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Simple tool to safely run possibly long-running jobs in a cron job (calls flock underneath but offers more options)
cron  linux  unix  ops  locking  via:nelson 
february 2016 by balaji
Queue jobs using flat files. Use for unison scripting?
linux  sysadmin 
september 2015 by balaji
Fast reverse search in shell
linux  tools 
september 2015 by balaji
Restoring LVM volumes | Jethro Carr
Command for pvcreate is incomplet
linux  lvm  howto 
july 2015 by balaji
navigate the command line
How to quickly move in the shell (works on Putty too!)
linux  tips 
january 2014 by balaji
How to edit command line in full screen editor in ZSH?
Visual editor for command line in zsh. Also add:
export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano
export VISUAL=/usr/bin/nano
linux  zsh  tips 
january 2014 by balaji
Linux software for backup which does hard links.
backup  linux  software 
october 2013 by balaji
Fixes for redshift bugs
linux  software  tips 
october 2013 by balaji
Replacement for f.lux under Linux.
software  linux 
october 2013 by balaji
- Command line interface to the trashcan.
_todo  linux  command-line  utilities 
april 2013 by balaji
determine vendor-class-identifier
Logging Vendor class identifier in dhcpd
linux  howto  dhcp 
september 2011 by balaji
Linux Kernel Documentation :: block : switching-sched.txt
How to change IO scheduler per physical drive in Linux
linux  howto 
september 2011 by balaji
Life With djbdns
How to use djbdns instead of BIND
dns  howto  linux 
june 2010 by balaji
Installing PECL extensions on CentOS5
Instructions for working with PECL on CentOS5, 64bit
howto  linux 
april 2010 by balaji
LunarShells - How-to Install psyBNC
Time to put that 2nd IRC connection to use
software  linux  howto  irc 
december 2009 by balaji
Linux Distributors Unite on Standard - Yahoo! News
Linux distributors propose a interoperability standard to better compete with Windows on the desktop
linux  windows  standards  business 
april 2006 by balaji
NewsForge | Hands-on testing of the new Linux virus
More info on the first virus that claims to work across Windows and Linux
linux  windows  security 
april 2006 by balaji
» 10,000 bugs away from World Domination
There are a combined total of 10000 listed bugs for various modules of Linux - is that what stands between Linux and the average desktop.. i don't think so. What stands between Linux and the average desktop is MS-OFFICE!
linux  adoption 
april 2006 by balaji
The Macintosh through Linux eyes | Linux Box Admin
I have a few articles like this, but here it is again - mac through the eyes of a new (Linux) user
mac  linux  switch 
march 2006 by balaji
OSX vs Linux vs Windows XP (?)
Article on migrating from Windows XP to Linux, as compared to OSX
microsoft  apple  linux 
february 2006 by balaji
Two ways Microsoft sabotages Linux desktop adoption
Article stating the mostly obvious - Businesses will not switch to Windows on account of MS-Office inertia
windows  linux  migration 
february 2006 by balaji

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