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I call shenanigans over their gyro system. They could have easily done a Monotracer style deploying trainer wheel setup for stability. Unless they think they can double duty the gyros as energy storage flywheels...
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may 2012 by asteroza
SSI2010SSPpaper.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting concept for an SPS using a thin film solar cell array operating as a spin stabilized panel, similar to a solar sail. Uses IR power transmission, probably laser based. Unfortunately, the setup for the laser is not ideal, as it would have to have the laser at the rotating center, requiring either a big central power yoke/gymbal with slip ring, or fixed lasers near the center with active beam steering. Actually fixed lasers with that recently developed polarized grating liquid crystal laser beam steering mechanism might work well here since it's solid state.
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november 2011 by asteroza
e-volo - Home
Making an electric multicopter out of hobbyist electric helicopters is cool and all, but dude ball to ride it himself. Helps that it is gyro stabilized using opensource multicopter software.
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november 2011 by asteroza
UAV Helicopter Brings Finesse to Airstrikes - Popular Mechanics
That's right folks, a flying RC sniper helicopter with stabilized turret, using an Xbox controller.
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april 2011 by asteroza

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