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Nestlé’s groundbreaking material science makes less sugar taste just as good
Sounds an awful lot like they figured out a way to make left handed sugars like levulose, which taste like sugar, but the body can't process so passes it out.
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december 2016 by asteroza
preprocessor/schema tagger/parser to prep data for mapreduce hadoop jobs.
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june 2015 by asteroza
Taylor & Francis Online :: Ultrastrong Mg Alloy via Nano-spaced Stacking Faults - Materials Research Letters -
Using conventional hot rolling techniques, researchers introduced nano layered stacking faults in the crystalline structure of magnesium alloy metals, increasing specific strength beyond steel by isolating crystal defects.
magnesium  technology  specific  rolled  strength  alloy  defect  crystal  fault  research  science  materials  isolation  metal  stacking  hot  high  structured  nanotechnology  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza

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