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Harnessing Heat Beyond 200 °C from Unconcentrated Sunlight with Nonevacuated Transparent Aerogels | ACS Nano
Substituting a highly transparent aerogel cover instead of glass for vacuum insulated solar thermal receivers to prevent heat emission back out
transparent  aerogel  materials  science  research  technology  solar  thermal  vacuum  receiver  cover  glass  alternative 
july 2019 by asteroza
Transparent polycrystalline cubic silicon nitride : Scientific Reports
Neat, but requires twice the pressure to make compared to diamond, then again it can work in a hotter regime. Good for engine optical monitoring ports?
transparent  cubic  silicon  nitride  ceramic  spinel  materials  science  research  technology  Delicious 
march 2017 by asteroza
Production of Flexible Transparent Conducting Films of Self-Fused Nanowires via ...
Launching silver nanowire suspension water out of a supersonic nozzle at a specific speed allows creating a transparent thin film mat on a surface, that fuses/evaporates on impact. The resulting thin film is transparent, conductive, and stretchable.
fused  silver  nanowire  fiber  mesh  mat  conducting  conductive  stretchable  transparent  thin  film  manufacturing  materials  science  research  technology  surface  treatment  impact  fuzing  Delicious 
november 2016 by asteroza
Interesting adminless VPN SSH tunnel using some interesting packet tricks, well, non-root at the server end...
SSH  VPN  transparent  proxy  software  security  mac  OSX  linux  DNS  networking  tunnel  sysadmin  tips  tricks  tools  utilities  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Light Harvesting: Near-Infrared Harvesting Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrators (Advanced Optical Materials 7/2014) - Zhao - 2014 - Advanced Optical Materials - Wiley Online Library
So collects and redirects NIR to the pane edge,where it can be converted to other wavelengths (regular IR) for a solar power generator to consume. Does near infrared now, seems possible to also to UV as well.
transparent  luminescent  edge  concentrator  solar  collector  optics  materials  science  research  technology  near  infrared  NIR  IR  organic  molecule  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
Burp Suite
Little tool for extracting the real web commands used by many "console" apps that are really just glorified web browsers.
BurpSuite  SSL  transparent  web  proxy  interception  HTTP  HTTPS  analysis  sysadmin  tools  utilities  tips  tricks  security  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
Apparently they have somehow moved the display optics lens from an external lightguide prism/lens/optic that sits in front of the eye to a contact lens on the eye. Not the actual display itself though, like some form of transparent OLED printed on a contact lens (which unfortunately has data/power transfer issues).
Innovega  iOptik  lightguide  prism  contact  lens  embedded  seethrough  transparent  display  HUD  AR  hardware  electronics  devices  materials  science  research  technology  vision  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
[Column] Will Alligators Save Thin-film Si PV Cell Makers? -- Tech-On!
Sun Well Solar is claiming a 6% efficiency transparent thin film solar cell panel, and demoing as roofing on a greenhouse. 6% may not be so great, but if the costs come down via thin film roll-to-roll production, it may not matter so much.
thin  film  transparent  solar  power  generator  green  energy  laser  drilling  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza
SunWell Solar
Supposedly demoing a greenhouse with clear roofing incorporating the thin film panels.
thin  film  transparent  solar  power  generator  green  energy  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza
[JSAP] Optical Fiber Turns Into Solar Cell -- Tech-On!
Interesting hybrid cascade/tandem solar cell architecture using fiber optics. The trick is to catch light bouncing in the fiber by dye sensitized solar cells mounted as a concentric cladding around the fiber. To get higher efficiency, have one band of cells of a length sufficient to cat most pounced light in a single pass, then have another band farther down the fiber optimized for a different wavelength for the second pass. You would have multiple bands from front to back with short wavelength stuff up front. Interesting that these guys are gunning for the near-infrared, as they use bounced light which doesn't suffer from transmittance problems encountered in transparent electrode TCO dye sensitized tandem cells which must pass through the first layer to reach lower layer cells.
fiber  solar  cell  dye  sensitized  tandem  cascade  incident  light  bounce  visible  near-infrared  TCO  transparent  electrode  Delicious 
february 2010 by asteroza
Vector Foiltec | Welcome | ETFE
These guys are the ones that did the Eden Project paneled multicellular dome structure in the UK
germany  transparent  polymer  ETFE  tetra  fluoro  ethylene  lightweight  canopy  material  architecture  design  dome  building  construction  sunlight  materials  science  engineering  Texlon  Eden  project  climatic  envelope  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza

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