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Balsamiq Review: Cooking Up Quick Mockups
Score 9 out of 10

Overall Satisfaction with Balsamiq

Use Cases and Deployment Scope
Balsamiq is software being used by the UX Design team for the e-commerce channel of Northern Tool + Equipment. Balsamiq provides a great way for us to quickly create mockups and prototypes to share with other members of our team and project stakeholders. The style of Balsamiq elements intentionally looks cartoony. This helps communicate to others that it's a work in progress and not a finished pixel perfect mockup.
Pros and Cons
Pre-built icon and widget library has every web page element you can think of. This speeds up mockup creation.
The ability to export mockups into both PNG and PDF format is great for emailing, sharing, attaching to project tickets.
There is now a tabbed interface that allows you to quickly move between in progress mockups.
The auto save feature prevents you from losing your work.
While the icon, element, and widget library is diverse, it would be nice to have a view where you can see all of the icons at once instead of having to scroll them horizontally.
It would be nice to be able to 'favorite' commonly used icons and widgets to find them again quickly.
The document boundaries (aka artboard from Adobe Illustrator) automatically crops to the elements on the page. This is not always helpful and you sometimes have to move the entire mockup to make room in the layout for additional sections at the top of the layout.
Return on Investment
Balsamiq has helped us move quickly with creating mockups for new features or improvements to existing features.
It has also helped unify the tool set that the UX team uses so we can share workload.
Balsamiq has allowed new users that are not previously familiar with robust graphic design software (ex: Adobe Illustrator) to get up and running quickly. The learning curve is very short.
Alternatives Considered
Adobe Illustrator
We also have Adobe Illustrator. Balsamiq is a great choice when you value speed and want to use the pre-built icons to put together an interface. It is also a slimmed down feature set versus Illustrator and gives you just the essentials. Balsamiq is easier for non-graphic designers to pick up and learn quickly.
Other Software Used
Adobe Photoshop, UserTesting, OpinionLab
Likelihood to Recommend
Balsamiq is a great tool for getting mockups put together quickly. Its focus is on speed and so it's fairly simple. If you need a low cost and lightweight tool to just get up and running, this is where Balsamiq makes an excellent choice. If you're looking for a robust UX tool to create interactive layouts, then there are probably better choices available.
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Balsamiq review from a Designer
Score 7 out of 10

Use Cases and Deployment Scope
Balsamiq is used in an Interface Prototyping class at Georgia Tech, the class is meant to provide skills/training for a professional career in UX design. Every semester about 20 students register for the class with different levels of understanding of design and level of comfort with manual sketching. Balsamiq is a tool that the students in the class are offered to do their assignment in case the students are not comfortable with their hand sketches and would like a more refined version of their sketch. It is pointed out that Balsamiq doesn't help overcome the need for sketching - as that is still the best way to think rapidly - it is just a way to present some final designs for feedback.
Pros and Cons
Default gestures and associated icons native to Iphone and Android are available.
Throws the design in to context of screen and the relative aspect ratios to imagine scenario more easily.
Overcomes the problem of read-ability and consistency in size of icons and texts.
Once the project is set up - it is easier to copy some sections without having to re-draw them.
The UI is very clunky - it could be more vivid and simpler.
Shortcuts could mimic design software, some Shortcuts are not intuitive.
The toggle and button options could be more vast.
Return on Investment
It can be more time-consuming to "think" while designing in Balsamiq. It is still faster to rapidly sketch/think and then maybe translate a final design to Balsamiq for consistency.
Setting up each button, module, navigation, option in Balsamiq is initially time-consuming - but the payoff is high when some sections can be copy-pasted - they add to consistency and time-saving eventually.
Alternatives Considered
Paper App
The Pen tool in Paper is definitely a happy middle between Balsamiq and actual paper prototyping. It has the advantage of being able to copy/paste a section that has already been designed - but even there selecting a specific section is hard - Balsamiq's sections are more clearly defined/layered. Paper is used with an external touch pen tool with provides fidelity familiar to sketching and doesn't require a mouse/clicking and dragging gestures, in essence, to "sketch" a prototype.
Other Software Used
InVision, Adobe Illustrator CC, Evernote
Likelihood to Recommend
If you are creating a lot of screens and would like to develop some consistency and clarity in your final sketches Balsamiq can help overcome/streamline things like font size, aspect ratio of the device etc.
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Balsamiq Review: Friendly, simple and effective tool for mockups and prototyping
Score 8 out of 10

