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Graphene Supermarket
Not sure how legit this is, but it has a somewhat major company backing it so....
graphene  supplier  manufacturer  vendor  materials  science  research  technology  nanotechnology  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Watch That Windows Update: FTDI Drivers Are Killing Fake Chips
FTDI windows driver update bricks counterfeit chips. Which is okay, except most people have no idea they are using counterfeit chips, so let the bricking begin.
FTDI  USB  serial  TTL  chip  brick  bricking  windows  driver  update  counterfeit  detection  EEPROM  vendor  ID  reset  bug  uART  Delicious 
october 2014 by asteroza
Orbital Machine Works
Seems to be a "we make custom stuff" outfit, making custom hardware/electronics.
devices  electronics  contractor  vendor  manufacturer  hardware  custom  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
selling all sorts of oddball hardware, including supermicro?
japan  devices  electronics  hardware  VIA  EVGA  Acard  ELSA  supermicro  distributor  redistributor  vendor  server  PC  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Future proof » Tim’s F6 driver guide
Only 3 brands of USB floppy are supported in Windows XP installs when needing a mass storage driver (demarcated in txtsetup.sif) so that HP USB Floppy Drive Key won't work. But if you modify the ISO by changing the txtsetup.sif to add additional hardware vendors, it should work. Though if you go to the trouble of modifying the ISO, you may as well slipstream patches and additional storage drivers from a driverpack.
edit  ID  vendor  hardware  PCI  txtsetup.sif  tricks  SATA  tips  sysadmin  install  driver  storage  drive  flopy  F6  XP  windows  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Verisae Energy Management, Carbon Footprint, Asset Tracking, and Refrigerant Tracking Solutions - Verisae
Apparently these guys got a US business process patent on enterprise carbon tracking and accounting. I wonder when the patent trolling will begin?
Verisae  corporate  enterprise  carbon  tracking  accounting  software  service  hosted  SaaS  vendor  green  energy  sustainability  CSR  reporting  auditing  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza
JumpBox | Instant Infrastructure | JumpBox Inc.
Free EC2 trials of popular opensource server packages for an hour. Not shabby...
virtual  service  opensource  vendor  EC2  amazon  AWS  s3  demo  support  appliance  AMI  JumpBox  vitualization  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza
Wildcard SSL :: The DigiCert Difference
You can install this cert on multiple machines without extra licensing
digicert  wildcard  ssl  certificate  service  vendor  multi  multiple  server  free  add  Delicious 
august 2008 by asteroza
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