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Worksmart — Crossover
Welcome to white collar hell, where they cap your screen every 10, and use the webcam to check if you are seated there.
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may 2017 by asteroza The Evil URL Shortener « Spare Clock Cycles
I find this more interesting because of the properly threaded javascript worker thread setup, which is potentially usable for other, less evil purposes. Though I'm surprised some large website that has people leaving a window open all the time hasn't exploited this as a means of surreptitious heterogeneous distributed computing.  evil  URL  shortner  hijack  remote  DDoS  attack  botnet  HTML5  anonymous  hacking  security  privacy  iframe  threaded  javascript  worker  threads  webdev  programming  development  distributed  computing  cloud  Delicious 
december 2010 by asteroza
Japan’s Workers: Please Don’t Send Me Abroad. Ever. - Japan Real Time - WSJ
So I've been hunting for this survey info ever since I half forgotten it. This is bad, in the sense that there are long term implications. A relatively self sustaining country, in terms of resources and exports, can afford to become someward inward looking and isolationist. Japan does not fall into that category. So, the youth, becoming more "me" focused and domestic looking, whle in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, for the country overall, Japan is screwed, baring a radical increase in technology that can not be replicated (unlikely), a radical increase in knowledge workers (which requires a global mindset, which this survey shows as lacking), or political changes that make it a corporate safe haven (no way that's happening), so it looks bad. Japan may simply be leading the way for first world countries to have their peak golden years, then settle into a comfortable moribund of suck, assuming what we are seeing is not the first world equivilent of the end of roman empire.
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november 2010 by asteroza

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