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Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails
Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails
rails  ruby 
february 2015 by azolotov
Robust subscription support for Rails with Stripe.
rails  stripe  subscriptions 
november 2013 by azolotov
Confident Code
Avdi Grimm (@avdi) on Confident Code
rails  programming 
may 2011 by azolotov
thetron/css3buttons_rails_helpers - GitHub
The css3buttons gem is a small set of helper methods designed to work in conjunction with the amazing css3 github buttons by Nicolas Gallagher.
css  rails  buttons  design 
april 2011 by azolotov
Introducing Resque - GitHub
GitHub introduces resque. Overview of the history of background jobs and why Resque was needed.
rails  ruby  github  backgroundjobs 
april 2011 by azolotov
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