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Pre-populate a textbox using ASP.NET Core MVC· - Making sense of .NET
There are always online tools like Balsamiq Mockups that make it easy to build up mockups using pre-built components.
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Empower your team with Balsamiq step by step the right way
There are three simple steps to empower your team: convince, educate, share.


If you want people to learn Balsamiq, you need to convince them how “dumb” Balsamiq is. I will avoid branding Balsamiq as a design tool because it is not. Balsamiq is an ideating tool. Design is not the spirit of Balsamiq.

What you need to do is to share your screen with your people in the next meeting, to show them in real-time how you edit a Balsamiq file. I believe they soon will realize there is nothing more than drag and drop components in Balsamiq, and will start thinking “oh, it does not seem that hard, why don’t I do it?”

Look, don’t worry about not fulfilling your responsibilities by asking your teammates to create. It’s exactly the opposite. UX designers are not graphic creators, we are teammates that empower the team to create human-centered design solutions.

UX designers are not graphic creators, we are teammates that empower the team to create human-centered design solutions.

One thing we all can do is to make the Balsamiq creation process as clear as possible, because it is so freaking simple.

Three steps to use Balsamiq:
a. Get familiar with the components in the default library (there is not even that many)
b. Drag-and-drop components
c. Save and to export
You can even share out this article written by @Pavithra Aravindan with your team to help them get started.


One thing to keep in mind is that your teammate might not understand the function of different components as you do. However, they can quickly pick it up once they see an example or two. You have created plenty of components for forms, websites, apps. It’s time to share.

There is no right or wrong way to do Balsamiq prototyping. As long as the idea is expressed clearly, the prototype is successful, and your team should know that.

You could risk doing it wrong
Please don’t deliver the misleading message as if you are trying to make everybody a designer. Everybody can be a creator, and there is a huge difference between a creator and a designer. Instead, you can sell Balsamiq with its key value propositions: to rapidly visualize underdeveloped ideas.

Keep an eye on how your teammates are doing with Balsamiq once you get them started. If your people are not creating Balsamiq prototypes rapidly, somethings’ wrong. It’s either that they haven’t decided what they are creating, or that they have paid too much attention to the details and the “look”. Either way, there is something you can do.

It’s very easy for non-designers to get overly excited about creating their own things and to end up spending a lot of time fine-tuning the arts. You need to make sure your people are not “in love” with the ideas they visualize. The difficulty is that we all have the tendency to protect our investment in time and efforts. That’s a trap. It’s painful to disrupt something we create ourselves, and that’s why you need to be there to get the team ready for wipeouts.

My principle to use Balsamiq is that:

Anything irrelevant to the to-be-tested idea should be removed from the prototype.
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Prototyping: An integral part of every designer’s workflow
Prototyping tools like InVision, UXPin and Balsamiq make it quick and easy to visualise ideas for initial feedback before any time is wasted on design.
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The 18 best wireframe tools | Creative Bloq
Balsamiq Mockups aims to replicate the experience of sketching on a whiteboard
Platform: Mac, Windows, web-based
Price: $9 (2 projects) / $49 (20 projects) / $199 (200 projects) per month
Balsamiq Mockups includes several drag-and-drop elements, from buttons to lists, each styled as a hand-drawing. The basic premise behind this wireframing tool is to keep the mock-ups 'intentionally rough and low fidelity', to encourage as much feedback as possible.
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Wire-frames: A Complete Roadmap For Designing - Loginworks Softwares
Balsamiq became popular as wireframes produced with Balsamiq resemble sketches, thus making it immediately obvious that the wireframe is not a finished product but a work in progress. It is loaded with a huge library of reusable components which can be dragged and dropped very easily for designing your wireframes.

You can also use it on almost any platform, with desktop versions available for Mac, Windows and Linux, plus there is a web version if you prefer to work in the cloud.
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Wireframing for the Uninitiated (That Would be Me…) – Let's Be Bold
I chose to use Balsamiq for this project as it seemed to be highly rated and relatively simple to use. A bonus is that it has a 30-day free trial and the cost to use the program going forward is quite reasonable. As I progress with the design, I will post exports of it in various blog posts to come.
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Prototyping: An integral part of every designer’s workflow – Independent Graphic Designer for UI & Branding – Simon McCade
Prototyping tools like InVision, UXPin and Balsamiq make it quick and easy to visualise ideas for initial feedback before any time is wasted on design.
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State of Browser-Based Web Design Applications: 2018 -
Balsamiq is a cloud-based wireframing application that is simple and quite intuitive to use. Across the top of the screen is a visual display of components representing things like devices, images, headings, paragraphs, form elements and so on. Drag and drop them onto the screen to form up your wireframe. You can also drill down further into subcategories to help you find the components you’re looking for.
The style of the components is fairly static, with most looking like hand drawn objects. Balsamiq’s homepage says, “They look like sketches on purpose! It encourages brainstorming”. This brainstorming focus ties into the collaboration systems that allow sharing between team members, making Balsamiq seem most at home fairly early in the planning process of a project.

If you have a sizable team and need to hash ideas out between several people before sinking your teeth into a design, Balsamiq might be the app for you.
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(2014) How to use Balsamiq Mockups | User Prompt – Psychologic IT Expertise
Balsamiq Mockups is a tool to support rapid designing. On a scale between drawings with paper and pencil and a fully working prototype Balsamiq’s position is clearly on the simple side, bringing powerful predefined widgets and an easy-to-use interface.

Interactions are not on the main focus of Balsamiq Mockups. So even a drop-down does not open on click. If you need to fake this interaction you have to create two pages, one with the closed and one with the open drop-down, and assign links to the respective pages. Still then users will not be able to select a certain option in the drop-down. This is about the limit interaction with Balsamiq Mockups goes.

Balsamiq Mockups is a tool for rapid prototyping. It does not release you from balancing between sketchiness, i.e. reduction to the most important facts of your design, and meticulousness, i.e. being close to the final design. You need a minimum on realism to involve others to your idea, but with too much details the discussion often goes in a wrong way.

Consider to share your mockups, not only the exported graphic. The demo offers an export/import from clipboard (ctrl+E or menu). The content is the same as in the stored files with bmml extension. A good advice is to make those mockups that are intended for sharing as simple as possible. If you heavily group controls you result in a draft that is hard to change – especially for people that don’t know where to start with deconstruction.

The big advantage of Balsamiq Mockups is the perfect balance between ease of use and presentation options. And its free for open source projects! If you want to use an open source tool, you should take Pencil into consideration. If you have to care about interaction our preferred tool is Axure. For collaborative tasks Pidoco can be a good solution.
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The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018
Those are very nice sketches, what tool did you use to make them? Thanks.


Hi adamhoke,

Thanks! I am using 'Balsamiq' to do the sketches:

It's mainly geared towards building UI wireframes, but I just love that 'hand drawn' style for diagrams, I think they're quite nice on the eye, and a bit more reminiscent of white-boarding or sketching with a buddy :)

I'm always chopping and changing with my diagramming tools,, Visio, Balsamiq, LucidChart, I can't find one which covers everything I need!

Anyone who has any suggestions of good ones please share :)

Cheers Adam!
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Aral’s Mastodon
And the second, Balsamiq now has a web app and it’s great. It’s called Balsamiq C**** (sadly, they use the C-word in public, which is quite rude) and it’s rather amazing. (
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Build Website From Scratch - Jos. Studios
Mockups are very easy to build; and a competent web designer should have software like Balsamiq available to demo mockups to you.
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