Too Many Ts - South City
Late to the game with these, but luckily still just in time to enjoy their debut album. This is *so* good and *all* good and I have listened to it Too Many Times already ;-)

_I share the love for 1992_

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27 days ago
Re: conflicting PLIST during install
> It sounds like your pkgdb got corrupted. Did you have any file system
issues or parallel pkg_add/pkg_deletes?
9 weeks ago
Manage Indexes — MongoDB Manual 3.2
db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function(collection) {
indexes = db[collection].getIndexes();
print("Indexes for " + collection + ":");
mongodb  documentation  databases 
9 weeks ago
[web-ui] Delete selected tables deletes database · Issue #6098 · rethinkdb/rethinkdb
r.db('rethinkdb').table('table_config').filter({db: "__deleted_database__"}).update({db: "new_db"})
rethinkdb  github 
10 weeks ago
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