Use Cases and Deployment Scope
Balsamiq is being used in the business in multiple departments and by multiple people, mainly in design, product and project teams. The tool helps to communicate ideas and flows in a quick and effective manner. Balsamiq wireframes are often attached to design briefs which makes the whole creative process much more efficient and successful.
Pros and Cons
Creating wireframes in Balsamiq requires little investment in time or effort
Balsamiq offers easy to use drag and drop components
Linking allows creating click-through prototypes that then can be tested
Balsamiq has lots of built-in user interface controls and icons
Linking provides quite limited options for creating interactive prototypes, other similar tools do it better
Navigation between the screen a in the mockup is sometimes confusing and takes time to set up
Return on Investment
Balsamiq empowered [our] product team to create prototypes without using design resource
Prototypes can be created faster which means more iterations and faster delivery
Alternatives Considered
Axure and InVision
Balsamiq is a quite simple tool; but does exactly what was designed for, it helps with creating mockups, wireframes, and flows. Its simplicity works great for people who are not designers but need to visually represent their ideas. Low-fidelity wireframes work really well in development teams, for example when there is no need for sophisticated designs like wireframes of admin screens.
Other Software Used
Adobe Photoshop, Roadmunk, ProductPlan, WordPress, Episerver Digital Commerce, Magento, Marvel
Likelihood to Recommend
Balsamiq is a great tool for any product and project managers, UX designers, and development teams in general. It helps to communicate ideas and flows. It can also be used to create clickable prototypes that Later could be used in user testing. Thanks to Balsamiq a product manager doesn't have to wait for a proper design, they can simply create something themselves and get the user feedback. This way time, effort and money are saved.
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User Review: Balsamiq - Easy Peasy
Score 8 out of 10

Use Cases and Deployment Scope
The analyst team uses Balsamiq regularly to wireframe use cases for business review and approval of concepts. The real gain is translating and throwing back to the business their requests as drawings, "You mean like this, with a drop down? No? Oh, those are called radio buttons; no problem." Ensures a common understanding.
Pros and Cons
Break out screen by screen so users can see what their final concept flow will be.
Ability to use multiple different kinds of images and icons (buttons, text, scribble, calculator icon, etc.).
Stores working concepts in different project folders to prevent overlap yet allows easy re-use.
I always just use a snippet to capture the drawing. If there is an export feature I've never used it. not really a complaint though, snippets are super easy.
Expanding the drawing area has to be manually done by putting in new objects and shapes. If you're not careful when you go to look at the final page (web version) there are hanging shapes off the edge.
Typing in longer text strings doesn't work well. I always just use multiple single entries.
Return on Investment
The yearly cost is totally reasonable. My manager looked at me like "Why are you bothering me with this? Just expense it."
For the newbies that roll on, I just have them poke around on the site and find training that suites them. I've done that multiple times and there training is fine. I only answer questions after they've tried their hand at it first. Easy to pick up.
You have to pay by credit card, which was an annoyance to Accounting. They prefer an invoice. But it wasn't a difficult hurdle to overcome.
Alternatives Considered
I just searched free trials and did a test run of Balsamiq for 30 days at no cost. I didn't even look at another product - this one met the immediate need to get a bunch of drawings done and out the door. At the end of the 30 days my manager didn't care, either, just wanted a decision so I made it: tried one, bought one.
Other Software Used
Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio IDE, Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software, ProdPad
Likelihood to Recommend
I always start with a fast and furious white board drawing to get the basic flow and concept down, then sharpen it up with Balsamiq to run up the chain for management review and approvals. It works really well on single screen designs that are typically printed out for manual mark-ups. One team I'm on uses JIRA and there is a plug-in, but I haven't used it yet as that team sits together so the need to explain stuff to others is pretty minimal.

