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White Lion Interactive : Roar
The ability to change your wireframe to a hand drawn look an feel is a nice touch to let clients know this is still a ‘work-in-progress’.
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(2011) Rapid Wireframes, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Results | Eye Tracking the Customer Experience
you can’t really copy and paste on paper, can you? So when you have several wireframes with shared elements, drawing on Balsamiq can be much faster than on paper as you won’t have to draw the same objects over and over again.
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(2011) Re-using Omnigraffle objects: or why Omnigraffle is great for long projects | Eye Tracking the Customer Experience
a great tool for discussing concepts and getting ideas and designs out fast. There is no distraction from shading, pixels and fonts.
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Great tools to run your StartUp or SME
Balsamiq - Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software.  (FT)
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Daniel Calzada - My top 3 productivity tools you may want to try
Mockups are one of the most useful tools when working on software projects, and Balsamiq make it incredible easy! You don’t have to be an expert for presenting an idea by using Balsamiq, simply drag and drop some controls, type some text and setup links, simple and easy, no complex stuff. You can also create diagrams and export your mocks to PDF or images.
I use Balsamiq to quickly capture user interface ideas next to my developers or designers team mates so that we can create really useful wire-frames together, agree on the work that needs to be done and get feedback quickly. I also use it for creating simple flow charts or sitemaps.
I’ve been using the Balsamiq desktop version for a few years now but they also offer a web version that works great! Trust me when I say that the price is really cheap for what you can do with Balsamiq.
The desktop version currently works on Windows and Mac, A mobile version is not available (at least not yet) but I’m sure that the team has a plan for it, by the way, I recently discovered that The Balsamiq team is located here in Sacramento Ca where I live (pss… guys, if you need some help, I would love to work with you!)
Try the web version, or download the desktop version with a free trial, I’m sure you will be surprised how easy is to quickly create awesome wire-frames for anything you need.
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