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Wire-framing with Balsamiq – Sean Pan – Medium
Balsamiq is an amazing tool that was created to help product managers and new developers get their ideas on paper. Back in the day, we would have to use a simple pen and paper to draw out what our app would look like, then send it to a designer for them to make prettier. Our pen drawings would be crude, and the designers would struggle to understand what we were trying to put on the board.
With Balsamiq, we are able to easily create mockups of our designs. The company gives interested buyers a 30 day free trial and has lots of free tutorials on youtube. Here are some examples of mockups that I created for my friend for his app ZenFitness.
This is an image of our workout app. In one screen, you can edit a workout and add exercises like pushups or pull-ups.

In another view, we allow our users to edit an exercise. You can name it, choose what kind of units it is (reps, seconds, etc…). Add a youtube link and add images. You can also add comments to the exercise.

Balsamiq allows you to convey your message to your designer in a convenient and clean way. You will be able to make mockups easily and create an amazing product.
Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.
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How to Create Awesome App Wireframes with Balsamiq
Creating a wireframe for your iPhone app is a great way to ensure developers and graphic designers fully understand your app and how it should work.

A great tool for creating awesome wireframes is Balsamiq Mockup for Desktop. Balsamiq’s software is perfect for the job and so easy to use because it’s specifically designed to create wireframes for websites, computer software, and iPhone apps of course.

If that’s not enough, they even have a feature that lets you turn your wireframe into a prototype for your iPhone app so you and developers can actually experience the flow of the app.

Below is a link to the Balsamiq website, check it out for free:

I DO NOT earn an affiliate commision if you go to this link . I just really like this tool and wanted to share the love.
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A Founder’s Guide to Wireframes: Common Types and Tools | Silicon Bayou News
Balsamiq, Axure, and similar tools use drag and drop interfaces rather than code and make creating accurately proportioned media for a web interface or app screen much more straightforward.
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The 5 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps You Can’t Miss Out
Do you like the hand-drawing of paper prototyping? But don’t want to be distressed by the pieces of paper widgets? Try Balsamiq. You can build a hand-drawing style with this wireframe design tool. One of the reason to focus on the sketch style is that it could help to make the designers and clients focusing on the function, layout, and idea of the product. So that you won’t hear the picky client say he don’t like the color of buttons or other elements.
The built-in components and icons can basically meet the drawing requirements of wireframing design for mobile App. Simply drag out an iPad, iPhone, or Andrew interface template, put the needed components in the container, you can build a mobile App wireframes fast and easily.
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Update #25: New Features: From Idea to Coding — Archmage Rises
o make fast easy to modify mockups I use Balsamiq 3.  The guys at Balsamiq live and breathe software mockups: They even provide recipes on their website so you can make a quick dinner and get back to designing mockups.  Awesome!
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Visma UX Training in Oslo and Timisoara, May 2017 - Corporate Blog
We were then introduced to low-fidelity prototyping in Balsamiq, a tool that let us link and perfect our sketches.
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MADCAP IDEA PART 4 : PROTOTYPING THE SCREENS | Sacha's Blog Of Programmaticalness
I am a big fan of the balsamiq mockup tools This comes as a stand alone installed version or as a plugin for JIRA.

balsamiq provides the following (I am just listing the features I used, there are many more)

Drag and drop from a wide range of forms, containers, controls
Set content for controls (usually using some fancy design time behavior)
Set navigation links
Set properties like IsSelected, IsEnabled etc etc
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Choose Good Tools for UI/UX Design – prototypr
For wireframing, I like Balsamiq better. The most important feature of Balsamiq is its hand-drawn line. It’s very cute and very intuitive. It’s very important to have “unreal” style wireframing, or users will focus on the details and ignore the whole using process. Hand-drawn style is a good helper to make users understand it’s not the final version and focus on the overall process.
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For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: How to Launch a Profitable Startup
Give your initial product a visual form. Draw up some starting wireframes that give a good feel for the product. You can use tools such as Balsamiq Mockups and Lucidcharts at no charge.
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Stock Management in PrestaShop 1.7 - part 2 | PrestaShop Developers’ blog
The first prototype was made with Balsamiq. It looks “low-fidelity” but allowed to quickly test our first interfaces without over-designing it.
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10 Design Tools for Data Visualization - Visual BI Solutions
Balsamiq is a great tool for non-designers or beginners in design. It’s easy drag-and-drop-components interface lets users create a quick wireframe. Also, you can import images into it. You can use it online or download a desktop app. I personally prefer the desktop app because it also syncs to your online profile if you want to share the mockup.
Check out my article on getting started with Balsamiq.
Price: $89 one time
Drawback: Very restrictive in what it can create. Cannot plug in Data or change the way the components look or feel.
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Como ser diseñador UX/UI en el 2017
Las herramientas como Balsamiq (Este grafico esta en esa herramienta) y Sketch seran tus mejores amigos.
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How Launched in a Week – Brian Watson – Medium
I use balsamiq for slapping wireframes together. It’s a powerful little tool and generating some actual mock ups to bounce ideas off of someone else is an invaluable asset.
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(2015) How to Use Mockups to Get Buy-in and Speed Up Your Releases - TechProductManagement
The type of tool will depend on your goal. I personally like Balsamiq ( because it is very easy to use. But, since I’m usually not the one doing the mockups, I’ll leave it to my UX team to decide. Other very popular tools are Sketch ( and Axure (

Like you mention, a lot of people like to develop prototypes directly in code using tools like Bootstrap. In my experience, that takes too much time and effort if the goal is simply to convey ideas and foster communication. A simple wireframe in Balsamiq might work best.
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Validating your product design ideas with low-fidelity wireframes
You can create wireframes in all major design software, but for low fidelity wireframes in particular i’d recommend Balsamiq.
Their drag and drop library of low fidelity components makes it quick and easy to build layouts for testing and refinement.
The rough visual aesthetic of the components helps to keep things informal too, and ensures you and the people you are sharing them with focus on the bigger picture, rather than design details.
Obviously the level of detail you want to go to at this stage is entirely up to you but it’s worth noting that the key things you should be focusing on at this stage are -
Mapping user flows and journeys
Page structure and layouts
Content information and hierarchy
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