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Vector and Line Quantization for Billion-scale Similarity Search on GPUs |
Hrm, I wonder if this hierarchical inverted index structure could be applied to specialist database software generally, or perhaps a general GPU database?
similarity  search  image  video  GPU  deep  machine  learning  approximate  nearest  neighbor 
january 2019 by asteroza
ObamaNet: Photo-realistic lip-sync from text
Lyrebird moves to video. Only a few more steps before the average person can't distinguish from real video. Which leads to the endgame of never trusting any video, ever.
deep  learning  TTS  text-to-speech  sppech  machine  generated  video  lipsync  voice  emulation 
december 2017 by asteroza
Revolutinary social video platform
Using AI to discover context/objects in video and surfacing it to users in a targeted way, rather than YouTube single frame previews in the slider/scrubber.
machine  learning  video  object  context  recognition  computer  vision  advertising 
november 2017 by asteroza

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