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Did we butcher wireframes? | Design & UX
You’ll see that a lot of wireframing tools (like Balsamiq) mimic a sketched effect. This is particularly useful when having conversations with business/clients, not users (I’ll get to that later), to focus on the design and keeps you from debating font choices or colours.
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The 20 best wireframing tools | Wireframes | Creative Bloq
Wireframing tool Balsamiq Mockups is a firm favourite among the web design community
Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows & web-based
Price: $79
Balsamiq Mockups includes several drag-and-drop elements, from buttons to lists, each styled as a hand-drawing. The basic premise behind this wireframing tool is to keep the mock-ups "intentionally rough and low fidelity", to encourage as much feedback as possible.
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Right Relevance: Search or Login for deep topical relevance
Mockups for Desktop comes with free updates forever. Simply download the latest version and install it on top of the old one. You won't have to re-register and your old wireframes will still work.
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25 UX Design Tools to Simplify Designer's Daily Routine
Don’t want to spend hours on prototyping? In this case, you should use Balsamiq. This tool emulates the whiteboard sketching but on computer. It is simple yet highly effective when it comes to create a powerful prototype. Balsamiq helps you create multiple mockups so that you can test them all and find the one that delivers the best result.
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Web Design Tutorial: Getting Started with Wireframes | Codementor

Balsamiq Mockups specialises in creating sketchy wireframes. It’s simple to use, intuitive and can get you up and running in no time.

Although it’s not free, it does have a free trial version.
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8 days ago by balsamiq
18 Killer Content Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier | momentology
Sometimes creating content means you have to tell your developers to build certain pages. Not everybody is equally skilled at this. A tool like Balsamiq can help you out here. With pre-set examples and drawings, you can easily create an example of the page(s) you want developed.

Hot tip: You can also use Balsamiq as a tool to create imagery for your content. Do you do a lot of explaining about your tool for example? Simply create drawings!
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#Mockup : 5 outils pour des mockups réussis !
#2 Balsamiq
Je ne pouvais pas ne pas parler de Balsamiq qui existe en solution online et en local à télécharger sur son ordinateur. Balsamiq est reconnu comme un des meilleurs logiciels de mockups par les designers mais son gros défaut selon moi est qu’il est payant. Or, pour des projets en lancement je trouve dommage de devoir payer pour réaliser un brouillon. Comptez 79$ pour l’avoir sur votre ordinateur et 12$ / mois pour la version online.
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Without Wireframes, Your Idea Is Just a Bunch of Words Subject to Interpretation — Medium
I use Balsamiq Mockups. For me, it’s one of the best tools out there. It is simple to use, relatively easy to master, inexpensive, and has enough widgets and elements to wireframe just about any kind of application to a point where any development team on the planet can understand how your application is supposed to behave. And that’s something that you cannot do just with words.
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The Skipsee Blog — SD Post #1: Conceptualizing the UI
Considering how difficult it is to keep design simple we’ve utilized one of the great tools out there to conceptualize our first product using Balsamiq. If you’re wondering how best to approach your UI give Balsamiq a worthy shot, as it simplifies the approach with a prebuilt and comprehensive UI library and gives you the ability to create mockups of your application. 

We’ve taken advantage of Balsamiq’s 30 day free trial and have designed the initial mockups of our application. The ability to easily produce iterations was an added draw for us. This has allowed us to revisit the UI and ensure that our primary goals are met in the design phase.

Go to and give it a shot, you’ve got more to gain and nothing to lose.
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Review of Balsamiq, Mockingbird and MockFlow –
I've been following Balsamiq for the past couple of years, ever since reading about Peldi quitting his job and diving into this venture on HackerNews. I remember being glued to his blog and getting giddy as I read about his rapid success (and being thankful that he was sharing this). So naturally, I have a slight lean towards his product, and it was the first of the applications I tried.


Intuitive interface
Endless supply of elements/controls
Plugins for lots of other apps
Has desktop version (Adobe Air)

No easy way to share
Standalone doesn't offer team support/editing
I downloaded the trial version of the desktop client (uses Adobe Air) and started tinkering away. It was fast and easy to work with and there were literally dozens of elements that you can customize and use in your mockup. The layout is intuitive and makes designing both quick and efficient. The hand-drawn is in line with what I want my mockups to be: simple, rough and letting the client know that they're not seeing the end product, rather just a mockup. You can get more elements/controls from, where users contribute their own creations (an endless supply).

The only real issues I had with Balsamiq came about when it was time to share my mockups with my client. Since I had full intentions of buying this software, I want - require - an easy way of sharing my work with my client and getting feedback for it. Unfortunately at this time, the only way to share your work using Balsamiq Desktop is to export and e-mail it to recipients. When you're working with several mockups and have to go back and forth, this can quickly get annoying.

Note: the Balsamiq team is currently working on a web version of their software that has much better collaboration features, it's definitely something to keep an eye on.
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Timeline Photos - The Makers at IH
If anyone is working on building an app, check out the Balsamiq Mockups software. It's a pretty intuitive tool for mocking up a visual experience. I don't have any design or tech background and was able to pick up easily. The visual example here is all drag and drops.
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27 days ago by balsamiq
44 Responsive Web Design Resources: The Ultimate List
Balsamiq has a detailed tutorial about how mockups can work with RWD concepts, and the techniques that you can use.
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70 Great Design Collaboration Tools
This service is one of the very first mockup/wire-framing services. It’s straight-forward and easily lets you work remotely with other project stakeholders on interactive mockups. Has a great Skype integration.
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4 weeks ago by balsamiq
Analyzing Business Requirement for Project Success | NIFTIT
There are a wide assortment of software that are available to both web designers and analysts to create wireframes and mockups. I have personally used Balsamiq Mockups and I think it’s great. Balsamiq Mockups allows users to design their own web based solution including buttons, data tables, hyperlinks, etc. This software has a free 7-day trial period which user can save mockups to their CPU desktop.
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