asteroza + slot   13 M.2 NGFF NVMe SSD TO PCIE 3.0 X 16/X8/X4 adapter for 1U/2U server and low profile PC: Computers & Accessories
hrm, bracketless and has weird slot keying, which suggests it wouldn't have true x16 connectivity but would actually be x4...
M.2  PCIe  PCIexpress  slot  adapter  bracketless  minimal 
october 2018 by asteroza
Some sort of startup that is trying to push NAND flash into RAM memory modules for faster access by the CPU. Though typically that sort of strategy requires oodles of RAM slots, which you are not going see often outside of 4 way SMP setups these days...
devices  electronics  hardware  access  performance  speed  high  storage  nonvolatile  slot  RAM  DDR  memory  flash  NAND  NVRAM  Delicious  NVDIMM  NVDIMM-N  NV-DIMM 
november 2012 by asteroza
Sonnet - RackMac mini Xserver: Rackmount 1U System with PCIe 2.0 Expansion Slot
This is considerably less awesome then I expected. Basically a 1U frame that holds a normal and unadulterated mac mini server, along with a mounted thunderbolt expansion chassis to handle one PCIe card and a downstream thunderbolt port for daisy chaining. I suppose this is the best people can do for now, since a mac tower won't fit easily into a rack anymore (you have to cut the handles off!)
1U  mac  mini  server  rackmount  chassis  PICe  PCIexpress  2.0  x4  expansion  slot  hardware  electronics  devices  Apple  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Basically, specifying common standards for SAS enclosures so you can pick and choose your SAS/iSCSI controller, so you are less bound to specific proprietary controller boards and enclosure interfaces to those boards. Which basically commodifies the whole thing, which is a big win for outfits like LSI and SuperMicro, while giving a fighting chance to smaller niche companies as well, and providing some peace of mind to customers in that if their vendor goes belly up, they still have a path to compatible spares.
SBB  storage  bridge  bay  standard  shared  connector  slot  spec  hardware  devices  SAS  iSCSI  Delicious  electronics 
august 2011 by asteroza
YM4UB7015 - 4U SSD GPU ready Server 28" Depth intel Xeon 5600 series Dual sockets 1366 2400W redundant power supply
It might be possible to get this as a motherboard only. But it looks like a Colfax CXT8000 GPU server that's been OEM'd, and even they don't sell the bare motherboard...
GPU  server  hardware  electronics  devices  4U  x16  8  16  SLOT  PCIe  PCIexpress  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza

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