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Iris - The Drawing Tool that Inspires Creativity by Makers Cabinet — Kickstarter
Interesting rotoary iris as an alternative to traditional compasses for drawing circles
drawing  tools  hardware  rotary  iris  circle 
may 2019 by asteroza
Saarbrücken research team uses artificial muscles to develop an air conditioner for the future | Universität des Saarlandes
Using nitinol shape memory alloys as the thermal medium/matrix in a thermal wheel rotary air heat exchanger, where the wheel itself is the HVAC system!
rotary  heat  exchanger  thermal  wheel  air  entropy  nitinol  shape  memory  alloy  metal  conditioner  heater  HVAC  mechanical  materials  science  research  technology  cooling  heating 
march 2019 by asteroza
Western Electric 302
When you absolutely need to show off a classic style rotary telephone...
analog  rotary  telephone  retro  hardware 
july 2018 by asteroza
FairDiesel Limited
Now this is interesting, using 2 cam rotors to move two pistons per cylinder in a rotary OPOC config. Sorta uniflow as well?
cam  rotor  rotary  axial  OPOC  engine 
august 2017 by asteroza
QUADRUM - SteamMotor Mini Power Plant: Combined electricity and heat production (CHP = Combined Heat and Power)
similar to liquid piston, being a reverse wankel, but rather than LP's lozenge piston, this one uses a square, which ends up forcing the seals to be on the piston like a wankel, which negates the reverse wankel's primary advantage of tip seals on the cylinder wall (allowing cooling/lube)
CHP  rotary  rotating  square  piston  engine 
august 2017 by asteroza
Patent US20060048743 - Axial vane rotary device - Google Patents
interesting rotary expander piston engine, but those vanes have to take on a lot of force. A gerotor seem like an easier way.
axial  sliding  vane  rotary  expander  engine  steam 
august 2017 by asteroza
GERA Technical Papers |
Nuclear piston engine, using gaseous "fuel" and hydrogen gas moderator, with neutron reflector piston and cylinder. Uses piston top-dead-center compression effects and a "spark" (external neutron source, like an ADSR particle accelerator neutron spallation target, or some sort of cylinder wall embedded neutron source). Wonder if LiquidPiston reverse wankel would also work well here. Negative void coefficient is nice too.
nuclear  nanofuel  internal  engine  piston  reciprocating  plutonium  hexaflouride  hydrogen  gas  otto  cycle  wankel  rotary  power  generator  external  neutron  source  spark  ignition  ADSR  gaseous  pulse  pulsed  core 
june 2017 by asteroza
Advanced CO2Compression with Supersonic Technology
Looks like Dresser-Rand is marketing RamGen CO2 supersonic rampressor work as DATUM-S compressor
ramgen  supersonic  CO2  compressor  ram  inlet  rotary  aerodynamics  research  compression  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
Online Journal of Space Communication
Interesting design, taking the weight hit to use lower power rotary joints. Easier to add solar modules too, but out of plane.
SPS  SSP  space  power  satellite  research  low  multiple  joint  rotary  technology  solar  Delicious 
march 2016 by asteroza
Study and research news | Universität des Saarlandes
Interesting alternative medium for thermal wheel heat exchangers, using shape memory alloy fibers, which have a convenient property of mild stress causing them to heat up.
rotary  adiabatic  thermal  enthalpy  wheel  heat  exchanger  shape  memory  alloy  metal  fiber  store  cooling  research  technology  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
How It Works | LiquidPiston
Compact engine with simple parts, and isn't a wankel (more like an inverse wankel) but is a rotary engine at 10Krpm.
rotary  ICE  engine  powerplant  power  generator  research  technology  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
KTH | Making waves with new gear technology
The cascade gear drivetrain that converts linear to rotary movement is kinda interesting. Though for a point absorber, it's probably the difference between a hydraulic pump's valving breaking, and this one grinding it's pinion gear teeth.
cascade  gear  pinion  linear  motion  converter  rotary  ocean  wave  power  generator  point  absorber  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
A modified Cubewano UAV engine is the heart of the SilentHawk's series hybrid electric setup.
