Modern Microprocessors - A 90-Minute Guide!
A brief, pulls-no-punches, fast-paced introduction to the main design aspects of modern processor microarchitecture.
hardware  microprocessors  reference 
12 Factor CLI Apps – Jeff Dickey – Medium
Set of 12 principles for building CLI apps
2 days ago
Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type
Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy.
css  design  typography 
2 days ago
How We Increased Our Plugin's Javascript Performance by 200%
A few tips on how we increased the performance of our Javascript-heavy WordPress plugin using Chrome's Timeline Profiler, FastDom, and a few JS guidelines.
2 days ago
A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011: Index | The ryg blog
Welcome. This is the index page for a series of blog posts I'm currently writing about the D3D/OpenGL graphics pipelines as actually implemented by GPUs. A lot of this is well known among graphics programmers, and there's tons of papers on various bits and pieces of it, but one bit I've been annoyed with is…
graphics  opengl 
4 days ago
Masstree: A cache-friendly mashup of tries and B-trees
Cache Craftiness for Fast Multicore Key-Value Storage

Mao et. al., EuroSys 2012
[paper, code]

The Big Idea

Consider the problem of storing, in memory, millions of (key, value) pairs, where key is a
variable-length string. If we just wanted to support point lookup, we’d use a hash table. But
assuming we want to support range queries, some kind of tree structure is probably required. One
candidate might be a traditional B+-tree.

In such a B+-tree, the number of levels of the tree a...
algorithms  datastructures 
5 days ago
Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2017 | Blog
The verdict is in! Following 37 nominations whittled down to a shortlist of 15 by a community vote, our panel of experts has conferred and selected the top 10 web hacking techniques of 2017 (and 2016)
8 days ago
Anti-social Punishment - LessWrong 2.0
This is a cross post from [].

There's a trope among Slovak intellectual elite depicting an average Slovak as
living in a village, sitting a local pub, drinking ... (Read More)
8 days ago
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
Nowadays it’s hard to impress or even surprise with an interface animation. It shows interactions between screens, explains how to use the application or simply directs a user’s attention. While…
10 days ago
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
An illustrated essay on generative algorithms written by Anders Hoff.
generative-art  generative-algorithms 
29 days ago
sIBL Archive
bunch of free HDRIs, including some cool mesh light ones
4 weeks ago
My RustConf 2018 Closing Keynote
I promised two things when I did the closing keynote at RustConf 2018:
rust  game-dev 
4 weeks ago
Tracking inbox state
Today I worked on the logic for tracking the state of posts in a user’s inbox. I’ve abstained from jumping too quickly into the implementation phase, to avoid painting myself into a corner and potentially having to rewind data architecture... | The Level Journal | Stories about building my startup.
5 weeks ago
mountebank - over the wire test doubles
mountebank is the first open source, cross-platform, multi-protocol service virtualization tool
mock  microservices  http  testing  mocking  tools 
6 weeks ago
The Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature - 1
Fibonacci numbers and the golden section
in nature; seeds, flowers, petals, pine cones, fruit and vegetables. Is there
a pattern to the arrangement of leaves on a stem or seeds on a flwoerhead? Yes!
Plants are actually a kind of computer and they solve a particular
packing problem very simple - the answer involving the golden section number Phi.
An investigative page for school students and teachers
or just for recreation for the general reader.
math  Fibonacci  nature  golden_ratio 
6 weeks ago
CLI: improved
a bunch of #tips for using the command line better
6 weeks ago
Select Star SQL
This is an interactive book which aims to be the best place on the internet for learning SQL. It is free of charge, free of ads and doesn't require registration or downloads. It helps you learn by running queries against a real-world dataset to complete projects of consequence. It is not a mere reference page — it conveys a mental model for writing SQL.

I expect little to no coding knowledge. Each chapter is designed to take about 30 minutes. As more of the world's data is stored in databases, ...
SQL  tutorial  interactive 
6 weeks ago
Magic Sandbox
sandbox for learning kubernetes
6 weeks ago
Beyond Web and Worker: Evolution of the Modern Web App on Heroku | Heroku
The standard web application architecture suitable for many companies has drastically changed in the past 10 years. Back in Heroku’s early days in 2008,...
7 weeks ago
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Learn all about the properties available in CSS Grid Layout through simple visual examples.
css  reference  grid  css-grid 
8 weeks ago
Leibniz: Explanation of Binary Arithmetic (1703)
An English translation of EXPLANATION OF BINARY ARITHMETIC by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, from 1703
10 weeks ago
loading and displaying a 3D mesh with regl
loading and displaying a 3D mesh with regl
webgl  regl 
10 weeks ago
Glutanimate: Projects
developer who's made some cool plugins for anki
10 weeks ago
ML Universal Guides  |  Google Developers
Simple step-by-step walkthroughs to solve common machine learning problems using best practices.
machine-learning  guide 
10 weeks ago
Introducing the Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning video series – Facebook Research
The Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning is a six-part video series developed by the Facebook ads machine learning team. The series shares best real-world practices and provides practical tips about how to apply machine-learning capabilities to real-world problems. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are in the headlines everywhere today, and there are many resources…
10 weeks ago
Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation | Chartable
Once upon a time, I tweeted on an urgent matter. “Can somebody tell me how to get better with color?” I wrote." My color decisions are awful." I got a lot of replies with links to tools. They were awe
design  color  visualization  data  dataviz 
10 weeks ago
Evolving Floorplans — Joel Simon
trying to use a genetic algorithm to optimize the layout of rooms on a floorplan.
11 weeks ago
The Best Textbooks on Every Subject
<p>For years, my self-education was stupid and wasteful. I learned by consuming blog posts, Wikipedia articles, classic texts, podcast episodes, popular books, <a href="">video lectures</a>, peer-reviewed papers, ... <span class="post-excerpt-read-more">(Read More)</span></p>
12 weeks ago
Designing The Perfect Date And Time Picker — Smashing Magazine
What could be so difficult about designing a **decent date picker**? Basically, we just need an input field and an icon that represents a calendar clearly enough, and once the user clicks on that icon, we pop up a little overlay with the days lined up in rows. Right?
Well, not every date picker fits every interface, just like not every interface actually needs a date picker. But when a date picker _is_ required, quite often it's just a bit too tedious and annoying to specify that one...
12 weeks ago
Simple, correct, fast: in that order | Drew DeVault’s Blog
The single most important quality in a piece of software is simplicity. It’s more important than doing the task you set out to achieve. It’s more important than performance. The reason is straightforward: if your solution is not simple, it will not be correct or fast.
july 2018
How to Make Everything Ourselves: Open Modular Hardware - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE
Reverting to traditional handicrafts is one way to sabotage the throwaway society. In this article, we discuss another possibility: the design of modular consumer products, whose parts and components could be re-used for the design of other products. Initiatives like OpenStructures, Grid Beam, and Contraptor combine the modularity of systems like LEGO, Meccano and Erector with the collaborative power of digital success stories like Wikipedia, Linux or WordPress. An economy based on t...
june 2018
A Tutorial to OCaml -ppx Language Extensions | Victor Alexandru Darvariu
A brief introduction to the ppx extension mechanism in OCaml, with examples and further pointers - things I wish I'd known while preparing my Masters thesis.
june 2018
aws-samples/startup-kit-templates: CloudFormation templates to accelerate getting started on AWS.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
june 2018
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