Using Balsamiq
Very intuitive and easy to understand. It only takes minutes to get the hang of it and get back to work. For new analysts (like, brand new, fresh out of school) it's not difficult and they need minimal to no hand-holding. The training content that is embedded is easy to find and use.
Usability Pros and Cons
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using


Easy Tasks
Open a screen and immediately start drawing.
The menu selections are pretty intuitive.
Multiple projects easily define work load.
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Balsamiq Review - myBalsamiq Review by Madison H. March 05, 2018
myBalsamiq Review

What do you like best?
I like how easy it is to visually create a prototype for web or mobile development. I like how you can connect multiple screens/slides to show how someone could move through your product. It challenges you to think how applicable your design would be in real life and allows for others to test it and give real time feedback. I like the ability to share your projects with others and leave constructive notes on projects to help guide a user or to give feedback.

What do you dislike?
It took me a little while to figure out how exactly to connect everything for my prototype to actually come to life. Also, I would sometimes have to change my original design in order for it to fit what balsamiq had already loaded into the system, which became frustrating when I wanted a more unique design.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I was able to become trained and educated more in user design, ability, and creating prototypes that helped to extend my knowledge in IT.
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Balsamiq Review - Simple Drag and Drop Interface by G2 Crowd User in Automotive March 06, 2018
Simple Drag and Drop Interface

What do you like best?
The easy drag and drop components interface is really easy to use. Balsamiq has come a long way from when they first started and their interface today has greatly improved for ease-of-use and also having a variety of components available and easily configurable.

What do you dislike?
The Comic Sans typeface is still a little hard to take as a designer.

Recommendations to others considering the product
Definitely a great tool for beginner designers who work with difficult stakeholders. My experience taught me that many business stakeholders like to comment on design when they have no design experience nor expertise - asking me to create "click here" buttons and placing large "read this" banners. Using Balsamiq's simplified wireframes will greatly decrease that in feedback sessions.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I used it previously to show colorless and sketchy wireframes. This helps to take out the aesthetics that people so frequently rely on and keep the focus of the conversation on the usability and functionality of the design.
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Balsamiq Review - Other designs are better by Han Na S. March 12, 2018
Other designs are better

What do you like best?
What is good about Balsamiq is the structure of the interface.

What do you dislike?
What I dislike about Balsamiq is that some of the terms are hard to understand and using those terms in a manner that is not useable for a user experience designer.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
It was useful when it came to using user experience design and working collaboratively. The benefits is that it is a software rather than using computers.
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LinkedIn Reimagined – Muzli -Design Inspiration
After several iterations of quick sketches, i proceeded further to create wireframes using Balsamiq Mockups to get a sample look and understand the flow between screens . Here are the screens created.
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Hacksmiths - Goldsmiths Tech Society - Photos
Anvil Hack IV took place on February 24-25 2018. Photos are by the lovely Paul Clarke. Thank you to Twilio, GitHub, Indee, Balsamiq, Fire Tech Camp and Goldsmiths Students' Union for making the event possible.
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We are thrilled to present Balsamiq as our Bronze sponsor.
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CodeDay DC - Posts
We are proud to have Balsamiq as one of CodeDay DC's sponsors for Spring 2018!

