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Microsoft Wi-Fi - Coming Soon
Microsoft getting into the free wifi game, though it looks like this needs to be tied to a Skype wifi account. Not a flat out MVNO play like Google Fi, but Fi has a free wifi portion of the service as well, so some overlap.
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june 2015 by asteroza
DigInfo TV - TEROOS - Shoulder-mounted Telecommunication Avatar
An interesting shoulder surfing concept for a telepresence robot, as a kind of second set of eyes, or as a handy on-call expert. If there's enough bandwidth, this could be usable for disasters, allowing first responders to consult with experts offsite, allowing the experts to "ride-along" and rather conveniently solves the mobility issues with a lot of telepresence robot avatars.
TEROOS  shoulder  mount  mounted  telepresence  avatar  communications  surfer  surfing  hardware  electronics  devices  research  collaboration  remote  assistance  skype  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
Skype launches WiFi hotspot operator partnership program with leading WiFi providers - About Skype
Skype does something interesting. Now if they could squeeze this onto the iPhone client, life would be good.
Skype  Access  low  cost  free  wifi  hotspot  service  Fon  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
Cafetalk Online Tutoring with Skype
Service to link up english language teachers with students online, for lessons conducted over Skype
online  english  language  tutoring  teaching  learning  teacher  student  matching  service  Skype  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
KDDI to tie up with Skype › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
Uh, why is KDDI working with Skype here? Encrypted Skype transmissions in network means no lawful intercept capability, unless it is fundamentally trojaned to use a KDDI specific Skype gateway server (and if it's an Android smartphone, what's stopping someone from installing their own safe version of the official international Skype app?). The only thing I can think of is preferential call termination (and associated fees) from calls abroad via Skype, and expanded Skype-In availability within Japan (japanese starting to get keen on virtual numbers to shield their cellphones?), maybe some cellphone payment tieups for Skype-Out.
KDDI  japan  cellhpone  mobile  phone  Skype  smartphone  Delicious 
october 2010 by asteroza
Megapanzer » Blog Archive » Skype trojan sourcecode available for download.
Oh boy, some Swiss dude who worked for a governmentally shady software outfit made a windows Skype trojan to intercept phonecalls, which appears at cursory inspection to have been prepared on behalf of the Swiss government/law enforcement. Then he open sources the code. Cue mayhem and a Skype patch.
opensource  windows  skype  trojan  software  security  hacking  privacy  interception  phone  call  phonecall  audio  transmission  communication  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza
silk - Skype Developer Zone
SILK wideband codec now royalty free (wonder if asterisk will use it...)
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march 2009 by asteroza

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