Tiny little tweak to PWman
As it says in the commit message, I'm not really sure why I continue to use this as a password manager, but I suppose it is part security through obscurity and part laziness (ain't broke, don't fix it).

This adds a rather nifty "ruler" below to password field to aid in visual selection of individual characters for the logins that ask for random characters:

Password: djdhhfhfkjhfuwhuifbvcnotrealmdsnwehbweha

I've wanted to do this for ages and assumed, as ever, that since it is C it'd be too fiddly to do, but actually took all of five minutes.

_Part of the [pretending I know how to program in C]({% post_url 2013-03-24-Pretending-I-Know-How-to-Program-in-C %}) series_.

Originally posted at https://atomicules.co.uk/2017/08/19/Tiny-little-tweak-to-pwman.html
1 hour ago
[Remind-Fans] Schedule an Advance notification in daemon mode
> Yep, daemon mode does not queue up reminders except on their actual trigger date.

fucksocks. Kind of makes it not very useful to me.
remind  Calendar  unix  mailing_list 
3 days ago
#114919 Re: I want help with an urgent matter. - Ufuk Kalyoncu
Wesley tracking down an account from last four digits of a card.
9 days ago
How to Make Snapshots of Elasticsearch Data and Restore It
Excellent help when doing it by hand

Need to be on the master node.
14 days ago
What cipher suites does Cloudflare use for SSL? – Cloudflare Support
4 weeks ago
Saint Etienne 10 of the best
Oh... So Tough.

I mean, it's hard to choose, but my top ten would just be ten tracks from [So Tough](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/So_Tough). Any will do. I still remember (I think) when I first heard this album, probably close to the year it was released, and (I think) the school friend who is was who gave it to me to listen to and "A cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun" has been in my head ever since.

Originally posted at http://atomicules.co.uk/2017/06/08/Saint-Etienne-10-of-the-best.html
10 weeks ago
Reduce CPU usage of PulseAudio on NetBSD
>The simplest way to reduce >90% CPU usage to <1% on a NetBSD host is
> the following set of two commands (assuming running daemon):

> pacmd "unload-module module-oss"
> pacmd "load-module module-oss mmap=0 device=/dev/audio"

Wow, really does work. I seem to be stuck with pulseaudio as after updating mpv for some reason it'll only use OSS as root. Never update software. Things only get worse.

Note: Can also just make that change permanently in /usr/pkg/etc/pulse/default.pa (just the load-module bit)
11 weeks ago
You should’ve asked | Emma
Apart from being incredibly sexist it is correct. This tends to happen between two people (regardless of gender) where one seems to acquire tasks and becomes the "person in charge" of that task and the other person's defence when the other becomes overwhelmed is "You should have asked".

As with anything the truth is somewhere in between:

- We really should ask our partners for help. We really should. They are not mindreaders, we can't bottle things up and then lash out
- We really should try to be more aware of when our partner needs help.

This comment gets it:

> This is hard to read as a man who is in the opposite role, and knows plenty of men in the
> opposite role. Very isolating and frustrating. It’s almost as if people of both sexes can
> be inconsiderate. You made this a gendered issue when it wasn’t actually, it’s a human
> issue. I hope at least one person reading this realizes how wrong this is, and how
> dangerous it is to stereotype with such flippant confidence.
feminism  gender  comic  helping  via:popular 
12 weeks ago
Rebooting the Magic Way | Linux Journal
echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq
echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger
linux  ops 
may 2017
Eliud Kipchoge almost 2hr marathon
Putting this into context, the longest distance I've run so far (yet to repeat, damn knee) was 11.87 miles, so less than half a marathon, and it took me about the same amount of time; Plus, when I finished I could not immediately launch into another little jog as Eliud did (he doesn't even look that tired). Wow!

Originally posted at http://atomicules.co.uk/2017/05/07/Eliud-Kipchoge-almost-2hr-marathon.html
may 2017
Re: Setting a rule for NPF
I can read the log by running "tcpdump -i npflog0"
netbsd  npf  mailing_list 
march 2017
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