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disrupting the drug sales industry in japan, by using retirees and work-at-home moms who were in the drug sales industry (a harsh on-premises sales gig), scheduling up tablet videoconference sales pitches with harried doctors, who can set their own desired times to speak with drug reps. Much better conversion (5 minute on-site pitches vs 30 minute videocalls).
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march 2017 by asteroza
getbackops | BackOps: Your Back Office Solution
BaaS provider using an army of stay at home parents who are telecommuting (and appear to be full time) to do back office ops for SMB's.
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august 2013 by asteroza
Dragon Innovation
The consultants/advisors behind a number of major successful kickstarter hardware campaigns is now going to start their own hardware oriented crowdfunding site, as Kickstarter is starting to become hardware unfriendly.
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august 2013 by asteroza
Email Receipt Recommendations for Online Retailers | PostSell
Offering discounts and incentives for other products in email confirmations of previous online orders works pretty well it seems: you have a captured audience that has a high motivation to read the entire email. As long as the ad is on the back end (to not interfere with the main motivation of the email and to not train customers to ignore the emails), it works like Amazons "Other customers liked..." suggestive targeted advertising.
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september 2010 by asteroza

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