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MANRS 2.0.5
Watching ISP's screwing up BGP like there's no tomorrow
fake  BGP  routing  monitoring  network  security 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Segment Routing
So, interesting alternative to traditional bonding of network interfaces by using this plus BGP?
SRv6  segment  source  routing  IPv6  networking 
november 2018 by asteroza
Brass Horn Comms Onion3g
Tor embedded in a SIM card? So I guess using a private APN to funnel tor traffic to their tor relay network gateways/bridges?
Tor  union  routing  SIM  data  card  hardware  electronics  devices  security  privacy  3G 
october 2018 by asteroza
Linkerd does traffic management, this does that plus more policy control (layer 7 proxy and management)
Istio  alternative  linkerd  devops  container  VM  management  software  control  plane  traffic  policy  circuit  breaker  coordination  kubernetes  orchestration  cloud  service  mesh  routing  network  networking  proxy  load  balancer  analytics  metrics  monitoring  platform  microservice  security  Delicious 
may 2017 by asteroza
Long-Distance Transfer and Routing of Static Magnetic Fields
Using an alternating layers of ferromagnetics and superconductors, the researchers made a tube that can transport mag fields around.
magnetic  hose  long  distance  field  routing  transfer  physics  research  technology  superconductor.  Delicious  superconductor 
july 2014 by asteroza
On Covert Acoustical Mesh Networks in Air
Oh hey, who has a computing device with both a mic and speaker? Everyone with a smartphone apparently. How useful this could be in say, a revolution/riot scenario. Interesting that the network protocols build on work for submarine communications...
ultrasonic  air  acoustic  covert  mesh  network  security  exfiltration  pentest  research  sound  modem  GUWMANET  adhoc  routing  networking  GUWAL  Fraunhofer  JANUS  ACS  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Configuring advanced MTA control settings
There's a limit to the number of routing entries, dependent on the appliance version. Low numbers mean lower limits (400c can only register 48 routes per session profile)(WTF!)
fortimail  email  routing  sysadmin  tips  tricks  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Errata Security: DoD address space: it's not a conspiracy
Using non-routable public IPv4 addresses owned by DoD or MoD when you run out of private IP's or you need something that won't clash with other people's private address spaces...
sysadmin  security  networking  routing  public  private  IPv4  address  space  RFC  1918  DoD  classA  subnet  Delicious 
december 2013 by asteroza
Interesting. Made by a fixed CNC kit company, this is the freeform/portable version of a CNC router.
portable  hardware  tool  carving  routing  cutting  CNC  powertool  Handibot  drilling  machining  devices  SmartTool  smart  electronics  Delicious 
july 2013 by asteroza
upa/vxlan-vyatta · GitHub
Vyatta userland implementation for VMware's VXLAN spec for encapsulated super VLAN's.
VMware  VXLAN  Vyatta  patch  software  userland  linux  routing  multicast  network  router  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
NAT66 for Netfilter | Download NAT66 for Netfilter software for free at
Apparently this is the better of the two NAT66 kernel modules available for IPv6 NAT translation (appears to be for 1:1?). See RFC 6296.
netfilter  IPv6  NAT  kernel  module  linux  opensource  network  software  routing  NAT66  RFC6296  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
.:. Hyper Solar .:.
I think they are basically trying to sell a thin film prismatic lens array with spectrum waveguiding as an aftermarket upgrade to existing solar PV systems. Wait, now they are doing photoelectrochemical hydrogen production with the intent of synthetic natural gas production? Seems they are close to the magical 1.23V open circuit voltage needed for direct solar hydrogen production.
thin  film  optical  solar  concentrator  lens  array  CSP  CPV  addon  hardware  green  energy  PV  photonic  light  routing  separation  photoelectrochemical  nanostructure  artificial  photosynthesis  hydrogen  synthetic  fuel  methane  gas  production  materials  science  research  technology  nanotechnology  direct  high  voltage  cell  STG  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
The DigiMesh™ Networking Protocol - Digi International
Digi's proprietary mesh routing firmware on what would otherwise be ZigBee hardware. Supposedly faster for certain implementations of sensor networks, but is heavily tied to the use case.
Digi  DigiMesh  zigbee  mesh  routing  protocol  sensor  network  hardware  devices  Delicious  electronics 
may 2009 by asteroza
The OpenFlow Switch Consortium
Taking a cue from software defined radios, there's an effort to allow software to muck with the firmware internals of routers, to try experimental protocols and to be more adaptive to traffic flow. Software defined network, as one person put.
