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When focusing on User Experience, balsamiq is an amazing tool for wireframing. It is easy to plan app designs and has a variety of included guides, templates and symbols to help create a realistic basis for a prototype. The resource, which you can download or use online, is designed specifically to plan prototyping so everything looks and interacts like a rough sketch which can be easily changed.
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User-centered design thinking and the product lifecycle: an interview with User Defenders' Jason Ogle | UserTesting Blog
Now that you’ve got a nice, thorough list of requirements and are fully acquainted (and dare I say in love) with the problem you’re solving, you can open up your favorite wireframing tool (I prefer Balsamiq), and start cranking out your wireframes.
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(2015) RFC: Multitenancy - Octopus Deploy
I need this feature but have a question not related to the technical discussion. Can you share which tool was used for those UX mockups? They look really good :-)
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User journey mapping by Alex Maughan
All these examples above have been done in Balsamiq Mockups, a long-standing wireframe tool that has gone out of favour with many designers who deem it ugly. I keep using it because it is brilliantly optimised for fast digital sketching. It means your effort is being focussed on the functional problem solving required rather than whether a shape or font is pretty enough. It allows me to move quickly and progress faster down the UX design communication process.
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Meet the Top Youth Teams from #EngineerThat | QUEST | KQED Science
What was the most fun part of designing your solution?
The most fun part of designing ePoints was working together to come up with innovative ideas. We used a program called Balsamiq to explore all of the design possibilities for our app idea, and we came up with the best possible solution to get the job done.
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