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Drones Delivering Pizza? Venture Capitalists Wager on It - Bloomberg
Tim Draper seems to basically be advocating a MatterNet type drone delivery network, and wants to be in on the ground floor of that infrastructure market.
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november 2013 by asteroza
The world's first flying waiter | YO! Sushi
Looks like they are using an AR.drone without the protective shell...
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june 2013 by asteroza
DomiCopter by T + Biscuits | T + Biscuits
Slowly getting closer to the tacocopter ideal. Though there is still entrenched military industrial complex lobbying from fixed wing burrito bomber enthusiasts...
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june 2013 by asteroza
DRONENET The next BIG thing. - Global Guerrillas
If the drones doubled as mobile mesh wifi nodes, IPv6 anywhere starts to sound good. Having rooftop perches where drones can land to be inductively recharged (NFC payment for electricity consumed) should round this out.
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january 2013 by asteroza
Tacocopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF Bay Area
This feels like something out of some cyberpunk novel. Fake website since it is still basically illegal to use UAV's for commercial work due to the FAA, for now, nevermind the difficulty involved. Domino's japan has an iPhone ordering app that grabs GPS coordinates so a pizza can be delivered to your exact location, so this is the next logical step in mobile apps/food delivery as well. If this kind of usage takes off, we are going to need to seriously discuss the issues surrounding collision avoidance and local airspace control, probably beyond something simple like transponders, more like AIS (vehicle ID,location, state vector, perhaps expected flightpath or destination). Also, you just know Dr. Claw must be involved with the Lobstercopter...
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march 2012 by asteroza

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