Setting up a Minimal, Yet Useful JavaScript Dev Environment
july 2017
Yes, Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick - The New York Times
So now you know the fix for jet lag: Travel east and you’ll need morning light and evening melatonin; go west and you’ll need evening light and morning melatonin.
march 2017
2 great benefits of Python generators (and how they changed me forever) - O'Reilly Media
A for-loop effectively calls this each time through the loop, to get the next value. Repeatedly calling next() ourselves makes it easier to see what's going on. Each time the generator yields, it pauses at that point in the "function." And when next() is called again, it picks up on the next line. (In this case, that means incrementing the counter, then going back to the top of the while loop.)
october 2016
The cloud gate in Chicago. Early in the morning.
from twitter
september 2016
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