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(2015) The best prototyping tools — – User Experience Design
Balsamiq is another tool for rapid prototyping. Mockups created in Balsamiq are “low fidelity”, similar to freehand sketches. You can choose from
over 500 icons and many basic ready-made items stored in the UI libraries. Balsamiq allows you to add basic interactions and share prototype with your team.
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prototyping - Does a casual interface make a task like wireframing easier? UX of Balsamiq vs Sketch - User Experience Stack Exchange
The interface of balsamiq has two main functions:
1 - Stop you from fiddling
2 - Communicate that it's a sketch.

If you're specifically working on wireframing for complex sites or interactions, you may want to work with balsamiq.
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The B2B Lead Generation Techniques You Haven't Tried Yet
some pretty serious companies are using Balsamiq software, and yet their company page is modeled after a corner bistro. They really do sound like friendly people!
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Advice for People Interested in a Coding/Design Bootcamp — Medium
Link: To test out design, go to a website you like and spend a few hours trying to recreate it in a [free mockup tool].
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Killer Design Tools to Enhance the Scope of User Experience
Hash out the details of your website or app like dropdown options or a hamburger menu through a rapid wireframing tool like Balsamiq. It’s for creating hassle free website mockups and mimics the pencil and paper experience of sketching on a whiteboard seamlessly on a computer. handwritten designs are easy, unique and quick to sketch a design and receive feedback before the coding. It has a large library of UI elements and pre-build widgets to make editing as easy as drag and drop. Its compatibility is good, offered in a desktop version and also as plug-in for Google Drive, Confluence, and JIRA.
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Product Design – rajballer
Balsamiq is a “painstakingly simple” tool for rapid wireframing. I have been using it for the past 5-6 years and it has been very very effective and helpful. Many thanks and a huge shoutout to the team at Balsamiq. You guys are fabulous and you make my life very easy.
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