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Ghost Minitaur — Ghost Robotics
Interesting biarticulated legs with direct drive motors
UGV  drone  quadruped  direct  drive  motor  2DoF  leg  locomotion  walking  hardware  electronics  device  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
GoKin Packs | Powered by you
Backpack power generator that recovers walking energy of a sort by attaching ratcheting cables to the back of your shoes. Which means this backpack is effectively trying to trip you by pulling your feet out from under you, if it pulls too hard. Not suitable for hiking through thick underbrush. I wonder how annoying the cable tension is on walking gait/posture. That said, it seems to have pretty good performance as it's effectively using leg extension for power (much like a land rowing machine)
kinetic  energy  harvesting  scavenging  walking  power  generator  pack  backpack  cable  reciprocating  camping  survival  gear  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Hexapod Hexcopter
Interesting proof of concept for a walking/flying hybrid drone. Next step is on the fly splitting/joining of the two main parts, so you can have either an ad-hoc hybrid heterogeneous drone, or in the more general case a UAV/UGV hybrid that can do autonomous launch/recovery of ground assets.
walker  helicopter  VTOL  flying  walking  devices  electronics  hardware  proof-of-concept  UGV  UAV  drone  hybrid  hexacopter  hexapod  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
Zenta » MorpHex, a morphing hexapod
A walking robot that morphs. A spherical shell to allow rolling propulsion splits to form hexapod legs for walking motion.
hexapod  spherical  sphere  propulsion  walking  rolling  robotics  drone  control  remote  RC  robot  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
Koreans trying to give BigDog/AlphaDog a run for it's money?
korea  military  quadruped  robot  research  robotics  walking  locomotion  mobility  propulsion  BigDog  AlphaDog  software  simulation  Delicious 
october 2011 by asteroza

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