OpenFlow  experimental  network  protocol  router  firmware  software  defined  networking  opensource  academic  research  experiment  IP  internet  ethernet  switch  routing  traffic  flow  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza
Like Yahoo Pipes but more multifaceted? If the routing setup UI is as simple as this looks, this actually could be useful.
web  2.0  data  tools  utilities  service  information  media  social  mashup  RSS  HTTP  push  routing  email  irc  switchub  webhook  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza

related tags  2.0  3d  3G  6LoWPAN  802.3  802.11  802.15.4  academic  accelerator  access  accesspoint  acoustic  ACS  activism  add  addon  address  adhoc  air  algorithm  alternative  AN.ON  analysis  analytics  anon  anonymity  anonymous  antiphishing  antispam  antivirus  API  application  arbiter  arduino  array  article  artificial  Asterisk  audio  automation  B.A.T.M.A.N.  babeld  babelz  balancer  balancing  based  BGP  blackhole  blockchain  blocking  blog  breaker  bypass  C  call  can  card  carving  cascade  Cashmere  cell  cellphone  chat  cheatsheet  check  chimera  Chord  circuit  circumvention  cisco  CJDNS  classA  cloud  CNC  communications  computer  computing  concentrator  concept  configuration  connectivity  container  content  control  controller  coordination  CORE  covert  CPV  crosslink  cryptocurrency  cryptography  CSP  cube-routed  cutting  cyclops  daemon  damage  dashboard  data  datacenter  decentralized  defined  Delicious  design  development  devices  devops  DHT  Digi  DigiMesh  digital  direct  directory  distance  distributed  DNS  DoD  DOLR  drilling  dual  education  electronics  email  emulation  energy  engraving  error  ethernet  exfiltration  experiment  experimental  extension  fabber  fabbing  fabricator  Facebook  failure  fake  fast  Fastpass  field  film  filter  firewall  firmware  flow  fon  fortimail  framework  Fraunhofer  FRRouting  fuel  gas  gateway  glass  global  GPGPU  GPU  green  GSM  guide  GUWAL  GUWMANET  hacking  hairpin  Handibot  handoff  hardware  hast  high  hijack  hose  hosted  hotspot  howto  HPC  HTTP  hub  hydrogen  Hyperboria  IBM  IEE  III  indirection  information  infrastructure  integrated  intel  internet  internet-of-things  interoperability  IoT  IP  IP-PBX  IPPBX  iproute2  IPS  IPSEC  IPv4  IPv6  irc  Istio  IVR  JANUS  JAP  java  JonDo  JonDonym  KBR  keitai  kernel  key  kubernetes  L7  lab  laser  layer  layout  LBS  ledger  lens  light  link  linkerd  linux  liveCD  load  location  logging  long  looking  machining  magnetic  management  manufacturing  map  mashup  matchmaker  materials  mDNS  media  meraki  mesh  MeshCache  messaging  methane  metrics  microblogging  microservice  middleware  milling  MIT  mix  mixminion  mobile  mobility  modem  module  monitoring  multi  multicast  multipath  multisourced  MV-370  MV-372  nanostructure  nanotechnology  NAT  NAT66  navigation  navy  netfilter  netowrk  network  networking  neworking  node  node.js  NPTv6  object  olsr  olsrd  on  onion  online  open  open-mesh  OpenFlow  opensource  OpenTransit  openVPN  optical  orangemesh  orchestration  overlay  P.Talk  p2p  packet  PacketShader  Pastry  patch  PBX  PCIe  PCIexpress  pentest  per-hop  performance  personal  phone  photoelectrochemical  photonic  photosynthesis  physics  ping  pipes  plane  platform  plugin  policy  Ponoko  portable  powertool  printer  printing  privacy  private  problem  production  programming  project  protocol  proxy  public  pubsub  push  PV  python  QPI  quagga  queue  rapid  realtime  reference  remailer  research  resilient  resistant  RFC  RFC6296  RO.B.IN  route  router  routing  RPC  RSS  S2S  science  SDDC  security  segment  sensor  separation  server  service  setup  SIM  simulation  simulator  SIP  site-to-site  slackware  SLOT  smart  SmartTool  social  software  solar  sound  source  space  speed  SRM  SRv6  SSDP  SSL  stack  standard  STG  storage  structured  subnet  superconductor  superconductor.  SURB  switch  switchub  synthetic  sysadmin  table  Tapestry  TCP  TCP/IP  technology  telephony  test  testing  thin  threaded  thunderbird  tips  tool  tools  tor  traffic  training  transfer  transport  tree  tricks  tunnel  tutorial  Twilio  twisted  twitter  type  UCLA  ultrasonic  union  untangle  UPnP  userland  utilities  VcubeV  virtual  visual  VM  VMware  voice  VoIP  voltage  VPN  VXLAN  vyatta  WAMP  WARP  web  web-of-things  webdev  webhook  webRTC  wifi  windows  wireless  workflow  workshop  world  xeon  zero  zigbee  Zipline  Zooomr 

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