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Void‐Free Layered Polymeric Architectures via Capillary‐Action of Nanoporous Films - Lee - - Advanced Materials Interfaces - Wiley Online Library
Using carbon fiber (graphene?) thin films in composites (both in between the layers and the overwrap) to strengthen the composite, as running a current through the thin film causes a capillary action to squeeze out air voids and heat the resin for curing.
carbon  fiber  wrap  thin  film  composite  void  removal  materials  science  research  technology 
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Hierarchically porous polymer coatings for highly efficient passive daytime radiative cooling | Science
New cheapish polymer coating to make a narrowband IR emitter that pumps through the LWIR atmospheric transmission window. So something can be cooled by exposing it to the sky.
passive  daytime  radiative  cooling  narrowband  emitter  IR  materials  science  research  technology  polymer  surface  coating  air  void  phase  inversion 
october 2018 by asteroza

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