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Autonomous underwater camera - iBubble
Looks like it might be using a RaspberryPi, maybe APM/ArduSub?
UUV  drone  diver  support  video  camera  sub  submarine  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
april 2016 by asteroza
Grasp | Akarsh Sanghi
Interesting shoulder mount telepresence viewer video camera rig, allowing a teacher to guide a student remotely.
shoulder  mount  telepresence  video  camera  hardware  electronics  devices  ridealong  over-the-shoulder  view  guidance  recording  monitoring  teaching  mentoring  support  wearable  computing  remote  assistance  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
ResolutionTube: Home
A business killer app for video calling (at least one way anyways), using AR overlays to assist field engineers and customers.
AR  field  support  video  call  calling  assistance  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
QIK | Streaming video right from your phone
An unusual (and unfortunately somewhat necessary) use of the service is to live stream video/audio from the cellphone to Qik during an encounter with police/security. Should the phone be confiscated, normally the video/audio/picture content could be erased, but streaming the video to Qik preserves evidence for later use and provides a certain degree of authentication regarding the timestamps.
QIK  cellphone  mobile  phone  video  streaming  online  support  service  blogging  broacasting  broadcast  web  2.0  twitter  cameraphone  Nokia  police  recorder  monitoring  Delicious 
february 2008 by asteroza

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