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(Update) The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page - Hit Reach
Many people asked what we used to create the page diagrams. We used Balsamiq which we also use to rapidly create wireframes when we’re building websites for clients.
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Want To 'Level Up' Your Web Copywriting? Use Balsamiq Wireframing. : copywriting
This is not promotional! I've been impressing my clients recently with Balsamiq. It's a great way to visualise copy, help designers, and keep my copy ideas organised in a nice, clean, simple layout. Adds a lot of values for clients and could allow you to raise prices.

If you have a particular vision for how your copy should be laid out, wireframing is a great way to communicate that. Balsamiq requires very little skills to use - it's intuitive and can be used effectively after a half hour of practice.
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Mandatory Stages for Perfect Design: Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes | JUST™ Creative
Balsamiq Mockups – probably the most famous tool for this purpose. It mainly assists to create, edit and share blueprint look wireframes with your team. Though it does not allow to create interactive prototypes. You may use it via any browser (requires Flash) starting from $12 per month or download it as an Adobe AIR application. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux OS, Android and iOS user. Single-user license costs $79.
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2017 Design Salary Survey - O'Reilly Media
Other popular tools include Invision (41%), Axure (26%), and Keynote (19%) for prototyping; and Sketch (40%), Illustrator (40%), Balsamiq (17%), and InDesign (17%) for wireframing.
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Essential Tools For Development Of Mobile Apps | Witty Sparks
Balsamiq: This wireframing tool helps you to work smarter and faster. With this tool, you can use a computer to make sketches that resemble that what you will get on a white board.
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Balsamiq Review - Clearly communicate with mockups by Michael D. March 17, 2016
How likely is it that you would recommend the product to a friend or colleague?
10 / 10
What do you like best?
I have been using Balsamiq for over 3 years and it keeps getting better. The investment has paid dividends when communicating with stakeholders. Balsamiq allows you to quickly iterate and build a clickable prototype to show your team how the app will work. You are allowed to focus on the UX and not the 'colors' that distract from the real discussion at hand. How is the app going to work? What is the flow going to be like? Does everyone agree on the layout/structure/content/urls?

Adding notes for clarity is simple and easy to do. I really like to use it for even my own peace of mind when trying to work through a problem and building an interface that works.

What do you dislike?
Importing some pre-made templates can be confusing. The challenge for me is understanding the different layers that template uses. Overall there is little to dislike about Balsamiq, great tool!

Recommendations to others considering the product
Pay for the license because it is worth it. Try it for the free 30 days and I know that you will find great value. You will build better apps with less confusion and wasted time if you fully develop the UX and UI with sign off from all of the stakeholders.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
I use Balsamiq to gain owner acceptance of layouts and user flow. Understanding the UX really helps to define the business goals too. It strips out the 'nice to haves' so that you focus on the true value for the User and the business.

I have cut down manhours in communications and more importantly - mis--communication. Time is money for everyone and Balsamiq has saved me from 'he said/she said' moments.
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30 Dicas para sua Empresa ir bem nas Redes Sociais | Your Commerce | Consultoria Loja Virtual e Marketing Digital
Seja sincero
Em tempos de crise econômica, a transparência é importante para manter e atrair clientes.  Criar um blog da companhia é uma maneira fácil de manter a comunicação aberta com os clientes. Giacomo Guilizzoni, fundador do San Francisco software Balsamiq possui um blog em que divulga números para mostra a solidez de sua empresa.
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Choosing the right prototyping tools for user research – SteadfastBlog – Medium
When you’re trying to understand whether your product matches your users’ mental models, a low-fidelity tool like Balsamiq or Sketch (with a wireframe UI kit like this one) is what you need.
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The lifecycle of a prototype - Behavioural Research Consultancy
A great tool for creating wireframes is Balsamiq. Designs created in Balsamiq are great to test to see where users expect to click to find something within the interface

Designs created in Balsamiq have a sketch appearance to them, making them look like free-hand sketches and can therefore be useful for encouraging discussion as they allow users to focus on the functionality and not the design. Designs created in Balsamiq can also be easily revisited and iterated at this stage, which could work well for agile teams looking to move through the design process at a fast pace, and continuously iterate.

If you’re looking for some insight into how your users navigate your design, then Balsamiq could be the right tool for you.
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Getting stuck in the details – Medium
working in Balsamiq is kind of like having a lot of small templates that one can use as building blocks, rather than making it up as you go.
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The Must Have Small Business Startup Tool Kit – CanadaStartups
If you want a developer to understand what you need, you should be able to create a basic wireframe and user flow. Balsamiq is the most easy-to-use tool out there with intuitive options to ease the entire process.
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React Amsterdam
Stefano Masini - A real-world Relay application in production
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Money – SaaStr
Bootstrapping is not always an option, in fact in most cases it's not an option. Look at the statistics, how many startups have you seen doing exceptionally well without raising funds?
I can think of Basecamp as one example but even there Jason (fried...) took investment from Bezos at some point.
balsamiq is another good example.
Both of those company are making millions in net profit every year, both have relatively small headcount and both are bootstrapping. This is the exception to the rule in my opinion.
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The 9 Best Wireframing & Mockup Tools – Startup Desk – Medium
Balsamiq Mockups is a small software tool to sketch out user interfaces, for websites and web / desktop / mobile applications. The app focuses on the ideation phase, making a clean tool that lets you get in the flow and stay focussed on structure rather than colors and icons.
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From wireframing to logos, week 11 was tough | Digital Done Wright
Balsamiq is a wireframing site where you can make a map of your whole website to how it is going to look and where all the buttons will be etc.
balsamiq is pretty easy to maneuver through if you already have an idea on how you want your site to look
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Early-Stage Founder 24: Mike Taber on How to Balance Product and Marketing -
Balsamiq is mentioned at 00:17:00

Balsamiq, is a wire-framing tool that allows you build and mock up what the UI for an application looks like.  
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