SilentHawk  hybrid  wankel  rotary  multifuel  engine  ICE  electric  generator  APU  range  extender  genset  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Clarion Labs rotary piston generator
See US patent application 20110133486 for the integrated generator in the wankel rotor. They claim to use the integrated generator to fiddle with piston rotation timing to improve efficiency (loiter at top dead center?), no permanent magnets due to an inductive layout,and ceramic apex seals.
compact  small  form  factor  integrated  electric  generator  wankel  rotary  engine  ICE  battery  hybrid  portable  multifuel  range  extender  APU  genset  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Alta Motors - The Future of Fast. San Francisco, CA
Formerly BRD, working with Logos Technologies for SilentHawk series hybrid electric motorcycle for SpecOps using a modified Cubewano multifuel rotary engine genset APU.
military  hybrid  electric  series  rotary  engine  ICE  motorcycle  vehicle  transportation  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle - Logos New Website
If they make a good multifuel series hybrid, I can imagine a lot of civilians who would be interested. BRD is making the base electric motorcycle chassis, but the multifuel rotary series hybrid generator engine maker is Cubewano (based off an UAV engine they made for a military secret UAV project). The SilentHawk being a two wheel drive motorcycle is interesting as well, but that suggests the possibility that a boost electric hub motor in the front, with a conventional ICE mechanical drivetrain with integrated generator for the back would possibly work as well. But the description was series hybrid so both wheels would be electric.
SilentHawk  hybrid  series  electric  stealth  motorcycle  silent  rotary  engine  SpecOps  military  vehicle  transportation  multifuel  ICE  AWD  2WD  two  wheel  drive  Delicious 
january 2015 by asteroza
Not a wankel, but is a rotary engine. Interesting movement, seems easier to lube. Reminds me a little of a quasiturbine. Considering the airflow issue though, I'm not clear how you have a multiple rotor system.
LiquidPiston  small  compact  form  factor  rotary  engine  ICE  research  technology  energy  Delicious 
november 2014 by asteroza
Exosuit - Nuytco Research Ltd.
Derivative of older hardsuits like JIM, using circular rotary joints. I wonder if that Lasermotive power-over-fiber tech would be suitable for trickle power to the suit over the tether?
EXOSUIT  rotary  joint  hardsuit  underwater  diving  suit  hard  shell  exoskeleton  hardware  ocean  marine  technology  research  Delicious 
march 2014 by asteroza
マツダ、ロータリーエンジンによるレンジエクステンダーEVを公開 - 【自動車業界ニュース】 - carview! - 自動車
Appears to be a single rotor wankel generator on it's side, so it is a low flat pack. AVL was doing something similar previously. I wonder how they handle the vibration of a single rotor?
mazda  range  extender  HEV  APU  ICE  wankel  rotary  engine  single  piston  Delicious 
december 2013 by asteroza
太陽光の熱を朝日から夕陽まで回収し効率よく発電:報道発表資料|2013年 プレスリリース|理化学研究所
Riken's press release on the Fresnel lens solar thermal wankel rotary heat engine. Apparently the lens tech is fairly advanced, being developed as a telephoto lens for observing high energy cosmic rays, with high optical transparency and a surface roughness less than 20nm. They used a three sided lens structure (top plate and two vertical plates), called a "Fresnel Sun House" to gather light well onto a T shaped thermal absorber/heat exchanger, even when the sun is close to the horizon at sunrise/sunset.
absorber  concetrator  cycle  thermal  optics  engine  green  plate  rotary  wankel  solar  heat  lens  research  japan  Riken  generator  power  CHP  fresnel  exchanger  energy  rankine  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
Apparently have a wankel rotary engine design that runs a rankine cycle using low grade waste heat. They did a demo with Riken using Fresnel lenses to create solar thermal heat concentrator setup to feed the wankel engine.
cycle  hardware  engine  green  RHE  rotary  wankel  heat  japan  power  generator  devices  energy  rankine  electronics  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
EN-AVT-150-08.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting continuous wave detonation engine design. Basically you have a shockwave running around in circles (well, a spiral of sorts) in an open ended annular space, with careful injection of propellant just before the wave arrives at a particular point in the injector ring on one end. Similar to a PDE engine, in that you need high speed pulsed injection just before the detonation wave arrives on the ring, and you have this spiral output that resembles a PDE pulse output.
rotating  rotary  RDE  RWDE  continuous  spin  detonation  wave  engine  CDWE  CDWRE  TDW  transverse  spiral  PDE  pulse  engine  propulsion  research  space  aerospace  development  annular  combustion  chamber  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Wave Engine Solutions - AngelList
Some pictures to show how it works. Uses a linear conrod motion to drive a roller bearing, which forces a barrel with a wave cutout to generate rotary motion. Kinda interesting, but the wear life of the conrod T-bar is going to be key.
