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Bill 21 hearings: ‘We were very naive’ about impact of report, Charles Taylor says | Montreal Gazette
In a frank exchange between the respected philosopher and Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette Tuesday evening, Taylor conceded he and his colleague Gérard Bouchard were wrong to propose restrictions on symbols for a small group of authority figures.

Instead of acting as a bulwark to appease people clamouring for more restrictions, the ban for some authority figures was used as a trampoline for people to ask for more, and he regrets that deeply, Taylor told a committee studying Bill 21 Tuesday.

“We were very naive,” Taylor said. “The very fact we were talking about this kind of a plan started to stimulate hate incidents, not just in Quebec but all over.

“Just talking about these kinds of policies caused enormous harm to our society. You can’t imagine the division, the sense of alienation that this causes for vulnerable minorities.

The CAQ has responded to Taylor’s vocal opposition by trying to discredit the 85-year-old professor by highlighting the fact he flip-flopped on the idea of a ban.

On Tuesday, Taylor did not fall into Jolin-Barrette’s trap, firing back that Bill 21 “runs completely against the spirit” of his initial report.

Instead of encouraging integration of minorities, it “dashes the career aspirations” of many Quebecers who want to become teachers and police officers. The word Muslim does not appear in the bill but it certainly feeds anti-Islamic feelings on all kinds of social media, he said.
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China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims | HRW
The Chinese government has long carried out repressive policies against the Turkic Muslim peoples in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in northwest China. These efforts have been dramatically scaled up since late 2016, when Communist Party Secretary Chen Quanguo relocated from the Tibet Autonomous Region to assume leadership of Xinjiang.

This report presents new evidence of the Chinese government’s mass arbitrary detention, torture, and mistreatment of Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang and details the systemic and increasingly pervasive controls on daily life there. These rampant abuses violate fundamental rights to freedom of expression, religion, and privacy, and protections from torture and unfair trials. More broadly, governmental controls over day-to-day life in Xinjiang primarily affect ethnic Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other minorities, in violation of international law’s prohibitions against discrimination.
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