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Balsamiq est un outil qui permet de faire des maquettes d’interfaces de manière simple et rapide. Grâce à une bibliothèque riche de gadgets qui sont utilisés par la technique de "drag-and-drop" pour faciliter la génération des maquettes sans aucune connaissance particulière de code.
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Die Sendung mit der Metrik #10: "Sieben Tipps für sinnvolle Dashboards"
Ich nutze ein kleines Scribble Tool, das sich Balsamiq nennt, nicht teuer aber dafür unglaublich praktisch und schnell ist. Damit erstellst du im Prinzip erstmal nur ein Konzept-Layout.
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Process Tutorial Series: Explorr — Part One (User Persona & Wireframes)
Before we dive on head-first into this section of the tutorial we’re going to need a piece of software installed, and by our side. That piece of Wireframing joy is called Balsamiq.
Now, Balsamiq has been around for quite some time now, and it was one of the first Wireframing tools I came across (well that and Axure RP) when I first started designing for the Web (which was in Black & White then). Yes, a long time before monikers like UI Designer, UX Designer, Product Designer and the like were being bandied about.
Now I will admit that the current version of Balsamiq is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s powered by Adobe Air, which is well, old as dirt. But don’t run away in a panic just yet. Speaking to Peldi the CEO of Balsamiq, they are now currently in the process of Beta testing the online version of Balsamiq as we speak, which will be completely native and saying “Adios” to the tired Air Framework, with the Desktop version arriving early next year, so it’s all looking good for Balsamiq moving forward. You’re still here? Thank goodness for that. Oh and it’s being rebranded as Balsamiq Wireframes. Makes more sense right?

Yes, it has its quirks, and it can feel limited for certain projects, but for getting ideas out there faster than Usain Bolt picking up his complementary pair of Nike trainers it’s one, if not the best for that.

When working in Balsamiq, and if you’re just sharing Wireframes between other members of your team, sticking with the Sketch selection is the preferred option. When you’re wanting to try out different ideas and iterate fast, having the Sketch skin selected keeps everything at a Low-Fidelity, just how it should be when creating early stage Wireframes.
Now I’ve heard certain designers exclaim “How can I show these scrappy looking Wireframes to my Fortune 100 client?” Well, just switch on the Wireframe option when you do you precious little soul, and ta-da it’s all good in the Fortune 100 hood.

So for now, keep the default of Balsamiq Sans for the Font choice, and I’ll show you about switching this up when we move into the Preview of our Wireframes later on.
For the Colors, keep them as is. Again, like I’ve mentioned you want to keep your Wireframes as distraction free as possible, and deep-diving into your favourite colours archive is really not required at the Wireframing stage. You can do all that prettifying of elements when we move onto the Hi-Fidelity Mockups/Comps stage in Sketch (yes that one).

Now here comes another of Balsamiq’s super-awesome-so-so-handy-timesaving (Patent Pending) features.
With the duplicate Shape selected, simply press (Cmd + D) to create 2 more duplicates.
Balsamiq will space the duplicates evenly following the same spacing measurements as the first items. Oh Balsamiq you bringer of joy!

Before we make a start on this section of the tutorial you need to remember that Balsamiq (and any other kind of Wireframing tool) is/should be geared more towards starting the design process, rather than creating a Hi-Fidelity working Prototype of any kind, and this is why in Balsamiq that features such as timers, scrollable areas, swipes and the like are not available to you when viewing your Wireframes in Preview mode.
Full-Fat Prototypes with all the bells and whistles on should come toward the end of the design process, not at the start.
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Maquettage Web, comment s’y prendre ? – Rankmyday
Balsamiq : une référence dans l’univers du wireframing, permet à n’importe qui ou presque de réaliser des maquettes élaborées. Le logiciel est proposé en version bureau (79 $) ou web (12 $).
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The 5 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps You Can’t Miss Out
Do you like the hand-drawing of paper prototyping? But don’t want to be distressed by the pieces of paper widgets? Try Balsamiq. You can build a hand-drawing style with this wireframe design tool. One of the reason to focus on the sketch style is that it could help to make the designers and clients focusing on the function, layout, and idea of the product. So that you won’t hear the picky client say he don’t like the color of buttons or other elements.

The built-in components and icons can basically meet the drawing requirements of wireframing design for mobile App. Simply drag out an iPad, iPhone, or Andrew interface template, put the needed components in the container, you can build a mobile App wireframes fast and easily.
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Software Hustle for Entrepreneurs: Make Your Programming Inexperience a Non-Issue
Learn Balsamiq.
Youtube can be an excellent learning tool. Depending on the program you are building, it is likely you will use Balsamiq. Balsamiq is a wire-framing software tool that allows you to clearly map your software design. Think Etch-a-Sketch for grown-ups. It can be that easy. You won’t develop and write the code, but you need to paint or illustrate your ideas clearly in a roadmap the developers can use.
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Vue.js front end app, part 2: Design is (not) hard
Balsamiq Mockups is a tool I’ve grown quite fond of in the past year and a half. It features a ton of components, drag-and-drop design, and a hand-drawn style which I find appealing.

The downside, of course, it’s that Balsamiq Mockups cost a chunk of cash, coming in at $89 for a license at the time of writing. Also I’m certain that it’s style will not appeal to everybody, whether that means you or a client. As with everything I present here, your mileage may vary (in this instance, a lot).
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Designs: HTML or Sketch or Photoshop or Illustrator · Issue #27 · RichardLitt/the-travel-shelf looks cool!.

I was recommended balsamiq markup and really like it. It's very similar to but with more features.

Check out this beautiful concept for our landing page! Pretty awesome....

Also, it's $12 a month for unlimited users compared to $12 a month.ish per person for invision.
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8 prototyping tools for designer
Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool that reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard but using a computer. This year it received updates that include controls that are useful for mobile interfaces mockups (and long scrolling screens) as well as font library integration
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