barrel  wave  rotary  motion  converter  conrod  crankshaft  replacement  alternative  ice  mechanism  automotive  technology  engine  design  research  Delicious 
june 2012 by asteroza
Wave Engine Solutions
Some sort of tricky linear to rotary motion converter to replace traditional crankshafts/conrods with a "wave barrel"
wave  rotary  motion  converter  conrod  crankshaft  replacement  alternative  ICE  mechanism  motion  automotive  technology  engine  design  research  Delicious 
june 2012 by asteroza
Plante-Rim-Rotor-Rotary-Ramjet-Engine_High-Power-Density-Continuous-Rotary-Engine.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Doesn't use discrete ramjet channels continuous from front to back, but rather some kind of common combustion chamber in the middle?
SOCPRA  R4E  rim  rotor  rotary  ramjet  gas  turbine  engine  power  generator  research  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
How Audi Hybrids Could Keep the Wankel Rotary Alive - Feature - Car and Driver
Wankels may have died at Mazda, but might possibly come back at Audi for generators in range extender options for EV's?
Audi  A1  E-Tron  series  hybrid  EV  electric  vehicle  automotive  technology  green  transportation  research  single  rotor  wankel  rotary  ICE  engine  alternator  power  generator  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
AMW - One Stroke for mankind
This is a pretty strange engine design. The problem point will probably be sealing between the blade "piston", the crankshaft disc slots holding the blade, and the duct walls. Which might be mitigated by keeping the ducts at most a half cylinder in depth where the blade dips out most from the crankshaft disc.
ducted  blade  rotary  engine  motor  positive  displacement  pump  ICE  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
RotoSub AB
I think the Thigpen rotary subwoofer is doing basically the same technique of active blade pitch adjustment but this is working at higher frequencies to cancel the sound of the fan itself. Based on the pictures, it looks like instead of modulating the whole blade around a mounted axis from the hub, it may be doing some kind of blade edge/tip bending/turning using a small line of electromagnets along the inner rim and some ferromagnetic material embedded in the blade tips, which neatly avoids the expense of hub pitch control at the cost of fatigue life of the blade tips.
RotoSub  active  noise  cancellation  fan  blade  pitch  adjustment  rotary  hardware  electronics  devices  cooling  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Portable Rotary Phone - Black - SparkFun Electronics
Kinda freaky in a way. Leaving it plugged into wall power could be the best of both worlds, as it would emulate the ability of traditional landline phones to operate during power outages, at least until the battery runs out.
humor  retro  portable  mobile  rotary  phone  telephone  GSM  SIM  card  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Guided Rotor Compressor
Very similar to a wankel rotor, but apparently not the same, and uses rollers at the apex seals. Hrm, I wonder why wankel rotors don't use cylindrical roller seals for the apex seals?
guided  roller  rotor  compressor  GRC  envolute  trochoid  trochoidal  rotary  positive  displacement  piston  hardware  gas  wankel  engine  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Solar Machines, Inc.
Seems to be research solar thermal energy conversion to direct mechanical forces via thermally triggered shape memory alloy linear and rotary actuators. Applications are for reciprocating pumps in rural areas, so that covers both water pumping and refrigerator compressors.
solar  thermal  heat  direct  mechanical  force  power  conversion  linear  rotary  actuator  motion  shape  memory  alloy  metal  materials  science  research  technology  hardware  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
This is a weird positive displacement rotary compressor, where the "piston head" is this blade that runs around a toroidal chamber which pushes against a fixed orientation "cylinder head" disk which is slowly rotating, and right when the blade would impact the fixed disk, it slips through a slot in the rotating disk. Pressurized gas slips out through slots in the toroidal chamber wall just before the the fixed disk. Weird, but workable...
Lontra  rotary  slotted  disc  blade  compressor  supercharger  hardware  expander  Lindsey  engine  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
Interesting claim for a man portable 10KW motor/generator
marine  wankel  rotary  engine  aviation  automotive  technology  Rotapower  motor  generator  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza
Technology | Ener-g-rotors
Claim bearing improvments to tighten the tolerances of a gerotor expander engine, improving performance.
gerotor  trochoidal  gear  rotary  expander  engine  green  energy  motor  positive  displacement  rotor  turbine 
october 2010 by asteroza
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