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Balsamiq is supporting diversity at UX Camp! – UX Camp – Medium
I first started incorporating Balsamiq into my workflow around 2012 and since then I feel like everyone I know has come to use and swear by the wireframing software. It is loved for its incredibly intuitive (and thereby extremely fast) wireframing workflow, and strong emphasis on keeping things simple and focused on what matters rather than worrying about visual or interactive polishes.

Balsamiq Cloud is their new, web-native app for fast and collaborative wireframing. It has features such as multi-project member chat with real-time collaboration and built-in rich comments. Check it out, as well as their desktop app and Google Drive add-on, over here.

Balsamiq works at being ‘good citizens’ and trying to live by their mantras, supporting the community with projects like their Software Donation Program for teachers, non-profits and open source projects.

Today, I’m proud to announce there’s yet another reason to love Balsamiq: they’re supporting UX Camp’s diversity efforts! With their help, we’re able to invite important members of the community who would have otherwise not been able to attend due to geographical or financial limitations.

We’re incredibly grateful to have partners like Balsamiq supporting and helping us create a more inclusive, safe, and accessible design community.
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(2015) The Power of Screen Mock-Ups - Seilevel Blog - Software Requirements
Once we were done with our paper/pen drawings, we then created the mock-ups in Balsamiq. If you are not familiar with this tool, it is a great tool for mock-ups, very easy to learn, and not expensive at all. It is geared more towards those of us who are not UI designers, it will never give you a picture that would look like the real thing, but it is awesome in giving a picture from which development can start to work. Once we had our mock-up in Balsamiq, we then attached it to the user story for development.
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The Beginner's Guide To Creating and Promoting Infographics |
Grab an old fashioned pencil and paper or use a software program like Balsamiq to create a wireframe or mock-up for the infographic.
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Best Prototyping Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier
Well, this one cannot be counted in free prototyping tools, but is worth investing! This one gives you convenience similar to creating prototypes on paper! In this you can either choose from 500 pre-existing designs that are available or create on for their own! But you’ll have to pay for this one. Another thing to be kept in mind is that balsamiq Mockups can create prototypes only for web, iOS and Android!
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Top 15 UX/UI Designers You Should Follow to Flow Out Inspiration in 2018
a mockup and wireframing tool for web and mobile apps, focusing on low-fidelity (or hard-drawn) prototypes.
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Balsamiq Mockups improves navigation, offline access
Prototyping tool Balsamiq Mockups rolled out a bunch of new features that make it easier to navigate, edit, and export with Moqups. There are two big changes to Pages: Pinned Pages and Page Thumbnails. Pinned pages allow to pin your most active pages to the top of the Pages Panel. Export now has its own button and, with it, a great new option: The ability to export an offline version of the Viewer. The Export to HTML option downloads a fully interactive prototype that can be viewed offline, hosted on more restrictive environments like behind-the-firewall intranet servers. Other improvements include smarter forms, color replacement on page, improved SVG support, image cropping, blur filter.
Balsamiq Mockups alternatives are: OmniGraffle, Axure, MockFlow, Wireframe Sketcher, Microsoft Visio
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UX Prototyping: Adobe Xd vs Invision vs Balsamiq — overloop


Takes high fidelity design out of the picture directing the conversation to the content and functionality of each screen
Extremely easy to create screens with dragging & dropping premade elements
Can be used by non-designers  
A large variety of premade elements and even more available to download
Rough hand drawn style helps to narrow focus away from the design towards functionality
Can replace wireframes

Online application which may be unreliable based on your internet connection
User interface may take some getting used to as it heavily relies on icons
Prototyping is limited to linking elements to screens 
Few options for designers to create their own elements
Can't be used to prototype high fidelity mockups
Whilst Adobe Xd is the only program of the three that gives you the functionality to design from scratch, it still falls behind Invision when it comes to prototyping, on the other Balsamiq trumps both in ease of use so it really does come down to what your project needs.

If you want a program that is going to cover the whole process from start to finish Adobe Xd is your best bet, it is constantly being updated and with a little more investment from Adobe, it has the potential to become the clear choice for prototyping. 

If you are a UX designer or a team of designers that build detailed mockups in photoshop or illustrator and just need a way to prototype them effectively, then Invision will give you the best results.

If you are in the early stages of a project and need an easy way to prototype and share low fidelity mockups, Balsamiq is for you.

We typically kick our projects off in Balsamiq and then later move to Invision or Xd, Balsamiq is invaluable in the process of discussion with a client, ironically because of its lack of focus on design, it easily replaces wireframing and forces us to think critically about the user experience.
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A Guide to Wireframe Tools & Rapid Prototyping - UX Tricks
Balsamiq is a rapid prototyping tool focusing solely on wireframe mockups, allowing UX/UI designers to iterate sooner, user test early, and create web and app mockups using their “sketched-out” visual aesthetic that reminds us to save the visuals for later.

Compared to other wireframe tools, Balsamiq is lightening fast!
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49+ of the best online collaboration tools for productive remote teams
Balsamiq is a favorite with UX designers and product managers because of its simplicity. It is a lot simpler to use than PowerPoint or Omnigraffle. It also has the added advantage of making wireframes interactive. Since the compiled wireframe is functional, it provides your marketing and engineering teams a visceral experience of the proposed functionality.

What makes it stand out –

It’s a lightweight and fast option to iterate quickly on your wireframes. The distinctive feature of the program is that it forces you to focus on the layout by limiting your fonts, colors, and elements.

