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magniX | Electric Propulsion of Tomorrow
Interesting that they are also working on superconducting designs. Their basic motor looks a lot like Launchpoint's halbach array axial flux motor...
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september 2018 by asteroza
MTECH Laboratories :: Welcome
Working on superconducting inverter/rectifier designs. Potentially useful for superconducting grid applications, and substations for HVDC/HVAC conversion?
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april 2012 by asteroza
Apparently did some research work for NASA recently that found a N+2 design for a non-superconducting turboelectric propulsion that actually closed and was usable, roughly on par with an existing 737. Uses strut braced midspan turbogenerators feeding power to the inboard wing span, which is stuffed with wing internal embedded electric propulsors. Though the design used tech that while it exists today, exists outside of the aerospace realm so requires further development. They also have a superconducting N+3 design too.
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april 2012 by asteroza
Commercializing MAGDRIVE contactless torque transmission, in a non-superconducting permanent magnet configuration, with little to no wear and no lube.
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june 2011 by asteroza
The next generation of superconducting magnets are here....
It's kinda hard to call a superconducting magnet permanent. But this is an interesting technique for "charging" a superconducting magnet.
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november 2010 by asteroza
Levitating Magnet May Yield New Approach To Clean Energy
I'm a little stumped as to how the floating magnet is supposed to control things when it is floating via a rather large externally applied magnetic field. I guess there must be some field orientation advantage compared to simply applying a larger field from outside. I wonder if this could be applied to SMES or other cryogenic systems to remove the supports that contribute to heat leakage?
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february 2010 by asteroza
Superconducting Heat Shield
Magnetic heat shield, pushing the reentry heat plasma layer to a standoff distance. Slightly similar to VTOL SSTO designs that reenter engines first with engines running at idle power, which bathes the spacecraft in exhaust gases, which are lower in temperature than the reentry heat plasma/gases. As the comments correctly point out, this will reduce the protection requirements, but does not eliminate heat protection tiles/covers. Also, this probably applies only to blunt body reentry shapes that do very little hypersonic lifting, since this turns the underside into a giant balloon from the atmosphere's perspective.
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november 2009 by asteroza
Magnifye Limited
Using a temperature controlled permeability magnetic screen, these guys are charging a superconducting magnet little by little to large levels (17T?). Possible interesting usages provided you don't care about flux line penetrating the bulk magnet
Magnifye  UK  EU  europe  superconductor  superconducting  bulk  permanent  magnet  magnetization  charging  materials  science  research  technology  heat  flux  pump  Delicious 
october 2009 by asteroza

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