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This post was inspired mostly by the arrival of the new Julia package Literate.jl by Fredrik Ekre. Literate lets you write a Julia source file, a Markdown blog post, and a Jupyter notebook all at the same time. It’s magic, or, at least, indistinguishable from magic… As a result, you might be able to find a Jupyter notebook version of this Markdown-converted Julia source file somewhere nearby (look in the github repo for this blog, perhaps). The code uses the following packages, Liter...
graphics  geometry  bezier 
2 days ago
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces. It was created by <a href=''>Jon Yablonski</a>.
ux  reference 
7 days ago
AR Quick Look
Sample code and information related to Apple's AR Quick Look functionality on the web.
8 days ago
Concurrency Glossary
🦑 Informal definitions of terms used in concurrency modeling
concurrency  glossary  reference  programming 
9 days ago
Program Synthesis Explained — James Bornholt
An introduction to the field of program synthesis, the idea that computers can write programs automatically if we just tell them what we want.
16 days ago
The Noma Guide to Fermentation - Workman Publishing
Workman Publishing is an independently owned family of publishers of award-winning cookbooks, parenting guides, children's books, calendars, & more.
16 days ago
CRDTs explained - supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the Edge
How to supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the edge. Your comprehensive CRDT explainer.
crdt  distributed-systems 
16 days ago
A Look at Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT)
You may have heard about CRDTs in the past few years if you are into distributed systems. In this post I will give a brief summary of what they are and what kind of guarantees they provide. In short…
distributed-systems  crdt 
16 days ago
Towards a unified theory of Operational Transformation and CRDT
Update (2 Mar 2017): there is now working code for the ideas in this post, with additional optimizations. Lately I’ve been diving deep into the literature on collaborative text editing. There are…
16 days ago
Errors in Go: From denial to acceptance — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
Practical advice on getting the most out of handling errors "the Go way" from the creator of imgproxy and Overmind.
16 days ago
A Tour of The Top 10 Algorithms for Machine Learning Newbies
In machine learning, there’s something called the “No Free Lunch” theorem. In a nutshell, it states that no one algorithm works best for every problem, and it’s especially relevant for supervised…
machine-learning  algorithms  machinelearning 
4 weeks ago
Let's Prove Random Games are Winnable (with Formal Methods) • Hillel Wayne
One of my vices is watching Link to the Past Randomizer games. This gist is it’s a regular Zelda game except all of the items in chests are randomized. A chest that normally has bombs might have a critical item, while the chest that’s supposed to have the moon pearl might only have 10 rupees. People use randomizers to run races, since you can’t just memorize the “correct” path through the game.
formalverification  alloy 
4 weeks ago
A CRDT Primer Part II: Convergent CRDTs · An Abstract Plane
Demystifying monotonic join semi-lattices. John Mumm.
4 weeks ago
A CRDT Primer Part I: Defanging Order Theory · An Abstract Plane
Demystifying monotonic join semi-lattices. John Mumm.
4 weeks ago
The Lounge — Self-hosted web IRC client
The official website for The Lounge, the self-hosted web IRC client.
irc  client 
4 weeks ago
How to implement a multi-CDN strategy: everything you need to know
Learn how to plan and implement a multi-CDN strategy, and how to choose the best solution for your video delivery needs. This guide discusses the business and quality goals to take into consideration, the types of CDN switchers out there and how to get the most out of your video multi-CDN solution.
5 weeks ago
Minesweeper in clojure
As a fun experiment, and to show the basics of clojure development, I implemented a minesweeper clone using clojurescript and p5.js.
clojurescript  lisp 
5 weeks ago
New AI Strategy Mimics How Brains Learn to Smell | Quanta Magazine
Machine learning techniques are commonly based on how the visual system processes information. To beat their limitations, scientists are drawing inspiration
6 weeks ago
Protocol | An ASCII Header Generator for Network Protocols
Protocol is a command-line tool to display ASCII RFC-like protocol header diagrams for both existing network protocols or user-defined ones (using a very simple syntax). Protocol is written in Python and it's open-source software.
ascii  diagram  documentation 
7 weeks ago
Modern Microprocessors - A 90-Minute Guide!
A brief, pulls-no-punches, fast-paced introduction to the main design aspects of modern processor microarchitecture.
hardware  microprocessors  reference 
7 weeks ago
12 Factor CLI Apps – Jeff Dickey – Medium
Set of 12 principles for building CLI apps
8 weeks ago
Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type
Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy.
css  design  typography 
8 weeks ago
How We Increased Our Plugin's Javascript Performance by 200%
A few tips on how we increased the performance of our Javascript-heavy WordPress plugin using Chrome's Timeline Profiler, FastDom, and a few JS guidelines.
8 weeks ago
A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011: Index | The ryg blog
Welcome. This is the index page for a series of blog posts I'm currently writing about the D3D/OpenGL graphics pipelines as actually implemented by GPUs. A lot of this is well known among graphics programmers, and there's tons of papers on various bits and pieces of it, but one bit I've been annoyed with is…
graphics  opengl 
8 weeks ago
Masstree: A cache-friendly mashup of tries and B-trees
Cache Craftiness for Fast Multicore Key-Value Storage

Mao et. al., EuroSys 2012
[paper, code]

The Big Idea

Consider the problem of storing, in memory, millions of (key, value) pairs, where key is a
variable-length string. If we just wanted to support point lookup, we’d use a hash table. But
assuming we want to support range queries, some kind of tree structure is probably required. One
candidate might be a traditional B+-tree.

In such a B+-tree, the number of levels of the tree a...
algorithms  datastructures 
8 weeks ago
Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2017 | Blog
The verdict is in! Following 37 nominations whittled down to a shortlist of 15 by a community vote, our panel of experts has conferred and selected the top 10 web hacking techniques of 2017 (and 2016)
8 weeks ago
Anti-social Punishment - LessWrong 2.0
This is a cross post from [].

There's a trope among Slovak intellectual elite depicting an average Slovak as
living in a village, sitting a local pub, drinking ... (Read More)
8 weeks ago
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
Nowadays it’s hard to impress or even surprise with an interface animation. It shows interactions between screens, explains how to use the application or simply directs a user’s attention. While…
9 weeks ago
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
An illustrated essay on generative algorithms written by Anders Hoff.
generative-art  generative-algorithms 
11 weeks ago
sIBL Archive
bunch of free HDRIs, including some cool mesh light ones
12 weeks ago
My RustConf 2018 Closing Keynote
I promised two things when I did the closing keynote at RustConf 2018:
rust  game-dev 
12 weeks ago
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