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Waste and recycling – new site | Re:work Devon
I got ideas from existing sites and produced the wireframe using Balsamiq a great, free online tool which was very user-friendly. Having not used Balsamiq before, I also found a great video intro outlining the basics of this tool.
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10 days ago by balsamiq
Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian JIRA - First Quarter 2016 | StiltSoft - Atlassian Experts Blog - Confluence, JIRA
Experience with this add-on is quite interesting and productive due to the intuitive interface and simplified user workflow. If you are work in the software development company, so this tool is a must for you.
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10 days ago by balsamiq
20 Tools to become a better designer — Dashmote Snapshot
If simplicity is what you are looking for, it never gets better than this. Balsamiq is a tool which allows for quick wire-framing, replacing the handmade sketches with more complex designs. It makes it very easy to share your designs with your colleagues.
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14 days ago by balsamiq
You Fight Like a Designer - DeveloperTown
Version 2 was a sketch-like wireframe we created in 2 hours using Balsamiq.
17 days ago by balsamiq
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