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The Ultimate Headphones Test
This page helps you evaluate headphones (or earphones) and determine which one offers the best performance when comparing different pairs.
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september 2017 by asteroza
good stuff, oversight good for catching webcam activation
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april 2015 by asteroza
Emoji File
Monster text file full of emoji
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may 2014 by asteroza
GSITWiki: Storing Data In Video
Evil hack to make a youtube movie made of frames featuring QRcodes as a means of data storage. So that means you could upload a 10GB archive of data to youtube and get them to CDN the file worldwide. It also reminds me of stuff from GITS:SAC, where TV streams had QRcode like footers, and printed books with only QRcodes (no words or pictures), so the data can only be interpreted via AR glasses or brain implants...
crossing  QRcode  smuggling  data  code  cryptography  xuggler  frame  source  encryption  Zebra  encoding  MP4  java  steganography  video  sample  Delicious 
may 2013 by asteroza
NASA - Sample Return Systems for Extreme Environments
Kinda similar to an "egg drop bomber" that poops out payloads at high rearward speed to reduce local ground speed before impact for hard landing stuff, but uses a mobile rotovator rather than a rearward firing gun.
NASA  mobile  rotovator  tether  momentum  exchange  sample  return  recovery  mission  research  hard  impact  penetrator  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
NASA - NASA Developing Comet Harpoon for Sample Return
How awesome would it be to be the guy who makes crossbows for NASA?...
crossbow  hardware  mision  return  sample  comet  NASA  Delicious 
april 2012 by asteroza
2043.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting concept for lunar sample return. But the architecture (EML1 centered lunar space elevator) has interesting implications for other purposes. Since it hangs "down" from L1 to earth, it's about halfway between GEO and L1. This means a notional SPS hardware delivery system that might take advantage of a two stage delivery (impulsive tug to L1, SEP tug from L1 to GEO) can be changed to not needing a SEP tug (drop off at the CW and do a small burn when approaching GEO), and possibly integrate with the impulsive stage ops. Say, burn to L1, grab and ride the tether then let go, do a light burn to place payload at GEO, then burn for aerobraking drop to LEO. This cuts deltaV down a fair bit. But, this requires a solid lunar surface anchor as you are now pulling up on the elevator every time you try to drop a load to GEO. I suppose you plant the anchor for the balanced cable, then use bulldozers to keep loading regolith on top of the anchor to weigh it down.
lunar  moon  space  elevator  sample  return  EML1  L1  balance  point  tehcnology  infrastructure  lagrange  LSE  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
EMail .NET components (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, MIME, SSL, Proxy)
Quick and dirty way to build apps for testing email connectivity in C#. The authentication demo is useful for forcing a particular authentication mechanism. No NTLM demo however.
Email.NET  C#  sample  demo  source  code  email  SMTP  POP3  IMAP  SSL  MIME  proxy  client  software  programming  development  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Optics InfoBase: Biomedical Optics Express - Field-portable reflection and transmission microscopy based on lensless holography
Idea is to use a cheap laser, holographic lensing, a cheap smartphone camera sensor, combine into a simple microscope, and offload raw image processing to a smartphone or even a cloud service.
holographic  lens  simple  laser  BoP  medicine  health  sample  analysis  hardware  electronics  devices  raw  image  offload  microscope  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
research!rsc: Zip Files All The Way Down
A somewhat dangerous zip file, assuming you have a zip decompression tool that automatically unzips all archives within a zip, and doesn't have a nested archive limiter. People used to use these as a kind of email bomb to blow up email antivirus and antispam gateways, as in the past they would examine all nested archives (causing a memory blowout and probable denial of service). Most software these days have a nested archive opening limit around 100 these days, and automatically mark the file as dangerous if it exceeds the limit, as that is nowhere near normal.
self  reproducing  algorithm  zip  tar  file  sample  loop  recursion  security  email  emailbomb  humor  mailbomb  Delicious 
may 2010 by asteroza
IanG on Tap: Oh No! Not the TimedLock Again!
Normal C# Lock can deadlock, so this is a trick to timeout the lock, utilizing the actual underlying code behind Lock.
C#  locking  lock  locks  threading  multithreading  thread  contention  timeout  code  sample  programming  development  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza

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