Fic: Where We Met
[Oliver/Barry] Oliver has planned a surprise for Barry.
fanfiction  tv.arrow  tv.the-flash  ship.oliver/barry  rating.nc-17  gen.onepiece 
october 2016
Fic: To Catch a Thief
[Alex/Michael] Alex analyzes his relationship with Michael in a lonely night.
fanfiction  tv.prison-break  ship.alex/michael  gen.onepiece  rating.nc-17 
august 2016
Fic: Memento
[Alex/Michael] What if the Company's plan to brainwash Michael into working for them had succeded?
tv.prison-break  ship.alex/michael  fanfiction  rating.pg-13  gen.onepiece 
july 2016
Fic: Caught in the Storm
[Oliver/Barry] Barry gets snowed in at the CCPD precinct, but all he can think of is how much he wishes he was with Oliver that cold winter’s night.
fanfiction  ship.oliver/barry  tv.arrow  gen.onepiece  rating.pg  tv.the-flash 
june 2016
Fic: A Moment
[Oliver/Barry] Oliver and Barry share a quiet moment together.
fanfiction  ship.oliver/barry  tv.arrow  gen.onepiece  rating.pg  tv.the-flash 
may 2016
Fic: With Words of Love
[Oliver/Barry] When Barry draws Oliver's name in the first ever Team Flash/Team Arrow Secret Santa, he has no idea what to get—he just knows that it has to be perfect.
fanfiction  tv.arrow  ship.oliver/barry  rating.g  gen.onepiece  tv.the-flash 
march 2016
Fic: Five times Oliver Queen said no and one time Barry Allen said yes
[Oliver/Barry] Barry wants to go out with Oliver, and Oliver wants to go out with Barry, but Oliver is a stubborn guy and keeps refuses when Barry finally ask him out. Until he can't refuse any more.
fanfiction  tv.arrow  ship.oliver/barry  gen.onepiece  rating.pg  tv.the-flash 
february 2016
Fic: Lonely days are over
[Oliver/Barry] On a night in, Joe and Barry receive a very unexpected visitor, and Joe begins to consider what the return of Oliver Queen means for his son.
fanfiction  tv.arrow  ship.oliver/barry  gen.onepiece  rating.g  tv.the-flash 
february 2016
Fic: So Obvious
[J2] Jared and Jensen have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. They don't seem to realize it, but Danneel does.
fanfiction  tv.supernatural  gen.rps  gen.onepiece  rating.pg-13  rp.jensen-ackles  rp.jared-padalecki  by.chiara  ship.j2 
january 2016
Fic: Two Brothers, One Queen Sized Bed
[Dean/Sam] Instead of going for something to eat, Sam convinces Dean they should get a few hours shut eye. In the only bed in the room. Which they share.
fanfiction  tv.supernatural  gen.onepiece  ship.dean/sam  rating.nc-17  gen.brothercest 
january 2016
Fic: A Year in Life
[J2] After his break-up with Sandy, Jared is doing fine. He doesn't need to rebound (like Chad thinks he does) and he isn't falling apart (like everyone on set thinks he is). He has his dogs, his job, and Jensen.
fanfiction  tv.supernatural  gen.rps  gen.onepiece  rating.nc-17  ship.j2  rp.jared-padalecki  rp.jensen-ackles 
december 2015
Fic: Brother, This Is It
[Jax/Opie] Jax and Ope have some things to talk through before Jax gets hitched to his old lady. Fortunately, they suck at talking.
tv.sons-of-anarchy  ship.jax/opie  gen.onepiece  gen.preseries  rating.nc-17  fanfiction 
november 2015
Fic: I Don't Want To If You Don't
[Chibs/Juice] A camping trip between brother. That's all it was supposed to be.
fanfiction  ship.chibs/juice  tv.sons-of-anarchy  gen.onepiece  gen.first-time  rating.nc-17 
september 2015
Fic: Comfort
[Jax/Opie] Jax has a lot of trouble dealing with Abel's kidnapping and it falls on Opie to comfort him.
