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So, outsourcing human contact by using remotely operated pet avatars on tablets given to elderly patients. Notably, the avatars are remotely monitored and sometimes directly operated by a callcenter in the Philippines. Because human contact is now a luxury good...
elderly  care  remote  avatar  pet  companion  monitoring  tablet  android  app  software  health  medicine 
march 2019 by asteroza
Titus II - Titus SDR Receiver
Interesting... android tablet prefitted with a wideband SDR and the rough tools to use it as an awesome multiband receiver
android  tablet  wideband  SDR  radio  receiver  hardware  electronics  devices  research  ditigal  analog  MW  SW  FM  AM  RF  tuner  transceiver  Delicious 
november 2016 by asteroza
Keyboard for Excel - Android Apps on Google Play
tablet oriented android keyboard with reduced character set and integrated number pad
microsoft  android  app  software  excel  numpad  numberpad  keyboard  tablet  Delicious 
march 2015 by asteroza
Around $2500, but nicely integrates things, and is intended for APM multirotors. Proper realtime HD FPV plus microHMDI out for separate FPV goggles
UAV  drone  RC  remote  control  hardware  electronics  devices  android  tablet  FPV  controller  Delicious 
december 2014 by asteroza
Non-permanent tablet stand, using fabric grips going to the corners connecting to a central circular latch cylinder, which can be grabbed by the o-ring stand proper.
variable  tablet  stand  holder  hardware  grip  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
KUBI - the robotic stand for iPads and tablets | Indiegogo
The 80% telepresence solution, a self pivoting tablet stand for videoconferencing. Since most meetings don't need the telepresence user to move within the room or leave the room.
hardware  IndieGoGo  devices  electronics  avatar  telepresence  movable  stand  tablet  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
iRobot AVA chills with us at CES, will turn Android and iPad app developers into roboticists (video) -- Engadget
I guess by offloading a lot of navigation functionality into the robot via API, it gets around the iOS license restriction on using the iPad as an inertial navigation unit...
iRobot  AVA  iPad  android  tablet  controlled  RC  remote  robot  vehicle  telepresence  avatar  hardware  electronics  devices  robotics  video  teleconferencing  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
A nice a simple universal/generic stand for phones and tablets
dzdock  phone  tablet  iPhone  iPad  stand  holder  hardware  generic  universal  metal  Delicious 
december 2010 by asteroza – Computers, Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptops plus PC Accessories
place to buy Intel classmate education notebook/laptop/netbook, the touchscreen tablet version (Companion Touch)
alternative  intel  touchscreen  tablet  OLPC  companion  touch  classmate  Delicious 
january 2009 by asteroza

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