sensu_check - Manage Sensu checks — Ansible Documentation
A better reference for Sensu checks then the Sensu docs themselves
sensu  documentation 
4 days ago
Why you should invest your time as wisely as your money | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian
> “If you don’t save a bit of your time for you, now, out of every week,” Abel writes, “there is no moment in the future when you’ll magically be done with everything and have loads of free time.”

So true
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8 days ago
[OVZ-6136] nf_conntrack: falling back to vmalloc -
> During container start kernel allocates hash tables for conntracks.
These objects are quite huge, and requires one piece of several neighbour memory pages.
Heavily loaded node can have lot of 1 or 2-pages pieces but can be unable to merge them for creation of requested piece (so called memory fragmentation).
In such cases kernel switches to vmalloc allocateion, where required object combined from separate single pages. It however is danger situation, because vmalloc area is size-limited.
Node still works correctly in this situation, but following vmalloc-related allocation can fail in future.
So it makes sense for you to schedule maintenance for this node and reboot it.
After reboot, memory fragmentation disappear, and node huge objects will be correctly allocated successfully.
ovs  networking 
9 days ago
TroubleshootingNTP < Support < NTP
The very first column
contains the "tally code" character. Short overview:

* the source you are synchronized to (syspeer)
# source selected, distance exceeds maximum value
o the PPS(Pulse Per Second) source if your ntpd (ppspeer, only if you have a PPS capable system and refclock)
+ candidate, i.e. it is considered a good source
- outlyer, i.e. quality is not good enough
x falseticker, i.e. this one is considered to distribute bad time
blank: source discarded, failed sanity
7 weeks ago
dvtm || dynamic virtual terminal manager
I’m thinking of switching from Tmux. Laziness has kept me on tmux so far.

Also see:
software  console  terminal 
7 weeks ago
ANN RabbitMQ 3.6.x support timeline - Google Groups
We will continue doing 3.6.x releases until May 1st, 2018.
rabbitmq  mailing_list 
8 weeks ago
Issues · rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server
Useful to search with log snippets to see if anyone else has come across issues before.
8 weeks ago
NetBSD NPF Loading Kernel Modules when using SecureLevel
Finally learnt why my npf efforts had still failed on my Linode NetBSD even since switching to KVM (and in hindsight perhaps why I could never get it working on Xen): Because I use `securelevel` 1. Doh!

I now have the following in a `/etc/modules.conf`:


Just having `npf` was not enough as I'd get the following without `bpfjit`.

npfctl: source /usr/src/sys/net/npf/npf_ctl.c line 231
npfctl: npfctl_config_send: Invalid argument

And `bpfjit` requires `sljit` (check `modstat`). And `npf_alg_icmp` is required for the Application Level Gateway stuff.

Bizarrely, though, `npfctl reload` will still moan about `bpfjit` even with it, but it seems to actually work ok.

_I've also updated [this npf post]({% post_url 2016-12-23-npf-so-far %})_.

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10 weeks ago
Free IPv6 Tools | UltraTools
The expand and CIDR to range are handy.

I want a web based version of this though
ipv6  tools 
10 weeks ago
Too Many Ts - South City
Late to the game with these, but luckily still just in time to enjoy their debut album. This is *so* good and *all* good and I have listened to it Too Many Times already ;-)

_I share the love for 1992_

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november 2017
Open vSwitch Cheat Sheet
> ovs-ofctl dump-ports

Needs to be:

ovs-ofctl dump-ports --protocols=OpenFlow13

because of:
networking  network  ovs 
november 2017
One, two or three nodes in CloudAMQP - CloudAMQP
> In terms of the CAP theorem: Consistency is more expensive in terms of throughput or latency to maintain than availability. You will with three nodes get consistency but the clients that are connected to the paused node will not have "availability" in case of a net-split. There is a risk of some data becoming unavailable.
rabbitmq  cap  databases 
october 2017
Re: conflicting PLIST during install
> It sounds like your pkgdb got corrupted. Did you have any file system
issues or parallel pkg_add/pkg_deletes?
october 2017
Manage Indexes — MongoDB Manual 3.2
db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function(collection) {
indexes = db[collection].getIndexes();
print("Indexes for " + collection + ":");
mongodb  documentation  databases 
october 2017
[web-ui] Delete selected tables deletes database · Issue #6098 · rethinkdb/rethinkdb
r.db('rethinkdb').table('table_config').filter({db: "__deleted_database__"}).update({db: "new_db"})
rethinkdb  github 
october 2017
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