on certain elements (including a magic Lorem Ipsum generator for paragraph text)
- Export as PNG for sharing (where’s the export as PDF?)
- Built in Adobe AIR, so it’s cross-platform
- XML-based file saving means there’s potential to build out tools based on these files (automatically-generated HTML output?)
- Incredibly attentive and passionate support from Peldi via GetSatisfaction
- Ability to lock elements in place (e.g. Browser Window) so that you don’t keep dragging it around by mistake
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september 2012 by balsamiq
Blog - VisionPoint Marketing
Balsamiq Mockups offers a smooth and easy drag-and-drop interface as well as the ability to export clickable pdfs. The ability to create reusable objects (symbols) gave us an easy way to expand into more pages without having to recreate the link structure. This allowed for some of the same functionality as a content management system provide on a full site.

It’s one thing to put our plans into a visually appealing form that we can share with clients, but the ability to make that wireframe into an actual user testing tool is indispensable. We started using Balsamiq in our wireframing process and found its presentation mode to be an incredibly powerful tool for user testing.

VisionPoint recently used Mockups for wireframing and preliminary user testing on an advantced Information Archetecture project we’re working on for a higher education client here in North Carolina. We used Mockups’ presentation mode in combination with Silverback screen capturing software to record test users’ navigation experiences. Using that feedback we made improvements to the final wireframes based on what we found in the students’ responses.

Since this project, I’ve started to use Mockups for more than just laying out and delivering my Information Architecture. Creating site map deliverables and user testing with Mockups are now my norm, and I’m looking for more ways to use this great software product in everything I do.
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august 2012 by balsamiq
KevinYu's Blog: Wireframing with Balsamiq
After playing with and comparing a few wireframing tools, we settled with Balsamiq. We've been using it for the past few months and are quite happy with it so far. Following is a screenshot of one of the sample mockups.

What we like about Balsamiq are:

- It produces unreal-looking yet professional mockups
- Ability to link pages and click through them
- Extensive set of UI controls (out-of-the-box, from the Balsamiq community and upload your own)
- Create reusable common elements across different mockups with symbols (aka template, master page)

We use Balsamiq desktop version during intensive wireframing sessions and web version for sharing and collaboration. One thing Balsamiq could do better is integration between the desktop version and web version. Currently you have to export all mockup as separate BMML files and upload them one-by-one to the web. It is a tedious and time-consuming process. It'll be nice if we can pull mockups directly from the web into desktop and publish them right back when it's done.
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august 2012 by balsamiq
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