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A smaller version of Amazon Dynamo, apparently used within Goo.home in japan
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august 2013 by asteroza
An update to turn off default SNP features is available for Windows Server 2003-based and Small Business Server 2003-based computers
Apparently this is a server side fix for 2k3 machines talking to vista clients. The weird FTP 426 995 error (which WinInet FtpPutFile returns true if it gets 4xx error!?!) might be fixable with this.
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september 2011 by asteroza
JackRabbit™ High Performance Storage | Scalable Informatics
Alternative to Sun thumper storage array, apparently can run Nexenta so can get some ZFS love (but wouldn't the RAID6 card go to waste then?) High transfer speed but the storage density of 4U/24 disk is kinda low these days.
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march 2009 by asteroza

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