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Securing customer data with KMS and Envelope Encryption in Node.js
Interesting pyramid/stacked encryption model to encrypting data with per tenant keys, but the weak point is the AWS KMS stored master key
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october 2017 by asteroza
New shrimp technology could speed up race to feed the world
Interesting, but this is largely shifting energy inputs for perceived production gains. This makes it look like a compact indoor shrimp production facility, with only electricity and fishmeal inputs, produces more. But where does the fishmeal come from, how was it made? Doing true cost analysis compared to traditional inland open pond shrimp farming using pond based algae as food for the shrimp, I wonder if it really is coming out ahead, and is not simply a tradeoff of greater energy expenditure to achieve greater density of end product production.
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september 2011 by asteroza

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