fanfiction  ship.jax/opie  tv.sons-of-anarchy  gen.acapitoli  rating.nc-17 
august 2015
Fic: That Empty Far Horizon That Opens to a New Eternity
[J2] Jensen wears Jared's hoodies because it's cold and he's sick, and Jared is hopelessly in love with him.
fanfiction  ship.j2  tv.supernatural  rp.jared-padalecki  rp.jensen-ackles  gen.onepiece  gen.rps  rating.nc-17 
february 2015
Fic: Escape (For Love)
[J2] Jensen is on the look for love. Problem is, he's so rich and famous, guys keep throwing themselves at him for all the wrong reasons. So he moves across the country and takes a low paying job, pretending to be someone else. Now all he has to do is find The One to watch Firefly with.
fanfiction  gen.rps  gen.au  gen.onepiece  tv.supernatural  ship.j2  rp.jensen-ackles  rp.jared-padalecki  rating.pg 
february 2015
Fic: Meanwhile
[J2] Jensen invites Jared over to christen his new place in Austin, but the evening doesn't go quite as expected.
fanfiction  gen.rps  rp.jared-padalecki  rp.jensen-ackles  rating.nc-17  ship.j2  tv.supernatural  gen.onepiece 
december 2014
Fic: Careful with that Axe
[Demon!Dean/Sam] Dean's got Sam spread out in his bed, an axe in his hand, and a head full of dark ideas on how to mix…
fanfiction  rating.nc-17  ship.dean/sam  pg.demon!dean-winchester  gen.onepiece  tv.supernatural  gen.brothercest 
november 2014
Fic: Black Lust
[Demon!Dean/Sam] Because black eyes make it so much easier to indulge in dark desires.
fanfiction  ship.dean/sam  rating.nc-17  gen.onepiece  tv.supernatural  gen.brothercest  pg.demon!dean-winchester 
november 2014
Fic: Flying Solo
[Dean/Benny] Dean told himself that he was happy. That it was good to be on the road with Sam, that they were having fun now that he had got Sam to relax at least some of the time.
tv.supernatural  ship.dean/benny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
january 2014
Fic: Nothing Says I Love You Like an Ice Pack
[David/Colby] Colby isn't doing so well after his experience at the dam, and David drops by to lend a hand.
tv.numb3rs  ship.david/colby  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
january 2014
Fic: Rest for the Weary
[Dean/Benny] Dean goes to visit Benny when he needs to relax. This time is a little different from the rest.
tv.supernatural  ship.dean/benny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
january 2014
Fic: A Life Well Spent
[Dean/Benny] Benny ponders why he keeps desiring all the things that in the end will destroy him. An ancient love, family. And a hunter. Of all people, a hunter.
tv.supernatural  ship.dean/benny  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
january 2014
Fic: Rest
[Dean/Benny] Benny finds himself in the woods watching Dean sleep.
tv.supernatural  rating.nc-17  gen.onepiece  gen.first-time  fanfiction  ship.dean/benny 
january 2014
Fic: Never Just a Thing
[Dean/Sam] For years, Sam had wanted to tell Dean. Had wondered what Dean would say if he told him the truth, but he figured Dean would be a monumental jerk, or worse claim that it was Sam’s disastrous track record with women that had made him look elsewhere. When the truth was, Sam had always known…
tv.supernatural  ship.dean/sam  rating.nc-17  gen.brothercest  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
january 2014
Fic: Bedroom Hymns
[Dean/Castiel] Castiel pops up in Dean's bed one night and gets his hurts comforted.
tv.supernatural  ship.dean/castiel  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
december 2013
Fic: Commerce Report
[Josh/Sam] Sam agrees to stay late and help Josh work through the commerce report.
