The DHH Problem
Love the slides for this, and makes an excellent point in about three minutes
presentation  reality-check  talks  people  community  video  ruby 
october 2016
On Phone Numbers and Identity – Stories From Coinbase – Medium
Story of an identity takeover attempt at Coinbase and some notes on security of phone numbers
hacking  phones  bitcoin  security  infosec  story  business  medium 
september 2016
How Doom (2016) Renders a Frame
Another excellent article from the person who took apart Supreme Commander and Deus Ex HR.
games  graphics  opengl  research  blog 
september 2016
How to Write a Spelling Corrector
Spelling correction algorithms are complicated but cool. Python and probability theory.
programming  python  code  language  English  research  google  probability  math  theory 
september 2016
A modern JS file upload tool
javascript  web  tools  software  project 
july 2016
Internet Speed Test - HTML5 Speed Test
A really good connection speed test in just HTML/JS
tools  networking  testing  useful  web  browser 
july 2016
A functional programming language for Arduino
arduino  programming  embedded  lisp  languages 
june 2016
What’s in a Continuation
The details of implementing continuations in JavaScript
javascript  programming  blog  experiment 
june 2016
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