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Awkward and Proud
Faster TDD feedback with tmux, tslime.vim, and turbux.vim
vim  tmux  tdd  testing  specs 
april 2013 by avantbard
modeset/teabag · GitHub
Teabag: A Javascript test runner built on top of Rails - use Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit in the browser or headlessly using PhantomJS or with Selenium Webdriver
tdd  rails  javascript  js  testing  jasmine  mocha  quinit 
march 2013 by avantbard
sandro/ephemeral_response - GitHub
"Web responses are volatile. Servers go down, API's change, responses change and every time something changes, your tests should fail. Mocking out web responses may speed up your test suite but the tests essentially become lies. Ephemeral Response encourages you to run your tests against real web services while keeping your test suite snappy by caching the responses and reusing them until they expire."
testing  ruby  http  rails  plugin  tdd  bdd  web 
december 2010 by avantbard
icaruswings's gizmo at master - GitHub
"Gizmo is a simple page model testing framework used and sponsored by realestate.com.au. The aim of the project is to DRY up testing assertions by abstracting code that defines your page, resulting in a consistent, easy to maintain test suite."
cucumber  rails  bdd  testing  gizmo  rspec 
may 2010 by avantbard
YUI 2: YUI Test
"YUI Test is a testing framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions. Using YUI Test, you can easily add unit testing to your JavaScript solutions. While not a direct port from any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some characteristics from nUnit and JUnit."
yui  js  testing  tdd 
april 2010 by avantbard
js-test-driver - Project Hosting on Google Code
headless javascript testing in multiple browsers on the command line
js  tdd  testing  test 
april 2010 by avantbard
ngauthier's hydra at master - GitHub
"Hydra is a distributed testing framework. It allows you to distribute your tests locally across multiple cores and processors, as well as run your tests remotely over SSH."
test-unit  ruby  testing  tdd  hydra 
april 2010 by avantbard
langalex's culerity at master - GitHub
"Culerity lets you: run Celerity from within Cucumber which allows you to test the full stack of your Rails (or other web) application from Database to in browser JavaScript run your application in any Ruby (like MRI 1.8.6) while Celerity runs in JRuby so you can still use gems/plugins that would not work with JRuby * reuse existing Webrat-Style step definitions"
cucumber  celerity  tdd  culerity  rails  testing 
november 2009 by avantbard
helpful for testing timezones in rails
rails  timezone  testing  test  timezones  time 
november 2009 by avantbard
amilligan's wapcaplet at master - GitHub
"HTTP doesn't send integers, Dates, or ActiveRecords as parameters, it sends strings. This little plugin will simply
throw a friendly exception if you pass a parameter with an improper value to a functional test. It will accept strings, TestUploadedFile objects, and nil for all parameters. For route parameters (used to generate the path) it will also accept ActiveRecord objects."
rails  testing  tdd  functional  tests 
august 2009 by avantbard
Elements of Testing Style
Rails testing stylistic tips from Noel Rappin at Pathfinder
rails  rubyonrails  testing  tdd 
july 2009 by avantbard
confabulus › rcov and rails
rake task to use rcov with rails
rcov  rails  tdd  testing  test  rake 
june 2009 by avantbard
"A developer focused tool for automated testing of webapps"
webdev  javascript  testing  tdd  test  selenium 
april 2009 by avantbard
another fixture replacement for rails
rails  rubyonrails  webdev  fixtures  testing 
january 2009 by avantbard
"Watir is an open-source library for automating web browsers." Looks like an alternative to Selenium and Windmill.
qa  automated  testing  browser  webdev  ruby 
november 2008 by avantbard
Cross Browser Testing. Pick a browser, Pick an OS, Test website
free 5 minute access to many host os / browser combos. neat.
webdev  testing  browsers  qa 
november 2008 by avantbard
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