tv.the-west-wing  ship.josh/sam  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  fanfiction  gen.onepiece 
november 2013
Fic: In Your Head
[Chibs/Tig] There's this little bar on the outskirts of Charming that they like to go to when they need to get away.
tv.sons-of-anarchy  rating.pg  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  ship.chibs/tig 
november 2013
Fic: Could'a Been You
[Chibs/Juice] That was when he realised that this had always been on the cards. It was always gonna happen, Chibs and him. There had always been a bond between them that was somehow different to the bond they shared with the rest of the guys. It had taken a tragedy too many make them see, but it had always been there.
tv.sons-of-anarchy  ship.chibs/juice  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
august 2013
Fic: It's My Turn
[Chibs/Juice] Chibs is in a bad place and it's Juice's turn to take care of him.
tv.sons-of-anarchy  ship.chibs/juice  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
august 2013
Fic: Gimme Shelter
[Chibs/Juice] It's past midnight by the time Chibs pulls up in front of Juice's place, and he's so tired that he really just wants to go home, fall into his bed and sleep for twelve hours, but it's been days since he spent more than a few minutes at the clubhouse with Juice. What with all the shit going down – Pope and the cartel and Opie's death – it feels like he hasn't been alone with the kid for ages. He worries about him, 'cause, yeah, Juice has been calmer since they talked about his dad, and he doesn't seem to be looking for a way out anymore, but he's still quieter than he used to be, distant, and there's still that sad look in his eyes half the time that makes Chibs feel like he's somehow failing the kid. And, frankly, he just misses him.
tv.sons-of-anarchy  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  ship.chibs/juice 
august 2013
Fic: Adrift (Not a New Jersey Christmas)
[Steve/Danny] The last place Danny expected to be on Christmas Day was on a surf board.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.g  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
august 2013
Fic: Picture Perfect
[Steve/Danny] Steve plans to go undercover at a modeling agency where the real business is porn and young men are getting killed. To do it he needs a book. Danny's willing to help. Lot's of things become crystal clear during their photo session.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
august 2013
Fic: Dum spiro, spero
[Agron/Nasir] One of those victories that should raise spirits, but leaves behind, as the rush of blood fades, only the bitter taste of defeat.
tv.spartacus  ship.agron/nasir  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
august 2013
Fic: Silent Apologies
[Casey/Severide] Kelly knows that his attempts to make peace are going to be ignored at best; rebutted at worst. But when he sees Matt at the station, every day retreating further into himself, his face blank until waves of anger flood across him, he can't help trying.
tv.chicago-fire  ship.casey/severide  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
july 2013
Original Story: Firing
[Original] Le labbra di Adam si appoggiarono delicatamente sulle sue smorzandogli le parole. Erano labbra semi conosciute, maschili, labbra che avrebbero potuto creargli problemi, labbra che l’avrebbero fatto scendere patti con la sua vita, labbra che stavano cercando un posto proprio in quella stessa vita. Ethan le sentì tremare contro le proprie, timorose forse, desiderose, comunque le uniche che lui volesse.
rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.ita  gen.onepiece  by.babycin  gen.original-story 
july 2013
Fic: After You Burn Me Down
[Casey/Severide] In which Casey really shouldn't know what Severide tastes like, but he does.
rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  tv.chicago-fire  ship.casey/severide 
july 2013
Fic: It's Not Too Soon
[Agron/Nasir] Nasir says thanks to the gods for returning Agron safely to him after the attack on the arena.
tv.spartacus  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  fanfiction  gen.onepiece  ship.agron/nasir 
june 2013
Fic: Haven
[Steve/Danny] Danny pulled the Camaro into his parking space and killed the engine. The silence was almost overwhelming. He felt like he'd been going for days, even though it hadn't been anywhere near that long. (Episode 3.22)
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg-13  pg.grace-williams  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
june 2013
Fic: The Wedding March
[Steve/Danny] It's Kono and Adam's wedding, after all, and Danny's not going to spend it staring at Steve's ass.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg-13  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  pg.grace-williams 
june 2013
Fic: Endings and Beginnings
[Dan/Pana] It's the wrap party for Spartacus: Vengeance, and Dan spots Pana.
