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Yanick Jimenez - Facebook Posts
When prototyping I always like to make some wireframes on paper...but this time I gave a try to Balsamiq app and wasn't disappointed #ui #wireframes #interfaces #ux
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12 days ago by balsamiq
7 Tools for Getting Started on Mobile App Development - wikigain
Planning and wireframing is a natural part of the workflow and it is necessary to give a form to your idea of an app. Creating a wireframe, you can explore the functionality of your future app, organize its elements and plan its content. You can gather feedback which will save time and money in the development stage.
One of the best available wireframing tools is Balsamiq. It is a low-fidelity tool that allows you to represent a software interface and communicate your design concepts and logic. Balsamiq is cheaper and simpler to use compared to prototyping tools, which allow creating realistic designs with clickable presentations. This service is a digital analog to a piece of paper and a pencil. It offers the following features:

collaboration on a project;
drag&drop interface;
built-in user interface icons and controls;
pre-made templates;
ability to link wireframes and to form a storyboard.
It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. Also, it offers free courses at Udemy, tutorials and tips videos.

Balsamiq offers a free 30-day trial. The basic plan costs $9/month.
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21 days ago by balsamiq
Putting into Context – Chintan Gohel – Medium
Keeping the whole process in mind, I can think of one word to sum it up; humility. The perfectionist in me wanted so badly to run away from the unfinished Balsamiq look and make my design high-fidelity, looking complete, perfect. However, utilizing Lean UX requires being okay with producing something okay, implementing feedback and improving on your ideas based off feedback rapidly. In a way, the feedback provided from user testing actually breathes context into design, context that you didn’t have when ideating from intuition rather than research. And to evaluate and improve on a user’s experience, context is everything.
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21 days ago by balsamiq
A Process Guide to Building UX for Software Products
In my opinion, the UX designer should develop the wireframe in a tool such as Balsamiq, Something to sketch in just plain black and white.
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21 days ago by balsamiq
How To Launch Your App In The App Store – LearnAppMaking
This mockup was created with Balsamiq Mockups, a terrific tool I’ve used for 7+ years to create professional mockups.

In the screenshot above you can see one of the greatest features from Balsamiq Mockups: “Linking”.

With it, you can link a UI element (like a button) to one of the pages of your mockup. When you click the UI element, you’ll navigate to the linked page. It’s ideal for interactive prototyping!

The links remain intact if you export your mockup to PDF. If you use the “Export without margins” option, and open the PDF on your iPhone, you can use the prototype as if it were a real app.
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25 days ago by balsamiq
1st Hack Weekend as a Team – Torque Network – Medium
We built these prototypes using Balsamiq, and then imported them to Invision to create the app flow.
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26 days ago by balsamiq
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