Read more about Balsamiq, the maker of the industry-leading rapid wireframing software:
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A shoutout to our sponsors too for their generous support to make the Jam happen! @DesignSingapore Balsamiq Hyper Island in Singapore Grab Rosenfeld Media Axure
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Balsamiq - rapid wireframing tool - features ,pros and cons
Quickly sketch up a basic design of a web site or screen layout
Quickly communicating design plans to your team and customers.
To visualize your ideas and share them with designers and techies
Low-Fidelity Sketch Wireframes
Click-Through Prototypes
UI Components & Icons
Export to PNG or PDF
Quick Add for Speed
Import and Export
Drag and Drop for Simplicity
Works Offline (without internet connectivity)
Full Keyboard Support for faster operations
Supports Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms
Balsamiq Pros
Easy to use, great for collaboration, useful library features. Able to easily and quickly mock up a UI, pass to user team for review / acceptance before implementing. Saves countless hours of re-development time.
You can easily drag the objects you need to the prototype you are designing.
Widgets for most things – drop-down lists, calendars, radio buttons and so on.
Easy drag-and-drop into place.
Affordable – The myBalsamiq online version lets you edit from anywhere without installing any software
Create new mockups directly from the “Create New” menu
Simply click to edit wireframes
Sketch-based wireframes allow designers to focus on functionality
Balsamiq Cos
It is sometimes seemed buggy on Mac/Safari.
More than a con, an improvement would be to add some sort of navigation between the screen a in the mockups.
Limited UI elements
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We are proud to announce Balsamiq - a rapid wireframing tool that helps you Work Faster & Smarter. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer, as our Silver Sponsor.
#Balsamiq ✌️
#create #innovate #technovate
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Service Jam Singapore - Posts
We would like to thank our sponsors for their encouraging support! Balsamiq is our first sponsor for this year's Service Jam, and together, we certainly hope to rid the world of bad software.

Balsamiq is the maker of the industry-leading rapid wireframing software that combines the simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool so that teams can focus on what's important. Balsamiq is a small and personable company that competes on usability and customer service. Balsamiq believes work should be fun, and that life is too short for bad software.

Find out more about Balsamiq at
#GSJam #SingaporeDesignWeek
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Functional Prototyping – Chuanqi Sun – Medium
ow fidelity prototypes — wireframes in Balsamiq
The most basic pen-on-paper prototypes or the Balsamiq wireframes are very easy to create, allowing us to fail fast, fail cheap. It also allows us to quickly make several variations of one design so that we can select the best from the pool. But representing the content with fixed sized lines and blocks is fundamentally at odds with the reality.
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The Startup Tool Kit : 43+ Resources You Need - Hacker Pals
Balsamiq: Rapidly produce your next set of wireframes for your web or mobile app.
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The Designer’s Guide to Redesigning your Company’s Website: Part 2
They lack visual polish, including typography, color, and imagery. In fact, at Gusto we use Balsamiq, a rapid prototyping tool whose default typeface is (pause for dramatic effect)… Comic Sans. Balsamiq’s functionality uses cookie-cutter UI elements and placeholder typography so designers can direct the feedback they receive toward function, rather than form.
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100 Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants -
Build wireframes using Balsamiq
If you’re building a program, piece of software, or website, you want to create wireframes before you actual build it out. This improves the end product drastically. Hire a Balsamiq freelancer to build out wireframes for you so that you create a user friendly website or program from the get go.
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tools - Suggestions on Collaborative Work Environments - User Experience Stack Exchange
Some of the wire framing tools have collaborative options - they might be good because I guess sketching out ideas might be something students want to do. Balsamiq and some of the others - sharing screens on skype and codesigning an app with a colleague in Palo Alto (I am in the UK) using Balsamiq rates as one of my top collaborative experiences ever. Works best if you both have a pointer (which I seem to remember the web version of Balsamiq allows - if not it was another tool).
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Design guide for conducting better job interviews – UX Collective
Just ensure you do not commit too much time or resources. A couple of hours(4–6) of brainstorming and low fidelity prototypes(paper or tools like Balsamiq) is good workout for your creative muscles. Worst case scenario, you get another project to add to your portfolio.
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