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Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle - Logos New Website
If they make a good multifuel series hybrid, I can imagine a lot of civilians who would be interested. BRD is making the base electric motorcycle chassis, but the multifuel rotary series hybrid generator engine maker is Cubewano (based off an UAV engine they made for a military secret UAV project). The SilentHawk being a two wheel drive motorcycle is interesting as well, but that suggests the possibility that a boost electric hub motor in the front, with a conventional ICE mechanical drivetrain with integrated generator for the back would possibly work as well. But the description was series hybrid so both wheels would be electric.
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january 2015 by asteroza
Exhale Fans - World's first truly bladeless ceiling fan
Interesting use of a tesla turbine as a bladeless and mostly silent ceiling fan.
ceiling  ventilation  HVAC  devices  electronics  hardware  silent  quiet  circulation  air  fan  turbine  tesla  bladeless  IndieGoGo  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza

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