G2 Crowd rating – 4.2

Capterra rating – 4.5

Pricing – You can use a web app, a desktop app or/a Google Drive add-on to get started. A free 30-day trial is available. Paid plans start from $9 per month depending on the amount of space you need.
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What Can You Learn From a Digital-First Company's Culture? - Boagworld Show
Let's talk about our first sponsor which is the wonderful Balsamiq, my favoritest brands in the world. I've so enjoyed working with them. Actually talking about different kind of character types, I'm right in two things at the moment. I'm putting this course together with Balsamiq people, and I'm doing another piece of work with another client that I won't talk about. And could not be more different experience between those two. You basically do a very similar thing, but just totally different approaches and attitudes, and it's fascinating. I have to say, I'm more inclined to the Balsamiq laid back approach. They're a really lovely team. Anyway.

Paul Boag: So if you don't know, Balsamiq is an easy-to-use wireframing tool that's got an incredibly low barrier to entry. Anybody can pick it up and basically use it straight away. So pretty much every person we've spoken to on this show has said that they've used Balsamiq at some occasion. But it's also great for not professionals, too. So people that aren't designers, you know? It's aimed at actually marketers, managers, those kinds of people. As designers, we've got our fancy tools that we like for whatever reason, but, you know, there are other people that need to express their ideas as well.

Paul Boag: And don't be afraid of nondesigners producing wireframes and getting sucked into that process, because it helps them … helps you to understand what their expectations are.
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11 Best Website Wireframe Tools in 2018 for UX/UI Designers
5. Balsamiq Mockups — A simple wireframe tool with unique sketch style
Platform: Mac, Window, Web-based

Price: Free trial — 30 days; Pro — $89

Balsamiq Mockups is a good tool for designers to do quick wireframe design. It’s special among the crowd for it’s ‘intentionally rough and low fidelity’ style, so as to encourage as much feedback as possible.

Drag-and-drop solution. You can use all elements including some buttons and lists, which have a hand-drawing style.
You can arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-drop editor.
Plenty samples of sketch skin and wireframe skin, such as a desktop app, mobile app, website, etc. Free for download.
The hand-drawing style is unique and special compared to the most mechanical design, and this may give you a feeling that you are sketching on a whiteboard, but actually, you are using a computer.
The large library of UI elements is a great source of design inspiration.
Web designers and developers looking for a wireframing tool that focuses clients on productive discussions, rather than pretty designs.
Facilitates collaboration with coworkers and clients with flexible sharing controls. You can give clients or colleagues varying degrees of access — from viewing to commenting, to full editing privileges.
Works with Google Drive for mockup file creation and management.

For low-fidelity wireframes. Balsamiq Mockups is not suitable for building large prototypes for the lake of in-depth animations.
To resize some of the graphics you have to use a sliding scale from small to extra large.
Some of the data entry in the grids/spreadsheets can be a bit clunky.
There aren’t a lot of export options or ways to integrate with other tools in the design process such as Sketch, Invision, Adobe XD, etc. It’s hard to take your low fidelity wireframes right from Balsamiq into the next phase of your workflow.
It’s cost more than other tools.
You cannot edit the predefined icons.
Limited sitemap creation.
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In a matter of minutes, I was able to create a mockup app to go hand in hand with my personal site. Balsamiq is easy to use, intuitive, and has tons of common presets! Being able to design rough ideas for software, apps, websites, etc. makes collaboration quick and painless. This beats my previous editing using Gimp/Photoshop by far.
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Balsamiq Review - Great for wireframes by G2 Crowd User in Computer & Network Security June 03, 2018
Great for wireframes

What do you like best?
Easy to use. I picked it up quickly without instruction.

What do you dislike?
It can be confusing, at times, but still a very cool product.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I am new to product management and I was very impressed with ease of use.
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An Insider View of IBM's Remarkable User Experience Revolution - Boagworld Show
let's talk about our first sponsor, which is Balsamiq: the easy way to produce wireframes with a really low barrier to entry. I use it all the time. Most people are aware of the desktop app, but they also have a cloud-based app now as well. It's absolutely brilliant for collaboration. I often use it with working with clients actually in meetings, so I'll use it to explain something to a stakeholder, or to demonstrate an idea.

Marcus Lillington: We do too, Paul.

Paul Boag: You do too?

Marcus Lillington: Yep.

Paul Boag: Yeah, see, it's brilliant.

Marcus Lillington: Live wireframing.

as a result, I'm going to use Balsamiq as a way of managing a lot of those discussions, et cetera. It's great, as well. The reason I like letting the client free on Balsamiq as well is because it gives them a sense of ownership and engagement, and that means they more likely to like what the design turns out and all of those kinds of things. So you can get a 30 day free trial. Give it a go for yourself. If you like it and you decide to sign up, when you enter all your billing information, if you pop in the code boagworld alongside your billing information, then you'll get an additional three months free. That's a total of four months to play with it without paying a penny, which I think is more than reasonable, really. You can do that by going to, because there are funky, cool domain names now like .cloud.

it's this course thing that I'm doing. This new course. Which, by the way, I'm doing in collaboration with the guys at Balsamiq, because they're that awesome. Actually, here's a top tip. I can't believe I'm going to give you this tip. I'm going to be selling this course that I'm doing with Balsamiq, and it's not cheap, because frankly I'm worth it. But if you sign up … It's worse when you don't laugh, Marcus. When I say things like that and you just go quiet-

Marcus Lillington: I'm just shocked.

Paul Boag: Yeah. You're shocked, "The audacity of him claiming … " So anyway, but, if you sign up for Balsamiq I'm pretty sure they're going to be giving it away free to their users, so it'll work out considerably cheaper to get Balsamiq than it would be to buy it from me. But I didn't say that.
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Interested in some UX lessons or thinking about “What should I make for dinner”?
To begin with, MSG91 is a big fan of Balsamiq. Their product is simple to use and distraction free. Nuggets that bring a lot of value to the experience and output of creating wireframes.
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