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DoH turning into a Doh! You may begin to hate yourselves...
virus  C2  secondary  communications  channel  beacon  DNS  DoH  HTTPS  SSL  TLS  SPF  security  hacking  pentesting  redteam 
october 2018 by asteroza
Satellite extension services company, using secondary spacecraft to dock with existing sats to provide attitude control/station keeping. Basically an auxiliary propulsion pack. Currently not doing refueling/module replacement/power though
newspace  GEO  satellite  servicing  secondary  auxiliary  propulsion  attitude  control  space  service 
march 2018 by asteroza
Interesting design, uses what looks like deployable carbon fiber tubes (which are built up from a tape deployer style?) to extend the focal length so the small primary isn't as big of an issue (1m GSD!)
newspace  space  telescope  cubesat  12U  deployable  secondary  mirror  carbon  fiber  tape  tube  earth  observation  surveillance  remote  sensing 
november 2017 by asteroza
Luna Display
mac USB dongle that uses host GPU acceleration to sped up streaming video data over wifi to an iPad emulating a second display
kickstarter  mac  OSX  iPad  secondary  second  display  USB  dongle 
october 2017 by asteroza
Track N Go | Track N Go
Interesting track system that goes over the wheel, rather than replaces it outright.
offroad  tracked  propulsion  wheel  driven  track  system  aftermarket  car  automotive  accessories  snow  addon  removable  secondary  hardware  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Netflix/s3mper · GitHub
Interesting Netflix open source library for dealing with S3 storage inconsistency by caching file metadata in DynamoDB.
Netflix  opensource  amazon  AWS  S3  storage  consistency  library  software  dynamoDB  file  metadata  secondary  index  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Hybrid Quadrotor
Interesting hybrid mixed propulsion VTOL quadcopter drone. Essentially a conventional flying drone with separate secondary lift engines, but while forward flight is done with a gasoline powered primary engine with high endurance, the secondary lift engines are effectively a stop rotor electric quadcopter which needs a short but very high power burst for vertical ops. So this basically adapts the different powerplants to match their advantages.
hardware  drone  UAV  engine  gasoline  electric  secondary  quadrotor  propulsion  quadcopter  stopped  aircraft  lift  mixed  VTOL  hybrid  devices  electronics  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
SonicNotify: Creating media in presence
Using embedded ultrasonic coded data to transmit information to smartphones, this is the audio equivalent to the QRcode. May have potential a digital watermark on live event music/audio streams. The advertising possibilities are almost endless, since any advertising URL's are automatically embedded (provided your particular audio codec which you use for recording doesn't strip ultrasonics out).
SonicNotify  embedded  high  frequency  ultrasonic  data  code  watermark  information  android  iPhone  app  software  advertising  marketing  secondary  communications  channel  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend from the Skies - Technology Review
Oh this is EVIL, which is why I love this. Wanna be a contract UAV driver for shadowy eastern european mafia groups, right out some Gibson novel? The added trick is the tradeoff between transit/loiter time while in VTOL mode, and long duration ops during a perching fixed/landed mode.
WaSP  AR.Drone  3G  GSM  wifi  wireless  roaming  attack  drone  hacking  security  botnet  remote  control  out-of-band  secondary  channel  hardware  electronics  devices  UAV  MAV  UAS  research  stalker  automated  warflying  wardriving  perch  perching  mobile  accesspoint  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Main product page for Splashtop XDisplay
This does wireless display desktop expansion to an iPad from a a Windows 7PC running their streamer app. But DisplayLink has very similar software...
iPad  app  software  windows  7  secondary  display  wireless  wifi  monitor  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Mobile Monitor
A secondary monitor for laptops, oriented for accountants/auditors (hence the number pad). Fail for requiring a separate AC power supply, but considering the use profile, not wholly unrealistic.
secondary  portable  mobile  display  DIsplayLink  USB  monitor  HID  numberpad  accountant  accounting  finance  audit  auditing  Delicious 
december 2010 by asteroza
Matrix Orbital
Interesting bay mount USB driven LCD status display with working keys
USB  LCD  display  remote  control  keyboard  key  input  hardware  electronics  devices  secondary  monitoring  status  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza

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