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A drone program taking flight
Interesting they went with a tailsitter VTOL with wing shroud, rather than google's quadplane style octocopter format. Shroud should keep idiots away from propellers somewhat better, but isn't foolproof. Google decided tethered package drops were safer though.
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june 2019 by asteroza
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Interesting shrouded propfan research, basically stuffing counterrotating geared turbofans/propfans inside a duct/shroud, and using a recuperator in the jet exhaust to recovery energy.
MTU  germany  IRA  propfan  integrated  recuperator  recuperative  aeroengine  counterrotating  GTF  geared  turbofan  shrouded  gas  turbine  engine  propulsion  aviation  technology  research  development  CLAIRE  CRISP  Delicious 
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Altaeros Energies
Basically an inflatable shroud that lifts a wind turbine contained within it, and operates like a high altitude blimp kite.
altitude  high  tube  ducted  duct  hybrid  aerostat  blimp  kite  dynastat  airship  airborne  shrouded  wind  turbine  power  generator  green  energy  Delicious 
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