tv.spartacus  ship.dan/pana  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  gen.rps  fanfiction 
june 2013
Fic: Games
[Dan/Pana] A game of "fuck, marry, cliff" turns into something slightly more.
tv.spartacus  ship.dan/pana  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  gen.rps  fanfiction 
june 2013
Fic: Drive Faster
[Dan/Pana] Pana doesn't have much patience when it comes to sex; he wants Dan right then and there.
rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.rps  tv.spartacus  ship.dan/pana  fanfiction  gen.onepiece 
june 2013
Fic: Home Improvement
[Steve/Danny] Danny has always known what he wants. If he can't get that, he'll take what he's offered. Steve, on the other hand, has tried very hard not to know what he wants. When he can't ignore it, or Danny, any more, he does some demolition. Then he starts to rebuild. Oh, and there's a puppy.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  pg.chin-ho-kelly  pg.kono-kalakaua  pg.grace-williams  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
may 2013
Fic: Speak of the Indescribable
[Morgan/Reid] Reid uses words, words that are lyrical, descriptive, and full of beauty and paints a world of hope using a few short, sharp strokes of his lips. Spencer uses all of the words in all the languages he knows, and says nothing at all.
tv.criminal-minds  ship.morgan/reid  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
april 2013
Fic: Covert Surveillance
[Chuck/Casey] Casey watches Chuck from afar, and then decides to do something about it.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: A Courtship in Three Phases
[Morgan/Reid] While my relationship with Morgan had always been filled with what could conceivably be called passion – whether artificial as a product of our jobs or interpersonal as a product of our clashing personalities – neither he nor myself had drawn any connections past the platonic. After all, working for the BAU was wont to create tension, and no two people will get along consistently and unfailingly when they spend as much time together as we did. That level of closeness breeds some amount social friction, regardless of mutual attitudes.
tv.criminal-minds  ship.morgan/reid  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: True Love's Kiss
[Chuck/Casey] So what if Sarah wasn't the one who got a memory wipe but Chuck? And what if Chuck's mind decided to fill in the missing memories itself.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.pg-13  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: The Things You Learn About a Guy
[Morgan/Reid] One morning, resident genius (and assumed virgin) Spencer Reid shows up for work late, freshly showered, and covered in hickies. Derek Morgan sets out on a mission to discover just what Reid was up to the night before ... although, as usual, plans of this caliber? Almost never go exactly according to plan.
tv.criminal-minds  ship.morgan/reid  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: The Meaning of Christmas
[Chuck/Casey] It's Casey's first Buy More Christmas and he's stuck in retail hell. Then he's invited to spend Christmas Day with the Bartowskis. The only problem is, he has no idea what to get Chuck for Christmas.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: A Halloween Treat
[Steve/Danny] What happens after they start cuddling on the couch.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: Present Tense
[Chuck/Casey] Casey's not happy after Chuck's hookup with Danny. Then he starts making threats.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: New Way Home
[Don/Danny] He walks in the lab day later, sore and tired, but feeling sharp, and when he looks around, taking it all in, he lets himself be happy.
tv.csi-ny  ship.don/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: Involved
[Chuck/Casey] “From the moment I saw you again, I knew I hadn’t gotten over you.” Those words kept echoing over and over in Casey’s head.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: If It's Not with You
[Steve/Danny] Steve and Danny have a long day, get drunk, have sex, and avoid talking about it.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: If you die, I'll kill you
[Steve/Danny] Steve decides to participate in the Death Race, an extreme obstacle course/competition so intense that very few even finish. Naturally, Danny is violently opposed to this idea.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg-13  pg.chin-ho-kelly  pg.kono-kalakaua  pg.grace-williams  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: Movie Night
[Chuck/Shaw] In retrospect, Shaw should have seen it coming. He's read Chuck's file; he's seen the effects the man has on otherwise rational agents.
