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Come guadagnare online in Italia: 6 metodi e 50 esempi
Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni (sì, quello in spiaggia nella foto all’inizio del post) ha lanciato da subito il suo servizo di mockup sul mercato globale e oggi Balsamiq è una risorsa per 300.000 aziende in tutto il mondo.
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A Practical Guide To Convert Your Sketches To Working Prototypes
Balsamiq Mockups — For very rough wireframes. I think this is a pretty good tool to start with right after information architecture was decided on. It’s fast, simple and clickable if needed.
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What's Your Type: 2016-10-01 update
It's also worth noting that I switched from Inkscape to Balsamiq for wireframing. I'm still learning the software, but I can already feel the difference. Balsamiq came highly recommended and it's wonderful.
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How to Get Started with the Enfold Theme - Fresh van Root
If you have the basic idea, use a piece of paper or a tool like Balsamiq to create a mockup.
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Balsamiq Careers - IMSource
Balsamiq makes it fast and simple to crank out professional looking wireframes of your web and mobile apps, helping you to communicate the important features and functions of your idea, which you can pass on to your programmer.
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Presentations Galore! The Best Graphic Design Tools for Your Pitch, Fundraising, & Marketing Decks | Best Tools for Growth | Stacklist
Work faster, smarter, and better with Balsamiq. If you love using a whiteboard to create graphics, but then struggle to transfer your "brilliant design" to a digital composition, Balsamiq is the tool for you. This unique tool reproduces the experiencing of using a whiteboard on your computer.

With the help of Balsamiq, you can create mockups as quickly as you can generate ideas. A few of the benefits that you can enjoy when you choose Balsamiq for your design process:

Smooth collaboration
Focus on functionality
Drag and drop simplicity
Click through prototypes
With these features, Balsamiq will help you create nice wireframes of your product to better present your product and ideas.
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Review: Balsamiq great planning phase mock up tool
Balsamiq is well suited for the initial planning phases of a project because of its low fidelity.

Currently Balsamiq is used by multiple departments within our organization. Technology, Marketing, Web Team, to make a few. It helps us to set up mock ups quickly to assess acceptance of the planning project phase, to further refine requirements based on an agreed upon working model.

Balsamiq Pros

Balsamiq allows for quick prototypes for everyone to be on the same page
Has useful templates to leverage quickly
Allows users to link to other pages, to mimic true functionality
Due to the low fidelity, users don't get hung up on color, style, etc.
Publishable to locations others can view, if they have the application

ROI on Balsamiq Purchase

Saves lots of time using templated items. Instead of spending a week building in PowerPoint, I could get mock ups setup within hours.
Allows other users to manipulate add in their own ideas, build upon, etc. Saves time from rebuilding from scratch
Saves time from coming up with colors, style, etc. As they have super down and dirty templates.
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7 days ago by balsamiq
Review: Balsamiq - Good for your rapid prototype.
Balamiq is well suited for the prototype stage where you DO NOT want client to care about the actual design or branding - basically the wireframe stage. You can sit down with a client or users to do testing pretty quickly. I would not use it outside of that stage though. I would use Photoshop or SKETCH 3 for that.

We use Balsamiq to mock up prototypes for web design and app design front end. The software is being used after initial spec gathering and paper sketches - sometimes after the paper prototype stage. We use this in our department but I have heard others are using them too. And this is to show to the client and approve of the user flow and basic interaction on the app or web.

Balsamiq Pros

Quick mockup. The speed of how I can put things together using Balsamiq is impressive.
Good add-ons such as iOS mockup assets
Balance between "sketch" feel and "functional" prototype.

The software is cheap enough. Giving the hourly rate we pay the UX designer, it pays for itself in one session.
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7 days ago by balsamiq
User Review: Balsamiq FTW!
It's particularly well-suited for small-scale projects, but I don't think it would be any less appropriate for large scale projects. I work in a hybrid museum/library/gallery with many stakeholders of varying expertise and Balsamiq has made it easy for me to provide examples to all of them with little fuss.

Balsamiq is used by me, the Web Dev, in the IT department of our institution. I use it to design mockups of our external and internal websites during the review and approval process, after which I develop the sites. Balsamiq mockups has saved me a huge amount of time and effort.

Balsamiq Pros

The buttons and objects are intuitive.
Flexible, easy, and quick. Low learning curve compared to much pricier mockup software.
Highly customizable. Ability to design with a high level of granularity, which is key when dealing with older, less-techy stakeholders.

ROI on Balsamiq Purchase

Price tag vs. time it's saved on building full sites; Balsamiq is basically free.
Of the 6 months it took for me to single-handedly build our website, 2 were spent building mockup after mockup. Had I had to learn a more complicated piece of software to build those mockups, the project would have taken at least 2 months longer.
Balsamiq is a one-time fee rather than the dreaded subscription. It's paid for itself multiple times.
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7 days ago by balsamiq
Balsamiq Review: One of the best tools in my toolbox.
Balsamiq works great for mocking up screens where precise, exact replica type mock-ups are not necessary.

Balsamiq is used across the software development teams to help our customers visualize what a new feature enhancement could look like. This is a great way to have an open dialogue and discover additional requirements or clarify details to refine our understanding of their expectations. The mock-ups are then refined until we have enough detail to move forward with written requirements.

I really like the alternate version feature. This allows me to stay organized and reuse designs when needed easily. I can also quickly share a few options with stakeholders to elicit feedback.
The wide variety of form fields, controls, buttons, icons make it very easy to mock up a screen. Not to mention each one can be modified to show just the right form field state or data so even though its a rough mock up I can still create a relatively realistic representation of the screen.
I've been a Balsamiq user over the last few years and I commend them for continuing to add features that make my job easier.
LOVE the auto save feature.
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7 days ago by balsamiq
Balsamiq Review: Great tool to get out in front of planning problems
Balsamiq is great for rapid prototyping of ideas. If inserting items automatically did a reflow, I could probably see myself using it in meetings where we are typing to prototype. As it is now I need to use it to capture the ideas after the meeting. It does work well for getting consensus on the ideas discussed.

Our team uses Balsamiq to get high fidelity napkin sketches put together. We have a team of key stakeholders that are spread across the country and having the ability to create, share, markup and version has been tremendously valuable. Having Balsamiq helps us all envision the same end in a way that using only words tends to leave too much open to interpretation.
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User Review: Easy Peasy Balsamiq
Balsamiq is great for the non-designer crowd who is interested in creating quick mockups to start a discussion. It is dead-easy to pull something together that can be used for user-testing/validation.

In our attempts to create compelling, innovative enhancements, Balsamiq allows us to easily experiment with different layouts and present various options to our users in validation sessions with minimal upfront time spent on creating the visuals.
Using Balsamiq within our product management team has allowed the UX team to spend more time on the actual UI/UX deliverables rather than mockups and wireframes.
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Wireframes and Flowcharts - 20 Helpful Resources | NOUPE
Balsamiq, Axure, Visio, and some other professional programs never fall off the radar.
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