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OSA | Study of W/HfO2 grating selective thermal emitters for thermophotovoltaic applications
Interesting, tungsten with a hafnium oxide grating over it has highly selective IR emittance, making it well matched for gallium based TPV cells
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Interesting continuous wave detonation engine design. Basically you have a shockwave running around in circles (well, a spiral of sorts) in an open ended annular space, with careful injection of propellant just before the wave arrives at a particular point in the injector ring on one end. Similar to a PDE engine, in that you need high speed pulsed injection just before the detonation wave arrives on the ring, and you have this spiral output that resembles a PDE pulse output.
rotating  rotary  RDE  RWDE  continuous  spin  detonation  wave  engine  CDWE  CDWRE  TDW  transverse  spiral  PDE  pulse  engine  propulsion  research  space  aerospace  development  annular  combustion  chamber  Delicious 
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Panasonic develops tubes for geothermal electricity generation, waste heat recovery ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
Something about a weird transverse thermoelectric effect being utilized by making stacking conical rings of thermoelectric materials to create a tubular, rather than planar, thermoelectric generator, which is well suited for jacketing steam or hot water pipes.
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