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Creepy User-Centric Post-Exploitation – @sixdub
So turning an endpoint into a listening/viewing bug with powershell is a thing now...
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may 2016 by asteroza
Geo Listening
Hrm, they say only public, but does that mean 100% public posts only? What about semi-closed social media communities?
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april 2015 by asteroza
Using a SPL to see through frosted glass and shower curtains and other optically scattering surfaces through interference memory effects, effectively making translucent windows transparent.
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october 2012 by asteroza
Catch Cheating Spouses with FlexiSPY - Spy Phone, GPS Tracker, Location Tracking, Remote Listening for Mobile / Cell Phones
Interesting to note that this appears limited to "global" phones. The Japanese Galapagos ecosystem of cellphones makes this much harder for people who are not local.
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june 2010 by asteroza

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