A JavaScript framework for simple biological simulations and cellular automata.
simulation  javascript  games  life 
august 2014
thlorenz/es6ify · GitHub
browserify v2 transform to compile JavaScript.next (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly.
browserify  es6  es5  js 
april 2014
Algorithm and Blues
The Ultimate Frontend Build Tool: make
make  grunt  dev  tools 
march 2014
This is a canvas based drawing app that you can integrate easily on your website.

drawingboard.js consists of a blank canvas surrounded by a few UI elements that control it: a color picker, a pencil, a paint can, an eraser, a pencil size chooser, navigations and reset buttons.
drawing  javascript  draw  canvas 
october 2013
A jquery UI range selection slider that supports dates
jquery  js  range  slider  dates 
october 2013
Kochiku is a distributed platform for test automation.
ci  test  distributed 
october 2013
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