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With Fidesmo, your smart device can be even smarter
Yubikey variant with a server provisionable smartcard applet ecosystem.
YubiKey  Fidesmo  smartcard  NFC  javacard  applet  appstore  platform  service  FIDO  U2F  GPG  PGP  bitcoin  wallet  offline  OTP 
november 2017 by asteroza
fidesmo - FIDESMO CARD with Dual Interface
NFC smartcard, you can buy/load additional smartcard applets like GPG and bitcoin wallets
NFC  smartcard  security  hardware  electronics  devices  GPG  U2F  bitcoin  PGP  applet  OTP 
november 2017 by asteroza
Black Hat 2017 USA – OpenCrypto: Unchaining the JavaCard Ecosystem | Magic of Se...
Reusing JavaCard security primitives to backport/implement EC crypto where it doesn't currently exist
javacard  elliptical  curve  cryptography  backport  OpenCrypto  security  encryption  research  EMV  smartcard  java  Delicious 
may 2017 by asteroza
Latecomer LG Pay to feature IC chip, one-time password
LG putting out a Coin style "smarter" card, with display, OTP, and possibly EMV/IC card capabilities
LG  smartcard  IC  card  credit  replacement  alternative  hardware  electronics  devices  OTP  display  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
kernel concepts - OpenPGP
Apparently one of the few online stores that will ship OpenPGP compatible smartcards to the US.
OpenPGP  GPG  PGP  smartcard  online  shop  hardware  electronics  devices  cryptography  security  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Memory Everywhere - Thin Film Electronics ASA
So these guys are actually producing NFC thin film electronics in a fast roll-to-roll process, finally dropping the per sticker cost. Though native thin film NFC sticker area is still a bit large, due to the limits of the materials in the printable electronics. Xerox will produce?
thin  film  thinfilm  printed  circuit  electronics  devices  hardware  display  NFC  touchless  smartcard  sensor  packaging  materials  Iot  internet-of-things  sticker  barcode  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
IBM develops ZTIC USB stick for secure online banking
So, let me guess, windows only and uses autorun tricks to setup a USB to ethernet adapter. Seems like a retarded little brother of a BlackDog K9 personal server.
online  information  alternative  UI  USB  user  channel  dongle  reader  interface  SSL  smartcard  stick  banking  blackdog  IBM  trusted  ZTIC  zone  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza

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