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How to get employees to take vacation
At Balsamiq, it’s twenty days (minimum number of vacation days). Generally, there’s no formal consequences for not using your mandatory vacation time. But, according to Balsamiq founder Giacomo Guilizzoni

“It instills an opposite kind of guilt: If I don’t take my 20 days I will set a bad example for my team.”
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Fred K | & Co » EMC CCE iPAD Application
Set of linked wireframes created in balsamiq, a wireframing tool to get initial input from users, stakeholders and colleagues on the user-interface, interactions, functionality and plans
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Why does the prototyping day of the Design Sprint suck for the team? - User Experience Stack Exchange
Axure gets almost everything done, but requires more time and effort than let's say Balsamiq or PowerPoint.
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Balsamiq is extremely easy-to-use and it's well-received by the creative community because it's seamless, easy to understand, and creates low fidelity wireframing in a snap. It's like sketching on a whiteboard, but via computer. Other wireframing tools are expensive, really hard to learn, and have at least 14 features that you'll probably never use.
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developers: Should I Make the frontend of my web app on bootstrap before giving it to my developer? : webdev
I already have pretty much finalized the layout and the expected behavior of the web app. You can do this with just Balsamiq and having tons of screens that are linked together.
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Thank You Balsamiq – GoGatz
You have enabled my business success.
I started messing with wireframes outside of work. I always had tons of ideas for applications so I began sketching them out. Screen by screen. It was an outlet. The same way a painter uses a canvass, or the way a musician tabs out a new diddy. I love being able to refine it and then refine it some more. Take it down to its barest elements. Where there is nothing left to take away.

The intersection between art and science was where I wanted to live.

I was able to take this newly acquired skill straight into the corporate world. If during a meeting someone raised an issue they were having, I would go and sketch out a software solution. Nothing would happen. After a number of these cycles though people began asking me to mock something up for this issue, or that problem. To show what was possible.

Then, eventually, one day…we began to put developers on building some of those sketches. And a few years later, here I am. On an upward trajectory.:)

I am most appreciative for the software and for the path it has revealed.

Thank you Balsamiq for providing me with my palette.
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30 Really Best Infographic Tools For Insanely Effective Blogging -
This cross-platform wireframing tool gives you an easy and intuitive platform. You can use this tool to mockup your sites or mobile apps.
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Can you show me what it will look like before you...
"Can you show me what it will look like before you actually work on it?"
That's why we used Balsamiq Mockups (not being paid to say this :P ) to draft our screens, then we presented those to the user. Comes in handy.
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Don’t think it’s possible? Start a tech company without writing any code — Startup Grind — Medium
Balsamiq is a fool proof way of creating digital sketches for apps or software. This is your first port of call, it will really get you thinking about how a product flows and create a framework of logic for what you want your product to showcase.
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Ask HN: Single Person startup/company? | Hacker News
we have hundreds of examples like this - single person companies that have grown inside the Atlassian ecosystem.
From people like Bob Swift, who grew his company and was then acquired, to companies like Gliffy and Balsamiq Mockups who built multi-dozen person companies on the back of the Atlassian ecosystem.
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Start Up Series #1: Wireframing Tools for Startups
What We Love:

• Low fidelity wireframes that let you focus more on structure rather than visual elements

• Extensive support, tutorials and documentation

• Community of contributors

• Integration with Google Drive and Atlassian (Confluence Server, Confluence Cloud, JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud)

• Web Demo for you to try before you buy

Pricing: $89 Desktop, $12/mo Web App, $5/user/mo with Google Drive 30-Days Free Trial for the Web App.
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