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Interactive Touch Screen Display Technology | Avocor
Large format touchscreen displays. Some sort of Microsoft partnership as well?
large  format  touchscreen  display  hardware  electronics  devices 
july 2018 by asteroza
Cemtrex SmartDesk Now Available for Preorder | Cemtrex
Fancy pants integrated desk/computer intended for gesture control/multitouch. So sorta a command console sort of thing. Not my cup of tea, but the monitor stand with a trapezoid inserts is sorta interesting
integrated  desk  PC  multitouch  touchscreen  gesture  control  multimonitor  triple  monitor  hardware  electronics  devices 
june 2018 by asteroza
Plastc Inc
Switchable credit card via e-ink touchscreen display. Interesting, but how do you import to the EMV chip your current card's information?
hybrid  multicard  credit  card  payment  hardware  electronics  devices  touchscreen  e-ink  display  Delicious 
november 2014 by asteroza
Control Group | NYC I/O: Reinvent NYC Payphones
Interesting reimagining of payphone phonebooths as a local information terminal
smart  payphone  phonebooth  phone  NYC  touch  touchscreen  concept  design  information  terminal  kiosk  urban  infrastructure  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Zypad WR1100 Rugged Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer
Slowly but surely getting there for wrist PC's, aside from the whole user interface issues (single handed typing, etc). Cue bad joke about ARM CPU...
mobile  portable  linux  SD  touchscreen  wifi  bluetooth  computing  wireless  zigbee  card  modem  GSM  PC  computer  GPS  cellphone  wearable  802.15.4  microSD  compass  ARM  GPRS  Zypad  wrist  Parvus  WR1100  302.11  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza – Computers, Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptops plus PC Accessories
place to buy Intel classmate education notebook/laptop/netbook, the touchscreen tablet version (Companion Touch)
alternative  intel  touchscreen  tablet  OLPC  companion  touch  classmate  Delicious 
january 2009 by asteroza

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