tv.chuck  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  ship.chuck/shaw 
march 2013
Fic: If Chin Says So
[Steve/Danny] Chin's sick of Danny and Steve dancing around each other and he decides to do something about the situation and nudge them in the right direction.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction  pg.chin-ho-kelly  pg.kono-kalakaua 
march 2013
Fic: The World Changes, The World Stays The Same
[Chuck/Casey] Chuck has a normal day at the Buy More. Life will never be the same…
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: At A Loss
[Chuck/Casey] Sarah Walker was at a complete loss. She had no idea how to handle this. She's seen Casey upset before, quite a few times actually, his sensei turning on them was only one of multiple betrayals she has seen Casey through. It's different this time however, Chuck was usually there also, and Casey was never this heartbroken. Hell even the Ilsa incident didn't throw Casey this far off track. The worst thing was not having a clue what was wrong and why Chuck was acting the same damn way. At least Chuck had Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan but Casey only had her because he refused to let Alex see him this way.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.acapitoli  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: About last night
[Chuck/Casey] Casey gets dosed during a mission and says a few things he probably shouldn't have.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.acapitoli  gen.first-time  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: Chuck vs The Itch
[Chuck/Casey] Rule Number One of a protection assignment: Never, ever fall for your protectee.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: Chuck vs The Castling Move
[Chuck/Casey] Twenty minutes later, Casey returned to Castle. The main room was empty, the lights back up to their normal illumination. With a growl, Casey stalked through the base looking for Chuck. He found the young man in a holding cell, lying on the narrow bunk staring across at the cell in which Jason had been locked. He was still wearing Casey's jacket.
tv.chuck  ship.chuck/casey  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
march 2013
Fic: I Wish You Well
[Steve/Danny] Let’s get this straight. I am not married to Danny. I am not Steve Williams-McGarrett, I do not share my house with him, and I am not, never have been, and never will be his husband. Steve wakes up married to Danny. Except that's not how the world is supposed to work.
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
february 2013
Fic: Calculated Risk
[Steve/Danny] Before Steve can answer, Danny's kissing him again, tender and gentle this time. Steve knows that at some point, they'll need to talk, but right now he's got Danny in his arms, warm and willing to take a chance on him so Steve holds him close and when he slips a hopeful hand under Danny's shirt, Danny murmurs "damn right we're going to" and drags Steve out of the kitchen and into his bedroom, where Steve gets to drive Danny crazy in a whole new, Danny-approved kind of way. (Episode 3.15)
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
february 2013
Fic: Twenty Four Frames
[Gibbs/DiNozzo] Movies, murder, Medical Examiners and Marines - welcome to the life of Tony DiNozzo.
tv.ncis  ship.gibbs/dinozzo  rating.pg-13  gen.first-time  gen.onepiece  pg.donald-ducky-mallard  pg.abby-sciuto  fanfiction 
february 2013
Fic: The Morning After
[Steve/Danny] Danny paused after unlocking the door, hand on the knob, turning around to put his other hand on Steve's waist. "The sooner we get the bad guy the sooner the honeymoon can continue in more appropriate setting."

"What are you waiting for," Steve said, hurrying Danny through the door. "Let's go catch the guy so we can go home."
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
february 2013
Fic: The Garden of Steven
[Steve/Danny] If Danny's a little baffled by Steve's notions of R&R, well, he just wasn't expecting this...
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.pg  gen.established-relationship  gen.onepiece  fanfiction 
february 2013
Fic: What If- Lana I Ka Moana
[Steve/Danny] What if the conversation on the boat hadn't been about Doris and Catherine?
tv.hawaii-five-0  ship.steve/danny  rating.nc-17  gen.onepiece  gen.first-time  fanfiction 
february 2013
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