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HoloEyes Inc.
Using VR/AR to preplan surgeries from CT data, then do after reports. Not diagnostic so no licensing...
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april 2017 by asteroza
eLux Medical NanoLipo
Still in animal trials, using gold nanoparticle injections that resonate when exposed to near-IR, one can melt/liquify fat directly without excessively damaging surrounding tissue, then suck that out via conventional liposuction needle. This would be lower temperature than existing external laser liposuction, where they try to liquify near surface fat cells with a near-IR laser array held against the skin.
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june 2014 by asteroza
Air Barrier System
Wow, what a "Why didn't I think of that!" kind of invention. Keep the surgical site flooded with specifically clean air until the wound is closed.
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october 2011 by asteroza
Stem cells to grow bigger breasts - Times Online
Using stem cells to augment generic fat cell reinjection so the reinjected fat has a stable blood supply tissue composition. A semi-natural boobjob, resulting from cosmetic surgery research for breast cancer victims.

As opposed to that recent japanese news blurb about a company selling a gadget (maybe a ringtone or a mp3?) that plays resampled baby crying sounds, which seem to have a verifiable psycho-physiological effect of causing the female body to "prepare" itself for breast feeding by enlarging the breasts. Though I wonder how marketable that would be considering the heightened female sensitivity to irritation from baby crying sounds. They certainly couldn't use such an audio device overnight as they probably wouldn't get a good nights sleep. That, and the effect wouldn't be permanent unless they were nursing.
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april 2009 by asteroza

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