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SonicNotify: Creating media in presence
Using embedded ultrasonic coded data to transmit information to smartphones, this is the audio equivalent to the QRcode. May have potential a digital watermark on live event music/audio streams. The advertising possibilities are almost endless, since any advertising URL's are automatically embedded (provided your particular audio codec which you use for recording doesn't strip ultrasonics out).
SonicNotify  embedded  high  frequency  ultrasonic  data  code  watermark  information  android  iPhone  app  software  advertising  marketing  secondary  communications  channel  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
Cinavia Consumer Information Center
Eeeeeeeevil. An analog audio watermark that is mixed into music or video content prior to final digitization as a product that can survive encode/decode/reencode cycles by various codecs. If an enabled device (such as all consumer standalone Bluray players and the PS3) detects the watermark and it does not correctly match the device, it will interfere with playback. Example, a camrip of a movie pics up a watermark indicating the content is for professional movie projectors only is recorded, the camrip will not play correctly on a standalone player. The catch is if an innocently recorded home video happens to pic up the watermarks from a background audio source, your home video is now unplayable elsewhere and you're screwed.
Cinavia  analog  audio  watermark  DRM  technology  Verance  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza

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